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A Letter about Crisis of the Earth between You and Me 3 4/24/2019
Global warming 1 4/14/2019
Is it too late to stop climate change? 29 2/8/2019
Using the demand and supply analysis try to describe the recent increase in wheat prices worldwide 1 1/23/2019
Global Warming- I think people should do there homework on this matter 6 12/17/2018
If people say petrol is slighty worse for the environment than diesel, and i also no diesel contains sulfur which is fairly bad for the environment, a... 1 12/6/2018
What the reasons of global warming? 15 11/27/2018
Entire world is moving on the wheels of development,with out chemical emmisions/radiation rays no new technology can come forward,neither nation will ... 3 11/21/2018
Sea level is increasing due mainly by ice melting from land to the sea. Can we build dams on the mountains all over the world and pump sea water back ... 3 11/17/2018
Is there effect of dams on global warming? 2 11/2/2018
Will global warming make the earth crack in 2012 18 10/27/2018
Harold Lewis' Resignation letter 1 10/11/2018
Global Warming, Revelations, Genesis, Nostradamus, Polynesian Orals 4 10/7/2018
Peace! I like to know if global warming can cause the earth to flip from an already tilted angle, assuming it happens as balance of waters change wit... 11 10/6/2018
When the effects of a coronal mass ejection hits earth w/the same strength as the one that hit in the late 1800's ,will modern auto's be affected,if ... 2 10/5/2018
When the heat waves in the northern part of earth will stop? 2 9/30/2018
On Oprahs earth day a man showed the effects of? on coral by using vinagar water and chaulk.Exactly what did he do? 1 9/11/2018
Effects of global warming 6 7/26/2018
Will the earth "die"? 24 7/7/2018
Investing in Oil and Gas 5 7/6/2018
Global warming 2 7/5/2018
Why not stop the corruption world wide ? it is also a one of the reason for Global warming. - S A Pawar ( India ) 5 6/24/2018
What are the some of the factors affecting the birth rate? 2 6/13/2018
Global Warming False 1 6/13/2018
Is Ra El? 0 6/3/2018
What causes ozone layer depletion? 4 5/24/2018
Do u seriously beleive in global warming 16 5/21/2018
Bs 2 5/21/2018
Climate change 10 5/18/2018
An Homage to Gaia 4 5/13/2018
Is it plausible that global climate change, plus the other dire degradations we are causing to the biosphere, be a natural part of the Earth's life cy... 2 5/11/2018
Stop Global warming by Solar Power Generator 4 5/9/2018
How to control global warming? 4 5/8/2018
Is it true that global warming really exist? what it is not the issue from the agenda 21? 23 4/28/2018
Is the end of the world inevitable with global warming increasing? is 2012 as predicted by nostradamus true? 4 4/22/2018
The tsunami and other catastrophes are the result of global warming or only volcanoes? 1 4/22/2018
The Carteret Islands climate change lies 2 4/22/2018
Our skies being ruined by planes - look out the window 0 4/22/2018
What is the global warming? pls all details? 4 4/21/2018
How Solar panels work? 4 4/15/2018
Since the evaporation rate in the oceans are dependent upon salt concentration, increased salt concentration slows evaporation and decrease salt conce... 0 4/11/2018
The following plan would solve all our energy, economic, and pollution problems within a few years. 1 4/5/2018
Which countries are most lagging in meeting the standards set in Kyoto? 3 3/27/2018
Which countries have already met the C02 reductions pledged in Kyoto? 1 3/27/2018
Doesn't global warming have more to do with space weather or sunspots than our carbon footprint? 4 3/24/2018
What would be the safest ideal place to live while the earth gets warmer? i was thinking colorado just a perfect place in the mountainds with no majo... 2 3/20/2018
Sukumar Azhikode in Kerala State Inida 1 3/10/2018
Gordon korman 2 3/8/2018
Has science been hi-jacked for a political agenda? 11 3/6/2018
Mammoth Bones surfacing in Siberia as Tundra 'Warms' 7 3/4/2018
Now that the earth has speeded up by some microseconds due to movement on the earths crust. I suppose the extra centrifugal force will make sea levels... 3 3/3/2018
In what ways will the most southern Australian island, Tasmania, be affected by global climate change during this century? 2 2/28/2018
Blogengeezer, might I have a word? 10 2/24/2018
Who are the people most affected by climate change and why it matters 10 2/20/2018
Global warming is a fraud 47 2/20/2018
Will Global warming be minimized? By Joe Wasia It is an issue of concern for the world now. Many powerful counties and organisations are taking the... 1 2/17/2018
For those who have taken in Al Gores: "inconvenient truth" Try taking in: "The greate ... 1 2/15/2018
What is the best approach to avoid the global warming... 6 2/15/2018
If green house gasses are causing the mean atmospheric temperature to rise. why has the temperature on other planets within our solar system risen in ... 4 2/14/2018
