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  Subject Replies Date
Why is abortion still legal? 0 2/2/2020
Abortion issues 1 11/11/2018
Reasons NOT to get an abortion 0 7/12/2018
Seeking Adoptive Parents 0 7/20/2017
Terrible consequences after abortion 1 4/12/2017
Can i postpone my place for one year due to pregnancy 0 4/5/2017
To any woman struggling with making the decision to end there pregnancy. 0 1/5/2017
I never imagine this will happen again 0 12/6/2016
Hi everyone, my name is Fatemah Hira and I am a Grade 11 student taking an Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology course at Middlefiel... 0 11/27/2016
Theological prochoice argument. 1 11/19/2016
Weekly Basic Expenses for a Baby: High quality, full-time, care provider for an infant: $200 Diapers $ 20 Formula $ 25 Health Insuranc... 0 11/11/2016
Why abortion should be illegal 15 3/28/2016
Can anyone tell me in the case of 'incomplete abortion', is there a chance that there is still a viable pregnancy or is that just when they call it a ... 0 2/19/2016
Is abortion the act of wickedness for married people? 3 10/6/2015
How does smoking harm non smokers 1 10/4/2015
Justifying abortion 12 8/22/2015
Abortion and mental health 1 8/21/2015
Do you think abortion should be projected as the solution to unwanted pregnancies? 22 8/21/2015
Are doctors to blame for the easy access of abortion facilities? 7 8/20/2015
Marry 0 8/18/2015
Arkansas Act 301: 12-week regulation of artificially aborting gestation. 2 7/26/2015
UGH............. 5 5/19/2015
Incomple Abortion and another new pregnancy 0 5/15/2015
"SARAH" (a stoy of guilt, pain, and forgiveness) 0 4/18/2015
Why should we disagree or agree with abortion? 16 4/4/2015
Paano po ba maiiwasan ang abortion if ever dumating yong time na naaksidenteng nabuntis ang gurl ng di sinasadya??? 1 3/8/2015
Shocking statement on stats regarding Abortion that increased in United states., 0 2/18/2015
Really? 6 12/23/2014
Was i right to have an abortion? 9 12/14/2014
Kathleen sebelius, how many babies did you and eric holder kill this week? 0 9/3/2014
Medical abortion 1 7/17/2014
The Confession Thread 14 6/3/2014
Sex 13 5/18/2014
Uqhh.! :( 6 5/16/2014
Countries that has legalized abortion, have they the fear of GOD? could this countries be the up-rising Antichrist Nations? 8 5/12/2014
Why is it anyone else's business, if a woman get an abortion or not? Did you ever thing that some people have no other choice? Some girls are abandone... 36 3/24/2014
Pregnant?? 8 3/19/2014
ABORTION :/ 10 3/19/2014
Cloning 8 3/16/2014
What was the whole R v Morgentaler case about? Was it simply that he and two other doctors decided to open an illegal clinic because they felt that wo... 4 3/10/2014
If a baby is alive in your stomach like 3 or 4 months why couldnt you take care of the a baby if taken out of the mommies stomach, I think the momma g... 1 1/16/2014
Should the government be able to control if a woman has an unwanted baby? 3 12/30/2013
Our feminist dictatorship - list of victims 1 12/27/2013
A girlfriend was scheduled for an abortion but didn't follow through after having her cervix dilated at the clinic... that can't be good... What are t... 0 12/23/2013
Why there are corrupt people in a goverment 4 7/8/2013
How do you control it? 6 5/12/2013
Types of abortion 1 4/11/2013
Abortion 7 3/31/2013
What would a clinic marked only GYN house? 3 3/26/2013
Historic methods of abortion 2 3/7/2012
Surgical abortion 2 3/6/2012
Abortion in the ancient world 1 1/2/2011
Is mere advice just enough? 2 1/1/2011