List of Czechs
This is a partial list of famous Czech, and Czech intelligible
Czech language
Czech is a West Slavic language with about 12 million native speakers; it is the majority language in the Czech Republic and spoken by Czechs worldwide. The language was known as Bohemian in English until the late 19th century...

This list includes people of the Czech nationality as well as people having some significant Czech ancestry or association with Czech culture.

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  • Lída Baarová
    Lída Baarová
    Lída Baarová was a Czech actress and mistress of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister.-Biography:...

  • Gustav Nezval
    Gustav Nezval
    Gustav Nezval by civil name Augustin Nezval, was a Czech stage and film actor. He was born to a locksmith family of Frantisek Nezval and his wife Aloisia. The parents wanted him to become a priest. However he managed to finish a technical college and for some time he earned his living as a...

  • Jiří Bartoška
    Jirí Bartoška
    Jiří Bartoška is a Czech actor and the president of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.Bartoška played a number of roles in many Czech films, later he became most known as the president of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival...

  • Vlasta Burian
    Vlasta Burian
    Josef Vlastimil Burian, better known as Vlasta Burian, was a Czech stage and film actor, singer, comedian, footballer and a film director...

  • Anna Geislerová
    Anna Geislerová
    Anna Geislerová aka Aňa Geislerová is a Czech actress.Anna became well known for her role as Eliška/Hana in the 2003 movie Želary and as Anna in the 1999 movie Return of the Idiot...

  • Jiří Grossmann
    Jirí Grossmann
    Jiří Grossmann was a Czechoslovak theatre actor, poet, and composer.-Life:Grossmann was born in Prague. After his graduation, he started at the technical university ČVUT, but left in 1962 when he met Miloslav Šimek in the Olympik bar. Grossmann performed with Dixie Party Band in the Olympik bar,...

  • Miroslav Horníček
    Miroslav Hornícek
    Miroslav Horníček was a Czech actor, writer, director, artist and theatre theoretician. He is well-known in Czechia for his on-stage partnership with Jan Werich, his talkshows and many small roles in Czech movies and TV.-External links:...

  • Rudolf Hrušínský
    Rudolf Hrušínský
    Rudolf Hrušínský was an acclaimed Czech actor.-Biography:He was born in Nová Včelnice to Hermina Červičková and Rudolf Hrušinský . He was born, literally, back stage during a showing of the play Taneček panny Marinky...

  • Zorka Janů
    Zorka Janu
    Zorka Janů , a Czech film actress, was the younger sister of the legendary cinema star Lída Baarová. When she was 12 years old, she appeared in the movie Madla z cihelny alongside her sister who played the principal role...

  • Petr Kostka
    Petr Kostka
    Petr Kostka is a Czech actor.He was born in Říčany near Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 2003, he received Thalia Award for performing Herman in Smíšené pocity Mixed Emotions.-Selected filmography:...

  • Herbert Lom
    Herbert Lom
    Herbert Lom is a Czech film actor, best known for his role as former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther movie series.-Life and career:...

  • Vladimír Menšík
    Vladimír Menšík
    Vladimír Menšík was a popular Czech actor and entertainer, born in Ivančice, Moravia, Czechoslovakia. Both comedian and serious actor, he created a wide range of lively characters...

  • David Nykl
    David Nykl
    David Nykl is a Czech Canadian actor of film, television, commercials and theater.After the Soviet invasion in 1968, he and his family left then-Communist Czechoslovakia for Canada...

  • Anny Ondra
    Anny Ondra
    Anny Ondra was a Czech film actress. She was born Anna Sophie Ondráková in Tarnów, Galicia, Austria–Hungary, now Poland, and died in Hollenstedt near Harburg, Germany.-Life:...

     (Anna Ondráková)
  • Karel Roden
    Karel Roden
    Karel Roden is a Czech actor, known for his roles in Hellboy and The Bourne Supremacy.Roden's father and grandfather were also actors. After studying theatrical art in Prague he has played many roles in theatres and movies. First, he graduated school of ceramic, then he was admitted to the Academy...

  • Jan Tříska
    Jan Tríska
    Jan Triska or Jan Tříska is a Czech-American actor.-Early life and career:He was born in Prague. Before his emigration he performed in the theater and had many roles in movies, the movie version of Radúz a Mahulena and in the communist propaganda piece 30 Cases of Major Zeman...

  • Tatiana Vilhelmová
    Tatiana Vilhelmová
    Tatiana Čecháková-Vilhelmová is a Czech actress.She is 5 ft 3 in tall. As a kid she took lessons in ballet for 9 years, she was a member of well-renowned Kühn's Children Choir...

  • Eduard Vojan
    Eduard Vojan
    Eduard Vojan was a famous Czech actor of early cinema.-External links:* in Czech...

  • Jiří Voskovec
    Jirí Voskovec
    Jiří Voskovec was a Czech-American actor, playwright, dramatist, director, translator, and poet...

  • Jan Werich
    Jan Werich
    Jan Werich was a Czech actor, playwright and writer.-Life:Between 1916 to 1924 he attended "reálné gymnasium" in Křemencová Street in Prague...

  • Stella Zázvorková
    Stella Zázvorková
    Stella Zázvorková was a Czech actress from Prague.Zázvorková, an alumnus of Prague's theatre school of E.F. Burian, appeared in several hundred films and series. She was married to the actor Miloš Kopecký...

Architects and designers

See Czech architects
  • Jan Santini Aichel
    Jan Santini Aichel
    Jan Blažej Santini Aichel was a Czech architect of Italian descent, whose major works represent a curious amalgam of the Gothic and Baroque styles.-Biography:...

  • Jakub Bursa
    Jakub Bursa
    Jakub Bursa was a famous Czech architect, folk artist and builder of Bohemian Rustic Baroque architecture. He decorated many gables of houses in Southern Bohemia in the style of the so-called rural South Bohemian Baroque....

  • Josef Chochol
    Josef Chochol
    Josef Chochol was a Czech architect.-Education:Chocol studied architecture at the polytechnic in Prague , then at the academy in Vienna, under guidance of Otto Wagner .-Career:...

  • Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer
  • Alois Dryák
    Alois Dryák
    Alois Dryák was Czech architect and professor of ornamental design.Dryák is most famous for the design of the ornamental detail on Art Nouveau masterpieces such as...

  • Josef Gočár
    Josef Gocár
    Josef Gočár , was a Czech architect, one of the founders of modern architecture in Czechoslovakia....

  • František Maxmilián Kaňka
    František Maxmilián Kanka
    František Maxmilián Kaňka was a Czech architect and builder.He is most famous for reconstructions of palaces and castles of Bohemian noblemen and for designs of churches and other religious buildings, principally in Baroque style...

  • Jan Kaplický
    Jan Kaplický
    Jan Kaplický was a world-renowned Czech architect who spent a significant part of his life in the United Kingdom. He was the leading architect behind the innovative design office, Future Systems. He was best known for the futuristic Selfridges Building in Birmingham, England, and the Media Centre...

  • Jan Kotěra
    Jan Kotera
    Jan Kotěra was a Czech architect, artist and interior designer, and one of the key figures of modern architecture in Bohemia.-Biography:...

  • Zdeněk Kovář
    Zdenek Kovár
    Zdeněk Kovář, born January 26, 1917, Vsetín, Moravia , died June 21, 2004, Zlín, renown Czech industrial designer.-Life:He trained as a shoemaker in Baťa’s Zlín factory, then as locksmith and later as engineer. He studied under prominent Czech sculptor Vincenc Makovský at Zlín’s Art School from...

  • Jakub Krčín
    Jakub Krcín
    Jakub Krčín was a prominent Czech Renaissance architect and engineer.Krčín was born in Kolín. He was a prolific designer and founder of fish ponds.-External links:** *...

  • Jaromír Krejcar
    Jaromír Krejcar
    Jaromír Krejcar was a Czech functionalistic architect, student of Jan Kotěra and member of Devětsil.He collaborated with Czech structural engineer, Dr...

  • Josef Mocker
    Josef Mocker
    Josef Mocker was a Bohemian architect and restorer who worked in a purist Gothic Revival style.- Overview :...

  • Štěpánek Netolický
    Štepánek Netolický
    Josef Štěpánek Netolický was a Czech fishpond builder and architect.Netolický worked as a regent of the Rožmberks' domain and designed fishpond system around the town Třeboň. The builder of this system was the other well-known regent of this domain, Jakub Krčín...

  • Josef Niklas
    Josef Niklas
    Josef Niklas was one of the most important Czech architects in the 19th century. In 1873-1874 he was a rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague.-External links:*...

  • Milada Petříková-Pavlíková
    Milada Petríková-Pavlíková
    Milada Petříková-Pavlíková was a Czech architect.She was born as Milada Pavlíková. Pavlíková graduated in 1921 as the first female architect in Czechoslovakia...

  • Bořek Šípek
    Borek Šípek
    Bořek Šípek is a prominent Czech architect and designer. Born in Prague, Bořek Šípek is renowned for his individual, unusual, colorful and rich style. He experiments with unexpected and often opulent shapes....

Authors and Poets

See Czech writers

  • Michal Ajvaz
    Michal Ajvaz
    Michal Ajvaz is a Czech novelist, poet and translator, an exponent of the literary style known as magic realism.- Biography :...

  • Jindřich Šimon Baar
  • Jan Antonin Bata
    Jan Antonín Bata
    Jan Antonín Baťa was a Czech shoe manufacturer from Uherské Hradiště , brother of Tomáš Baťa....

  • Jan Blahoslav
    Jan Blahoslav
    Jan Blahoslav was a Czech humanistic writer, poet, translator, etymologist, hymnographer, grammarian, music theorist and composer. He was a Unity of the Brethren bishop, and translated the New Testament into Czech in 1564...

  • Bohuslav z Lobkovic
  • Karel Havlíček Borovský
    Karel Havlícek
    Karel Havlíček was a Czech painter.He was born in Berlin where his parents had moved from Vienna in 1903 because his father Karel started to work in the state theatres as a scene designer. They moved to Czechoslovakia in 1923 and his father entered the Prague National Theatre as a stage setter...

  • Otokar Březina
    Otokar Brezina
    Otakar or Otakar Březina ; pen name of Václav Jebavý.; was a Czech poet and essayist, considered the greatest of Czech Symbolists.-Biography :...

  • Karel Čapek
    Karel Capek
    Karel Čapek was Czech writer of the 20th century.-Biography:Born in 1890 in the Bohemian mountain village of Malé Svatoňovice to an overbearing, emotional mother and a distant yet adored father, Čapek was the youngest of three siblings...

  • Jan Čarek
    Jan Carek
    Jan Čarek was a Czech poet, essayist, and literary critic. He was greatly popular in his day for his children's books a "rural" poetry.- Biography :...

  • Svatopluk Čech
    Svatopluk Cech
    Svatopluk Čech was a Czech writer, journalist and poet.Čech studied at gymnasium in Prague, then studied law, and later worked in the journals Květy, Lumír and Světozor.His first poem, Husita na Baltu, was published in the almanac Ruch in 1868...

  • František Čelakovský
    František Celakovský
    František Ladislav Čelakovský, also known by the pseudonym Marcian Hromotluk, was a Czech writer and translator.-Life:...

  • Jakub Deml
    Jakub Deml
    Jakub Deml was a Czech Catholic priest and writer.-Life:Deml was born in Tasov near Třebíč, then Austria-Hungary, now Czech Republic. In 1902 he was ordained Roman Catholic priest, but in 1907-1908 and after 1909 he was pensioned, partly due to conflicts with his superiors. He became one of the...

  • Ivan Diviš
    Ivan Diviš
    Ivan Diviš was a significant Czech poet and essayist of the 2nd half of the 20th century.- Biography :...

  • Jaroslav Durych
    Jaroslav Durych
    Jaroslav Durych was a Czech prose writer, poet, playwright, journalist, and military surgeon.Durych was born in Hradec Králové...

  • Karel Jaromír Erben
    Karel Jaromír Erben
    Karel Jaromír Erben was a Czech historian, poet and writer of the mid-19th century, best known for his collection Kytice , which contains poems based on traditional and folkloric themes....

  • Jaroslav Foglar
    Jaroslav Foglar
    Jaroslav Foglar was a famous Czech author who wrote many novels about youths and their adventures in nature and dark city streets.-Early life:...

  • Ladislav Fuks
    Ladislav Fuks
    Ladislav Fuks was a Czech novelist. He focused mainly on psychological novels, portraying the despair and suffering of people under German occupation of Czechoslovakia....

  • František Gellner
    František Gellner
    František Gellner was a Czech poet, short story writer, artist and anarchist.-Biography:František Gellner was born to a poor Jewish family in Mladá Boleslav, Bohemia. His father was a seller and a keen socialist...

  • Jiří Grossmann
    Jirí Grossmann
    Jiří Grossmann was a Czechoslovak theatre actor, poet, and composer.-Life:Grossmann was born in Prague. After his graduation, he started at the technical university ČVUT, but left in 1962 when he met Miloslav Šimek in the Olympik bar. Grossmann performed with Dixie Party Band in the Olympik bar,...

  • Jaroslav Hašek
    Jaroslav Hašek
    Jaroslav Hašek was a Czech humorist, satirist, writer and socialist anarchist best known for his novel The Good Soldier Švejk, an unfinished collection of farcical incidents about a soldier in World War I and a satire on the ineptitude of authority figures, which has been translated into sixty...

  • Vladimír Holan
    Vladimír Holan
    Vladimír Holan was a Czech poet famous for employing obscure language, dark topics and pessimist views in his poems. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in the late 1960s. He was a member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia....

  • Miroslav Holub
    Miroslav Holub
    Miroslav Holub was a Czech poet and immunologist.Miroslav Holub's work was heavily influenced by his experiences as an Immunologist, writing many poems using his scientific knowledge to poetic effect. His work is almost always unrhymed, so lends itself easily to translation...

  • Bohumil Hrabal
    Bohumil Hrabal
    Bohumil Hrabal was a Czech writer, regarded as one of the best writers of the 20th century.- Life and work :...

  • Václav Hrabě
    Václav Hrabe
    Václav Hrabě was a Czech poet and writer, and the most important member of the Beat Generation in former Czechoslovakia.- Life :...

  • František Hrubín
    František Hrubín
    František Hrubín , was a Czech poet and writer. He was a lifetime member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia ....

  • Miroslav Ivanov
    Miroslav Ivanov
    Miroslav Ivanov was popular Czech nonfiction writer.His father was executed during Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. Ivanov studied history and Czech language at the Charles University in Prague. He then worked at the university for seven years. In 1960 he started work as a journalist and then...

  • Boleslav Jablonský
    Boleslav Jablonský
    Boleslav Jablonský was a Czech poet.Jablonský studied theology. Jablonský was one of the most popular Czech poets in 19th century, whose songs found international renown, and were also frequently composed...

  • Josef Jedlička
    Josef Jedlicka
    Josef Jedlička was a Czech writer.Jedlička studied aesthetics and ethnography at Prague University, but after the communist revolution in 1948 he was kicked out of university for being an anticommunist. He then worked in various professions - as laborer, teacher, TV assistant, and tutor among them...

  • Milena Jesenská
    Milena Jesenská
    Milena Jesenská was a Czech journalist, writer, editor and translator, who refused to abandon her Jewish friends and was deported to and died alongside them in Ravensbrück concentration camp....

  • Alois Jirásek
    Alois Jirásek
    Alois Jirásek was a Czech writer, author of historical novels and plays. Jirásek was a secondary-school teacher until his retirement in 1909. He wrote a series of historical novels imbued with faith in his nation and in progress toward freedom and justice...

  • Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka was a culturally influential German-language author of short stories and novels. Contemporary critics and academics, including Vladimir Nabokov, regard Kafka as one of the best writers of the 20th century...

  • Václav Kaplický
    Václav Kaplický
    Václav Kaplický was a Czech writer, journalist and epic poet. He is most known as an author of historical fiction....

  • Václav Kliment Klicpera
    Václav Kliment Klicpera
    Václav Kliment Klicpera was a Czech playwright, author, and poet. He was one of the first presenters of Czech drama, and was especially influential in the foundation of comedic Czech theater....

  • Jan Křesadlo
    Jan Kresadlo
    Jan Křesadlo was the primary pseudonym used by Václav Jaroslav Karel Pinkava , a Czech psychologist who was also a prizewinning novelist and poet....

  • Karel Kryl
    Karel Kryl
    Karel Kryl was a popular Czech singer-songwriter and performer of many protest songs in which he strongly criticized and identified the shortcomings and inhumanity of the Communist and later post-communist regime in his home country.-Biography:Kryl was born on April 12, 1944, in Kroměříž, in...

  • Milan Kundera
    Milan Kundera
    Milan Kundera , born 1 April 1929, is a writer of Czech origin who has lived in exile in France since 1975, where he became a naturalized citizen in 1981. He is best known as the author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, and The Joke. Kundera has written in...

  • Karel Hynek Mácha
    Karel Hynek Mácha
    Karel Hynek Mácha was a Czech romantic poet.- Biography :Mácha grew up in Prague, the son of a foreman at a mill. He learned Latin and German in school...

  • Jiří Mahen
    Jirí Mahen
    Jiří Mahen was a Czech novelist, playwright and essayist.- Life :He was born Antonín Vančura, in Čáslav, to an old noble family of the Moravian Brethren faith. In his grammar-school years he became an anarchist. He later studied linguistics of the Czech and German languages at Prague University...

