Aristotles possible view of life today.
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What do you believe would be Aristotles judgement on how we as a culture are choosing to live our lives today?

Do you think he would be happy and envious of the severe restrictions we have in our everyday lives,the political system,the medical and policing system we have chose for ourselves. I very much doubt it.

I believe he would be totally unimpressed by the way we have chosen to move forward in our quest for our own humanity, and also for what we see as progress, as each generation becomes more liberated, and more materialistic too.

Do you think as I do that he would be more than happy to go back to the era he lived in? I doubt he would want to swap places with any of us myself, although I am certain there are other people such as me who would gladly change places with him given half the chance.

Would people like to give their opinions on how Aristotle would analyse the quality of lives we are living today?

Do you think perhaps he would be able to help us reorganise society in such a way that we would feel we were not trying to fit as much a we can into our shortlived lives?