Global warming
Nuclear Energy (question of survival)
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Many times before in the history of our world species have been wiped out because of the their inability to adapt to cataclysmic changes in the environment.

Is it our turn?

It will be a mistake to assume that at the current pace of population growth, energy consumption, carbon emissions and natural resource waste we are going to survive much longer.

Most scientific studies and environment projects focus on the fixes we need to make to survive in the next 50 or so years.

Even worse, few politicians can claim they have a vision which stretches beyond their term in office.

The only ideas of the human race future after 2100 seems to be the ones created in Hollywood.

The natural evolution theory claims that we dominate the world today because we outsmarted the other species. Is the joke on us this time?

Renewable energy sources and nuclear power seem the only sensible way forward. And massive investment in science and technology instead of playing "ghost busters" in Afghanistan and Iraq.