  • Bohumil Mathesius
    Bohumil Mathesius
    Bohumil Mathesius was a Czech poet, translator, publicist and literary scientist – expert on Russian literature. He was a professor on the Faculty of Philosophy at the Charles University in Prague...

  • Rudolf Medek
    Rudolf Medek
    Rudolf Medek was a Czech poet, army-related prose writer, and a general in the Czechoslovak Legions in Russia...

  • Ondřej Neff
    Ondrej Neff
    Ondřej Neff is a Czech science fiction writer and journalist. He is the founder of , one of the earliest and most popular Czech daily news/comments websites, and , a website about digital photography for amateurs.His father Vladimír Neff was a popular writer, author of many historical...

  • Vladimír Neff
    Vladimír Neff
    Vladimír Neff was a popular Czech writer and translator. He wrote numerous historical novels, political satires and parodies on criminal stories and adventure tales....

  • Božena Němcová
    Božena Nemcová
    Božena Němcová was a Czech writer of the final phase of the Czech National Revival movement.-Biography:...

  • Jan Neruda
    Jan Neruda
    Jan Nepomuk Neruda was a Czech journalist, writer and poet, one of the most prominent representatives of Czech Realism and a member of "the May school".-Early life:...

  • Vítězslav Nezval
    Vítezslav Nezval
    Vítězslav Nezval was one of the most prolific avant-garde Czech writers in the first half of the twentieth century and a co-founder of the Surrealist movement in Czechoslovakia....

  • Ota Pavel
    Ota Pavel
    Ota Pavel was a Czech writer, journalist and sport reporter...

  • Ferdinand Peroutka
    Ferdinand Peroutka
    Ferdinand Peroutka was a Czech journalist and writer.-Life:Peroutka was born to a Czech-German family in Prague in 1895. In 1913 he began his career as a journalist. After World War I, he became a editor-in-chief of a new newspaper Tribuna...

  • Eduard Petiška
    Eduard Petiška
    Eduard Petiška was a Czech poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright, and translator. He is best known as the author of books for children.-Life:...

  • Bohuslav Reynek
    Bohuslav Reynek
    Bohuslav Reynek was one of the most important Bohemian poets, writers, painters and translators of the 20th century.-Education and personal life:...

  • John of Rokycan
    John of Rokycan
    John of Rokycan, also known as Jan of Rokycany, in Czech language Jan Rokycana, Jan z Rokycana and Jan z Rokycan was a Hussite theologian, archbishop of Prague and a key figure in Bohemian church history.- Life :In his youth, John of Rokycan entered the Augustinian monastery in Rokycany...

     (Jan Rokycana)
  • Jan Skácel
    Jan Skácel
    Jan Skácel was a Czech poet of Moravian origin, widely acclaimed as one of the best poets who had been writing in Czech....

  • Jaroslav Seifert
    Jaroslav Seifert
    Jaroslav Seifert was a Nobel Prize winning Czech writer, poet and journalist.Born in Žižkov, a suburb of Prague in what was then part of Austria-Hungary, his first collection of poems was published in 1921...

  • Zdeněk Svěrák
    Zdenek Sverák
    Zdeněk Svěrák is a Czech actor, humorist and scriptwriter. He is one of the most popular Czech cultural personalities. In 1989, he was a member of the jury at the 39th Berlin International Film Festival....

  • Michal Šanda
    Michal Šanda
    Michal Šanda is Czech writer and poet.- Life :After secondary school, he made his living in a series of jobs that included stonemasonry, bookselling, street vending, fowling and organ-grinding, as well as making fans on an ostrich farm and painting railway cars...

  • Josef Škvorecký
    Josef Škvorecký
    Josef Škvorecký, CM is a leading contemporary Czech writer and publisher who has spent much of his life in Canada. He and his wife were long-time supporters of Czech dissident writers before the fall of communism in that country...

  • Karel Teige
    Karel Teige
    Karel Teige was the major figure of the Czech avant-garde movement Devětsil in the 1920s, a graphic artist, photographer, and typographer...

  • Jáchym Topol
    Jáchym Topol
    Jáchym Topol is a Czech writer.- Life :Jáchym Topol was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, to Josef Topol, Czech playwright, poet, and translator of Shakespeare, and Jiřina Topolová, daughter of the famous Czech Catholic writer Karel Schulz.Topol's writing began with lyrics for the rock band Psí...

  • Jan Matzal Troska
  • Svatopluk Turek
    Svatopluk Turek
    Svatopluk Turek was a Czech novelist, known under pen name T. Svatopluk.After studying arts at the university he worked as graphics designer in Baťa company in Zlín....

  • Josef Váchal
    Josef Váchal
    Josef Váchal was a Czech writer, painter, graphic designer and book-printer.Váchal was the illegitimate son of Josef Aleš-Lyžec and Anna Váchalová - his parents never married...

  • Vladislav Vančura
    Vladislav Vancura
    Vladislav Vančura was one of the most important Bohemian writers of the 20th century...

  • Michal Viewegh
    Michal Viewegh
    Michal Viewegh is one of the most popular contemporary Czech writers and the bestselling one. He writes about romantic relationships of his contemporaries with humour, and variously successful irony and attempts at deeper meaningfulness; he is sometimes compared to Nick Hornby by his fans.His...

  • Jaroslav Vrchlický
    Jaroslav Vrchlický
    Jaroslav Vrchlický was one of the greatest Czech lyrical poets. He was born Emil Frida, Vrchlický being a pseudonym.He also wrote epic poetry, plays, prose and literary essays and translated widely from various languages, introducing e.g. Dante, Goethe, Shelley, Baudelaire, Poe, and Whitman to...

  • Jan Werich
    Jan Werich
    Jan Werich was a Czech actor, playwright and writer.-Life:Between 1916 to 1924 he attended "reálné gymnasium" in Křemencová Street in Prague...

  • Ivan Wernisch
    Ivan Wernisch
    Ivan Wernisch is a Czech poet, editor and a collage artist. He studied Ceramics Secondary school in Carlsbad and has since done many jobs, mostly manual. In 1961, after publishing his debut poetry book, he quickly established himself as one of the best and most loved writers of his generation...

  • Zikmund Winter
    Zikmund Winter
    Zikmund Winter was a Czech writer and historian. The author of many historical novels and essays, he maintained an interest in Bohemian life from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries.- Sources :*...

  • Jiří Wolker
    Jirí Wolker
    Jiří Wolker was a Czech poet, journalist and playwright. He was one of the founding members of CPC - Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in 1921.- Life :...

  • Jan Zábrana
    Jan Zábrana
    Jan Zábrana was a Czech writer and translator.His parents were teachers and politicians persecuted by the communist regime after the communist revolution of 1948: his mother, member of the regional parliament, was arrested and sentenced to 20 years of prison; his father, mayor of Humpolec before the...

  • Jan Zahradníček
    Jan Zahradnícek
    Jan Zahradníček was a Czech poet of the early and mid-20th century. Because of his writings and Catholic orientation he was imprisoned as an enemy of Communists after their coup in 1948.From 1919 to 1926 he studied at Classical Grammar School in Třebíč...

  • Vojtech Zamarovský
    Vojtech Zamarovský
    Vojtech Zamarovský was a popular Slovak writer of historical non-fiction literature. He also translated from English, German, French and Latin....

  • Julius Zeyer
    Julius Zeyer
    Julius Zeyer was a Czech prose writer, poet, and playwright.Zeyer was born into a father of German-French nobility, and mother of Jewish family, and learned the Czech language from his nanny. He was expected to take over the family's factory but instead decided to learn carpentering...


See Czech composers
  • Jiří Benda
  • Karel Bendl
    Karel Bendl
    Karel or Karl Bendl was a Czech composer.He studied at the organ school, where he met and befriended Antonín Dvořák one year before graduating with honors in 1858. By then he had already composed a number of small choral works...

  • Vilém Blodek
    Vilém Blodek
    Vilém Blodek was a Czech composer, flautist, and pianist.- Biography :Blodek was born into a poor family and was educated at a German Piarist school in Prague...

  • Pavel Borkovec
    Pavel Borkovec
    Pavel Bořkovec was a Czech composer and music teacher.Bořkovec studied at the Prague Conservatory under Josef Suk. From 1946 to 1967 he taught at the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague. His students there included Pavel Blatný, Jiří Pauer, Vladimír Sommer, Petr Eben, Jan Klusák and Jan Truhlář...

  • František Xaver Brixi
  • Bohuslav Černohorský
  • Alexander Dreyschock
    Alexander Dreyschock
    Alexander Dreyschock was a Czech pianist and composer.Born in Žáky in Bohemia, his musical talents were first noticed at age of eight, and at age fifteen he travelled to Prague to study piano and composition with Václav Tomášek...

  • Jan Ladislav Dusík
    Jan Ladislav Dussek
    Jan Ladislav Dussek was a Czech composer and pianist. He was an important representative of Czech music abroad in the second half of 18th century and the beginning of 19th century...

  • Antonín Dvořák
    Antonín Dvorák
    Antonín Leopold Dvořák was a Czech composer of late Romantic music, who employed the idioms of the folk music of Moravia and his native Bohemia. Dvořák’s own style is sometimes called "romantic-classicist synthesis". His works include symphonic, choral and chamber music, concerti, operas and many...

  • Josef Fiala
    Josef Fiala
    Josef Fiala , was a composer, oboist, viola da gamba virtuoso, cellist, and pedagogue.He was born in Lochovice in Bohemia and began his professional career as an oboist in the service of Countess Netolicka. In 1777 he moved to Munich to serve in the court orchestra of Elector Maximilian Joseph...

  • Zdeněk Fibich
    Zdenek Fibich
    Zdeněk Fibich was a Czech composer of classical music. Among his compositions are chamber works , symphonic poems, three symphonies, at least seven operas , melodramas including the substantial trilogy Hippodamia,...

  • Josef Bohuslav Foerster
    Josef Bohuslav Foerster
    Josef Bohuslav Foerster was a Czech composer of classical music. He is often referred to as J. B. Foerster. The surname is sometimes spelled Förster.- Life :...

  • Julius Fučík
    Julius Fucík (composer)
    Julius Arnost Wilhelm Fučík was a Czech composer and conductor of military bands.Fučík spent most of his life as the leader of military brass bands. He became a prolific composer, with over 300 marches, polkas, and waltzes to his name...

  • Jiří Grossmann
    Jirí Grossmann
    Jiří Grossmann was a Czechoslovak theatre actor, poet, and composer.-Life:Grossmann was born in Prague. After his graduation, he started at the technical university ČVUT, but left in 1962 when he met Miloslav Šimek in the Olympik bar. Grossmann performed with Dixie Party Band in the Olympik bar,...

  • Alois Hába
    Alois Hába
    Alois Hába was a Czech composer, musical theorist and teacher. He is primarily known for his microtonal compositions, especially using the quarter tone scale, though he used others such as sixth-tones and twelfth-tones....

  • Jan Hammer
    Jan Hammer
    Jan Hammer is a composer, pianist and keyboardist. He first gained his most visible audience while playing keyboards with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the early 1970s, as well as his film scores for television and film including "Miami Vice Theme" and "Crockett's Theme", from the popular 1980s...

  • Jan Hanuš
    Jan Hanuš
    Jan Hanuš was a prolific Czech composer of the 20th century. Almost every category of composition is represented among his works, many of which are overtly political, expressing in turn anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist and anti-Communist sentiments.-Biography:Hanuš studied composition independently with...

  • Kryštof Harant z Polžic a Bezdružic
  • Vladimír Hirsch
    Vladimír Hirsch
    Vladimír Hirsch is a Czech avantgarde composer, integrating industrial and dark ambient music with modern classical composition. Besides creating solo works, he is the founding member and leader of Skrol, Aghiatrias and various other projects...

  • Ilja Hurník
    Ilja Hurník
    Ilja Hurník is a contemporary Czech composer and essayist. He entered the Prague Conservatory, then went on to the Prague Academy of Arts, where he studied with Ilona Štěpánová-Kurzová, daughter of Vilém Kurz.His 1953 sonata da camera, for flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord, has been recorded on...

  • Leoš Janáček
    Leoš Janácek
    Leoš Janáček was a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and all Slavic folk music to create an original, modern musical style. Until 1895 he devoted himself mainly to folkloristic research and his early musical output was influenced by...

  • Otakar Jeremiáš
    Otakar Jeremiáš
    Otakar Jeremiáš was a Czech composer, conductor and teacher. He was the son of composer Bohuslav Jeremiáš and the brother of composer Jaroslav Jeremiáš.-Life:...

  • Jaroslav Ježek
    Jaroslav Ježek
    Jaroslav Ježek was a Czech composer, pianist and conductor, author of jazz, classical, incidental and film music.- Life :...

  • Karel Boleslav Jirák
    Karel Boleslav Jirák
    Karel Boleslav Jirák was a Czechoslovak composer and conductor....

  • Václav Kaprál
    Václav Kaprál
    Václav Kaprál was a Czech pianist and composer.Kaprál studied composition with Leoš Janáček in the Brno Organ School and with Vítězslav Novák in Prague. Later, he studied piano interpretation with Alfred Cortot in Paris .Kaprál composed about fifty opuses, mainly solo piano, vocal, and chamber...

  • Vítězslava Kaprálová
    Vítezslava Kaprálová
    Vítězslava Kaprálová was a Czech composer and conductor. Among her teachers were some of the best European composers and conductors of the time - Bohuslav Martinů, Václav Talich, and Charles Münch.-Life:She was a daughter of composer Václav Kaprál...

  • Rudolf Karel
    Rudolf Karel
    Rudolf Karel was a distinguished Czech composer.-Brief Biography:Rudolf Karel was son of a poor railway employee. He studied composition from 1899 to 1904 with Antonín Dvořák and organ with Josef Klička in Prague...

  • Petr Kotík
    Petr Kotik
    Petr Kotik is a composer, conductor and flutist living in New York City. He was educated in Europe...

  • Jan Antonín Koželuh
    Jan Antonín Koželuh
    Jan Antonín Koželuh was a renowned Bohemian composer from Velvary. He was a pupil of Josef Seger. He studied in Vienna and was a concert master in St. Vitus Cathedral for thirty years; his work includes both church and concert works...

  • Hans Krása
    Hans Krása
    Hans Krása was a Czech composer who was killed in the Holocaust at Auschwitz. He helped to organize cultural life in Theresienstadt concentration camp.-Life:...

  • Ladislav Kubík
    Ladislav Kubik
    Ladislav Kubík is a contemporary Czech-American composer. His style is associated with other post-war Eastern European composers, such as Krzysztof Penderecki and Witold Lutosławski....

  • Jan Kubelík
    Jan Kubelík
    Jan Kubelík was a Czech violinist and composer.-Biography:He was born in Michle . His father, a gardener by occupation, was an amateur violinist. He taught his two sons the violin and after discovering the talent of Jan, who was aged five at the time, arranged for him to study with Karel Weber and...

  • Rafael Kubelík
    Rafael Kubelík
    Rafael Jeroným Kubelík was a Czech conductor and composer.-Early life:Kubelík was born in Býchory, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary, today's Czech Republic. He was the sixth child of the Bohemian violinist Jan Kubelík, whom the younger Kubelík described as "a kind of god to me." His mother was a Hungarian...

  • Ernst Krenek
    Ernst Krenek
    Ernst Krenek was an Austrian of Czech origin and, from 1945, American composer. He explored atonality and other modern styles and wrote a number of books, including Music Here and Now , a study of Johannes Ockeghem , and Horizons Circled: Reflections on my Music...

  • Bohuslav Martinů
    Bohuslav Martinu
    Bohuslav Martinů was a prolific Czech composer of modern classical music. He was of Czech and Rumanian ancestry. Martinů wrote six symphonies, 15 operas, 14 ballet scores and a large body of orchestral, chamber, vocal and instrumental works. Martinů became a violinist in the Czech Philharmonic...

  • František Míča
  • Adam Václav Michna z Otradovic
  • Oskar Morawetz
    Oskar Morawetz
    Oskar Morawetz, CM, O.Ont was a Canadian composer.Morawetz was born in Světlá nad Sázavou, Bohemia . He studied piano and theory in Prague and, following the Nazi takeover of his country in 1938, studied in Vienna and Paris, always staying one step ahead of the invading Nazis...

  • Josef Mysliveček
    Josef Myslivecek
    Josef Mysliveček was a Czech composer who contributed to the formation of late eighteenth-century classicism in music...

  • Oskar Nedbal
    Oskar Nedbal
    Oskar Nedbal was a Czech violist, composer, and conductor of classical music.-Life:Nedbal was born in Tábor, in southern Bohemia. He studied the violin at the Prague Conservatory under Antonín Bennewitz...

  • Jan Novák
    Jan Novák
    Jan Novák was a popular Czech composer of classical music. Novák was primarily active in the 1960s and composed the music for several films of Karel Kachyňa...

  • Vítězslav Novák
    Vítezslav Novák
    Vítězslav Novák was one of the most well-respected Czech composers and pedagogues, almost singlehandedly founding a mid-century Czech school of composition...

  • Jan Jakub Ryba
  • František Škroup
    František Škroup
    František Jan Škroup was a Czech composer and conductor. His brother Jan Nepomuk Škroup was also a successful composer and his father, Dominik Škroup, and other brother Ignác Škroup were lesser known composers.- Biography :At the age of eleven he moved to Prague where he supported himself as a...

