Saga DAB radio
Saga DAB radio was a UK digital DAB
Digital audio broadcasting
Digital Audio Broadcasting is a digital radio technology for broadcasting radio stations, used in several countries, particularly in Europe. As of 2006, approximately 1,000 stations worldwide broadcast in the DAB format....

 radio station, supported by Saga. The line up featured a variety of presenters including David Hamilton
David Hamilton (Radio DJ)
David Hamilton is a British radio presenter. Since his broadcasting career began in 1959, Hamilton has hosted over 12,000 radio shows and more than 1,000 TV shows...

, Don Durbridge
Don Durbridge
Don Durbridge is a UK radio presenter who used to broadcast on the PrimeTime and Saga DAB radio services. On PrimeTime he introduced the late night slot, In Mellow Mood, until the station's demise in 2006. Don previously worked for BBC Radio 2 , BBC Radio Kent, Invicta Sound and LBC...

, David Allan
David Allan (broadcaster)
David Allan is a British television continuity announcer and radio presenter.-Radio career:...

, Jenny Hanley and Tony Myatt
Tony Myatt
Tony Myatt is a UK radio presenter. He has previously worked at the BBC, on Channel 4, on Jazz FM, on Capital Radio, on PrimeTime Radio, Radio Mercury and on Saga DAB radio stations...

. Music played on the station was easy and melodic from the previous six decades. Presenters and some station resources were shared with PrimeTime Radio
PrimeTime Radio
PrimeTime Radio was a national UK radio station. It was once part of although it became independent in 2004. It operated as a sister station to Saga Digital radio. The line up featured a variety of presenters including David Hamilton, Don Durbridge, David Allan, Dave Cash, Tony Myatt and Sheila...


Saga Radio (digital) won Best Digital Terrestrial Station at the 2003 Sony Radio Awards
Sony Radio Academy Awards
The Sony Radio Academy Awards , started in 1983, are some of the most prestigious awards in the British radio industry. They are run by ZAFER Associates in association with the Radio Academy...


The station's owner, Roger De Haan
Roger De Haan
Roger Michael De Haan CBE, DL was born in 1948 in Northampton and is the son of the late Sidney De Haan, who created the Saga group of companies, mostly famous for selling holidays to the over 50s market...

, sold Saga Radio back to the Saga group of companies in 2006, and the station went off-air. In the London area, it was briefly replaced by an automated sustaining service before going off air completely at the end of 2006. Its place was taken on the digital multiplex by theJazz
theJazz was a British commercial jazz digital radio station. The station was run by GCap Media and launched on Christmas Day 2006. originally as a non-stop jazz station on the Digital One DAB ensemble, Sky Digital, Virgin Media and the Internet....

, a new jazz-based radio station in 2007, which went off air itself in 2008.
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