Global warming
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I note that after applying heat to a panfull of ice for quite a long time - that, of course the water remains ice-cold (0 degrees C) until all, or nearly all of the ice has melted in the pan. As the last bits of ice remain and are thawing, suddenly the water temperature begins to rise in earnest.
So, I think of the remaing ice mass on the earth, left here from the last ice age, as having had a tempering effect on the climatic warming in the (geologiocally recent) past, and that we now may be in the situation where sufficient ice is gone, or nearly gone, to allow warming to begin in earnest.
I.E. Could it be that instead of global warming causing the ice to melt, that rather, the ice having nearly melted is allowing the climate to warm? Is that kooky? I mean, I'm just extrapolating what I see in a simple demonstration to the whole globe - so I admit the hazard there.