  • Josef Seger
    Josef Seger
    Josef Seger was a Bohemian organist, composer, and educator...

  • Bedřich Smetana
    Bedrich Smetana
    Bedřich Smetana was a Czech composer who pioneered the development of a musical style which became closely identified with his country's aspirations to independent statehood. He is thus widely regarded in his homeland as the father of Czech music...

  • Johann Stamitz
    Johann Stamitz
    Jan Václav Antonín Stamic was a Czech composer and violinist. Johann was the father of Carl Stamitz and Anton Stamitz, also composers...

  • Karel Stamitz
    Carl Stamitz
    Karl Philipp Stamitz , who later changed his given name to Carl, was a German composer of partial Czech ancestry , and a violin, viola and viola d'amore virtuoso...

  • Josef Suk
    Josef Suk (composer)
    Josef Suk was a Czech composer and violinist.- Life :Suk was born in Křečovice. He studied at Prague Conservatory from 1885 to 1892, where he was a pupil of Antonín Dvořák and Antonín Bennewitz. In 1898, he married Dvořák's eldest daughter, Otilie Dvořáková , affectionately known as Otilka...

  • Dalibor Cyril Vačkář
    Dalibor Cyril Vackár
    Dalibor Cyril Vačkář was one of the most popular contemporary Czech composers, renowned throughout Czechoslovakia.Dalibor C...

  • Johann Baptist Vanhal
    Johann Baptist Vanhal
    Johann Baptist Vanhal also spelled Wanhal, Waṅhall or Wanhall was an important classical music composer born in Nechanice, Bohemia to a Czech family.- Biography :...

     (Jan Křtitel Vaňhal)
  • Jaromír Vejvoda
    Jaromír Vejvoda
    Jaromír Vejvoda was a Czech composer and the author of the "Beer Barrel Polka".-Life and work:...

  • Jan Vencálek
    Jan Vencálek
    Jan Vencálek was a Bohemian Renaissance-era composer for the lute and voice. Considered one of the masters in arrangement for lutes, Vencálek's compositions were showcased in Prague during the reign of Rudolph II.-External links:* * ....

  • Jan Václav Voříšek
    Jan Václav Voríšek
    Jan Václav Hugo Voříšek , was a Czech composer of classical music, pianist, and organist.-Life:...

  • Pavel Vranický (also known as Paul Wranitzky)
  • Ladislav Vycpálek
    Ladislav Vycpálek
    Ladislav Vycpálek was a Czech composer and violist.Vycpálek studied composition under Vítězslav Novák. However, he very soon found his own expressive style. He mainly composed choral works. Prior to World War I, he occupied himself with setting Czech and German symbolist poetry to music, then he...

  • Jan Zach
    Jan Zach
    Jan Zach was a Czech composer, violinist and organist. Although he was a gifted and versatile composer capable of writing both in Baroque and Classical idioms, his eccentric personality led to numerous conflicts and lack of steady employment since about 1756.-Life:Zach was born in Čelákovice,...

  • Otakar Zich
    Otakar Zich
    Otakar Zich was a distinguished Czech composer and aesthetician.- Biography :...

  • Jan Dismas Zelenka
    Jan Dismas Zelenka
    Jan Dismas Zelenka , baptised Jan Lukáš Zelenka and previously also known as Johann Dismas Zelenka, was the most important Czech Baroque composer, whose music was notably daring with outstanding harmonic invention and mastery of counterpoint.- Life :Zelenka was born in Louňovice pod Blaníkem, a small...

Other Musicians

See Czech musicians
  • Dollface Devereaux, DJ
  • Gabriela Beňačková
    Gabriela Benacková
    Gabriela Beňačková is a Slovak soprano.She specializes in the music of her compatriots, particularly Eugen Suchoň, as well as Czech composers, notably Bedřich Smetana and Leoš Janáček. She is considered to be one of the greatest 'Jenufa's' in Janáček's opera of the same name...

    , opera singer
  • Ema Destinnová
    Emmy Destinn
    Emmy Destinn was a Czech operatic soprano with a strong and soaring lyric-dramatic voice. She had a career both in Europe and at the New York Metropolitan Opera.- Biography :...

    , opera singer
  • Michaela Fukačová
    Michaela Fukacová
    Michaela Fukačová is a Czech cellist. She took up the cello at fourteen winning the Beethoven Cello Competition only two years later.Among her many top prizes is the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow...

    , cellist
  • Karel Gott
    Karel Gott
    Karel Gott is a Czech Schlager singer, and an amateur painter. He is considered as the most successful male singer in former Czechoslovakia and currently in the Czech Republic; he has being voted the Most Favorite Male Singer in the annual national pool Český slavík in total thirty-six times...

    , singer
  • Zbyněk Drda
    Zbynek Drda
    Zbyněk Drda, is a Czech singer he was born on March 29, 1987, in Ostrov . He lived in Karlovy Vary for most of his life. His father works in a spa in one of the many hotels and his mother teaches Russian at a local school...

    , singer
  • Maria Jeritza
    Maria Jeritza
    Maria Jeritza , born Marie Jedličková, was a celebrated Moravian soprano singer, long associated with the Vienna State Opera and the Metropolitan Opera...

    , opera singer
  • Jiří Jirmal
    Jirí Jirmal
    Jiří Jirmal is a classical guitarist who also is dedicated to jazz. He was born in Prague in 1925. Some of his compositions incorporate elements of Brazilian music ....

    , guitarist
  • Tomas Kalnoky
    Tomas Kalnoky
    Tomas Kalnoky is a Czech-born American musician. He is the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter of the bands Streetlight Manifesto and Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution, and goes by the pseudonym Toh Kay as a solo performer...

    , singer, guitarist and composer
  • Markéta Irglová
    Markéta Irglová
    Markéta Irglová is a Czech songwriter, musician, actress, and singer. As of 2010, she resides in New York City.-Early life:...

    , singer, actress, Oscar prize winner
  • Karel Kovařovic
    Karel Kovarovic
    Karel Kovařovic was a Czech composer and conductor.-Life:From 1873 to 1879 he studied clarinet, harp and piano at the Prague Conservatory. He began his career as a harpist...

    , conductor
  • Magdalena Kožená
    Magdalena Kožená
    Magdalena Kožená is a Czech mezzo-soprano.In 2003, Kožená was awarded the title of Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government...

    , singer
  • Antonín Kraft
    Antonín Kraft
    Antonín Kraft was an Czech cellist and composer. He was a close friend of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven....

    , cellist
  • Karel Kryl
    Karel Kryl
    Karel Kryl was a popular Czech singer-songwriter and performer of many protest songs in which he strongly criticized and identified the shortcomings and inhumanity of the Communist and later post-communist regime in his home country.-Biography:Kryl was born on April 12, 1944, in Kroměříž, in...

    , songwriter
  • Jan Kubelík
    Jan Kubelík
    Jan Kubelík was a Czech violinist and composer.-Biography:He was born in Michle . His father, a gardener by occupation, was an amateur violinist. He taught his two sons the violin and after discovering the talent of Jan, who was aged five at the time, arranged for him to study with Karel Weber and...

    , violinist
  • Daniel Landa
    Daniel Landa
    Daniel Landa is a Czech musician, actor and racer.Born in Prague, Landa began his musical career in 1987 when he along with David Matásek founded the oi! band Orlík. He graduated from the Prague Conservatory in the area of Music and Drama. After the breakup of the band in 1992 he began his solo...

    , singer
  • Aneta Langerová
    Aneta Langerová
    Aneta Langerová is a Czech pop singer. She first rose to fame at age 17 as the first winner of Česko hledá SuperStar, the Czech version of Pop Idol, in June 2004 and later that year released her first album, Spousta andělů, which would go on to become the best-selling record in Czech music history...

    , singer
  • Ferdinand Laub
    Ferdinand Laub
    Ferdinand Laub was a Czech violinist and composer.Laub was born in Prague. Due to the influence of his father Erasmus Laub , Ferdinand's first public appearance happened when he was 6 years old. At the age of 10 he had his own concert in Stavovské divadlo . From 1843-46 he studied at the...

    , violinist
  • Jan Antonín Losy
    Jan Antonín Losy
    Jan Antonín Losy, Count of Losinthal ; also known as Comte d'Logy , was a Bohemian aristocrat, Baroque lute player and composer from Prague. His lute works combine the French style brisé with a more Italian cantabile style...

    , famous lute player
  • Ivan Moravec
    Ivan Moravec
    Ivan Moravec is a Czech concert pianist whose performing and recording career, spanning nearly half a century, has gained him a worldwide following....

    , pianist
  • Eduard Nápravník
    Eduard Nápravník
    Eduard Francevič Nápravník was a Czech conductor and composer, who settled in Russia and is best known for his leading role in Russian musical life as the principal conductor of the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg for many decades...

    , conductor
  • Jaromír Nohavica
    Jaromír Nohavica
    Jaromír Nohavica or Jarek Nohavica is a Czech songwriter, lyricist, and poet.He was born in Ostrava and has played guitar since he was 13. He began studying at the Technical University of Ostrava but eventually left the school. He tried various jobs and eventually ended up working as a freelance...

    , guitarist and songwriter
  • Jarmila Novotná
    Jarmila Novotná
    Jarmila Novotná was a celebrated Czech soprano and actress and, from 1940 to 1956, a star of the Metropolitan Opera.-Early career:...

    , opera singer
  • Josef Páleníček
    Josef Pálenícek
    Josef Páleníček was a Czech piano virtuoso and composer.- Biography :...

    , pianist
  • Karel Plíhal
    Karel Plíhal
    Karel Plíhal is a Czech folk and jazz musician, singer, songwriter and record producer.He graduated from the Industrial College of Engineering and then worked as a designer and boilerman in the Olomouc theatre, finally becoming a singer . He has played the guitar since he was 15 year old...

    , guitarist and songwriter
  • Libor Pešek
    Libor Pešek
    Libor Pešek KBE is a Czech conductor.Pešek was born in Prague and studied conducting, piano, cello and trombone at the Academy of Musical Arts there, with Václav Smetáček and Karel Ančerl among his teachers. He worked at the Pilsen and Prague Operas, and from 1958 to 1964 was the founder and...

    , conductor
  • Otakar Ševčík
    Otakar Ševcík
    Otakar Ševčík was a Czech violinist and influential teacher. He was known as a soloist and an ensemble player, including his occasional performances with Eugène Ysaÿe.-Biography:...

    , violinist
  • Leo Slezak
    Leo Slezak
    Leo Slezak was a world-famous Moravian tenor. He was associated in particular with German opera as well as the title role in Verdi's Otello.- Beginnings :...

    , opera singer
  • Jiří Stivín
    Jirí Stivín
    Jiří Stivín is a Czech flute player and composer.He graduated from the Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague . He also studied composition at the Royal Academy of Music as well as at the Prague Academy of Music .Stivín performs music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and...

    , flute player
  • Karel Strakatý
    Karel Strakatý
    Karel Strakatý was a Czech operatic bass who had a lengthy career at the Estates Theatre in Prague from 1827 until his retirement in 1858. While there he portrayed more than 253 roles in over 3,230 performances...

    , singer
  • Vaclav Talich
    Václav Talich
    Václav Talich was a Czech conductor, violinist and pedagogue.- Life :Born in Kroměříž, Moravia, he started his musical career in a student orchestra in Klatovy. From 1897 to 1903 he studied at the conservatory in Prague with Otakar Ševčík...

    , conductor
  • Vilém Tauský
    Vilém Tauský
    Vilém Tauský CBE was a Czech conductor and composer.-Life:Vilém Tauský was from a musical family: his Viennese mother had sung Mozart at the Vienna State Opera under Gustav Mahler, and her cousin was the operetta composer Leo Fall.Tauský studied with Leoš Janáček and later became a repetiteur at...

    , conductor
  • Štěpán Rak
    Štepán Rak
    Štěpán Rak is a Rusyn-born Czech classical guitarist and composer. He is well known for the technical innovations that he uses in his compositions.-Interviews:** * -Photos:...

    , guitarist
  • Zuzana Růžičková
    Zuzana Ružicková
    Zuzana Růžičková is a famous Jewish Czech contemporary harpsichordist, an interpreter of classical and baroque music.Růžičková studied music but during 1941–45 she was sent to a Nazi concentration camp. Afterwards she continued the study at music school in Plzeň and Prague...

    , harpsichordist
  • Antonín Vranický
    Antonín Vranický
    Antonín Vranický , was a famous Czech violinist and composer of the 18th century. He was the brother of Pavel Wranitzky....

     (also known as Anton Wrani(t)zky), violinist
  • Hana Zagorová
    Hana Zagorová
    Hana Zagorová is a Czech female singer who has been recording since 1964. She has written the lyrics to around fifty of her recorded songs. Nine times she was listed number one in the national Zlaty Slavík popularity chart.Since 1992 she has been married to opera singer Štefan...

    , singer
  • Ivan Kral
    Ivan Kral
    Ivan Kral is a Grammy Award-winning Czechoslovakian-born American composer, filmmaker and singer. He works across many genres including rock, jazz, soul, country and film scores...

    , guitarist and singer


See Czech Film Directors
  • František Čáp
    František Cáp
    František Čáp , also known as "Franz Cap" in Germany, was a Czech film director and screenwriter. He directed 32 films between 1939 and 1970....

    , film director
  • Věra Chytilová
    Vera Chytilová
    Věra Chytilová is an avant-garde Czech film director and pioneer of Czech cinema. Banned by the Czechoslovakian government in the 1960s, she is best known for her Czech New Wave film, Sedmikrásky...

    , film director
  • Miloš Forman
    Miloš Forman
    Jan Tomáš Forman , better known as Miloš Forman , is a Czech-American director, screenwriter, professor, and an emigrant from Czechoslovakia. Two of his films, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Amadeus, are among the most celebrated in the history of film, both gaining him the Academy Award for...

    , film director
  • Jan Hřebejk
    Jan Hrebejk
    Jan Hřebejk is a Czech film director.-Early life and education:Born in Prague, Hřebejk studied together with his classmate Petr Jarchovský at high school. Now Jarchovsky is a frequent collaborator as a screenwriter...

    , film director
  • Jaromil Jireš, film director
  • Oldřich Lipský, film director, screenwriter
  • Jiří Menzel
    Jirí Menzel
    Jiří Menzel is a Czech film director, theatre director, actor, and screenwriter. His films often combine a humanistic view of the world with sarcasm and provocative cinematography...

    , film director, actor
  • Zdeněk Miler
    Zdenek Miler
    Zdeněk Miler was a Czech animator and illustrator best known for his Mole character and its adventures.-Early years:...

    , film director
  • Ivan Passer
    Ivan Passer
    Ivan Passer is a Czech-born film director and screenwriter.A significant figure in the Czech New Wave of the mid-1960s, Passer worked closely with Miloš Forman on many of his films, and directed his first feature in 1965...

    , film director
  • Jan Pinkava
    Jan Pinkava
    Dr. Jan Jaroslav Pinkava, Ph.D. is the director and writer of the Pixar Oscar-winning 1997 short film Geri's Game and the originator and co-director of Pixar's Oscar-winning 2007 film Ratatouille....

    , animator, film director
  • Břetislav Pojar
    Bretislav Pojar
    Břetislav Pojar is a puppeteer, animator and director of short and feature films.Born in Sušice, Czechoslovakia, Pojar started his career in the late 1940s with his work on The Story of the Bass Cello based on the story by Anton Chekhov and directed by master Czech puppet animator Jiří Trnka...

    , film director
  • Alfréd Radok
    Alfréd Radok
    Alfréd Radok was a distinguished Czech stage director.He worked as the stage director of the National Theatre in Prague in the years 1948 to 1949 and 1966 to 1968. Radok's work belongs to the top of the Czech stage direction of the 20th century...

    , film and theatre director
  • Emil Radok
    Emil Radok
    Emil Radok was a Czech film director. He was co-inventor of the multi-media show Laterna Magika, , which was a star attraction at the Czechoslovakia pavilion at Expo 67...

    , film director
  • Karel Reisz
    Karel Reisz
    Karel Reisz was a Czech-born British filmmaker who was active in post–war Britain, and one of the pioneers of the new realist strain in 1950s and 1960s British cinema.-Early life:...

    , film director
  • Bohdan Sláma
    Bohdan Sláma
    Bohdan Sláma is a Czech film director. He studied at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague .- Filmography :* 2008 – Venkovský učitel...

    , film director
  • Ladislav Smoljak
    Ladislav Smoljak
    Ladislav Smoljak was a Czech film and theater director, actor and screenwriter. He was born in Prague.Smoljak tried to study at an art academy but failed the admission process. He went on to study physics and mathematics, and later worked as journalist and scriptwriter...

    , film director
  • Jan Švankmajer
    Jan Švankmajer
    Jan Švankmajer is a Czech filmmaker and artist whose work spans several media. He is a self-labeled surrealist known for his surreal animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam, the Brothers Quay, and many others.- Life and career :Jan...

    , film director, animator
  • Jan Svěrák
    Jan Sverák
    Jan Svěrák is a Czech film director. He is the son of screenwriter and actor Zdeněk Svěrák. He studied documentary filmmaking at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague...