Water wars 1 2/6/2018
Solar Power Generator lessen global warming 2 2/6/2018
What can a common man do to reduce the global warming? 42 2/1/2018
Learning from Climate's Sedimental Journey 1 1/30/2018
Is global warming real? or is it a cover up for a gavernment issue 20 1/29/2018
Stop Global warming by Solar Power Generator 3 1/23/2018
How did it happen? 1 1/20/2018
Why Gödel theorem thwarted determination of scientists? 0 1/15/2018
If there really is global warming then why are we having record cold weather down in Maimi? 37 1/14/2018
How can we convince the people to be a solution to Global warming? 1 1/12/2018
Oil is a natural coolant 3 1/8/2018
There are some country unaffected by global warming? 4 1/7/2018
Will global warming lead to the destruction of the universe?If yes,when is it expected to happen? 9 1/5/2018
Will global warming lead to the destruction of the universe?If yes,when is it expected to happen? 2 1/5/2018
When is the holocene interglacial supposed to end? 5 1/4/2018
If any one is asked to shut off their lights and don't waste,his reply would be i'm paying for that.So why can't i use it. I want to ask who will be ... 2 1/2/2018
On a recent panel discussion on CBC Radio Harvie Andre tried to advance (as fact) that there is more ice than ever in the Arctic (actually, he never ... 3 1/1/2018
LAst One 4) If Co2 is responsible for the global temperature rises over the past 100 years, would it not be possible to show, without a doubt, c... 4 12/27/2017
One More 3) Despite all the Co2 emissions from manufacturing and breathing that man puts into the atmosphere each year, it is a scientific and pro... 4 12/27/2017
1) Other than people telling you, what piece of hard evidence have you seen that proves, to you, that man is causing the earth to warm? 2) The wo... 9 12/27/2017
Pls i wish to be enlightened abourt global warming 3 12/26/2017
We are starting a project on crude tank sludge treatment for a refinery. l understand the project can qualify for carbon credits. can l be educated on... 1 12/25/2017
Do you agree that Al Gore is a hypocritical gluttonous fat pig making millions of bucks by conning the world with his scaremongering rubbish about so ... 16 12/21/2017
Hi, I'm Luu Nguyen Khoi, a Vietnamese Boy Scout. MY country is having a big problem. Our Red River is very dry, in other words, it's dying. And so ma... 3 12/19/2017
Copenhagen conference 4 12/18/2017
It is getting colder ever year 4 12/16/2017
The most cost effective method to mitigate global warming (by far) 0 12/15/2017
Could you tel me what global warming is efecting right now. 3 12/11/2017
Nuclear Energy (question of survival) 0 12/10/2017
Radha somi ji mai ek satsangi paribar se hu mai jitna vi kosis kartahu es bahar ki duniya se dur rehenekeliy mujse nahi hota mae kya karu 1 12/6/2017
Could global warming be nothing more than nature`s way of imposing climate variation? Does global warming HAVE to be attributal to man, after all, ... 1 11/30/2017
Does Tio2 help reduce greenhouse gases and also break down Co2? 2 11/11/2017
Solve the problem 2 11/11/2017
If All Else Fails (and it will soon enough)... 0 11/6/2017
Save Humanity 5 11/1/2017
Climate change and water conservation 6 10/28/2017
Do you agree that GMA weatherman Sam Champion is a complete moronic dickhead. On October 9th he told GMA colleague Bill Weir that the earthquakes and... 2 10/14/2017
In which way does totemic beliefs affect the environment 2 10/8/2017
If global warming is a myth.Then don't you think that the Earth and we Humans are a myth too? This attitude of brushing of facts only shows how ignor... 4 10/7/2017
Whats your favorite christian music?? Kim Clements voice gives inner peace. Its like hearing Gods word through music that came from a modern prophe... 1 9/15/2017
What should be the steps to create attractive awareness among everyone?????? so that even a villager can think about it 6 8/30/2017
Please study my proposal and support or ignore it 1 8/28/2017
Is it true that bamboo (any species) is more effective in sequestering carbon dioxide than trees? If yes, can you give me a specific website based on ... 3 8/25/2017
A NOVA Program -constructing artificial trees 1 7/31/2017
Is it there any link of the Climate Change and the Global Warming?! 4 7/30/2017
Ethanol Test for Obama on Climate Change 1 7/1/2017
What will the be major and disastrous effects of global warming.What can we as students can do to prevent global warming? 6 6/6/2017
In the past hundreds of thousand years, the co2 ppm went up to about 300ppm then went down. What were the mechanisms for the upswings and downswings... 1 5/10/2017
Cloud Seeding 6 4/25/2017
World Challenge 09 3 4/22/2017
Millions of years ago it took many months/years/centuries/millennia of sunshine to create one tonne of coal/oil. During this time the energy from the ... 2 4/15/2017
International Carbon Credit Conference 2009 1 3/20/2017
No hope 11 3/16/2017
