Kempinski Hotels S.A. is a luxury hotel group. Kempinski Hotels, the trading name for Kempinski Hotels S.A., is an independent Swiss
Switzerland name of one of the Swiss cantons. ; ; ; or ), in its full name the Swiss Confederation , is a federal republic consisting of 26 cantons, with Bern as the seat of the federal authorities. The country is situated in Western Europe,Or Central Europe depending on the definition....

 delisted S.A.
S.A. (corporation)
S.A. designates a particular type of corporation in various countries, mostly those employing the civil law. It originated in Spain during the 16th century. Depending on language, the abbreviation stands for various phrases meaning anonymous society, anonymous company, anonymous partnership, or...

, which is involved in a number of luxury hotel and hospitality related businesses, including conference, catering
Catering is the business of providing foodservice at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, public house , or other location.-Mobile catering:A mobile caterer serves food directly from a vehicle or cart that is designed for the purpose...

 and hotel supplies.

Kempinski Hotels now owns and runs an international portfolio of 62 hotels. A further 43 hotels are either under final development or construction in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia. Today, Kempinski is majority owned by the Crown Property Bureau of Thailand. Kempinski is also a Member of the Global Hotel Alliance with currently comprises Anantara Hotels & Resorts, First Hotels, Doyle Collection, Kempinski, Leela, Lungarno Collection, Marco Polo
Marco Polo Hotels Group
Marco Polo Hotels Group is a hotel chain group based in Hong Kong. It operates hotels in the Asia-Pacific region including Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Philippines. Its hotels in Hong Kong are all located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf Limited...

, Mirvac Hotels & Resorts, Mokara Hotels & Spas, Omni Hotels & Resorts
Omni Hotels & Resorts
Omni Hotels & Resorts is a privately held, international luxury hotel company based out of Irving, Texas. The hotel brand consistently ranks "Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upscale Hotel Chains" by J. D...

, Pan Pacific
Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts
Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is a hotel-management company with 20 hotels in 11 countries in the Pacific Rim region. The company is a founding member of the Global Hotel Alliance, the world's largest alliance of independent hotel groups. The hotels are usually 30-storey buildings with balconies...

, PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts
The first Parkroyal hotel opened in Melbourne, Australia in 1961.In 1986, the world's first Parkroyal Saigon Floating Hotel with 186 rooms was built by Bethlehem Shipyard in Singapore and anchored in Queensland, Australia in 1987. The hotel was later towed across the Great Barrier Reef to the...

, Shaza Hotels and Tivoli Hotels & Resorts encompassing nearly 300 luxury hotels with over 65,000 rooms in 51 different countries. The CEO of Kempinski, Reto Witwer, is a Swiss National (2008).


  • Hotel Adlon Kempinski
    Hotel Adlon
    Hotel Adlon is a hotel on Unter den Linden, the main boulevard in the Berlin city centre, directly opposite the Brandenburg Gate.-First Hotel Adlon 1907-1945:...

    , Berlin
    Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is one of the 16 states of Germany. With a population of 3.45 million people, Berlin is Germany's largest city. It is the second most populous city proper and the seventh most populous urban area in the European Union...

    , Germany, The Leading Hotels of the World
    The Leading Hotels of the World
    The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. is a hospitality consortium owned by Hotel Representative, A.G. It represents over 430 hotels and resorts worldwide. Headquartered in New York City, the consortium maintains offices in 24 cities world wide....

  • Kempinski Hotel Bristol, Berlin, Germany
  • Hotel Taschenbergpalais Dresden Kempinski
    Taschenbergpalais is a grand hotel in Taschenberg, Dresden, Germany. It is located near Dresden Castle and Zwinger.-History:The building was built from 1705 to 1708 by Johann Friedrich Karcher as a palace for countess Anna Constanze von Hoym. It was destroyed in 1945 by The Second World War and it...

    , Dresden
    Dresden is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. It is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the Czech border. The Dresden conurbation is part of the Saxon Triangle metropolitan area....

    , Germany
  • Hotel Atlantic Kempinski
    Hotel Atlantic Kempinski
    Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg is a luxurious hotel in Hamburg, Germany. It was opened in 1909 as a grand hotel. It was awarded as the best hotel in Germany until June 2009. Since 1957 it belongs to the chain Kempinski and also it belongs to The Leading Hotels of the World. The hotel is located...