    , film director, actor
  • Jiří Trnka
    Jirí Trnka
    Jiří Trnka was a Czech puppet maker, illustrator, motion-picture animator and film director. In addition to his extensive career as an illustrator, especially of children's books, he is best known for his work in animation with puppets, which began in 1946...

    , film director, animator
  • Hermína Týrlová
    Hermína Týrlová
    Hermína Týrlová was a prominent Czech stage designer, animator, and film director. She was often called the mother of Czech animation. She was a close collaborator of Karel Zeman.-External links:**. [14-05-2003] Por Andrea Fajkusová*....

    , stage designer, cartoonist
  • Otakar Vávra, film director
  • František Vláčil
    František Vlácil
    František Vláčil was a Czech film director, painter, and graphic artist.Between 1945 and 1950, he studied esthetics and art history at Masaryk University in Brno. Later he worked in various groups and ateliers , but his main area became played film...

    , film director
  • Karel Zeman
    Karel Zeman
    Karel Zeman was a Czech film director, artist, production designer and animator. Because of his creative use of special effects and animation in his films, he has often been called the "Czech Méliès."-Life:...

    , film director, animator


  • Josef Bryks
    Josef Bryks
    Flight Lieutenant Josef Bryks was a Czechoslovak soldier and fighter pilot, who went abroad in the beginning of the Second World War to fight against Nazi Germany. He served with the Royal Air Force, but his aircraft was shot down and he was captured. He tried to escape several times, succeeded...

    , pilot
  • Alois Eliáš
    Alois Eliáš
    Alois Eliáš was a Czechoslovak general and politician. He served as Prime Minister of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia from April 27, 1939 to September 28, 1941.- Career in 1939-1942 :...

    , army officer
  • Josef František
    Josef František
    Sergeant Josef František DFM* was a Czech fighter pilot and World War II flying ace. He flew for the air forces of Czechoslovakia, Poland and the United Kingdom. He is famous as being the number one allied ace in the Battle of Britain.- Career :Born in Otaslavice in 1913, Josef František joined...

    , pilot ace
  • Radola Gajda
    Radola Gajda
    Radola Gajda, born as Rudolf Geidl, was a Czech/Montenegrin military commander and politician.- Early years :...

    , army officer
  • Karel Kuttelwascher
    Karel Kuttelwascher
    Karel Miloslav Kuttelwascher, "Kut" was a Czech fighter pilot, a flying ace of the UK's Royal Air Force in World War II. He was the most successful RAF pilot of Czech nationality.-Pilot:...

    , general
  • František Moravec
    František Moravec
    František Moravec was Czechoslovak military intelligence officer before and during World War II....

    , military intelligence officer
  • František Peřina
    František Perina
    Wing Commander General František Peřina was a Czech fighter pilot, an ace during World War II with the French Armee de l'Air, who also served twice with Britain's Royal Air Force.-Biography:...

    , pilot
  • Prokop the Great
    Prokop the Great
    Prokop or Prokop the Great was one of the most prominent Hussite generals of the Hussite Wars...

    , Hussite leader
  • Joseph Radetzky von Radetz
    Joseph Radetzky von Radetz
    Johann Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz was a Czech nobleman and Austrian general, immortalised by Johann Strauss I's Radetzky March...

    , field marshal
  • Ludvík Svoboda
    Ludvík Svoboda
    thumb|Svoboda and [[I Corps |I Czechoslovak Army Corps]]Ludvík Svoboda was a Czechoslovak general and politician...

    , general, president
  • Jan Syrový
    Jan Syrový
    Jan Syrový was a Czechoslovak Army four star general and the prime minister during the Munich Crisis.-Early life and military career:...

    , general, prime minister
  • Albrecht von Wallenstein
    Albrecht von Wallenstein
    Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein , actually von Waldstein, was a Bohemian soldier and politician, who offered his services, and an army of 30,000 to 100,000 men during the Danish period of the Thirty Years' War , to the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II...

    , warlord during Thirty-Years War
  • Jan Žižka
    Jan Žižka
    Jan Žižka z Trocnova a Kalicha , Czech general and Hussite leader, follower of Jan Hus, was born at small village Trocnov in Bohemia, into a gentried family. He was nicknamed "One-eyed Žižka"...

    , Hussite leader


See Czech models
  • Jana Defi (1984)
  • Eva Herzigová
    Eva Herzigová
    Eva Herzigová is a Czech model and actress.-Early life and career:Herzigová was born in Litvínov, Czechoslovakia . She began her modeling career after winning a modeling beauty contest in Prague in 1989, at the age of sixteen. After arriving in Paris, her popularity increased...

  • Karolína Kurková
    Karolína Kurková
    Karolína Isela Kurková is a Czech model, best known as a former Victoria's Secret Angel, and an aspiring actress. Mario Testino said of Kurková, "The proportions of her body and her face, as well as her energy level, make her a model who could fit almost into any moment." Vogue editor Anna...

  • Tereza Maxová
    Tereza Maxová
    Tereza Maxová , is a Czech model.-Biography:In 1975 her family moved to Ústí nad Labem, where she finished her basic school focussed on sport and athletics in 1985. After passing her entrance exams she started her studies at the Gymnasium Grammar School Budějovická in Prague...

  • Petra Němcová
    Petra Nemcová
    Petra Němcová is a Czech model, television host, author, and philanthropist. She is the founder and chair of the Happy Hearts Fund. In December 2004, she was injured in Thailand by a tsunami resulting from the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake; her fiancé, photographer Simon Atlee, was killed in the...

  • Daniela Peštová
    Daniela Peštová
    Daniela Peštová is a Czech model. She was born in Teplice, Czech Republic, and was discovered by the Madison Modeling Agency's Dominique Caffin. She had plans to attend college but after winning a modelling contest she moved to Paris to sign with Madison Modeling Agency...

  • Pavlína Pořízková
    Paulina Porizkova
    Pavlína Pořízková-Ocasek is a Czech model and actress. At the age of eighteen years, she became the first woman from Central Europe to grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated swim-suit issue. She was the second woman to be featured on the swim-suit issue's front cover consecutive times...

  • Hana Soukupová
    Hana Soukupová
    Hana Soukupová is a Czech model. She has participated in the Victoria's Secret fashion shows and modeled for the Victoria Secret Catalog.-Early life:...

  • Alena Šeredová
    Alena Šeredová
    Alena Buffon is a Czech model currently living and working in Italy. She is the wife of Italian football goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.- Career :...

  • Ivana Trump
    Ivana Trump
    Ivana Trump is a former Olympic athlete, socialite, and fashion model noted for her marriage to mogul Donald Trump.-Early years:...

  • Veronika Vařeková (1977)


See Czech Painters
  • Martina Krupičková
    Martina Krupicková
    Martina Krupičková is a Czech artist who paints in the impressionist style.-Early life:...

  • Mikoláš Aleš
    Mikoláš Aleš
    Mikoláš Aleš , was a Czech painter.-Biography:Aleš was born in Mirotice near Písek, into a relatively rich family that was in debt at the time. He was taught history by his brother František until the latter's death in 1865; he expressed interest in painting at an early age...

  • Petr Brandl
    Petr Brandl
    Petr Brandl was a painter of the late Baroque, famous in his time but - due to isolation behind the Iron Curtain - rather forgotten until recently. He was of German-speaking Austrian descent in the bilingual kingdom of Bohemia...

  • Václav Brožík
    Václav Brožík
    Václav Brožík was a Czech academic painter.Since 1868 he studied at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Dresden, and Munich. In 1879 he went on study journey to the Netherlands....

  • Ota Bubeníček
    Ota Bubenícek
    Ota Bubeníček was a famous Czech landscape painter. He was also widely regarded as Bohemia's greatest marionnetter.-References:*...

  • Zdeněk Burian
    Zdenek Burian
    Zdeněk Michael František Burian was a Czech painter and book illustrator whose work played a central role in the development of palaeontological reconstructions during a remarkable career spanning five decades...

  • Josef Čapek
    Josef Capek
    Josef Čapek was a Czech artist who was best known as a painter, but who was also noted as a writer and a poet. He invented the word robot, which was introduced into literature by his brother, Karel Čapek.- Biography :...

  • Antonin Chittussi
    Antonin Chittussi
    Antonin Chittussi was a Czech Impressionist landscape painter.He was born in Ronov nad Doubravou to a Czech mother and a father of Italian descent. He was fascinated by the landscape of South Bohemia and of the Bohemian and Moravian Highlands...

  • Alén Diviš
    Alén Diviš
    Alén Diviš was a Czech painter known for his melancholic art. Having spent much of his life abroad, often working in solitude, he remained rather unknown during his life but has had a postmortem revival in the art world....

  • Emil Filla
    Emil Filla
    Emil Filla , a Czech painter, was a leader of the Avant-Garde in Prague between World War I and World War II and was an early Cubist painter....

  • Karel Havlíček
    Karel Havlícek
    Karel Havlíček was a Czech painter.He was born in Berlin where his parents had moved from Vienna in 1903 because his father Karel started to work in the state theatres as a scene designer. They moved to Czechoslovakia in 1923 and his father entered the Prague National Theatre as a stage setter...

  • Václav Hollar
  • Stanislav Holý
    Stanislav Holý
    Stanislav Holý was a Czech graphic artist, caricaturist, and a designer of animated films.He studied at the Applied Arts Academy in Prague. He is best known for a series of children's books....

  • Jan Jakub Quirin Jahn
  • Josef Lada
    Josef Lada
    Josef Lada was a Czech painter and writer.He is best known as the illustrator of Jaroslav Hašek's World War One novel The Good Soldier Švejk...

  • Jan Karpíšek
    Jan Karpíšek
    Jan Karpíšek is a Czech contemporary painter. He was born in 1981 in Jihlava, grew up in the South Bohemian town of Třeboň. He now lives in Brno. Between 1999 and 2005 Karpíšek studied at the of Brno University of Technology, at a studio led by Professor Martin Mainer...

  • František Kaván
    František Kaván
    František Kaván was Czech painter and poet.Kaván studied gymnasium in Hradec Králové, which he finished in 1888. During 1889 to 1896 he studied painting at the academy in Prague under the guidance of Julius Mařák. He was a member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences...

  • Karel Klíč
    Karel Klíc
    Karel Václav Klíč was a Czech painter, photographer and illustrator. He appears to be known as one of the inventors of photogravure ....

    , inventor of photogravure
    Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking or photo-mechanical process whereby a copper plate is coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which had been exposed to a film positive, and then etched, resulting in a high quality intaglio print that can reproduce the detail and continuous tones of a...

  • Jiří Kolář
    Jirí Kolár
    Jiří Kolář was a Czech poet, writer, painter and translator. His work was divided between literary and visual art.- Life :Kolář came from a poor family of a baker and a seamstress...

  • Jan Konůpek
    Jan Konupek
    Jan Konůpek was an internationally renowned Czech painter, illustrator, and engraver. A list of his graphic works comprises 1448 works and more than 600 book illustrations. He is among the three greatest known Czechs for interwar art, alongside František Kobliha and František Drtikol.-External...

  • Ludvík Kuba
    Ludvík Kuba
    Ludvík Kuba was a Czech landscape painter, musician, writer, professor in the Academy of Fine Arts. He was a representative of the Late-Impressionism and he collected folk traditions.-Life:...

  • Otakar Kubín
    Otakar Kubín
    Otakar Kubín, was an internationally renowned Czech painter and sculptor born in Boskovice, Moravia, Austria-Hungary. His works are mainly associated with Impressionism. He was influenced by such artists as Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin, and formed a friendship with Pablo Picasso. He was...

  • Jan Kupecký
    Jan Kupecký
    Ján Kupecký or Jan Kupecký was a Czech and Slovak portrait painter during the baroque...

  • František Kupka
    František Kupka
    František Kupka was a Czech painter and graphic artist. He was a pioneer and co-founder of the early phases of the abstract art movement and Orphic cubism...

  • Martin Mainer
    Martin Mainer
    Martin Mainer is a Czech artist and professor. He studied: VŠUP in Prague 1978 - 81, AVU 1981 - 85 -Career:...

  • Julius Edvard Marak
    Julius Edvard Marak
    Julius Edvard Mařák was a Czech landscape painter, draughtsman, and graphic designer.-External links:...

  • Josef Mánes
    Josef Mánes
    Josef Mánes was a Czech painter.He was taught by his father, Antonín Mánes , who was a landscape painter and the professor of arts; in addition, he was the nephew of Václav Mánes, and brother of Quido Mánes and Amalie Mánesová, all of whom were also painters...

  • Mikuláš Medek
    Mikuláš Medek
    Mikuláš Medek is one of the most important representants of modern Czech painting. Nephew of excellent impressionist Antonín Slavíček and son of general of Czechoslovak army and catholic writer Rudolf Medek, is thanks to his original expression, deepness of idea and spirituality of his work one of...

  • Alfons Mucha
    Alfons Mucha
    Alfons Maria Mucha , known in English as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs.-Early years:...

  • Josef Navrátil
    Josef Navrátil
    Josef Navrátil was a renowned Bohemian painter. He worked for the Austrian Court and created a great number of paintings, murals, and frescos.-External links:...

  • Emil Orlik
    Emil Orlík
    Emil Orlik was born in Prague, which was at that time part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and lived and worked in Prague, Austria and Germany...

  • František Jakub Prokyš
    František Jakub Prokyš
    -External links:*...

  • Václav Vavřinec Reiner
    Václav Vavrinec Reiner
    Wenzel Lorenz Reiner was a Baroque painter who lived and died in Prague, Bohemia.-External links:* * *...

  • Teodor Rotrekl
    Teodor Rotrekl
    Teodor Rotrekl was a Czech illustrator and painter. His most known works are illustrations of science fiction books and journals.-External links:***...

  • Otakar Sedloň
    Otakar Sedlon
    Otakar Sedloň was a Czech realistic painter living in Prague.Otakar Sedloň was born on August 30, 1885 in Trpín - a small village between Polička and Kunštát in East Bohemia, formerly part of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Otakar attended primary school in Vamberk and followed on with a high school...

  • Antonín Slavíček
    Antonín Slavícek
    Antonín Slavíček was a renowned Czech painter.He was a part of the Czech impressionist movement. One of his most famous works is "Garden Wall," which hangs in the National Gallery in Prague.-External links:**...

  • Karel Škréta
    Karel Škréta
    Karel Škréta or Carolus Creten was a Czech Baroque painter.- Biography :His full name is Karel Škréta Šotonovský ze Závořic. Karel learnt painting perhaps from one of the masters at the royal courtyard. He studied in Saxony and in Italy...

  • Václav Špála
    Václav Špála
    Václav Špála was a Czech painter, graphic designer and illustrator.He studied at Prague Academy. His work he expose with “Stubborn” group. At the beginning of his career his work was influenced by Fauvism, later by Cubism. Since 1923 he painted mainly landscapes and still-lives.Václav Špála ranks...

  • Karel Štěch
    Karel Štech
    Karel Štěch was a famous Czech landscape painter, graphic designer, woodcutter, and illustrator popular during the Communist era of Czechoslovakia.-External links:**...

  • Eva Švankmajerová
    Eva Švankmajerová
    Eva Švankmajerová was a Czech surrealist artist. She was born Eva Dvořáková. A native of the Czech town of Kostelec nad Černými lesy, she moved to Prague in 1958 to study at the Prague School of Interior Design and later the Academy of Performing Arts...

  • Toyen
    Marie Čermínová , known as Toyen, was a Czech painter, draftsperson and illustrator and a member of the surrealist movement.-Biography:...

     (Marie Čermínová)
  • Vladimír Vašíček
    Vladimír Vašícek
    Vladimír Vašíček was a Czech painter, one of pioneers and classics of Czech modern and abstract painting past the Second World War.-External links:* ** , written by Josef Maliva, 1993** , Česky – English, 2005* *...

  • Helena Zmatlíková
    Helena Zmatlíková
    Helena Zmatlíková was a Czech illustrator, especially of children's books.Zmatlikova's paintings, which appeared in books published all over the world in more than 20 languages, have been popular with children for decades...

  • Jan Zrzavý
    Jan Zrzavý
    Jan Zrzavý was a leading Czech painter, graphic artist, and illustrator of the 20th century.-Biography:He was born in Okrouhlice near Německý Brod in Bohemia . He studied privately in Prague and then attended the UMPRUM there for 2 years starting in 1907, before being expelled...


See Czech philosophers
  • Václav Bělohradský
    Václav Belohradský
    Václav Bělohradský is one of the most famous contemporary Czech philosophers and sociologists. A graduate in philosophy and Czech from Charles University, Prague, he has lived in Italy since 1970, where he is currently Professor of Political Sociology at the University of Trieste. He is said to be...

     (b. 1944)
  • Arnošt Bláha (1879–1960), sociologist
  • Egon Bondy
    Egon Bondy
    Egon Bondy, born Zbyněk Fišer, was a Czech philosopher, writer, and poet, one of the main personalities of the Prague underground.In the late 1940s, Bondy was active in a surrealistic group...

  • Václav Černý
    Václav Černý
    Václav Černý, PhD., was a Czech literary scientist, writer and philosopher- Bibliography :* Lidové kořeny současného umění, 1929* Karel Čapek, 1936* Esej o básnickém baroku, 1937...

  • Petr Chelčický
    Petr Chelcický
    Petr Chelčický was a Christian and political leader and author in 15th century Bohemia .-Chelčický's background:...

