Sagas, are stories in Old Norse about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history, etc.Saga may also refer to:Business*Saga DAB radio, a British radio station*Saga Airlines, a Turkish airline*Saga Falabella, a department store chain in Peru...

, are stories in Old Norse about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history, etc.

Saga may also refer to:

  • Saga DAB radio
    Saga DAB radio
    Saga DAB radio was a UK digital DAB radio station, supported by Saga. The line up featured a variety of presenters including David Hamilton, Don Durbridge, David Allan, Jenny Hanley and Tony Myatt. Music played on the station was easy and melodic from the previous six decades...

    , a British radio station
  • Saga Airlines
    Saga Airlines
    Saga Airlines is a charter airline based in Istanbul, Turkey which serves the tourism industry.- History :The airline was established in 2004 and started operations in June 2004...

    , a Turkish airline
  • Saga Falabella
    Saga Falabella
    SAGA Falabella is a department store chain in Peru, formed in 1996 through the acquisition by the Chilean Falabella chain of the former SAGA chain....

    , a department store chain in Peru
  • Saga Group
    Saga Group
    Saga is a British company focused on serving the needs of those aged 50 and over. It has 2.7 million customers. The company has five call centres. All are in the UK, three in Folkestone, Kent at Middelburg Square, Enbrook Park and Cheriton Park; the fourth at the Eurokent Business park in...

    , British company focused on the needs of people over 50
  • Saga Petroleum LLC
    Saga Petroleum LLC
    Saga Petroleum Company is a Denver, Colorado-headquartered limited liability company owned by Brent Morse and Charles Farmer. Saga Petroleum operates and drills oil and gas wells primarily in Wyoming, Texas, West Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana and Alabama. Saga's natural gas and oil...

    , an American petroleum company
  • Saga Petroleum
    Saga Petroleum
    Saga Petroleum was a Norwegian upstream petroleum company established in 1972 that was acquired by Norsk Hydro in 1999. Since October 2007 it is a part of Statoil. The company was the only fully private oil company in Norway. It had partial ownership in 60 oil field licenses and was operator of 18...

    , a Norwegian petroleum company acquired by Norsk Hydro in 1999
  • Saga Communications
    Saga Communications
    Saga Communications is a broadcasting company that owns and operates stations in 26 markets in the United States. The company, which is based in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, primarily operates radio stations , but it also operates 9 television stations Saga Communications is a broadcasting...

  • Société Anonyme de Gérance et d'Armement
    Société Anonyme de Gérance et d'Armement
    The Rothschild Bank founded the Société Anonyme de Gérance et d'Armement in 1919 for the management of French state-owned ships.-History:...

    , the French state shipping line founded in 1919.

  • Swordsmen and Sorcerers' Guild of America (SAGA)
  • Smocking
    Smocking is an embroidery technique used to gather fabric so that it can stretch. Before elastic, smocking was commonly used in cuffs, bodices, and necklines in garments where buttons were undesirable. Smocking developed in England and has been practised since the Middle Ages and is unusual among...

     Arts Guild of America

  • Saga (alice nine), bassist of Visual Kei band Alice Nine
  • Saga (band)
    Saga (band)
    Saga is a progressive rock quintet, formed in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Jim Crichton and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton is the band's guitarist; apart from his work with Saga, he has recorded several solo albums as well as sessions...

    , a Canadian rock band
    • Saga (album)
      Saga (album)
      Saga is the first studio album by the Canadian progressive rock band Saga and was originally released in 1978.-The Chapters:Two of the songs, "Will It Be You? ," and "Tired World ," were part of a series of eight songs that Saga included within their first four albums called "The Chapters," which...

      , the band's first album
  • Saga (singer)
    Saga (singer)
    Saga is a Swedish white nationalist singer-songwriter. She started as the vocalist for Symphony of Sorrow, but has since become known for her tribute CDs to the white power skinhead band Skrewdriver, and for her softer physical representation of the white power message...

    , a Swedish female nationalistic singer
  • Saga Musical Instruments
    Saga Musical Instruments
    Saga Musical Instruments is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of stringed instruments, particularly fretted instruments and members of the violin family, and parts and accessories for them...

