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Our skies being ruined by planes - look out the window
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Wondered if anyone knew anthing: *(copy of email sent to a couple of meteorologic type organisations)

During the no fly zone over the skies I (and many others) have been in awe of the beautifully vibrant blue skies over the UK.
Since the planes took to the skies again I have noticed more clearly the HUGE numbers of con-trails in the skies spreading out in all directions that form very wide (up to 5 miles I've read in some peer reviewed papers) that are literally blocking out the suns rays. The sky is no longer blue, it is grey/blue. It is obvious which or ‘normal clouds’ and which are man made.
The long straight lines of exhaust gases and water vapour caused by jet planes are chocking this planet.

I would like to know what you know about this, because it's really concerning and sadens me to see the state of our sky.

We now have 2 major no fly period which to study. The volcanic ash stoppage and the 3 days after 9/11 in the USA.

The reports after 9/11 stated that the temperature variance doubled (!!!!) during those three days - more heat getting to the ground from the sun during the day, more heat espacing at night.

What affect has it had in the UK / Europe to temperatures, and how much of the suns rays have been blocked due to the planes exhaust gases? What effect is this having on crops? on people?> on life?

This has a huge effect on the health of this planet, the vegetation and all live on Earth. It is of paramount importance.

I look forward to any feedback you have and future announcements you make about this.

Look out the window our skies are scarred, please help.