    , Hamburg
    -History:The first historic name for the city was, according to Claudius Ptolemy's reports, Treva.But the city takes its modern name, Hamburg, from the first permanent building on the site, a castle whose construction was ordered by the Emperor Charlemagne in AD 808...

    , Germany
  • Falkenstein Grand Kempinski, Koenigstein im Taunus, Frankfurt
    Frankfurt am Main , commonly known simply as Frankfurt, is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany, with a 2010 population of 688,249. The urban area had an estimated population of 2,300,000 in 2010...

    , Germany
  • Villa Rothschild Kempinski, Koenigstein im Taunus, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Schloss Reinhartshausen Kempinski, Eltville
    Eltville am Rhein is a town in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis in the Regierungsbezirk of Darmstadt in Hesse, Germany. It is located on the German Half-Timbered House Road ....

     Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich
    Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich
    The Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich is part of Munich Airport International. It is located between Terminal 1 and 2. Following a construction period of 20 months, the hotel opened on May 17, 1994, two years after the airport went into operation....

    , Munich
    Munich The city's motto is "" . Before 2006, it was "Weltstadt mit Herz" . Its native name, , is derived from the Old High German Munichen, meaning "by the monks' place". The city's name derives from the monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city; hence the monk depicted on the city's coat...

    , Germany
  • Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
    Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski
    Kempinski Vier Jahreszeiten Munich is a luxury five-star hotel in Munich, Germany. It was built in 1858 and belongs to the Kempinski chain of hotels. Also it is in chain The Leading Small Hotels of the World...

    , Munich, Germany, The Leading Hotels of the World


  • Palais Hansen Kempinski, Vienna
    Vienna is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Austria and one of the nine states of Austria. Vienna is Austria's primary city, with a population of about 1.723 million , and is by far the largest city in Austria, as well as its cultural, economic, and political centre...

    , Austria
    Austria , officially the Republic of Austria , is a landlocked country of roughly 8.4 million people in Central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic and Germany to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the...

     (opening 2012)
  • Kempinski Hotel Dukes' Palace, Bruges
    Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is located in the northwest of the country....

    , Belgium
  • Kempinski Hotel Sarajevo City Center, Sarajevo
    Sarajevo |Bosnia]], surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and situated along the Miljacka River in the heart of Southeastern Europe and the Balkans....

    , Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kempinski Hotel Zografski
    Kempinski Hotel Zografski
    Kempinski Hotel Zografski is a 5-star hotel located in Lozenets, near downtown Sofia, Bulgaria. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the capital of Bulgaria...

    , Sofia
    Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria and the 12th largest city in the European Union with a population of 1.27 million people. It is located in western Bulgaria, at the foot of Mount Vitosha and approximately at the centre of the Balkan Peninsula.Prehistoric settlements were excavated...

    , Bulgaria
    Bulgaria , officially the Republic of Bulgaria , is a parliamentary democracy within a unitary constitutional republic in Southeast Europe. The country borders Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, as well as the Black Sea to the east...

  • Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena, Bansko
    Bansko is a town and a popular ski resort in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains at an elevation of 925 m above sea level....

    , Bulgaria, The Leading Hotels of the World
    The Leading Hotels of the World
    The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. is a hospitality consortium owned by Hotel Representative, A.G. It represents over 430 hotels and resorts worldwide. Headquartered in New York City, the consortium maintains offices in 24 cities world wide....

  • Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, Umag
    Umag is a coastal city in Istria, Croatia.The city hosts the yearly Croatia Open ATP tennis tournament on clay courts.-Geography:It is the westernmost city of Croatia, and the municipality includes Savudrija which is westernmost point of Croatia....

    , Croatia
    Croatia , officially the Republic of Croatia , is a unitary democratic parliamentary republic in Europe at the crossroads of the Mitteleuropa, the Balkans, and the Mediterranean. Its capital and largest city is Zagreb. The country is divided into 20 counties and the city of Zagreb. Croatia covers ...

  • Kempinski Hybernská, Prague
    Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava river, the city is home to about 1.3 million people, while its metropolitan area is estimated to have a population of over 2.3 million...

    , Czech Republic
    Czech Republic
    The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Poland to the northeast, Slovakia to the east, Austria to the south, and Germany to the west and northwest....

  • Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Budapest
    Budapest is the capital of Hungary. As the largest city of Hungary, it is the country's principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial, and transportation centre. In 2011, Budapest had 1,733,685 inhabitants, down from its 1989 peak of 2,113,645 due to suburbanization. The Budapest Commuter...

    , Hungary, The Leading Hotels of the World
  • Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Costanza
    Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Costanza
    The Kempinski Hotel Giardino di Costanza belongs to the International Kempinski Hotels collection, established in Berlin in 1897.The Resort stands among rows of vineyards and olive groves in the western side of Sicily, near Mazara del Vallo, in the province of Trapani.The Resort is entitled to...

    , Sicily
    Sicily is a region of Italy, and is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Along with the surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy, the Regione Autonoma Siciliana Sicily has a rich and unique culture, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature,...

    , Italy, The Leading Hotels of the World
  • Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz, Gozo
    Gozo is a small island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is part of the Southern European country of Malta; after the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago...

    , Malta
    Malta , officially known as the Republic of Malta , is a Southern European country consisting of an archipelago situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya, with Gibraltar to the west and Alexandria to the east.Malta covers just over in...

  • Hotel Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow, Russia, The Leading Hotels of the World
  • Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras
    Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras
    Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras is a five-star hotel operated by Kempinski Hotels S.A. located on the shores of Štrbské pleso in High Tatras, Slovakia....

    , Štrbské Pleso
    Štrbské Pleso
    Štrbské Pleso with its large glacial mountain lake is a favorite ski, tourist, and health resort in the High Tatras, Slovakia. With extensive parking facilities and a stop on the Tatra trolley and rack railway, it is a starting point for a host of popular hikes including to Kriváň and...

    , Slovakia
    The Slovak Republic is a landlocked state in Central Europe. It has a population of over five million and an area of about . Slovakia is bordered by the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south...

  • Kempinski Hotel Moika 22
    Kempinski Hotel Moika 22
    The Kempinski Hotel Moika 22 is a five-star luxury hotel in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is located on the Moika Embankment, opposite the Palace Square, home of the world-famous Hermitage Museum....

    , Saint Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg is a city and a federal subject of Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea...

    , Russia
  • Kempinski Hotel River Park, Bratislava
    Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and, with a population of about 431,000, also the country's largest city. Bratislava is in southwestern Slovakia on both banks of the Danube River. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two independent countries.Bratislava...

    , Slovakia
  • Kempinski Palace Hotel
    Kempinski Palace Hotel (Portorož)
    Kempinski Palace Hotel is a five-star deluxe hotel in Portorož, Slovenia on the Adriatic coast. The Slovenian owner, coastal company Istrabenz Hoteli Portorož, signed a contract with a German hotel chain Kempinski to run and manage this hotel for at least 20 years...

    , Portorož
    - External links :**...

    , Slovenia
  • Kempinski Hotel Bahia Estepona, Costa del Sol
    Costa del Sol
    The Costa del Sol is a region in the south of Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, comprising the coastal towns and communities along the Mediterranean coastline of the Málaga province. The Costa del Sol is situated between two lesser known costas: Costa de la Luz and Costa Tropical...

    , Spain, The Leading Hotels of the World. Guitarist and singer Gary Moore
    Gary Moore
    Robert William Gary Moore , better known simply as Gary Moore, was a Northern Irish musician from Belfast, best recognised as a blues rock guitarist and singer....

     was found dead in this hotel on 6th February 2011
  • Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, St. Moritz
    St. Moritz
    St. Moritz is a resort town in the Engadine valley in Switzerland. It is a municipality in the district of Maloja in the Swiss canton of Graubünden...

    , Switzerland
  • Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneve, Geneva
    Geneva In the national languages of Switzerland the city is known as Genf , Ginevra and Genevra is the second-most-populous city in Switzerland and is the most populous city of Romandie, the French-speaking part of Switzerland...

    , Switzerland
  • Le Mirador Kempinski, Lake Geneve, Switzerland, The Leading Hotels of the World
  • Kempinski Hotel The Dome, Belek
    Belek is a township with own municipality in Serik district in Turkey's Antalya Province. The local population varies between 750 and 10,000 in low and high season, respectively....

    , Turkey
    Turkey , known officially as the Republic of Turkey , is a Eurasian country located in Western Asia and in East Thrace in Southeastern Europe...

  • Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, Bodrum
    Bodrum is a port city in Muğla Province, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is located on the southern coast of Bodrum Peninsula, at a point that checks the entry into the Gulf of Gökova. The site was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famous for housing the...

