Global warming
A contentious issue.
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What is the chance that climate change is real, but is caused mainly by us, the people, you and I, just by being here on our glorious planet Earth.
Let me explain.

Unless you live in the tropics, where it is almost never that cold that you need to wear a sweater, most of you have experienced that at night, during the winter period, when you go to bed – supposing you don’t use electrically heated sheets or blankets – it feels as if you are freezing your butt off when you first slip under the covers.
Many of you may then slide way underneath the covers and, within minutes, your warm breath will create a rather nice temperature, so you can drift off to sleep, rather than shivering throughout the night and getting to sleep from pure exhaustion. That is also the effect you get when you go camping and sliding into your sleeping bag.

So, we now have established that our human breath is warm and exudes warmth.

The world’s population stands at almost 7 billion people according to and all of us are emanating warm air, all day, every day.
The number of people on our planet is not static, but is growing constantly. That is another given.

Is it therefore not possible that by our very existence we are responsible for much of the averse effects of climate change ?

Obviously I am not denying that other reasons also attribute to causing the problem, but if more people would use condoms and other forms of birth prevention, we could slow down the explosion of our world’s population and thereby reduce climate change a bit.
Yes, various religious groups may disagree and many super-macho men may disagree as well, because they feel that they have the ‘right’ to spawn as many offspring as they can bring forth with their wives and girlfriends.
Also, many youngsters – in the heat of the moment – may forget about ‘safe sex’ and just do it, regardlessly, with subsequent detrimental effects, i.e. an Oopsadaisy moment !

Up to this moment I have not come across any scientist or politician who have raised this issue of humans and animals merely breathing causing global warming, but what are YOUR thoughts on this ?
Let me know.