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Once upon a time
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Once upon a time, there was a group of people that were backed by great amount of wealth. These people were governing a country; a country that they got control of by convincing the majority of weak minded individuals, that if the rich people had their money taken from them and redistributed to the poor, the poor could have good health care, good jobs, food on the table and everyone would be equal. So this group of people waited, for time did not mstter....they were working on far reaching plans that were 30 - 40 years away...and they waited. Eventually, they caused a revolt and the poor overthrew the rich and called everyone their commrads. After a while, the lies caught up with this group of people and they lost power. However, they told another group of people that the would eventually control their country and they would do so without ever firing a shot.
Now this group of people went underground,and the weak minded people in the other country declared that the "bad people" were gone and their country would never be taken over as they were told.
The weak minded people in this country did not see the subtle signs that this wealthy backed group of minipulators were beginning to show up in their country. They didn't see socialism, they didn't see politically correctness, they didn't see "Hope and Change", they didn't see someone come out of nowhere with redistribution of wealth and socialized health care. They didn't see that the manipulators gained control of the media and destroy the economic structure by controling the banks and driving unemployment.
The next step for the weak minded of this country is to stage a reveloution, done by the misguided youth that did not learn from history. Destroy the morals of their country, expose their parents as patriots and eventually refer to each other as their commrads.
Bye Bye, Miss American Pie