Incomple Abortion and another new pregnancy
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I had a surgical abortion between Sept and Nov 2013 but it was not properly done and some tissue were left in my womb which the doctor told me will wipe out with time so i left it that way until around Nov 2014 when it started causing me problems. I visited the doctor and he conducted an utrasound and told that i have to get pregnant again so as to enable my womb to get opened before carrying out another D & C to remove both the new and the old one. I took in around march 2015 and went to the doctor to carry out the D & C but he told me that he will not do another D &C and that i should go and deliver the baby but i don't want to do that because of the problems it will cause me. It is already causing me a psychological trauma and i am not working yet. Pls how do i handle this. I am about 8wks pregnant. I heard ibuprofen drug can induce a miscarriage because i really want to induce a miscarriage to get it out on time before it's too late. I am really going insane about this and terribly down with fever and pains.