Global warming
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Would it be reasonable to compare the thermodynamic response in neon lights to that of atmospheric carbon dioxide? I think we need some way of bringing basic physics into the discussion in a way that I can understand. It is clear that both history and large models are distrusted by most people. But they seem to accept the laws of physics.

What strikes me is that both neon lights and global warming seem to be the result of electromagnetic waves interacting with certain types of atoms and molecules. But, then, I am not a scientist.
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This is stupid the air is made by Co2 (tree hugger anyone)by reducing will 1)either reduce plant life and our life or 2) nothing.
what about water vapor? it is the most abundant green house gas! why dont we regulate the oceans i mean what the hell why not?
Without green house gases we are all dead and so will be the planet just a big rock in this the goal?
al gore is a nut. What happen to el nino? cutting down the rain forest? how much money was donatyed for that and for what?
Its a big scam to control the population! to think man can alter the atmosphere is so stupid all that has to happen is a volcano blow and were back to were we started mean while al gore is a billionare.
when will people actually start to educate them selves and not get caught up in the latest fade to made the government more powerful
Someday it will be too late