  • Vilém Flusser
    Vilém Flusser
    Vilém Flusser was a Czech-born philosopher, writer and journalist. He lived for a long period in São Paulo, Brazil and later in France, and his works are written in several different languages....

  • Ladislav Klíma
    Ladislav Klíma
    Ladislav Klíma , was a Czech philosopher and novelist influenced by George Berkeley, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche. His philosophy is referred to varyingly as existentialism and subjective idealism.-Life:...

  • František Klácel
    František Klácel
    František Matouš Klácel was an Augustinian author, philosopher, scientist, pedagogue, and journalist from Moravia....

  • Jan Amos Komenský (1592–1670)
  • Jan Patočka
    Jan Patocka
    Jan Patočka is considered one of the most important contributors to Czech philosophical phenomenology, as well as one of the most influential central European philosophers of the 20th century...

  • Emanuel Rádl
    Emanuel Rádl
    Emanuel Rádl was an original Czech biologist, historian of science, philosopher and a critical supporter of Masaryk´s pre-war democratic Czechoslovakia...

  • Radovan Richta
    Radovan Richta
    Radovan Richta was a Czech philosopher who coined the term technological evolution; a theory about how societies diminish physical labour by increasing mental labour. Richta was born in Prague....



See Czech photographers
  • František Drtikol
    František Drtikol
    František Drtikol was a Czech photographer of international renown. He is especially known for his characteristically epic photographs, often nudes and portraits.- Life and work :...

  • Jaromír Funke
    Jaromír Funke
    Jaromír Funke was a Czech photographer.Funke was a leading figure in Czech photography in the 1920s and 30s. In 1924 he, Josef Sudek and Adolf Schneeberger founded the Czech Photographic Society...

  • Josef Koudelka
    Josef Koudelka
    Josef Koudelka is a Czech photographer.-Biography:Josef Koudelka was born in 1938 in Boskovice, Moravia, town of about 10,000 inhabitants. He began photographing his family and the surroundings with a 6 x 6 Bakelite camera...

  • Antonin Kratochvil
    Antonin Kratochvil
    Antonin Kratochvil is a Czech-born American photojournalist. He is a founding member of the VII Photo Agency. He received his BFA in Photography from Gerrit Rietveld Academie which is located in Amsterdam, Holland...

  • Frank Plicka
    Frank Plicka
    Frank Plicka is a Czech-born Australian photographer, best known for his book Streets of Sydney, an extraordinary tour of Sydney, documented in black & white photographs taken over the last 30 years...

  • Jiří Růžek
    Jiří Růžek
    Jiří Růžek is a Czech art photographer.- Life :Descends from a family without any artistic background. Until his age of 7 he lived in Litoměřice, a picturesque town in northern Bohemia...

  • Jan Saudek
    Jan Saudek
    Jan Saudek is a Czech art photographer.- Life :Saudek's father was a Jew and the family was therefore persecuted by Germans. Many of his family members died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp during World War II. Jan and his brother Karel were held in a children's concentration camp located...

  • Alexander Seik
    Alexander Seik
    Alexander Seik , also known as Alex Sejk was a pioneer of Czech photography, one of foremost exponents of chromophotography, painter and mayor of city Tábor.- Biography :...

  • Ladislav Sitenský
    Ladislav Sitenský
    Ladislav Sitenský was a Czech landscape photographer, well-known also for his photography from World War II, when he was a technician for the Czech wing of the Royal Air Force.-External links: - extensive biography...

  • Josef Sudek
    Josef Sudek
    Josef Sudek was a Czech photographer, best known for his photographs of Prague.Originally a bookbinder. During The First World War he was drafted into Austro-Hungarian Army. In 1915 and served on the Italian Front until he was wounded in the right arm in 1916...

  • Miroslav Tichý
    Miroslav Tichý
    Miroslav Tichý was a photographer who from the 1960s to 1985 took thousands of surreptitious pictures of women in his hometown of Kyjov in the Czech Republic, using homemade cameras constructed of cardboard tubes, tin cans and other at-hand materials. Most of his subjects were unaware they are...


See Czechoslovak and Czech politicians
  • Charles IV
    Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor
    Charles IV , born Wenceslaus , was the second king of Bohemia from the House of Luxembourg, and the first king of Bohemia to also become Holy Roman Emperor....

    , King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor
    Holy Roman Emperor
    The Holy Roman Emperor is a term used by historians to denote a medieval ruler who, as German King, had also received the title of "Emperor of the Romans" from the Pope...

  • Jan Švejnar
    Jan Švejnar
    Jan Švejnar is a USA-based, Czech-born economist. He was an unsuccessful candidate for the 2008 election of the President of the Czech Republic....

    , US-based, Czech-born economist
  • Ivana Bacik
    Ivana Bacik
    Ivana Catherine Bacik is an Irish politician and academic. She has been Reid Professor of Criminal Law, Criminology and Penology at Trinity College, Dublin Law School since 1996, and was a made a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin in 2005. She was elected a Senator for the University of Dublin...

    , Irish faw professor and politician of Czech descent
  • Klement Gottwald
    Klement Gottwald
    Klement Gottwald was a Czechoslovakian Communist politician, longtime leader of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia , prime minister and president of Czechoslovakia.-Early life:...

    , first communist president
  • Emil Hácha
    Emil Hácha
    Emil Hácha was a Czech lawyer, the third President of Czecho-Slovakia from 1938 to 1939. From March 1939, he presided under the German Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.-Judicial career:...

    , president during the German occupation
  • Václav Havel
    Václav Havel
    Václav Havel is a Czech playwright, essayist, poet, dissident and politician. He was the tenth and last President of Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czech Republic . He has written over twenty plays and numerous non-fiction works, translated internationally...

    , first president after the fall of communism, first president of the independent Czech Republic
  • Václav Klaus
    Václav Klaus
    Václav Klaus is the second President of the Czech Republic and a former Prime Minister .An economist, he is co-founder of the Civic Democratic Party, the Czech Republic's largest center-right political party. Klaus is a eurosceptic, but he reluctantly endorsed the Lisbon treaty as president of...

    , former prime minister and current president of the Czech Republic
  • Otto Jelinek
    Otto Jelinek
    Otto John Jelinek, PC is a businessman, former figure skater, and Canadian politician. Jelinek's family fled to Canada from Czechoslovakia in 1948 at the beginning of the Cold War.-Figure skating career:...

    , former Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister.
  • Jan Masaryk
    Jan Masaryk
    Jan Garrigue Masaryk was a Czech diplomat and politician and Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia from 1940 to 1948.- Early life :...

    , foreign minister
  • Juscelino Kubitschek, President of Brazil
    President of Brazil
    The president of Brazil is both the head of state and head of government of the Federative Republic of Brazil. The president leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander-in-chief of the Brazilian Armed Forces...

  • Tomáš G. Masaryk
    Tomáš Masaryk
    Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk , sometimes called Thomas Masaryk in English, was an Austro-Hungarian and Czechoslovak politician, sociologist and philosopher, who as an eager advocate of Czechoslovak independence during World War I became the founder and first President of Czechoslovakia, also was...

    , first president of Czechoslovakia
    Czechoslovakia or Czecho-Slovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe which existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until 1992...

  • Mikuláš of Hus
    Mikuláš of Hus
    Mikuláš of Hus was a Bohemian politician and leading representative of the Hussite movement. He died unexpectedly on 24 December 1420, leaving the position of first captain of the Taborites open to Jan Žižka....

    , politician, Hussite
    The Hussites were a Christian movement following the teachings of Czech reformer Jan Hus , who became one of the forerunners of the Protestant Reformation...

  • Emanuel Moravec
    Emanuel Moravec
    Emanuel Moravec was a pre-war Czechoslovakian army colonel who became aNazi collaborator during World War II....

    , collaborator with Nazis
  • Antonín Novotný
    Antonín Novotný
    Antonín Novotný was General Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia from 1953 to 1968, and also held the post of President of Czechoslovakia from 1957 to 1968. He was born in Letňany, now part of Prague....

    , communist president
  • Přemysl Otakar II, King of Bohemia and most powerful man in middle Europe in his era.
  • Rudolf II, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor
    Holy Roman Emperor
    The Holy Roman Emperor is a term used by historians to denote a medieval ruler who, as German King, had also received the title of "Emperor of the Romans" from the Pope...

  • Ludvík Svoboda
    Ludvík Svoboda
    thumb|Svoboda and [[I Corps |I Czechoslovak Army Corps]]Ludvík Svoboda was a Czechoslovak general and politician...

    , communist president
  • Mirek Topolánek
    Mirek Topolánek
    Mirek Topolánek is a former prime minister of the Czech Republic and former President of the European Council. A member of the Civic Democratic Party, he was chairman of the center-right party between November 2002 and March 2010, succeeding Václav Klaus, who was elected President in 2003.On 24...

    , former Prime Minister
  • Wenceslas I, Duke of Bohemia (Saint Wenceslas, Václav), known as "Good King Wenceslas" in a Christmas carol
  • Antonín Zápotocký
    Antonín Zápotocký
    Antonín Zápotocký was communist Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia from 1948 to 1953 and President of Czechoslovakia from 1953 to 1957....

    , communist president


  • Saint Agnes of Bohemia
    Agnes of Bohemia
    Saint Agnes of Bohemia , or Agnes of Prague , was a medieval Bohemian princess who opted for a life of charity and piety over a life of luxury and comfort...

    , Anežka Česká
  • Josef Beran, cardinal
  • Petr Chelčický
    Petr Chelcický
    Petr Chelčický was a Christian and political leader and author in 15th century Bohemia .-Chelčický's background:...

    , thinker, religious reformer
  • Jan Hus
    Jan Hus
    Jan Hus , often referred to in English as John Hus or John Huss, was a Czech priest, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague...

    , religious thinker and reformer
  • Saint John Sarkander
    John Sarkander
    Saint John Sarkander was a Polish and Moravian priest.Sarkander studied since 1597 at the University of Olomouc and then since 1600 at the Charles University, where he became doctor of philosophy. Later, he studied theology at University of Graz. He was ordained in 1609 and worked in Holešov from...

    , priest tortured to death in Olomouc
    Olomouc is a city in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic. The city is located on the Morava river and is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia. Nowadays, it is an administrative centre of the Olomouc Region and sixth largest city in the Czech Republic...

  • Saint John of Nepomuk
    John of Nepomuk
    John of Nepomuk is a national saint of the Czech Republic, who was drowned in the Vltava river at the behest of Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and King of Bohemia. Later accounts state that he was the confessor of the queen of Bohemia and refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional...

    , known through the central Europe
  • Saint John Neumann
    John Neumann
    Saint John Nepomucene Neumann, C.Ss.R., was a Redemptorist missionary to the United States who became the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia and the first American bishop to be canonized...

     (John Nepomucene Neumann)
  • Tomáš Halík
    Tomáš Halík
    Tomáš Halík is a Czech public intellectual, Roman Catholic priest, and scholar.-Biography:He studied sociology and philosophy in Prague and in Bangor, UK. During Communist rule, he was banned from teaching and worked in various occupations, e.g. as a psychotherapist for drug addicts and alcoholics...

    , catholic theologian, sociologist
  • Tomáš Špidlík
    Tomás Spidlik
    Tomáš Špidlík, SJ was made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2003. He was ordained a priest of the Society of Jesus on 22 August 1949 in Maastricht. On 21 October 2003, at the age of 83, he was created Cardinal Deacon of the titular church of Sant'Agata dei Goti...

    , cardinal, thinker
  • František Tomášek
    František Tomášek
    František Tomášek was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church in Bohemia, the 34th Archbishop of Prague, and a Roman Catholic theologian...

    , cardinal
  • Saint Wenceslas, duke of Bohemia


  • Saint Adalbert of Prague
    Adalbert of Prague
    This article is about St Adalbert of Prague. For other uses, see Adalbert .Saint Adalbert, Czech: ; , , Czech Roman Catholic saint, a Bishop of Prague and a missionary, was martyred in his efforts to convert the Baltic Prussians. He evangelized Poles and Hungarians. St...

     (Vojtěch in Czech), bishop of Prague, missionary and martyr
  • Saint Agnes of Bohemia
    Agnes of Bohemia
    Saint Agnes of Bohemia , or Agnes of Prague , was a medieval Bohemian princess who opted for a life of charity and piety over a life of luxury and comfort...

    , Anežka Česká
  • Saint John Sarkander
    John Sarkander
    Saint John Sarkander was a Polish and Moravian priest.Sarkander studied since 1597 at the University of Olomouc and then since 1600 at the Charles University, where he became doctor of philosophy. Later, he studied theology at University of Graz. He was ordained in 1609 and worked in Holešov from...

    , priest tortured to death in Olomouc
    Olomouc is a city in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic. The city is located on the Morava river and is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia. Nowadays, it is an administrative centre of the Olomouc Region and sixth largest city in the Czech Republic...

  • Saint John of Nepomuk
    John of Nepomuk
    John of Nepomuk is a national saint of the Czech Republic, who was drowned in the Vltava river at the behest of Wenceslaus, King of the Romans and King of Bohemia. Later accounts state that he was the confessor of the queen of Bohemia and refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional...

    , known through the central Europe
  • Saint John Neumann
    John Neumann
    Saint John Nepomucene Neumann, C.Ss.R., was a Redemptorist missionary to the United States who became the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia and the first American bishop to be canonized...

     (John Nepomucene Neumann)
  • Saint Ludmila, princess of Bohemia, grandmother od St.Wenceslas
  • Saint Prokop
    Procopius of Sázava
    Saint Procopius of Sázava was a Czech saint. He studied at Prague where he was also ordained. He was a canon and a hermit and then became the founding abbot of Sázava near Prague. He is an alleged author of the Reims Gospel....

    , canon and hermit
  • Saint Wenceslas, duke of Bohemia


See Czech sculptors
  • Franta Bělský
    Franta Belsky
    Franta Belsky was a Czech sculptor.He was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia, in 1921, the son of the economist Joseph Belsky. With his family, he fled to England after the German invasion, and volunteered for the Czech Exile Army...

  • Břetislav Benda
    Bretislav Benda
    Břetislav Benda was a significant Czech sculptor, student of Josef Václav Myslbek and member of Mánes Union of Fine Arts from 1923....

  • František Bílek
    František Bílek
    František Bílek was a famous Czech Art Nouveau and Symbolist sculptor and architect....

  • Matthias Bernard Braun
    Matthias Braun
    Matthias Bernard Braun was a sculptor and carver active in the Czech lands, one of the most prominent late baroque style sculptors in the area....

  • Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff
    Ferdinand Brokoff
    Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff was a sculptor and carver of the Baroque era....

  • Jan Brokoff
    Jan Brokoff
    Jan Brokoff, also known as Johann Brokoff, was a baroque-era sculptor and carver.Brokoff was of German origin, born in Spišská Sobota, today in Slovakia, then in Royal Hungary, and later working and living in Bohemia...

  • Michael Joseph Brokoff
    Michael Brokoff
    Michael Johann Joseph Brokoff was a Czech sculptor of the Baroque era, working with sandstone....

  • Alfréd Hrdlička
    Alfred Hrdlicka
    Alfred Hrdlicka was an Austrian sculptor, draughtsman, painter and artist. His surname is sometimes written Hrdlička.After learning to be a dental technician from 1943 to 1945, Hrdlicka studied painting until 1952 at the Akademie der bildenden Künste under Albert Paris Gütersloh and Josef...

  • Bohumil Kafka
    Bohumil Kafka
    Bohumil Kafka was a Czech sculptor and pedagogue, born February 14, 1878 in Nova Paka, Bohemia and died on November 24, 1942.He studied in Prague with sculptor Josef Václav Myslbek before moving to Vienna and then Paris to continue his studies. He worked in London, Berlin and Rome before...

  • Vincenc Makovský
    Vincenc Makovský
    Vincenc Makovský was an avant-garde Czech sculptor and industrial designer. He was a founding member of the Prague surrealist group, but was not active with the group for long. He founded the School of Arts in Zlín in 1940. In 1941 he designed the first Czech radial drilling machine, known as the...

  • Josef Václav Myslbek
    Josef Václav Myslbek
    Josef Václav Myslbek was a Czech sculptor credited for founding of the modern Czech sculpting style.Josef grew up poor in a suburb of Prague. His family pushed him to become a shoemaker but he shirked the duty by getting a job with a succession of Czech sculptors...

  • Zoja Trofimiuk
    Zoja Trofimiuk
    Zoja Trofimiuk is an Australian sculptor and printmaker, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She specializes in cast glass; her studio is in Melbourne. Zbych Trofimiuk, an Australian actor, is her son.-Education:...

  • Lea Vivot
    Lea Vivot
    Category:1954 birthsCategory:Living peopleCategory:Canadian sculptorsCategory:Contemporary sculptorsCategory:20th-century sculptorsCategory:21st-century sculptorsCategory:Czech sculptorsCategory:Czech expatriatesCategory:Canadian women artists...

  • Ladislav Zívr
    Ladislav Zívr
    Ladislav Zívr was an important Czech sculptor of the 20th century.Zívr was born in Nová Paka and died in Ždírec u Staré Paky ....

  • Olbram Zoubek
    Olbram Zoubek
    Olbram Zoubek is a famous Czech contemporary sculptor and designer.There is an extensive permanent exhibition of Olbram Zoubek's sculptures and art in Litomyšl Castle Vault Gallery.-External links:* *...


