Global warming
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For those who have taken in Al Gores: "inconvenient truth"
Try taking in:
"The greate global warming swindle"
Viewing these two vidio's will give those with an open mind two opposing points of veiw.
Bearing in mind the age of the latter vidio with its referances to the scientific communities agenda for research funds, coupled to the recent "climate gate" revalations, adds to a thickening consparacy.
Well worth watching.

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I have seen one of his; I agree with the president of america to be.But what AL is talking about cutting down emmission is too late or is not nescessary, we are just peaking the End of Pisces. Then there is a change of the Centre of Gravity Gemini 2013.
Aquarius moves in Earlier 2 months , and disasters happen- Hell or Gamma Radiation and other light frequencies including astroids falling- this is because the Sgr A* Black Hole will descend on the Tonga Microplate- in which I like to Call it Ground ZERO. According to ancient polynesian stories of creation of the world and separate from creation of man the 7 Constellations of Genesis is (1) Vaimu'a- Aquarius (2) Vaimui- Pisces (3) Faka'afumo'ui- Aries (4) Faka'afumate- Taurus (5) 'Ao'ao- Leo (6) Fufunekinanga- Virgo (7) Tanumanga- Scorpio all these are disasterous out side the Vortex. Global Warming by emmission is fraction of what all was explaining.