Global warming
The following plan would solve all our energy, economic, and pollution problems within a few years.
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"The following plan would solve all of our energy, economic, and pollution problems within a few years.

Declare war for solar energy: The President would make an executive order to build and install enough solar cells to supply all of the US energy needs in two years, and we would probably end up doing it in one year. Even with millions of men out of the country fighting, we were the people that made one B-17 bomber every hour on an assembly line a mile long. Before the war, the factory that did it made cars with a few thousand parts. The four-engine flying fortress that was ruling the skies over Europe had over a million parts. We were the guys that made a complete ship from start to finish in four days at just one shipyard. Women were doing a lot of the work. Imagine what we could do now?

We mobilize our manufacturing as we did for World War II to build a new, free and clean energy system. If we could do it during a war, we can do it in peacetime even faster. We form a war department to build it.

Mobilize for peace and prosperity: We build the mile long factories like we used to build planes and ships quickly in World War ll. We built the factories to build the planes and ships in just a few months, and we could do it even faster now. We build them in different parts of the country that have high unemployment. These factories would be able to spit out miles of inexpensive solar panels everyday. Other companies would transport and install them in our country’s deserts and on both sides of our interstate freeways, on railroad tracks and on roofs. Putting them next to railroad tracks makes installing and cleaning easy.

Like laying track: We have competitions between companies and give bonuses to the companies that make the most and lay the most solar panels in a day. When we were building the transcontinental railroad, the companies were getting bonuses for every mile of track they laid. This motivated them to build many miles of track per day. We just do something similar for laying solar panels."

-from the "Clean Energy - Green Technology" insight

Read the full insight at TruthContest -- com.
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A solar panel needs a considerable ammout of material for its construction besides the energy required to make all the parts.
If you care to look around, you will observe that every thing is derived from "FOSIL FUEL" you know "hydro carbons"including the food you eat.
Plastics, road surfaces, road wheels, transportation, to mention the tip of the icebeg.
Why dont you take a critical look at: "THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE" You will find it on Google. get the full length vertion and then come back on here and let us all have your valuable critique and comments.