Theological prochoice argument.
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Assume we are only talking about early term elective abortions. From a theological perspective you are only a person if you have a human soul. The bodies we have in this life are not, in and of themselves, important in the long run—they all die after a relatively short amount of time. To the extent that they have value, it is because they are a vehicle through which our souls learn to interact with other souls and God.

Put another way, God is making a long term investment in our souls, but not out bodies.

Now add the concept that God exists largely outside of time as we experience it. He knows which bodies (fertilized eggs) will never get beyond the zygote or fetal stage—and he knows this before conception. Why then would God put a soul into bodies that will never get beyond the earliest stages of development?

Since nothing in the Bible tells us that God does that, and it objectively makes no sense for God to do that, the better assumption is that God does not ensoul organisms that are not going to get beyond the earliest stages of development.

Hence it is reasonable to believe that early stage fetuses do not have human souls, are not human, and can be aborted without violating any of God’s laws.
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Oh so you dont want these fetuses to go to heaven? What your stating actually makes abortion worse. And the bible says that life begins at conception, and so do most medical books.