    , Turkey
  • Çırağan Palace Kempinski
    Çiragan Palace
    Çırağan Palace , a former Ottoman palace, is now a five-star hotel of the Kempinski Hotels chain. It is located on the European shore of the Bosporus between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy in Istanbul, Turkey.- History :...

    , Istanbul
    Istanbul , historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople , is the largest city of Turkey. Istanbul metropolitan province had 13.26 million people living in it as of December, 2010, which is 18% of Turkey's population and the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Europe after London and...

    , Turkey, The Leading Hotels of the World
  • Kempinski Residences Astoria, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Kempinski Hotel The Dome, Belek
    Belek is a township with own municipality in Serik district in Turkey's Antalya Province. The local population varies between 750 and 10,000 in low and high season, respectively....

    , Turkey
  • Stafford London by Kempinski, London, United Kingdom
  • Kempinski Hotel of Badamdar, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Kempinski Hotel Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg, Russia
    Russia or , officially known as both Russia and the Russian Federation , is a country in northern Eurasia. It is a federal semi-presidential republic, comprising 83 federal subjects...

     (under construction)


  • The Leela Palace Kempinski, Bangalore
    Bengaluru , formerly called Bengaluru is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka. Bangalore is nicknamed the Garden City and was once called a pensioner's paradise. Located on the Deccan Plateau in the south-eastern part of Karnataka, Bangalore is India's third most populous city and...

    , India
  • The Leela Kempinski, Goa
    Goa , a former Portuguese colony, is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located in South West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its...

    , India
  • The Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon
    Gurgaon is the second largest city in the Indian state of Haryana. Gurgaon is the industrial and financial center of Haryana. It is located 30 km south of national capital New Delhi, about 10 kilometers from Dwarka Sub City and 268 km south of Chandigarh, the state capital...

    , Haryana
    Haryana is a state in India. Historically, it has been a part of the Kuru region in North India. The name Haryana is found mentioned in the 12th century AD by the apabhramsha writer Vibudh Shridhar . It is bordered by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh to the north, and by Rajasthan to the west and south...

    , India
  • The Leela Kempinski, Kovalam Beach, Kerala
    or Keralam is an Indian state located on the Malabar coast of south-west India. It was created on 1 November 1956 by the States Reorganisation Act by combining various Malayalam speaking regions....

    , India
  • The Leela Kempinski, Mumbai
    Mumbai , formerly known as Bombay in English, is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India, and the fourth most populous city in the world, with a total metropolitan area population of approximately 20.5 million...

    , India
  • The Leela Palace Kempinski, Udaipur
    Udaipur , also known as the City of Lakes, is a city, a Municipal Council and the administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district in the state of Rajasthan in western India. It is located southwest of the state capital, Jaipur, west of Kota, and northeast from Ahmedabad...

    , India
  • Hotel Indonesia - Kempinski and Kempinski Residences
    Hotel Indonesia
    Hotel Indonesia - Kempinski, commonly abbreviated as HI, is one of the oldest and best known hotels in Indonesia. Located in Central Jakarta, it is one of the first 5-star hotels in the country. For many years, it has been the city's major landmark. Its fame is often linked to the country's...

    , Jakarta
    Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Officially known as the Special Capital Territory of Jakarta, it is located on the northwest coast of Java, has an area of , and a population of 9,580,000. Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political centre...

    , Indonesia
  • Kempinski Khan Palace, Ulaanbaatar
    Ulan Bator or Ulaanbaatar is the capital and largest city of Mongolia. An independent municipality, the city is not part of any province, and its population as of 2008 is over one million....

    , Mongolia
    Mongolia is a landlocked country in East and Central Asia. It is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south, east and west. Although Mongolia does not share a border with Kazakhstan, its western-most point is only from Kazakhstan's eastern tip. Ulan Bator, the capital and largest...

