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Critics of President Obama's policies claim he is leading us to communism or socialism. Based on your interpretation of Marx's Manifesto, do you agree or disagree? Explain.
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I understand that many of Obama's supporters don't know too much about what is going on IN his administration and around it or who the people in power actually are.
The only way I know of to educate you about this is to tell you, you have to do a bit more research and then get back to me.
I HAVE read the manifesto.
The manifesto is not about a single leader making these is about a SYSTEM of governance and power brokers making these changes. That is happening in this country very clearly.
Socialism is not implemented by one man or one ruler. IT is a system of imbalances and power grabs initiated by a whole structure of people. Chief among these structures is the educational system. One can hardly argue that the educational system in America is not dominated by liberalism and socialist ideals. We have clear instances of indoctrination going on in LA schools as we speak.

You ask this question and I suspect you don't already know the correct answer. You should read more SunTzu...