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Why does the populous continue to rave about the disappearance of this "obama" character? They continue to insist that he is "gone", and this message ... 0 11/26/2018
What are the roots of Barack Obama? 3 9/24/2016
What are the policies that Barack Obama promulgated? 2 8/21/2015
US senate career 1 8/20/2015
Barack Obama's Timepiece and Clothing 0 4/27/2015
Question of marriage validity 0 11/6/2014
"We are the change that we seek." -Barack Obama 0 4/13/2014
Why won't my liberal friends tell me what they like about Obama? 0 7/3/2013
Is it true that Barack Obama is a smoker? 7 5/12/2013
What was his foundation 0 4/15/2013
What did Barack do before becoming president? 3 4/10/2013
Who is Barack Obama to bnm 1 1/31/2013
Options on the Table": Soft Power, Intercultural Dialogue, and the Future of US Foreign Policy 0 12/5/2012
Obama vs Mitt 1 9/11/2012
Mitt Romney said President Obama convention speech was disappointing 1 9/8/2012
Who is really sponsonring obama's campaing? 1 9/4/2012
Suggestions for Obama 0 8/14/2012
Mr obama 0 8/4/2012
Please wake up 5 7/27/2012
I think the president need to state the percentage of the income to be taxed at 250000. which is 90% of america dont just leave it at you are going to... 0 7/24/2012
Is barack obama the anti-christ? 5 4/29/2012
Family life 2 4/9/2012
I will love to know if barrack is a member of free mosonic, and how old is he? 1 3/14/2012
Barack Obama 6 1/3/2012
Is Pres Obama Illuminati? Mason? Freemason? and Is Pres Obama Christian? Nondenom? Muslim? 7 11/21/2011
Mr. President 32 10/30/2011
Where is the real origin of obama 1 10/24/2011
White House Chief of Staff 0 10/6/2011
How has B. O. insulted his office and the American people? 7 9/22/2011
When should the president of the United States make a hand salute? 1 9/22/2011
Who is your least favorite president and why? 8 9/7/2011
Do you think the government should crack down harder on illegal immigrants? I mean, in other countries you can be shot if you're an illegal immigrant.... 3 9/7/2011
What makes a Good President? 5 9/7/2011
I would like to know what Obama plan to the developing country if he will be elected for his new mandate 3 8/23/2011
Obama 9 7/21/2011
Obama's Limo Crashes in Dublin 1 5/24/2011
Osama 8 5/9/2011
Do you think Obama's birth certifcate from Hawaii was forged, or is real? If it is forged, do you think the government wouldn't actually notice? 3 5/8/2011
Should the U.S. gone and killed Osama Bin Laden? Opinions please, people. 6 5/8/2011
Do u think Barack Obama is a good president? 20 3/29/2011
He was not born in America. How can he be president? 14 3/24/2011
This is a barack obama fan club 15 3/21/2011
What do you think about the earthquake in Japan? isn't it terrible? What is Barrack Obama doing about it? Should he do something to help or is it none... 12 3/18/2011
Incredible revolution and the GOD 4 3/17/2011
Do you know why Michelle and Barak were NOT invited to Prince Williams upcoming wedding? 10 3/15/2011
Do you think Obama knows what he is doing in office? 7 3/11/2011
Does Barrack Obama deserve to be president? Because I think he could do alot better as president. His healthcare is terrible! 21 2/27/2011
Was George W. Bush a good president? How do him and Barrack Obama compare? Which one do you think is better? 14 2/22/2011
Did you know that Barrack Obama's hair has turned partially grey and started falling out since he became president? And that he messed up when he was ... 10 2/22/2011
If barrack Obama wasn't for healthcare, would you think of him as a good president? 7 2/18/2011
Is barrack Obama a Christian? I know he says he is, but do his actions say otherwise? 2 2/18/2011
What do you think of Barrack Obama's wife and kids? What about that book that barrack Obama Wrote about his daughtrs? 1 2/18/2011
If you could revote, would you vote for Barrack Obama? Has he done his duty as president? 1 2/18/2011
"Concerning The Deficit" 0 2/17/2011
"Concerning Your Next Doctor Visit" 1 2/17/2011
Before Barack Obama became president 2 2/13/2011
Barack 0 2/9/2011
The Healthcare bill is SO unconstitutional! Do any of you agree? 6 2/9/2011
Should Barack Obama be president? Should Rahm Emmanuel be Mayor? Does either have a right? 6 2/8/2011
Not a good president 2 1/21/2011
Is Barack Obama a socialist? Why? 3 1/12/2011
Why don`t you like poor people??????????????? 15 1/7/2011
Mr. President Obama State of Union Address Jan 25,2011 4 1/5/2011