What are the primary causes of Global Warming/Climate Change? 23 3/16/2017
Are there any notable inaccuracies in Al Gore's move - An Inconvenient Truth? 2 3/16/2017
What is the evidence that Global Warming is acutally hapenning? 18 3/16/2017
A recent study (Spring 2012) published by the UK environmental agency compared the emissions associated with the carrier bags people use for shopping,... 0 3/16/2017
Global warming is a myth. 22 3/15/2017
I read that the Sun physically oscillates and that it emits an electromagnet wave of a period of several minutes (among other periods) which intensity... 0 12/1/2016
Is there any metric for the temperature trend of the sub-surface crust of the earth? Consequent to the answer, and should the crust be warmer, then w... 4 12/1/2016
I note that after applying heat to a panfull of ice for quite a long time - that, of course the water remains ice-cold (0 degrees C) until all, or nea... 0 12/1/2016
Possible true cause of global warming and why its not up for discussion 2 11/4/2016
Solutions to problems caused by global warming 8 10/24/2016
Global warming 4 10/4/2016
New trigger for global warming (bigger than CO2) 1 9/21/2016
How does global warming afect the climate 2 7/9/2016
To fix the problem, we need to do projects like this one; Rotary-InFlow Tech / Gearturbine 1 5/2/2016
1. want know about relationship between drought and degradation as applied to grassland 2. how can wavelet analysis is used for the question above 0 3/20/2016
A 3% increase in thin upper-level cloud amount causes the Earth's surface temperature to change by 0.3oC. What is the radiative forcing associated wit... 1 2/27/2016
Simulated annealing 1 2/18/2016
There needs to be a change! 3 2/2/2016
Are we in a causality time loop? 1 1/23/2016
Our society is facing so many threats, can we really rise to the challange? 7 1/19/2016
The overview is not an answer its a smoke screen right enough. The Earths cycles will endure but how long will we at the rate we dump mercury into th... 0 1/15/2016
With so much volcanic activity, why don't we tap the energy and maybe in the distant future even control the volcanic activity without dire consequenc... 0 1/13/2016
People are so ignorant 6 1/11/2016
Numbers never lie 2 1/10/2016
Global warming 17 1/3/2016
Cure of Global Warming 4 1/3/2016
Human Arrogance 2 12/5/2015
GLOBAL WARMING 4 11/29/2015
What are the advantages of Global warming? 5 10/26/2015
Would massive global warming make more heat waves? 2 10/23/2015
Is Kerala facing global warming? 3 10/15/2015
Global warming 3 10/11/2015
Climate change is real but carbon tax is a waste of time 1 9/20/2015
How can a new NGO Protecting Human Right grow and become powerful?How can that NGO get the support of other NGOs?HOW can that NGO be in contact with j... 1 9/15/2015
It is not true the life style of western country is responsible for global warming? 5 9/6/2015
Blahblahblahblah 2 9/1/2015
Why we don't understand each other? 4 8/17/2015
Global warming to cause widespread flooding? I think not! 3 7/26/2015
Can't we stop global warming? 2 7/5/2015
In Less than One Thousand Characters, here it goes. My Question is as follows: Is this last 60 days of weather an indicator of the future or is thi... 1 6/10/2015
New Thermodynamic Option / Atypical InFlow (Fueled) Technology - Gearturbine Project 5 5/26/2015
I can Help Reduce Pollution 4 5/17/2015
Ideas 1 5/4/2015
If charcoal is a natural water purifier,why stop natural forest fires? bad gases go up into the air,get rained down,charcoal cleans the water,makes cl... 2 4/19/2015
An Idea... 2 4/18/2015
Are we about the earth or about $$$$(Wind power) 2 4/17/2015
How we want to stop using plastic bags when half of the world is using plastic bags. 3 4/15/2015
How much of the CO2 comes from heating homes in the USA. I cut 250 gallons off my oil bill by this last year. I used a prototype I am working o... 0 4/4/2015
How much electrical charge is released when water vapor condenses. 1 3/18/2015
Who produces the least amount of green house gases? 1 3/17/2015
Teenagers and what they can do! 1 3/17/2015
Are teens such as kids from 12-18 be able to do what they can for global warming? If not then how can adults participate in it? We have a planet that ... 1 3/17/2015
A contentious issue. 0 3/15/2015
Stupid polar bears 6 3/10/2015
Which country is the top producer of harmful greenhouse gases? 5 3/1/2015
The refractive index or the earth is destroyed and now we are reflecting light not by passing it. 2 2/23/2015
There are those who argue the climate change is a normal caused one, and those who argue it is caused by mankind. either side if correct should have p... 4 2/21/2015
Who here thinks global warming is a threat? Do you believe in what Al Gore says about it? 9 2/18/2015
Would it be reasonable to compare the thermodynamic response in neon lights to that of atmospheric carbon dioxide? I think we need some way of bringi... 1 1/11/2015