  • Kempinski Hotel Chengdu, Chengdu
    Chengdu , formerly transliterated Chengtu, is the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China. It holds sub-provincial administrative status...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Dalian, Dalian
    Dalian is a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning province, Northeast China. It faces Shandong to the south, the Yellow Sea to the east and the Bohai Sea to the west and south. Holding sub-provincial administrative status, Dalian is the southernmost city of Northeast China and China's...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Guiyang, Guiyang
    Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou province of Southwest China. It is located in the centre of the province, situated on the east of the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau, and on the north bank of the Nanming River, a branch of the Wu River. The city has an elevation of about 1,100 meters...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Huizhou, Huizhou
    Huizhou , historically known as Waichow, is a city located in central Guangdong province of the People's Republic of China. Part of the Pearl River Delta, Huizhou borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the west, Shaoguan to the north, Heyuan to the northeast, Shanwei to the east, Shenzhen...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Sanya, Hainan
    Hainan is the smallest province of the People's Republic of China . Although the province comprises some two hundred islands scattered among three archipelagos off the southern coast, of its land mass is Hainan Island , from which the province takes its name...

     Island, China (under construction)
  • Kempinski Hotel Shenyang, Shenyang
    Shenyang , or Mukden , is the capital and largest city of Liaoning Province in Northeast China. Currently holding sub-provincial administrative status, the city was once known as Shengjing or Fengtianfu...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen, Shenzhen
    Shenzhen is a major city in the south of Southern China's Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. The area became China's first—and one of the most successful—Special Economic Zones...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Suzhou, Suzhou
    Suzhou , previously transliterated as Su-chou, Suchow, and Soochow, is a major city located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China, located adjacent to Shanghai Municipality. The city is situated on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and on the shores of Taihu Lake and is a part...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Wuxi, Wuxi
    Wuxi is an old city in Jiangsu province, People's Republic of China. Split in half by Lake Tai, Wuxi borders Changzhou to the west and Suzhou to the east. The northern half looks across to Taizhou across the Yangtze River, while the southern half also borders the province of Zhejiang to the south...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Xi'an, Xi'an
    Xi'an is the capital of the Shaanxi province, and a sub-provincial city in the People's Republic of China. One of the oldest cities in China, with more than 3,100 years of history, the city was known as Chang'an before the Ming Dynasty...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Xiamen, Xiamen
    Xiamen , also known as Amoy , is a major city on the southeast coast of the People's Republic of China. It is administered as a sub-provincial city of Fujian province with an area of and population of 3.53 million...

    , China (under construction)
  • Kempinski Hotel Yinchuan, Yinchuan, China
  • Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski, Beijing
    Beijing , also known as Peking , is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of the most populous cities in the world, with a population of 19,612,368 as of 2010. The city is the country's political, cultural, and educational center, and home to the headquarters for most of China's...

    , China
  • Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, Beijing, China
  • Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, Bangkok
    Bangkok is the capital and largest urban area city in Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply Krung Thep , meaning "city of angels." The full name of Bangkok is Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom...

    , Thailand
    Thailand , officially the Kingdom of Thailand , formerly known as Siam , is a country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula and Southeast Asia. It is bordered to the north by Burma and Laos, to the east by Laos and Cambodia, to the south by the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and to the...

Middle East & Africa

  • Djibouti Palace Kempinski, Djibouti City
    Djibouti (city)
    The City of Djibouti is the capital and largest city in the Republic of Djibouti, a nation in the Horn of Africa. The biggest settlement on the Gulf of Tadjoura, it lies on a peninsula that separates that basin from the Gulf of Aden.-History:...

    , Djibouti
    Djibouti , officially the Republic of Djibouti , is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south, and Somalia in the southeast. The remainder of the border is formed by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden at the east...

  • Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo
    Cairo , is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world and Africa, and the 16th largest metropolitan area in the world. Nicknamed "The City of a Thousand Minarets" for its preponderance of Islamic architecture, Cairo has long been a centre of the region's political and cultural life...

    , Egypt
    Egypt , officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, Arabic: , is a country mainly in North Africa, with the Sinai Peninsula forming a land bridge in Southwest Asia. Egypt is thus a transcontinental country, and a major power in Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and the Muslim world...

  • Kempinski Hotel Soma Bay, Red Sea
    Red Sea
    The Red Sea is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. The connection to the ocean is in the south through the Bab el Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. In the north, there is the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf of Suez...

    , Egypt
    Egypt , officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, Arabic: , is a country mainly in North Africa, with the Sinai Peninsula forming a land bridge in Southwest Asia. Egypt is thus a transcontinental country, and a major power in Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and the Muslim world...

  • Kempinski Hotel Amman, Amman
    Amman is the capital of Jordan. It is the country's political, cultural and commercial centre and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The Greater Amman area has a population of 2,842,629 as of 2010. The population of Amman is expected to jump from 2.8 million to almost...