See Czech Scientists
  • Karel Absolon
    Karel Absolon
    Karel Absolon was a Czech archaeologist, geographer, paleontologist, and speleologist. He was born in Boskovice.Absolon was the grandchild of paleontologist Jindřich Wankel...

    , archaeologist, speleologist
  • Josef Augusta
    Josef Augusta
    Josef Augusta was a Czechoslovak paleontologist, geologist, and science popularizer.During 1921 to 1925 Augusta studied at the university in Brno...

    , paleontologist, science popularizer
  • Jiří Baborovský
    Jirí Baborovský
    Jiří Baborovský was a prominent Czech physical chemist, and pioneer in the study of kinetic chemical reactions. He wrote many famous textbooks widely used in Czechoslovakia....

    , chemist
  • Jindřich Bačkovský
    Jindrich Backovský
    Jindřich Bačkovský was an eminent Czech physicist whose work focused on X-ray spectroscopy, the structure of crystals, vacuum techniques, radiometry and the physics of high pressures. Many of his findings are used in industry, especially in the manufacture of semiconductor parts and synthetic...

    , physicist
  • František Běhounek
    František Behounek
    František Běhounek was a Czech scientist , explorer and writer.The asteroid 3278 Běhounek is named after him.- Biography :Běhounek studied physics and mathematics at Charles University, later radiology in France at Marie Curie-Skłodowska. In 1920s, he was one of the founders of State Radiological...

    , radiologist, writer, explorer
  • Vincent Bochdalek
    Vincenc Bochdalek
    Vincent Alexander Bochdalek was a Bohemian anatomist. His first name has also been given as Vincenc and Vincenz.-Biography:...

    , anatomist
  • Johann Böhm
    Johann Böhm
    Johann Böhm was a Bohemian German chemist who focused on photochemistry and radiography. The aluminum-containing mineral boehmite was named after him....

    , chemist
  • Bernard Bolzano
    Bernard Bolzano
    Bernhard Placidus Johann Nepomuk Bolzano , Bernard Bolzano in English, was a Bohemian mathematician, logician, philosopher, theologian, Catholic priest and antimilitarist of German mother tongue.-Family:Bolzano was the son of two pious Catholics...

    , philosopher, mathematician, and theologian
  • Otakar Borůvka
    Otakar Boruvka
    Otakar Borůvka was a Czech mathematician best known today for his work in graph theory, long before this was an established mathematical discipline....

    , mathematician
  • Josef Božek
    Josef Božek
    Josef Božek was a Czech engineer and inventor considered one of founders of Czech mechanics. He put into operation one of the first steam engines in the Czech lands. His sons, Frantisek and Romuald, also became accomplished engineers....

  • Václav Cílek
    Václav Cílek
    Václav Cílek is Czech geologist, climatologist, writer, philosopher, science popularizer and translator of Tao and Zen texts.- Biography :...

    , geologist, science popularizer
  • Jan Amos Comenius
    John Amos Comenius ; ; Latinized: Iohannes Amos Comenius) was a Czech teacher, educator, and writer. He served as the last bishop of Unity of the Brethren, and became a religious refugee and one of the earliest champions of universal education, a concept eventually set forth in his book Didactica...

    , polyhistorian, educator, inventor of illustrated textbook
    A textbook or coursebook is a manual of instruction in any branch of study. Textbooks are produced according to the demands of educational institutions...

  • Eduard Čech
    Eduard Cech
    Eduard Čech was a Czech mathematician born in Stračov, Bohemia . His research interests included projective differential geometry and topology. In 1921–1922 he collaborated with Guido Fubini in Turin...

    , mathematician
  • František Čelakovský
    František Celakovský
    František Ladislav Čelakovský, also known by the pseudonym Marcian Hromotluk, was a Czech writer and translator.-Life:...

    , linguist and writer
  • Leander Czerny
    Leander Czerny
    Leander Czerny was an Austrian entomologist mainly interested in Diptera....

    , biologist
  • Václav Prokop Diviš
    Václav Prokop Diviš
    Václav Prokop Diviš was a Czech priest, theologian and natural scientist.Diviš was born March 26 1698 in Helvíkovice, Bohemia . It has been claimed that the lightning rod he erected in 15 June 1754 was invented independently of Benjamin Franklin, but this has been disputed by other scholars...

    , inventor of the lightning rod
    Lightning rod
    A lightning rod or lightning conductor is a metal rod or conductor mounted on top of a building and electrically connected to the ground through a wire, to protect the building in the event of lightning...

  • Josef Dobrovský
    Josef Dobrovský
    Josef Dobrovský was a Bohemian philologist and historian, one of the most important figures of the Czech national revival.- Life & Work :...

    , philologist and historian
  • Karel Fortyn
    Karel Fortyn
    Karel Fortýn was a Czech physician who invented a breakthrough surgical method in healing cancer called devitalization....

    , physician
  • František Josef Gerstner
    František Josef Gerstner
    František Josef Gerstner was a Bohemian physicist and engineer.Gerstner studied at the Jesuits gymnasium in Chomutov, after which he studied mathematics and astronomy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague between 1772 and 1777. In 1781, he started to study medicine in Vienna, but quickly decided...

    , physicist, engineer
  • Stanislav Grof
    Stanislav Grof
    Stanislav Grof is a psychiatrist, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a pioneering researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for purposes of analyzing, healing, and obtaining growth and insight into the human psyche...

    , physologist, researcher in transpersonal psychology
  • Jan Hajek, scientist
  • Jaroslav Hájek
    Jaroslav Hájek
    Jaroslav Hájek was a Czech mathematician, considered to be one of the most important figures in theoretical statistics.-Further reading:*General Probability & Mathematical Statistics - Collected Works of Jaroslav Hajek...

    , mathematician
  • Tadeáš Hájek
    Tadeáš Hájek
    Tadeáš Hájek z Hájku , also known as Tadeáš Hájek of Hájek, Thaddaeus Hagecius ab Hayek or Thaddeus Nemicus, was the personal physician of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II and a Bohemian astronomer.Tadeáš Hájek was the son of Šimon Hájek from an old Prague family...

    , physician, astronomer
  • Jaroslav Heyrovský
    Jaroslav Heyrovský
    Jaroslav Heyrovský was a Czech chemist and inventor. Heyrovský was the inventor of the polarographic method, father of the electroanalytical method, and recipient of the Nobel Prize in 1959...

    , scientist, Nobel Prize
    Nobel Prize
    The Nobel Prizes are annual international awards bestowed by Scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and scientific advances. The will of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, established the prizes in 1895...

  • Václav Hlavatý
    Václav Hlavatý
    Václav Hlavatý was a noted Czech-American mathematician, who wrote on the theory of relativity and corresponded extensively with Albert Einstein on the subject. In particular, Hlavatý solved some very difficult equations relating to Einstein's Unified field theory, which was featured in the news...

    , mathematician
  • Ivan Honl
    Ivan Honl
    Ivan Honl was a Czech bacteriologist, serologist and activist in the struggle against tuberculosis. Honl became one of founders of Czech microbiology....

    , biologist
  • Kamil Hornoch
    Kamil Hornoch
    Kamil Hornoch is a Czech amateur astronomer who discovered dozens of novae in nearby galaxies. The main belt asteroid 14124 Kamil is named in his honour.-Astronomy:...

    , amateur astronomer
  • Bedřich Hrozný
    Bedrich Hrozný
    Bedřich Hrozný was a Czech orientalist and linguist. He deciphered the ancient Hittite language, identified it as an Indo-European language and laid the groundwork for the development of Hittitology. Though of Czech origin, he published his work in German or French.Hrozný was born in Lysá nad...

    , linguist
  • Jakub Husnik
    Jakub Husník
    Jakub Husník was a Czech painter, art teacher and inventor of the improved photolithography method.-Life:...

    , inventor and painter
  • Jan Janský
    Jan Janský
    Prof. MUDr. Jan Janský was a Czech serologist, neurologist and psychiatrist. He is credited with the first classification of blood into the four types of the ABO blood group system.Janský studied medicine at Charles University in Prague. From 1899 he worked in a psychiatric clinic in Prague...

    , discoverer of blood types
  • Karl Guthe Jansky
    Karl Guthe Jansky
    Karl Guthe Jansky was an American physicist and radio engineer who in August 1931 first discovered radio waves emanating from the Milky Way. He is considered one of the founding figures of radio astronomy.- Early life :...

    , engineer
  • Vojtěch Jarník
    Vojtech Jarník
    Vojtěch Jarník was a Czech mathematician.His main area of work was in number theory and mathematical analysis; he proved a number of results on lattice point problems. He also developed the graph theory algorithm known as Prim's algorithm....

    , mathematician
  • Konstantin Jireček, historian
  • Otto Jirovec
    Otto Jirovec
    Otto Jírovec was a Czech professor of parasitology and protozoology.A significant fungus parasite of humans, Pneumocystis jirovecii, is named in his honour. Pneumocystis jirovecii Otto Jírovec (January 31, 1907–March 7, 1972) was a Czech professor of parasitology and protozoology.A significant...

    , parasitologist
    Parasitology is the study of parasites, their hosts, and the relationship between them. As a biological discipline, the scope of parasitology is not determined by the organism or environment in question, but by their way of life...

     and protozoologist
    Protozoology is the study of protozoa, the "animal-like" protists. This term has become dated as our understanding of the evolutionary relationships of the eukaryota has improved....

  • Břetislav Kafka
    Břetislav Kafka
    Břetislav Kafka , was a Czech researcher in the field of experimental psychology and parapsychology. He is considered one of the founders of modern parapsychology and the spiritual father of the tradition of this discipline in Czechia...

    , parapsychologist
  • Vlasta Kálalová
    Vlasta Kálalová
    Vlasta Kálalová - Di Lotti was a Czech physician interested in tropical diseases and entomology. She established the Czechoslovak Surgical Institute in Baghdad, where she was a director between 1925 and 1933...

    , physician, entomologist
  • Karel Kavina
    Karel Kavina
    Karel Kavina was a Czech botanist.Kavina was professor of botanics at the Technical University in Prague. He worked on systemics, morphology, bryology and anatomy...

    , botanist
  • Jan Kmenta
    Jan Kmenta
    Jan Kmenta is a Czech-American economist. Currently he is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Statistics at the University of Michigan, and Visiting Professor at CERGE-EI in Prague...

    , economist/econometrician
  • Luboš Kohoutek
    Luboš Kohoutek
    Luboš Kohoutek is a Czech astronomer.Kohoutek has been interested with astronomy since high school. He studied physics and astronomy at universities in Brno and Prague...

    , astronomer
  • František Koláček
    František Kolácek
    František Koláček was Czech physicist.Koláček studied at German gymnasium in Brno , then at technical universities in Prague and Vienna. At the Charles University in Prague, under guidance of Ernst Mach, he obtained doctoral decree in 1877...

    , physicist
  • Zdenek Kopal
    Zdenek Kopal
    Zdeněk Kopal was a Czech astronomer who mainly worked in England.Kopal was born and grew up in Litomyšl . In his early astronomical career, he studied variable stars and in particular close eclipsing binary stars. He attended Cambridge University and later went to Harvard College Observatory not...

    , astronomer
  • František Křižík
    František Križík
    František Křižík was a Czech inventor, electrical engineer and entrepreneur. The main belt asteroid 5719 Křižík was named in his honor....

    , inventor arc lamp
    Arc lamp
    "Arc lamp" or "arc light" is the general term for a class of lamps that produce light by an electric arc . The lamp consists of two electrodes, first made from carbon but typically made today of tungsten, which are separated by a gas...

  • Bohumil Kučera
    Bohumil Kucera
    Bohumil Kučera was a Czech physicist.Kučera studied physics at the Charles University in Prague and was the first scientist in Czech lands to examine the newly discovered effect of radioactivity. In 1912 he became professor of experimental physics at the university...

    , physicist
  • Jaroslav Kurzweil
    Jaroslav Kurzweil
    Jaroslav Kurzweil is a Czech mathematician. He is a specialist in ordinary differential equations and defined the Henstock–Kurzweil integral in terms of Riemann sums...

    , mathematician
  • Václav Láska
    Václav Láska
    Václav Láska was a renowned Czech astronomer, geophysicist, and mathematician. He conducted most of his work at Charles University.-External links:*...

    , geophysicist, mathematician
  • Mathias Lerch
    Mathias Lerch
    Mathias Lerch was an eminent Czech mathematician who published about 250 papers, largely on mathematical analysis and number theory...

    , mathematician
  • Drahoslav Lím
    Drahoslav Lím
    Drahoslav Lím was a Czech chemist. He invented polyhydroxyethylmethacrylate, the synthetic material used for contact lenses ....

    , chemist, inventor hydrogel
  • Frank Malina
    Frank Malina
    Frank Joseph Malina was an American aeronautical engineer and painter, especially known for becoming both a pioneer in the art world and the realm of scientific engineering.-Early life:...

    , aeronautical engineer
  • Ernst Mach
    Ernst Mach
    Ernst Mach was an Austrian physicist and philosopher, noted for his contributions to physics such as the Mach number and the study of shock waves...

    , physicist
  • Jan Marek Marci
    Jan Marek Marci
    Jan Marek Marci , or Johannes Marcus Marci, was a Bohemian doctor and scientist, rector of the University of Prague, and official physician to the Holy Roman Emperors...

    , physician
  • Zdeněk Matějka
    Zdenek Matejka
    Zdeněk Matějka was a Czech chemist known for his contributions to development of ion exchange.Zdeněk Matějka was born in 1937 in Teplice. In 1955 he moved to Prague, to study chemistry at Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. He received his master's degree in 1960...

    , chemist
  • Gregor Mendel
    Gregor Mendel
    Gregor Johann Mendel was an Austrian scientist and Augustinian friar who gained posthumous fame as the founder of the new science of genetics. Mendel demonstrated that the inheritance of certain traits in pea plants follows particular patterns, now referred to as the laws of Mendelian inheritance...

    , pioneer of genetics
  • Antonín Mrkos
    Antonín Mrkos
    Antonín Mrkos was a Czech astronomer, born in Střemchoví, Czechoslovakia.- Biography :Mrkos entered the University in Brno in 1938. His studies were interrupted by the onset of World War II, and in 1945 he became a staff member at the Skalnaté Pleso Observatory in Slovakia...

    , astronomer
  • František Palacký
    František Palacký
    František Palacký was a Czech historian and politician.-Biography:...

    , historian
  • František Patočka
    František Patocka
    František Patočka was a Czech microbiologist and serologist. He established the study of virology in Czechoslovakia....

    , biologist
  • Karel Petr
    Karel Petr
    Karel Petr was one of the most renowned Czech mathematicians of the first half of the 20th century.- External links :*...

    , mathematician
  • Josef Ladislav Píč
    Josef Ladislav Píc
    Josef Ladislav Píč was Czech archaeologist and paleontologist, one of founders of modern Czech archaeology....

    , archaeologist
  • George Placzek
    George Placzek
    Georg Placzek was a Czech physicist.Born in Brno, Moravia, Placzek studied physics in Prague and Vienna. He worked with Hans Bethe, Edward Teller, Rudolf Peierls, Werner Heisenberg, Victor Weisskopf, Enrico Fermi, Niels Bohr, Lev Landau, Edoardo Amaldi, Emilio Segrè, Leon van Hove and many other...

    , physicist
  • Julius Pokorny
    Julius Pokorny
    Julius Pokorny was an Austrian linguist and scholar of the Celtic languages, particularly Irish, and a supporter of Irish nationalism. He held academic posts in Austrian and German universities.-Life:...

    , etymologist
  • Křišťan of Prachatice
    Krištan of Prachatice
    Křišťan z Prachatic was a Medieval Czech Hussite astronomer, mathematician, and priest. He is the author of several books about medicine and herbs, and had contributed to the field of astronomy with many papers and data recordings....

    , Medieval astronomer and physician
  • Petr Pravec
    Petr Pravec
    Petr Pravec is a Czech astronomer, born in Třinec, a prolific discoverer of binary asteroids using lightcurve photometric studies. He is leading the effort of a large consortium of stations called BinAst to look for multiplicity in the NEA and inner main-belt populations...

    , astronomer
  • Jan Svatopluk Presl
    Jan Svatopluk Presl
    Jan Svatopluk Presl was a Bohemian natural scientist.He was the brother of botanist Karel Bořivoj Presl . The Czech Botanical Society commemorated the two brothers by naming its principal publication Preslia...

    , chemist
  • Karel Presl
    Karel Presl
    Karel Bořivoj Presl was a Bohemian botanist.He lived all his life in Prague, and was a professor at the University of Prague. He made an expedition to Sicily in 1817, and published a Flora bohemica in 1820....

    , botanist
  • Jiří Procháska, physiologist
  • Stanislav Prowazek, zoologist, parasitologist
  • Vlastimil Pták
    Vlastimil Pták
    Vlastimil Pták was a Czech mathematician, who worked in functional analysis, theoretical numerical analysis, and linear algebra. Notable early work include generalizations of the open mapping theorem....

    , mathematician
  • Jan Evangelista Purkyně
    Jan Evangelista Purkyne
    Jan Evangelista Purkyně was a Czech anatomist and physiologist. He was one of the best known scientists of his time. His son was the painter Karel Purkyně...

