To any woman struggling with making the decision to end there pregnancy.
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(Edit.. I should have said their instead of there. But I cannot change the heading..) Years ago my girlfriend ended up getting pregnant shortly after we had met. I left it up to her if she wanted to end the pregnancy. She decided to go through with having an abortion. Years later she became pregnant again and she gave birth to my beautiful son. I am so upset with myself that I did not talk her out of the abortion. Looking back I know I could have talked her out of it. She loved me. She would have done anything I had asked her to do. It constantly haunts me to this day. My son's mother abandoned him when he was 3 years old. He means the world to me. I sometime feel like I don't deserve him because of what I have done. I love him so much. I now have a new girlfriend who treats my son like he is her own. She also has a beautiful daughter who's father has abandoned her and I love her very much. If your child's father has already taken off once he found out you were pregnant, then he is not worth keeping. If anyone needs someone to talk to feel free to send me a message. I know you might be struggling, but your baby is worth keeping and things will get better. If you don't feel you can raise your child there are so many people out there looking to adopt. As it turns out my girlfriend was adopted. Because she was adopted I was blessed with having an amazing person in my life.