    , a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of stringed instruments
  • Sagas (album)
    Sagas (album)
    - Personnel :* Helge Stang − vocals* René Berthiaume − guitar* Andreas Völkl − guitar* Sandra Völkl − bass guitar* Manuel DiCamillo − drums* Kurt Angerpower – guitar* Ulrich Herkenhoff – pan flute* Muki Seiler* Agnes Malich – violin* Gaby Koss – vocals...

    , an album by German Viking metal band Equilibrium

  • Saga (1940 novel), by Erico Verissimo
    Erico Verissimo
    Erico Verissimo was an important Brazilian writer, born in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. His father, Sebastião Veríssimo da Fonseca, heir of a rich family in Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul, met financial ruin during his son's youth...

  • Saga (2006 novel), by Conor Kostick
    Conor Kostick
    Conor Kostick lives in Dublin where he teaches medieval history at Trinity College. He is the author of many historical, political and cultural articles. Epic was his first novel and was awarded a place on the International Board on Books for Young People Honours list for 2006 and on the Booklist...

  • Saga (magazine), men's adventure pulp magazine, 1950s-80s, see Macfadden Publications
    Macfadden Publications
    Macfadden Communications Group is a publisher of business magazines. It has a historical link with a company started in 1898 by Bernarr Macfadden that was one of the largest magazine publishers of the twentieth century.-Macfadden Publications:...

  • Urza's Saga
    Urza's Saga
    Urza's Saga is the 15th expert level set, a 350-card Magic: The Gathering expansion set that debuted in October 1998. Some employees of Wizards consider it one of the most powerful sets ever released, with many cards now banned in tournament formats...

    , from Magic: The Gathering
  • Gemini Saga, one of the twelve Gold Saints in Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada
  • Kamen Rider Saga
    Kamen Rider Saga
    is a fictional character and the third rider to appear in the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Kiva. Saga resembles the king chess piece, and the suit's design also incorporates serpents and stained glass...

    , the third Rider from Kamen Rider Kiva
  • Saga, the protagonist of the anime A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
  • Ultraman Saga
    Ultraman Saga
    is an upcoming Japanese film in the Ultra Series to celebrate the franchise's 45th anniversary. It serves as a sequel to Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial. The catchphrase for the movie is . The film will feature Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Dyna, and Ultraman Cosmos as well as the five Ultra...

    , the 45th Anniversary Ultraman movie.

  • Saga (2008 video game), an MMORTS computer game developed by Silverlode Interactive
  • SaGa (series), a video game franchise by Square Enix
  • SAGA System
    SAGA System
    The SAGA System is a role-playing game system that uses "fate cards" to determine the effects of actions. The cards have numbers, suits, positive and negative states, and role-playing cues that guide the gamemaster in telling the story and administering the game...

    , a role-playing game system

  • Icelanders' sagas
    Icelanders' sagas
    The Sagas of Icelanders —many of which are also known as family sagas—are prose histories mostly describing events that took place in Iceland in the 10th and early 11th centuries, during the so-called Saga Age. They are the best-known specimens of Icelandic literature.The Icelanders'...

    , prose histories mostly describing events that took place during and following the Age of Settlement
  • Sága
    Sagas, are stories in Old Norse about ancient Scandinavian and Germanic history, etc.Saga may also refer to:Business*Saga DAB radio, a British radio station*Saga Airlines, a Turkish airline*Saga Falabella, a department store chain in Peru...

    , a goddess in Norse mythology.

  • Saga County
    Saga County
    Saga County is a county of the Xigazê Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region.- Transport :*China National Highway 219...

    , county in Tibet
  • Saga, Tibet
    Saga, Tibet
    Saga is a town and township and seat of Saga County in Shigatse Prefecture in southern Tibet. It lies at an altitude of 4,640 metres -Description:...

    , town and seat of Saga County
  • Saga Prefecture
    Saga Prefecture
    is located in the northwest part of the island of Kyūshū, Japan. It touches both the Sea of Japan and the Ariake Sea. The western part of the prefecture is a region famous for producing ceramics and porcelain, particularly the towns of Karatsu, Imari, and Arita...