    , physiologist, first recognised the individuality of fingerprint
    A fingerprint in its narrow sense is an impression left by the friction ridges of a human finger. In a wider use of the term, fingerprints are the traces of an impression from the friction ridges of any part of a human hand. A print from the foot can also leave an impression of friction ridges...

  • Zdeněk Rejdák
    Zdeněk Rejdák
    Zdeněk Rejdák, Ph.D., was a important Czech psychologist and scientist in the field of psychotronics...

    , scientist in psychotronics
  • Josef Ludvík František Ressel
    Josef Ressel
    Joseph Ludwig Franz Ressel was a Czech-Austrian forest warden who designed a ship's propeller.Ressel was born in the Austrian monarchy in Chrudim, Bohemia. His father was a German native speaker, while his mother's mothertongue was Czech...

    , inventor of the ship's propeller
    A propeller is a type of fan that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust. A pressure difference is produced between the forward and rear surfaces of the airfoil-shaped blade, and a fluid is accelerated behind the blade. Propeller dynamics can be modeled by both Bernoulli's...

  • Karel Rokytanský
    Carl Freiherr von Rokitansky
    Baron Carl von Rokitansky , was a Bohemian physician, pathologist, humanist philosopher and liberal politician.-Medical career:...

    , anatomist
  • Karel Rychlík
    Karel Rychlík
    Karel Rychlík was a Czech mathematician who contributed significantly to the fields of algebra, number theory, mathematical analysis, and the history of mathematics.-External links:**...

    , mathematician
  • Vojtěch Šafařík
    Vojtech Šafarík
    Vojtěch Šafařík was a Czech chemist, specializing in inorganic chemistry. He wrote many popular textbooks as well as making over 20,000 observations of variable stars.The crater Šafařík on the Moon is named after him.- External links :*...

    , chemist
  • Jaroslav Šafránek
    Jaroslav Šafránek
    Jaroslav Šafránek was a Czech physicist who, in the second half of the 1930s, designed a system for the transmission of visual images by low-line mechanical television, which made the production of an authentic spatial impression of the picture, transmitted on the screen, possible...

    , physicist
  • Bohumil Sekla
    Bohumil Sekla
    Bohumil Sekla was a Czech biologist. He specialised in genetics and was known as an expert in determining parenthood by the biological-hereditary method....

    , biologist
  • August Seydler
    August Seydler
    August Jan Bedřich Seydler , aka August Johann Friedrich Seydler, was a distinguished Czech astronomer, theoretical physicist, and professor at Charles University in Prague. He was the founder of the Astronomical Institute of the Czech University . He was born in Žamberk to a commissioner of...

    , physicist, astronomer
  • Jan Šindel
    Jan Šindel
    Jan Šindel was a professor at Charles University and became the rector of the University in 1410. He lectured on mathematics and astronomy....

    , astronomer
  • Josef Škoda
    Josef Škoda
    Joseph Škoda was a Czech physician, medical professor and dermatologist. Together with Carl Freiherr von Rokitansky, he was the founder of the Modern Medical School of Vienna.-Life:...

    , physician
  • Ferdinand Stoliczka
    Ferdinand Stoliczka
    Ferdinand Stoliczka was a Moravian palaeontologist who worked in India on paleontology, geology and various aspects of zoology. He died of high altitude sickness during an expedition across the Himalayas.-Early life:Stoliczka was born at the lodge Zámeček near Kroměříž in Moravia...

    , paleontologist
  • Vincenc Strouhal
    Vincenc Strouhal
    Vincenc Strouhal was a Austrian physicist specializing in experimental physics. He was one of the founders of the Physics department at Charles University.-Further reading:* *...

    , physicist
  • František Josef Studnička
    František Josef Studnicka
    František Josef Studnička was a Czech mathematician and popular pedagogue at Charles University in Prague. He was also an active contributor to astronomy and meteorology. He was known as the author of several textbooks and popular articles....

    , mathematician
  • Olga Taussky-Todd, mathematician
  • Jana Tichá
    Jana Tichá
    Jana Tichá is a Czech astronomer. She studied at the University of Economics in Prague and graduated in 1987. In 1992 she was selected for the position of a director of the Kleť Observatory. She specializes in discoveries of asteroids and comets especially Near-Earth objects...

    , astronomer
  • Miloš Tichý
    Miloš Tichý
    Miloš Tichý is a Czech astronomer. He is married to Jana Tichá.He is a prolific discoverer of asteroids. He works together with his wife at Kleť Observatory. The asteroid 3337 Miloš is named after him....

    , astronomer
  • Viktor Trkal
    Viktor Trkal
    Viktor Trkal was an eminent Czech physicist and mathematician who specialized in theoretical quantum physics...

    , physicist, mathematician
  • Ota Šik
    Ota Šik
    Ota Šik was a Czech economist and politician. He was the man behind the New Economic Model and was one of the key figures in the Prague Spring.-Early years:...

    , economist
  • Miloslav Valouch
    Miloslav Valouch
    Miloslav Valouch was a prominent Czech physicist and mathematician.-External links:*...

    , mathematician
  • Petr Vopěnka
    Petr Vopenka
    Petr Vopěnka is a Czech mathematician. In the early seventies, he established the Alternative Set Theory , which he subsequently developed in a series of articles and monographs...

    , mathematician
  • Jindřich Wankel
    Jindrich Wankel
    Jindřich Wankel was Czech palaeontologist and archaeologist.Studied as medical doctor he came to work into area of Moravský kras in 1847 and since 1849 lived in Blansko...

    , paleontologist
  • Otto Wichterle
    Otto Wichterle
    Otto Wichterle was a Czech chemist, best known for his invention of modern soft contact lenses.-Biography:His father Karel was co-owner of a successful farm-machine factory and small car plant but Otto chose science for his career...

    , chemist, inventor of the modern contact lens
    Contact lens
    A contact lens, or simply contact, is a lens placed on the eye. They are considered medical devices and can be worn to correct vision, for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. In 2004, it was estimated that 125 million people use contact lenses worldwide, including 28 to 38 million in the United...

  • Karel Zahradnik
    Karel Zahradnik
    Karel Zahradnik was a renowned Czech mathematician at the University of Zagreb. In his 23 years of productive activity in Zagreb he wrote several significant scholarly works, mainly concerned with algebraic curves.-Further reading:...

    , mathematician
  • Rudolf Zahradník
    Rudolf Zahradník
    Rudolf Zahradník is a Czech chemist. He has been particularly interested in the relationships between theoretical and experimental characteristics....

    , chemist
  • František Záviška
    František Záviška
    František Záviška was a renowned Czech physicist. The major asset of his scientific work is integrated in nine studies on waveguides published between the years 1912 and 1939...

    , physicist
  • John Zeleny
    John Zeleny
    John Zeleny was a Czech-American physicist at the University of Minnesota, who in 1911 invented the Zeleny electroscope. He also studied the effect of an electric field on a liquid meniscus....

    , physicist, inventor electroscope
    An electroscope is an early scientific instrument that is used to detect the presence and magnitude of electric charge on a body. It was the first electrical measuring instrument. The first electroscope, a pivoted needle called the versorium, was invented by British physician William Gilbert...

  • Vladimír Zoubek
    Vladimír Zoubek
    Vladimír Zoubek was a Czech geologist. He won the Lomonosov Prize for his contributions to geology.The mineral Zoubekite is named after him....

    , geologist
  • Petr Zuman
    Petr Zuman
    Petr Zuman is a Czech chemist.Born and raised in Prague, the Second World War severely impacted Zuman and his family while he was a teenager. In 1939, when he was 13 years old, the Germans occupied Czechoslovakia and sent his father to a concentration camp. In 1943–1944, Zuman worked in a Prague...

    , electrochemist

Linguistics, Anthropology, History

  • Josef Vratislav Monse
    Josef Vratislav Monse
    Josef Vratislav Monse was a Moravian lawyer and historian.He was a leading enlightenment figure in the Habsburg Monarchy and an early exponent of the Czech National Revival in Moravia. Monse played a key role in the development of modern Moravian Historiography...

    , founder of Moravian history-writing
  • Bořivoj Čelovský
    Borivoj Celovský
    Bořivoj Čelovský was a Czech-Canadian historian, member of the post-1948 Czechoslovak political exile and former political adviser...

    , historian
  • Max Dvořák
    Max Dvorák
    Max Dvořák was a Czech-born Austrian art historian...

    , art historian
  • Eva Hajičová
    Eva Hajicová
    Eva Hajičová is a Czech linguist, specializing in topic–focus articulation and corpus linguistics. In 2006, she was awarded the ACL Lifetime Achievement Award.- External links :* *...

    , linguist
  • Aleš Hrdlička
    Aleš Hrdlicka
    Aleš Hrdlička or Ales Hrdlicka was a Czech anthropologist who lived in the United States after his family had moved there in 1881...

    , medical doctor, anthropologist
  • Bedřich Hrozný
    Bedrich Hrozný
    Bedřich Hrozný was a Czech orientalist and linguist. He deciphered the ancient Hittite language, identified it as an Indo-European language and laid the groundwork for the development of Hittitology. Though of Czech origin, he published his work in German or French.Hrozný was born in Lysá nad...

    , philologist and orientalist (decipherer of Hittite)
  • Josef Jireček
    Josef Jirecek
    Josef Jireček was a Czech scholar.He was born in Vysoké Mýto ....

  • Henry Kucera
    Henry Kucera
    Henry Kučera, born Jindřich Kučera was a Czech linguist who was a pioneer in corpus linguistics and linguistic software....

    , linguist, cognitive scientist, language software author
  • Bohumil Mathesius
    Bohumil Mathesius
    Bohumil Mathesius was a Czech poet, translator, publicist and literary scientist – expert on Russian literature. He was a professor on the Faculty of Philosophy at the Charles University in Prague...

    , translator
  • Vilém Mathesius
    Vilém Mathesius
    Vilém Mathesius was a Czech linguist and literary historian, a scholar of English and Czech literature. His cousin was Bohumil Mathesius....

    , linguist
  • Jan Mukařovský
    Jan Mukarovský
    Jan Mukařovský was a Czech literary and aesthetic theorist.He was professor at the Charles University of Prague. He is well known for his association with early structuralism as well as with the Prague Linguistic Circle, and for his development of the ideas of Russian formalism...

    , literary theorist
  • Alois Musil
    Alois Musil
    Alois Musil was an Austro-Hungarian and Czech theologist, orientalist, explorer and writer.Musil was the oldest son born into the family of a poor farmer...

    , orientalist, explorer
  • Antonín Rezek
    Antonín Rezek
    Antonín Rezek was a renowned Czech political historian, specialized in political and religious history of the 16th to 18th century.-Life :...

    , historian
  • František Roubík
    František Roubík
    František Roubík was an eminent Czech historian. He was an archivist for aristocratic family Czernin....

    , historian
  • August Sedláček
    August Sedlácek
    August Sedláček was a distinguished Czech historian and archivist. Notably, he worked in medieval history, detailing the history of Medieval castles in the Bohemian Kingdom. He wrote among others extensively on autonomous region of Prachens in the southwest of Bohemia in 1926 .-External links:*...

    , historian
  • Petr Sgall
    Petr Sgall
    Petr Sgall is a Czech linguist. He specializes in dependency grammar, topic–focus articulation and Common Czech.- Biography :...

    , linguist
  • Čeněk Zíbrt
    Cenek Zíbrt
    Čeněk Zíbrt was a Czech ethnographer and historian, specializing in folk culture.-External links:...

    , ethnographer, historian

Sports Personalities

  • Milan Baroš
    Milan Baroš
    Milan Baroš is a Czech footballer who plays as a striker for Galatasaray and the Czech national football team.In the 2008–09 season, Baroš scored 20 goals in Turkish Süper Lig, the highest total in the league...

    , footballer
  • Tomáš Berdych
    Tomáš Berdych
    Tomáš Berdych is a professional tennis player from the Czech Republic. His most notable achievements are reaching the final of the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, and the semifinals of the 2010 French Open. He defeated the Croatian player Ivan Ljubičić in five sets to win the Paris Masters in 2005...

    , tennis player
  • Patrik Berger
    Patrik Berger
    Patrik Berger is a retired Czech footballer. He has played in Czech Republic, Germany, and England. He is best remembered for his time at Liverpool....

    , footballer
  • Radek Bonk
    Radek Bonk
    Radek Bonk is a Czech professional ice hockey player currently playing for Oceláři Třinec of the Czech Extraliga.-Playing career:...

    , ice hockey player
  • Věra Čáslavská
    Vera Cáslavská
    Věra Čáslavská is a Czech gymnast. Blonde, cheerful and possessing impressive stage presence, she was generally popular with the public and won a total of 22 international titles...

    , gymnast, Olympic gold medalist
  • Petr Čech
    Petr Cech
    Petr Čech is a Czech footballer who plays for Chelsea and the Czech Republic as a goalkeeper. Čech previously played for Viktoria Plzeň, Chmel Blšany, Sparta Prague, and Rennes. He was voted into the all-star team of Euro 2004 after helping his country reach the semi-finals...

    , footballer
  • Roman Čechmánek
    Roman Cechmanek
    Roman Čechmánek is a former Czech professional ice hockey goaltender. He played professionally in the United States, Czech Republic, and Germany. He was born in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia.-Playing career:...

    , ice hockey player
  • Jaroslav Drobný
    Jaroslav Drobný
    Jaroslav Drobný was an amateur tennis champion as well as being an ice hockey player for the Czechoslovakian national team...

    , tennis player
  • Patrik Eliáš
    Patrik Elias
    Patrik Eliáš is a Czech professional hockey left winger and alternate captain for the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League . A long-time Devil and currently the team's longest-tenured skater, Eliáš is the franchise's all-time leading scorer, while also holding franchise records for most...

    , ice hockey player
  • Vašek Klouda
    Vašek Klouda
    Vašek Klouda is a competitive freestyle footbag player. Born in 1986, raised, and resident in Prague, in the Czech Republic, Václav Klouda started playing footbag when he was 13. He won his first Footbag World Championship in 2002 in San Francisco, beating the two-time defending champion Ryan...

    , football player
  • Tomáš Enge
    Tomáš Enge
    Tomáš Enge is a motor racing driver from the Czech Republic, who has competed in many classes of motorsport, including three races in Formula One.-Career:...

    , Grand prix race car driver
  • Kurt Epstein
    Kurt Epstein
    Kurt Epstein was a Czechoslovakian Olympic water polo player.-Early life:Epstein was Jewish, and born to Maximilian and Helena Epstein. He grew in Roudnice near the Elbe River, 22 miles north of Prague, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian province of Bohemia...

    , Olympic water polo player
  • František Fadrhonc
    František Fadrhonc
    František Fadrhonc was a football manager, who was born in Nymburk, Austria–Hungary, present day Czech Republic. He performed his coaching wonders, however, in the West, mostly in the Netherlands...

    , football manager
  • Dominik Hašek
    Dominik Hašek
    Dominik Hašek is a Czech ice hockey goaltender who is currently with HC Spartak Moscow of the KHL.In his 16-season National Hockey League career, he played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, and the Ottawa Senators. During his years in Buffalo, he became one of the...

    , ice hockey player
  • Aleš Hemský
    Ales Hemsky
    Aleš Hemský is a Czech professional ice hockey forward and alternate captain currently playing for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League .-HC Pardubice:...

    , ice hockey player
  • Bobby Holik
    Bobby Holik
    Robert Holík is a retired Czech-American professional ice hockey center who played 18 seasons in the National Hockey League...

    , ice hockey player
  • Jaromír Jágr
    Jaromir Jagr
    Jaromír Jágr is a Czech professional ice hockey right winger who plays for the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League . Jágr formerly played with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, and New York Rangers, serving as captain of the Penguins and the Rangers...

    , ice hockey player
  • Václav Ježek
    Václav Ježek
    Václav Ježek was the coach of the Czechoslovakia national football team when they won the 1976 European Championships....

    , footballer, football manager
  • Eliška Junková
    Eliška Junková
    Eliška Junková , born as Alžběta Pospíšilová and also known as Elizabeth Junek, is regarded as one of the greatest female drivers in Grand Prix motor racing history.-Upbringing:...

    , Formula One driver
  • Frantisek Kaberle
    František Kaberle
    František "Frank" Kaberle is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman, currently playing for HC Pardubice of the Czech Extraliga. During the 2005–06 season, he won his first Stanley Cup with the Carolina Hurricanes. He has previously played for Modo Hockey, the Los Angeles Kings, the Atlanta...

    , ice hockey player
  • Tomáš Kaberle
    Tomas Kaberle
    Tomáš Kaberle is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman, currently playing for the Carolina Hurricanes of the National Hockey League. He previously played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins....

    , ice hockey player
  • Gertrude "Traute" Kleinová
    Gertrude Kleinová
    Gertrude "Traute or Trude" Kleinová was a three-time world champion table tennis player, winning the women's team world championship twice, and the world mixed doubles once....

    , 3-time table tennis world champion
  • Jan Koller
    Jan Koller
    Jan Koller is Czech footballer currently playing in AFK Smetanova Lhota.As an international player he played as a striker for the Czech Republic national team. He is the all-time leading goal scorer for either the Czech Republic or the former Czechoslovakia, with 55 goals in 91 caps...

    , footballer
  • Petr Korda
    Petr Korda
    Petr Korda is a former professional tennis player from the Czech Republic. He is best known for winning the Australian Open in 1998 and for testing positive for the banned substance, nandrolone, following a match at Wimbledon that same year.-Career:Korda was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia.He first...

