(1)   Termination of pregnancy
(2)   Failure of a plan


  1. The cessation of pregnancy or fetal development; a miscarriage.
  2. An induced abortion.
  3. The act of inducing abortion.
  4. The immature product of an untimely birth.
  5. Arrest of development of any organ, so that it remains an imperfect formation or is absorbed.
  6. Any fruit or produce that does not come to maturity, or anything which is interrupted in its progress before it is matured or perfect.
  7. The act of aborting a project, a mission, etc, before it is completed.
  8. Something ugly, an artistic atrocity.
    • 1846, Charles Dickens, Pictures from Italy, Chapter 10.
      Insomuch that I do honestly believe, there can be no place in the world, where such intolerable abortions, begotten of the sculptor’s chisel, are to be found in such profusion, as in Rome.