Healthcare with Obama 2011 3 1/4/2011
President Obama Moving America Forward in 2011 !! 18 12/28/2010
What are President Obama's reviews and concerns of the Spanish Civil War? Is the Spanish Civil War a topic of study ? 3 12/27/2010
President Obama 2011 1 12/27/2010
Where was he born? 13 11/28/2010
Is the Obama foreign policy more favourable to third world countries in comparrison to Cliton 1 11/17/2010
Impeach Obama? 6 11/15/2010
Baby Boomers 4 10/18/2010
Is Barack Obama anti Christian and a Socialist 18 10/18/2010
Dualism: Is there a ghost in the machine? 2 10/4/2010
Who is addressing the health issues connected to the mobile x-ray vans that the tsa, FBI or homeland security are using? The medical field has known ... 1 10/1/2010
Why did Barack Obama lie and say he would not higher taxes.What i am seeing is prices being raised.So i am agrivated with him alot. 9 9/25/2010
Can someone tell me why being half African American and half Caucasian makes you African American ? 14 9/14/2010
Is barak obama a good president? 32 9/13/2010
Is he a citizen of the us ?? 14 8/31/2010
When you passed the new law on unemployment and you said that people who stop getting checks will get checks in a couple of weeks I called my unemploy... 1 8/27/2010
With the exception of hawaii,every "race to the top grant" was given to an eastcoast state.n.y. r.i. mass. d.c. ga. fla. oh. md. n.c...this is an outr... 1 8/24/2010
The right to bare arms 19 8/7/2010
What is our presidents true perception of Israelis posing as the chosen people of Israel? 2 7/16/2010
Very good person..................... 13 7/15/2010
Once upon a time 0 7/9/2010
Reelection 4 6/28/2010
Do you think he'll run for reelection? 9 6/13/2010
Wow 14 6/3/2010
What action figure would Barack Obama most like to own? 24 6/3/2010
Can ANYONE tell me what the Anointed One has done that is so good? 25 6/2/2010
A new immigration reform proposal for Obama 7 5/24/2010
Obama says one thing and does another 0 5/23/2010
Say good by to sovereignty 20 5/22/2010
Fact 0 5/21/2010
What has Obama done for america 17 5/18/2010
The Obama Wall Street Lie 4 5/17/2010
Obama's plan for America 51 5/13/2010
Should we trust Obama? 17 5/9/2010
Critics of President Obama's policies claim he is leading us to communism or socialism. Based on your interpretation of Marx's Manifesto, do you agree... 1 5/6/2010
Is President Obama enough able to cup with Islamic conquering of Latin America? 6 4/23/2010
In Your Face Politics 1 4/22/2010
Do you think obama is doing a good job so far? 23 4/16/2010
What is obama doing for illegal immigrants 5 4/9/2010
The romour 2 4/7/2010
Does anyone know what the word 'barak' means in any language? 4 4/3/2010
OBAMA 22 3/31/2010
The Ballance of Powers 7 3/25/2010
Obamatown 10 3/25/2010
Are Republicans out of their minds? 123 3/22/2010
Ritght for Equality 10 3/18/2010
Campaign Promises vs. Election Lies 5 3/9/2010
I was wondering if he KNOWS that many Americans don't want his "HEALTH CARE" Bill and if it is really about Our (as AMERICANS)health? Can He Answer ME... 21 3/4/2010
Is barack obama really the first black president??? 44 2/23/2010
I heard Obama was born in a plane over Kenya,and that his birth cert.doesn't have a stamp on it.Is this true? 6 2/22/2010
Why did he (President Obama) withdraw US military from some of the musilm countries. Is he trying to be soft or hard. My personal view, the President ... 2 2/16/2010
Wrong 2 2/2/2010
Should we change presidents? evryone has a difrent opinion whats yours? 19 1/29/2010
Do the american people really want Obama to be successul? He was critized for winning the Nobel Peace Prize, but he never wanted the honor. Why do the... 7 1/13/2010
According to the 'laws' of astronomy, is he to be trusted? best Allen 5 12/31/2009
How can i send an email to Mr.Obama? i did not see any private email from Obama. 5 12/23/2009
Do you think if bush would have done alittle better in office would barrack still be president or mcshame 4 12/13/2009
Do you think obama is raising gas pricees 5 11/30/2009
Is it true that obama will turn america into a socialist country?? 10 4/17/2009
Why is Barack Obama focused on policy initiatives that have nothing to do with the economy (health care, education, etc)? 4 3/16/2009
Why did Obama's team do such a poor job of vetting his cabinet nominees? 3 3/15/2009
Change is coming. You can bet on that! 8 3/15/2009
How long will the media's infatuation with Barack Obama last? 8 2/8/2009