Terrible consequences after abortion
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I am very sorry for your cancer and pray that you will recover completely. However, your thought that you are being punished because of your abortion leaves one to wonder why people get cancer if they have never had abortions, and does God cause cancer to punish us for any number of sins? I myself do not and could never believe in such a God that sounds truly like a vindictive jerk. What about children dying of cancer? Was it caused by their parent's sins or their own minor transgressions? Perhaps you should have waited to,think about,having an abortion, but,that is what choice is about. We make decisions and then have to live with them. I know many women who have had abortions and do not have cancer and although they do feel sad about having to have to make a decision to,have an abortion, know that at the time it was the right decision. You did tell women to trust themselves. That is what choice is all about, making our own decisions and taking personal responsibility for them, not having others forcing us to adhere to,their own religious beliefs. I have never,had an abortion. And do not know if I could, unless my life was in danger, I,had been raped, or the fetus had no chance of surviving or living anything close to a good life(I am not talking about something like Down syndrome here) but a truly devastating g defect such as anencephaly or other severe brain defects. IAbortion troubles me, but it will not stop it if we outlaw it. The horrible abortion clinic in Pennsylvania will multiply all over the country, and it will not,save babies, but kill women and girls also. .

I hope that you can find some peace with your decision and stop punishing yourself. I would leave you with a Buddhist blessing
May you be filled with lovingkindness.
May you be peaceful and at ease
May you be healthy
May you be happy.