    , a prefecture of Japan
  • Saga, Saga
    Saga, Saga
    is the capital of Saga Prefecture, located on the island of Kyūshū, Japan.Saga was the capital of Saga Domain in the Edo period, and largest city of former Hizen Province....

    , the capital of Saga Prefecture
  • Saga (Kyoto district), a district in Kyoto
    is a city in the central part of the island of Honshū, Japan. It has a population close to 1.5 million. Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, it is now the capital of Kyoto Prefecture, as well as a major part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto metropolitan area.-History:...

  • Emperor Saga
    Emperor Saga
    was the 52nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. Saga's reign spanned the years from 809 through 823.-Traditional narrative:...

     (786–842), ruler of Japan from 809 to 823
  • Nabeshima clan
    Nabeshima clan
    The Nabeshima clan was a prominent Japanese samurai clan of Kyūshū which controlled Saga Domain from the late Sengoku period through the Edo period.The Nabeshima clan was a cadet branch of the Shōni clan and was descended from the Fujiwara clan...

    , also known as the Saga family, a clan of Japanese nobles

  • Simple API for Grid Applications, The Open Grid Forum SAGA (Simple API for Grid Applications) standard
  • SAGA C++ Reference Implementation
    SAGA C++ Reference Implementation
    The SAGA C++ Reference Implementation is a set of free cross-platform libraries written in C++ and Python which provide a set of high-level interfaces and runtime components that allow the development of distributed computing and grid computing applications, frameworks and tools...

    , an implementation of the OGF SAGA standard
    SAGA GIS is a free and open source geographic information system used for editing spatial data. It was originally developed by a small team at the Department of Physical Geography, University of Göttingen, Germany, and is now being maintained and extended by an international developer...

    , a geographic information system

  • Saga, Malay name of a tree with hard, red seeds, Adenanthera pavonina
    Adenanthera pavonina
    Adenanthera pavonina is a species of tree, used for its timber, also known as Barbados pride, Coral-wood, Coralwood, Peacock flower fence, Red beadtree, Red sandalwood tree, Red sandalwood, Sandalwood tree, Saga; syn. Adenanthera gersenii Scheff., Adenanthera polita Miq., Corallaria parvifolia Rumph...

  • Akar Saga, Malay name of a leguminous climber with hard, red seeds, Abrus precatorius
  • Saga (genus), a genus of grasshoppers in the family Tettigoniidae
    The family Tettigoniidae, known in American English as katydids and in British English as bush-crickets, contains more than 6,400 species. It is part of the suborder Ensifera and the only family in the superfamily Tettigonioidea. They are also known as long-horned grasshoppers, although they are...

    • Saga hellenica
      Saga hellenica
      Saga hellenica is a large species of cricket, from the family Tettigoniidae. It lives in southern Europe on Mediterranean flora such as scrub and shrub spiny bushes....

    • Saga pedo
      Saga pedo
      Saga pedo is a species of bush cricket, spread throughout the European part of the Mediterranean, and Asia as far east as China. It is a wingless bush cricket, with the body size of up to , which makes it one of the largest European insects...

  • SAGA (biology), Spt-Ada-Gcn5 Acetyltransferase, a histone acetyltransferase
    Histone acetyltransferase
    Histone acetyltransferases are enzymes that acetylate conserved lysine amino acids on histone proteins by transferring an acetyl group from acetyl CoA to form ε-N-acetyl lysine....

  • 1163 Saga
    1163 Saga
    1163 Saga is an outer main belt asteroid orbiting the Sun. Approximately 29 kilometers in diameter, it makes a revolution around the Sun once every 6 years. It was discovered by Karl Wilhelm Reinmuth at Heidelberg, Germany on January 20, 1930. Its provisional designation was 1930 BA.-References:...

    , an asteroid

  • Saga (cheese), a blue cheese from Denmark

Maritime, a ferry operated by Swedish Lloyd 1972—1977.

  • Proton Saga
    Proton Saga
    - Saga :The Proton Saga was launched in September 1985 by Malaysia's then Prime Minister, Mahathir bin Mohamad. Before the production of Proton Saga, a contest was held to choose the name of the first national car, and the name Saga was chosen from the winner of the contest, Ismail Jaafar, a...

    , the first car produced by Malaysian auto manufacturer Proton
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