    , tennis player
  • Aleš Kotalík
    Aleš Kotalík
    Aleš Kotalík is a professional ice hockey right winger playing for HC Mountfield České Budějovice of the Czech Extraliga.-Playing career:...

    , ice hockey player
  • Jan Koželuh
    Jan Koželuh
    Jan Koželuh was a Czech tennis player of the 1920s, not to be confused with his older brother Karel Koželuh , a player of the same era...

    , tennis player
  • Karel Koželuh
    Karel Koželuh
    Karel Koželuh was a top Czech tennis, soccer, and ice hockey player of the 1920s and 1930s. Koželuh never played in the major tournaments of amateur tennis but was an all-around athlete at the very highest level....

    , tennis player
  • Richard Krajicek
    Richard Krajicek
    Richard Peter Stanislav Krajicek is a Dutch former professional tennis player. In 1996 he won the men's singles title at Wimbledon, the only Dutch player to have done so. In the quarterfinals of that tournament he defeated Pete Sampras. This was Sampras' only singles defeat at Wimbledon between...

    , tennis player
  • David Krejci
    David Krejcí
    David Krejčí is a Czech professional ice hockey center currently playing for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League .-Playing career:...

    , ice hockey player
  • Roman Kreuziger
    Roman Kreuziger
    Roman Kreuziger is a Czech professional road bicycle racer for UCI ProTour team . Kreuziger is an all-rounder, with climbing and time trial abilities, becoming a contender for the General Classification of stage races...

    , road bicycle racer
  • Pavel Kubina
    Pavel Kubina
    Pavel Kubina is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman, and is currently playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning.-Playing career:Kubina started his professional career with HC Vítkovice of the Czech Extraliga...

    , ice hockey player
  • Ivan Lendl
    Ivan Lendl
    Ivan Lendl is a former world no. 1 professional tennis player. Originally from Czechoslovakia, Lendl became a United States citizen. He was one of the game's most dominant players in the 1980s and remained a top competitor into the early 1990s. He is considered to be one of the greatest tennis...

    , tennis player
  • Marek Malík
    Marek Malik
    Marek Malík is a Czech professional ice hockey defenceman who is currently playing for HC Vítkovice Steel of the Czech Extraliga. Malík played in the National Hockey League from 1998 to 2009. He is best known for a highlight reel shootout goal while with the New York Rangers.-Playing career:After...

    , ice hockey player
  • Hana Mandlíková
    Hana Mandlíková
    Hana Mandlíková is a former Czech professional tennis player from Czechoslovakia and later Australia. During her career, she won four Grand Slam singles titles – two at the Australian Open, one at the French Open, and one at the US Open...

    , tennis player
  • Josef Masopust
    Josef Masopust
    Josef Masopust is a Czechoslovakian former football player and coach. He was named European Footballer of the Year in 1962. In November 2003, to celebrate UEFA's Jubilee, he was selected as the Golden Player of the Czech Republic by the Football Association of the Czech Republic as their most...

    , footballer, football manager
  • Milan Michálek
    Milan Michálek
    Milan Michálek is a Czech professional ice hockey player currently playing left wing for the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League . He was drafted sixth overall by the San Jose Sharks in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft...

    , ice hockey player
  • Martina Navrátilová, tennis player
  • Pavel Nedvěd
    Pavel Nedved
    Pavel Nedvěd is a retired Czech football midfielder. He is one of the most successful Czech players to emerge from the newly formed Czech Republic, winning numerous accolades with Lazio and Juventus, including the last ever Cup Winners' Cup...

    , footballer
  • Petr Nedvěd
    Petr Nedved
    Petr Nedvěd is a Czech Canadian professional ice hockey player who spent 15 seasons in the National Hockey League. He currently plays centre for HC Bílí Tygři Liberec of the Czech Extraliga.- Biography :...

    , ice hockey player
  • Zdeněk Nehoda
    Zdenek Nehoda
    Zdeněk Nehoda is a Czech football forward. He played for Czechoslovakia, for which he played 90 matches and scored 31 goals as a tricky right-winger.He was a participant in the 1982 FIFA World Cup...

    , footballer
  • Kateřina Neumannová
    Katerina Neumannová
    Kateřina Neumannová is a retired Czech cross country skier. She was a flatwater canoeist and downhill skier before moving to cross country skiing at sixteen...

    , cross-country skiing
  • Jana Novotná
    Jana Novotná
    Jana Novotná is a former professional tennis player from the Czech Republic. She played a serve and volley game, an increasingly rare style of play among women during her career. She won the women's singles title at Wimbledon in 1998 and was runner-up in three previous Grand Slam tournaments...

    , tennis player
  • Jiří Novotný, ice hockey player
  • Adam Ondra
    Adam Ondra
    Adam Ondra is a Czech rock climber. He also participates in lead climbing and bouldering competitions.-Biography:...

    , rock climber
  • Frantisek Planicka
    František Plánicka
    František Plánička was a Czech football goalkeeper and one of the most honoured players in the history of Czechoslovakian football. He played the majority of his career for Slavia Prague, during which time the club won the Czech league eight times and the Mitropa Cup once...

    , football player
  • Petr Průcha
    Petr Prucha
    Petr Průcha is a Czech professional ice hockey forward who is currently playing for SKA St. Petersburg of the Kontinental Hockey League.-Playing career:...

    , ice hockey player
  • Tomáš Rosický
    Tomáš Rosický
    Tomáš Rosický is a Czech footballer who plays for Arsenal and captains the Czech national team. He has a brother named Jiří who is also a footballer...

    , footballer
  • Martina Sáblíková
    Martina Sáblíková
    Martina Sáblíková is a Czech speedskater, specializing in long distance races. She is an Olympic gold medal winner and a multiple World champion. She is the elder sister of fellow speedskater Milan Sáblík.-Career:As a junior, Sáblíková already achieved some notable results during international...

    , speed skater, Olympic gold medalist
  • Wilhelm Steinitz
    Wilhelm Steinitz
    Wilhelm Steinitz was an Austrian and then American chess player and the first undisputed world chess champion from 1886 to 1894. From the 1870s onwards, commentators have debated whether Steinitz was effectively the champion earlier...

    , first World Chess Champion
  • Roman Šebrle
    Roman Šebrle
    Roman Šebrle is an athlete from the Czech Republic. He is considered to be one of the best decathlon athletes of all time. Originally a high jumper, he competes in decathlon and heptathlon for team TJ Dukla Praha and is a world record holder in the decathlon...

    , decathlete, Olympic gold medalist
  • Vladimír Šmicer
    Vladimír Šmicer
    Vladimír Šmicer is a former Czech football midfielder and forward player. Šmicer was a devout player of Slavia Prague, the only Czech club he ever played for. He also played notably for Lens in France, with whom he won the Ligue 1 title. In 1999, Šmicer moved to England, where he played several...

    , footballer
  • Patrik Štefan
    Patrik Stefan
    Patrik Štefan is a Czech retired professional ice hockey player who was drafted 1st overall by the Atlanta Thrashers in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft...

    , ice hockey player
  • Helena Suková
    Helena Suková
    Helena Suková is a former professional tennis player from Czechia. During her career, she won 14 Grand Slam titles, 9 of them in women's doubles and 5 of them in mixed doubles...

    , tennis player
  • Petr Sýkora
    Petr Sýkora
    Petr Sýkora is a Czech professional ice hockey right winger for the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League . Sýkora has previously played in the NHL for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, New York Rangers, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Wild. He is a two-time Stanley Cup...

    , ice hockey player
  • Jiří Tlustý
    Jiri Tlusty
    Jiří Tlustý is a Czech professional ice hockey player who is a member of the Carolina Hurricanes organization of the National Hockey League...

    , ice hockey player
  • Nicole Vaidišová
    Nicole Vaidišová
    Nicole Vaidišová is a retired Czech tennis player.Vaidišová was an Australian Open and French Open semifinalist and also reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon. Vaidišová started playing tennis when she was six years old, enrolling to train at Nick Bollettieri's tennis academy in Bradenton,...

    , tennis player
  • Aleš Valenta
    Aleš Valenta
    Aleš Valenta is a Czech freestyle skier who participates in aerials.On February 19, 2002, he won the Winter Olympics gold medal in the freestyle aerials competition where he succeeded to perform the first triple back flip with five twists in the world.-External links: Official Official on Ales...

    , freestyle skiing, Olympic gold medalist
  • Kamila Vodičková, basketball player
  • Šárka Záhrobská
    Šárka Záhrobská
    Šárka Záhrobská is a Czech Alpine ski racer, specializing in the slalom event. She is the first Alpine skier representing the Czech Republic to medal at the Winter Olympics and at the World Championships and just the second Czech Alpine skier ever to medal in the Olympics.-Skiing career:She won...

    , alpine skier
  • Emil Zátopek
    Emil Zátopek
    Emil Zátopek was a Czech long-distance runner best known for winning three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. He won gold in the 5000 metres and 10,000 metres runs, but his final medal came when he decided at the last minute to compete in the first marathon of his life...

    , runner, Olympic gold medalist
  • Jan Železný
    Jan Železný
    Jan Železný is a Czech javelin thrower, world and Olympic champion and world record holder in javelin throw...

    , javelin thrower, Olympic gold medalist


  • Jan Antonín Baťa
    Jan Antonín Bata
    Jan Antonín Baťa was a Czech shoe manufacturer from Uherské Hradiště , brother of Tomáš Baťa....

    , industrialist (Bata A.S., Zlin, Bata Tires, Fatra, Kotva, FAB Zlin (film industry)at Kudlov, ZLAS (Aircraft Otrokovice), ZPA Zlin, ChemoSvit, TatraSvit, Zlin Magazine, founded towns of Batovany (Partizanske), Svit, Batov (Otrokovice))
  • Tomáš Baťa
    Tomáš Bata
    Tomáš Baťa was a Czech entrepreneur, founder of Bata Shoes company, one of the world's biggest multinational retailers, manufacturers and distributors of footwear and accessories.-Career:...

    , industrialist (Bata T&A, Zlin)
  • Ignác Šechtl
    Ignác Šechtl
    Ignác Šechtl , also known as Ignace Schächtl or Hynek Šechtl, was a pioneer of Czech photography and cinematography...

    , pioneer of photography (Šechtl and Voseček
    Šechtl and Vosecek
    The photographic studio Šechtl and Voseček was founded in Tábor in 1888 by Ignác Šechtl, who accepted his assistant Jan Voseček as co-member of his photographic studio....

  • Emil Škoda
    Emil Škoda
    Emil Ritter von Škoda was a Bohemian engineer and industrialist, working during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.-Biography:...

    , industrialist (Škoda Works
    Škoda Works
    Škoda Works was the largest industrial enterprise in Austro-Hungary and later in Czechoslovakia, one of its successor states. It was also one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Europe in the 20th century...



  • Karel Barvitius
    Karel Barvitius
    Karel Josef Barvitius was publisher of books and music.After studies of law he tried a career as a composer. In 1897 he set up a shop with musical instruments and in 1914 added music and book publishing. Published works were known for both high quality and low price...

    , book and music publisher
  • Jiří Buquoy
    Jirí Buquoy
    Georg Franz August Graf von Buquoy was a Bohemian aristocrat, mathematician, and inventor. He studied mathematics, natural science, philosophy, and economics at the Prague and Vienna universities. In 1810 he constructed an early steam engine. Most of all, he was engaged in the glass works in Nové...

    , famous aristocrat
  • Josef Florian
    Josef Florian
    Josef Florian was a Czech book publisher and translator.He was famous for the high quality of books he published in his small publishing company in Stará Říše...

    , book publisher
  • Victor Lustig
    Victor Lustig
    Victor Lustig was a con artist who undertook scams in various countries and became best known as "The man who sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice."-Early life:...

    , con artist
  • Jaroslav Malina
    Jaroslav Malina
    Jaroslav Malina is a scenographer from the Czech Republic. He is a member of the Artistic Council of the Academy of Arts in Prague...

    , theatre sceneographer
  • Jan Opletal
    Jan Opletal
    Jan Opletal was a student of the Medical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, who was killed in an anti-Nazi demonstration during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia....

    , student, shot by Germans
  • Jan Palach
    Jan Palach
    Jan Palach was a Czech student who committed suicide by self-immolation as a political protest.- Death :...

    , student, political activist, suicide
  • Přemek Podlaha
    Premek Podlaha
    Přemek Podlaha is television personality from the Czech Republic.For almost two decades he moderates TV and radio magazine about gardening and life-style. Contents and style of this magazine didn't change a bit over the years, in spite of regime change, social and economical changes in the country...

    , TV personality
  • Vladimír Remek
    Vladimír Remek
    Vladimír Remek is the first Czechoslovak in space and the first cosmonaut from a country other than the Soviet Union or the United States. As of 2004, with the entry of the Czech Republic into the European Union Vladimír Remek is considered to be the first astronaut from the EU...

    , cosmonaut
  • Bertha von Suttner
    Bertha von Suttner
    Bertha Felicitas Sophie Freifrau von Suttner was an Austrian novelist, radical pacifist, and the first woman to be a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.-Biography:Suttner was born in Prague, Bohemia, the daughter of an impoverished Austrian Field Marshal,...

    , Nobel
    Nobel Prize
    The Nobel Prizes are annual international awards bestowed by Scandinavian committees in recognition of cultural and scientific advances. The will of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, established the prizes in 1895...

  • Jan Zajíc
    Jan Zajíc
    Jan Zajíc was a Czech student who committed suicide by self-immolation as a political protest...

    , student, political activist, suicide
  • Pavel Novotný, adult film star
  • Robert Rosenberg
    Robert Rosenberg
    Writer, journalist, poet and Internet pioneer Robert Rosenberg was born in Boston in 1952 and died of cancer in Tel Aviv, where he spent most of his adult life, on October 24, 2006. He was survived, briefly by his wife, painter Silvia Rosenberg, who died also of cancer.The author of several crime...

    , adult film star
  • Silvie Tomčalová, aka Silvia Saint
    Silvia Saint
    Silvia Saint is a Czech former pornographic actress. In 1996, she was Penthouse Pet of the Year in the Czech edition of the magazine, and between 1997 and 2001, she appeared in over 250 pornographic movies....

    , adult film star
  • Kateřina Smrzová, Miss Universe 2003
    Miss Universe 2003
    Miss Universe 2003, the 52nd Miss Universe pageant, was held at Figali Convention Center, Panama City, Panama on June 3, 2003. 71 delegates from around the universe competed for the crown...

     Top 10 finalist
  • Lucié Hadasová, Miss Universe 2007
    Miss Universe 2007
    Miss Universe 2007, the 56th Miss Universe pageant, took place on May 28, 2007 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, Mexico. 77 delegates competed for the title. Riyo Mori of Japan was crowned the winner of the title by Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico....

     Top 15 finalist
  • Eliška Bučková
    Eliška Bucková
    Eliška Bučková is a pageant titleholder from the Czech Republic who won the title of Czech Miss 2008 as a 19-year-old. Eliška represented the Czech Republic at the Miss Universe 2008 pageant in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 14, 2008 where Elisa placed as one of semi-finalists in the Top 15 and...

    , Miss Universe 2008
    Miss Universe 2008
    Miss Universe 2008, the 57th Miss Universe pageant, was held at the Crown Convention Center in the Diamond Bay Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 14, 2008...

     Top 15 finalist (Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
    The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Poland to the northeast, Slovakia to the east, Austria to the south, and Germany to the west and northwest....

     placed for the second consecutive time)
  • Iveta Lutovská
    Iveta Lutovská
    Iveta Lutovská is a pageant titleholder from Czech Republic.-Pageantry:Iveta previously held the title of Miss Model of the World 2007 and most recently was crowned Czech Miss 2009...

    , Miss Universe 2009
    Miss Universe 2009
    Miss Universe 2009, the 58th Miss Universe pageant, was held at the Atlantis Paradise Island, in Nassau, Bahamas on August 23, 2009. It was the first time back to back victories in Miss Universe history: Stefanía Fernández of Venezuela, was crowned Miss Universe 2009 by outgoing titleholder Dayana...

     Top 10 finalist (Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
    The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Poland to the northeast, Slovakia to the east, Austria to the south, and Germany to the west and northwest....

     placed for the third consecutive time)

Fictional characters

  • Jára Cimrman
    Jára Cimrman
    Jára Cimrman or Jára da Cimrman is a Czech fictional character created by Jiří Šebánek, Ladislav Smoljak and Zdeněk Svěrák. He is presented as one of the greatest Czech playwrights, poets, composers, teachers, travellers, philosophers, inventors, detectives, mathematicians and sportsmen of the...

    , fictional character of universal talents
  • Josef Švejk
    The Good Soldier Švejk
    The Good Soldier Švejk , also spelled Schweik or Schwejk, is the abbreviated title of a unfinished satirical/dark comedy novel by Jaroslav Hašek. It was illustrated by Josef Lada and George Grosz after Hašek's death...

    , fictional soldier in World War I, main character of Jaroslav Hašek
    Jaroslav Hašek
    Jaroslav Hašek was a Czech humorist, satirist, writer and socialist anarchist best known for his novel The Good Soldier Švejk, an unfinished collection of farcical incidents about a soldier in World War I and a satire on the ineptitude of authority figures, which has been translated into sixty...

    's novel The Good Soldier Švejk

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