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What part of Aristotles facts dont we believe in today 2 10/2/2015
Is Aristotle considered to be one of the most important thinkers of Western Philosophy? 3 7/19/2015
What are ten organism and what are their method of aritotle 0 3/22/2015
Life and history of aristotle 0 11/23/2014
Starting a new Christian Church would like to find out what others would like to see or hear about ? 0 9/16/2014
What is aristole's definition of a tragic hero? 1 8/9/2014
Aristotle 0 7/16/2014
What fields were Aristotle's greatest contributions in? 2 6/14/2014
Past history 4 5/22/2014
Who is aristotle 0 5/9/2014
How long has Sour cream been a part of the El Salvadorian diet 0 3/5/2014
Was Newtonian physics replaced by modern physics; and is that back in Aristotle's field 0 2/26/2014
What were the contributions, that Aristole, made with regards to the development of psycholgy? 1 1/23/2014
What were Aristotle's views of "the natural slave"? 0 1/14/2014
Aristotles possible view of life today. 0 1/4/2014
Should there be a defined human rights law in place as regards to NHS bullying? 0 1/4/2014
Peoples right to belief in their current local government representative 0 1/4/2014
Public money 0 1/4/2014
The suspiciousness which exists as regards our healthcare with the NHS. 0 1/4/2014
The answer to alzheimers and brain diseases. 0 1/4/2014
The British medical system 0 1/4/2014
The medical system 1 1/4/2014
How is Aristotle similar in thought to other philosphers (such as Socrates) and how was he different. 2 9/13/2013
Aristotle and the state 2 9/8/2013
Name three views on education held by either Aristotle or Plato, and explain 0 7/18/2013
What are the five elements in his work Physics? 1 5/14/2013
Did Aristotle publish any of his works? 2 5/14/2013
Which prominent people did he tutor? 1 5/14/2013
How to describe Plato's and Aristotle's methods for defining ethical concepts like good and just (their ethical philosophy). 1 4/15/2013
When was Aristotle born? I have come across contradictory dates on the Internet. 1 11/27/2012
Contribution 0 9/22/2012