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Question of marriage validity
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Barack H Obama legally became Barry Soetoro when he was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro of Indonesia. This relagates his birth name to limbo. He entered Occidental using the name Barry Soetoro,and received US funds as a foreign student. At some point after leaving Occidental he began using his birth name. He ran for office using his birth name,ALL of which was FRAUDULANT, because he was NO LONGER Barack H,Obama legally.Nor can he be legally married to Michelle Robinson either. ....again because the name Barack H.Obama no longer belongs to him legally. If he legally married Michelle Robinson her surname would have become Soetoro. In effect the US does not have a legally elected POTUS because the person occupying the White House is LEGALLY Barry Soetoro. He Cannot hold the power of POTUS or CINC.
Mr. Schatz of Hawaii ILLEGALLY reworded the COE form after which all references to Constitutional language was removed. Nancy Pelosi signed the illegally altered form.
Both Barrack H Obama,as well as Michelle Obama AGREED to voluntarily surrender their law licences to Illinois Bar Association, because Obama lied under oath that he had NEVER used another name. They had him cold. His wife was also illegally licensed to practiice law as well and she too surrendered her law license voluntarily, for the same reason, after which in anguish she asked him "Just what the hell are we going to do now"? She registered her anguish on her face as well. Neither have any legal right to occupy the White House or direct our military forces. The name Barack H,Obama was elected by the American people as the reality it is ONLY A UNASSIGNED NAME LEGALLY. Therefore the US has nad no leggggal sitting POTUS since 2008. Tyhe Chief Justice also knew of the deception odf the American people and done notrhing to stop it when he could have. He is now complicit with,and an accessory to TREASON against our Constitution and America,.
Over a period of nearly three years all of the public information databases were methodically and thoroughly searched for any granted legal name change for Barry Soetoro between the years 1980 and 2000.
There has never been a legally adjudicated name change granted by any Superior Court in the US or Canada, which includes Hawaii,and Alaska. Reason......he has no legally valid BC in the name of Barry Soetoro. A petition for name change must be accompanied by a CERTIFIED copy of a legally valid BC.