    , Jordan
    Jordan , officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , Al-Mamlaka al-Urduniyya al-Hashemiyya) is a kingdom on the East Bank of the River Jordan. The country borders Saudi Arabia to the east and south-east, Iraq to the north-east, Syria to the north and the West Bank and Israel to the west, sharing...

  • Kempinski Hotel Aqaba, Aqaba
    Aqaba is a coastal city in the far south of Jordan, the capital of Aqaba Governorate at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba. Aqaba is strategically important to Jordan as it is the country's only seaport. Aqaba is best known today as a diving and beach resort, but industrial activity remains important...

    , Jordan
  • Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, Dead Sea
    Dead Sea
    The Dead Sea , also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. Its surface and shores are below sea level, the lowest elevation on the Earth's surface. The Dead Sea is deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world...

    , Jordan
  • Kempinski Mokuti Lodge, Tsumeb
    Tsumeb is a city of 15,000 inhabitants and the largest town in Oshikoto region in northern Namibia. Tsumeb is the home of the world-famous Tsumeb mine, and the "gateway to the north" of Namibia. It is the closest town to the Etosha National Park...

    , Namibia
    Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia , is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east and South Africa to the south and east. It gained independence from South Africa on 21 March...

  • Kempinski Hotel N'Djamena
    Kempinski Hotel N'Djamena
    The Kempinski N'Djamena is a hotel and skyscraper in N'Djamena, Chad. It is located in city center of N'Djamena, near Quartier Diguel Est. Is run by Kempinski. The hotel is opening in 2004 and features 156 deluxe rooms.-External links:*...

    , N'Djamena
    N'Djamena is the capital and largest city of Chad. A port on the Chari River, near the confluence with the Logone River, it directly faces the Cameroonian town of Kousséri, to which the city is connected by a bridge. It is also a special statute region, divided in 10 arrondissements. It is a...

    , Tchad
  • Emirates Palace
    Emirates Palace
    The Emirates Palace is a luxury hotel located in the United Arab Emirates city of Abu Dhabi.-Construction:The building was designed by renowned architect, John Elliott RIBA, who was Senior Vice President at Wimberly, Allison, Tong and Goo, an international firm specialising in Luxury Hotels.It...

     managed by Kempinski, Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi , literally Father of Gazelle, is the capital and the second largest city of the United Arab Emirates in terms of population and the largest of the seven member emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western...

    , United Arab Emirates
  • Kempinski Hotel Ajman
    Kempinski Hotel Ajman
    Kempinski Hotel Ajman is a five-star luxury hotel in Ajman, United Arab Emirates and is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf with 500-metres of private beach. The hotel has 181 sea-view room and 9 different restaurants, bars, and outlets....

    , Ajman
    Ajman , also spelt Ujman, is one of the seven emirates constituting the United Arab Emirates . With an area of just 260 square kilometres , Ajman is the smallest emirate by area...

    , United Arab Emirates
  • Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
    Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
    Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates is a five star hotel attached to UAE's first indoor ski slope and one of the biggest shopping mall outside of North America....

    , Dubai
    Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates . The emirate is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula and has the largest population with the second-largest land territory by area of all the emirates, after Abu Dhabi...

    , United Arab Emirates
    United Arab Emirates
    The United Arab Emirates, abbreviated as the UAE, or shortened to "the Emirates", is a state situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman, and Saudi Arabia, and sharing sea borders with Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Iran.The UAE is a...

  • Kempinski Residences & Suites, Doha
    Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar. Located on the Persian Gulf, it had a population of 998,651 in 2008, and is also one of the municipalities of Qatar...

    , Qatar
    Qatar , also known as the State of Qatar or locally Dawlat Qaṭar, is a sovereign Arab state, located in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the rest of its...

  • Kempinski Beirut, Beirut
    Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon, with a population ranging from 1 million to more than 2 million . Located on a peninsula at the midpoint of Lebanon's Mediterranean coastline, it serves as the country's largest and main seaport, and also forms the Beirut Metropolitan...

    , Lebanon
    Lebanon , officially the Republic of LebanonRepublic of Lebanon is the most common term used by Lebanese government agencies. The term Lebanese Republic, a literal translation of the official Arabic and French names that is not used in today's world. Arabic is the most common language spoken among...

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