The British medical system
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I would like other people's views on whether they believe that he current system we have in place in relation to the NHS, is a just one when it comes to the human beings who are left severely disfigured by either clumsiness, or some registar needing to gain his experience by experimentation.

Do others feel that there should be a redress in place, as opposed to the present situation we are left with - which is "can I afford to litigate to attempt to achieve some justice from these antiquated policies the NHS have in place?"

I hope I am not the only person on this planet who feels badly let down by the bureaucracy which begins, and the lying culture within the NHS is permitted to slaughter anyone who dares to speak out against their closed shop.

There needs to be a public outcry, as before too long the NHS shall own such control freak power that we will be the total underdog. They need to learn that they cannot do what they like with us, and therefore we need POWER FOR THE PEOPLE, as John Lennon would have proclaimed.