Public money
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Do other people agree that to spend £180,000 of public money on just one medical blunder is unacceptable?

I am currently experiencing such a dilemma, because I had surgery at Royal Bolton Hospital here in Lancashire
by a surgeon named Mr John Henry Winstanley.

I believe that the GMC knows that there are a number of bad surgeons out there, but chooses to ignore the fact, and permits them to hide behind the system the legal teams of the NHS have in place.

Meanwhile I have not recieved a single penny towards the the horrific plastic surgery I need, because of an antiquated legal system the NHS is allowed to rule.

Do others think that the current policy which is allowed by the government in relation to the NHS is an acceptable one, whereby when surgery or indeed any surgical procedure goes wrong, there is never any responsibility accepted, and a load of money from the public purse is wasted. What do other people believe should happen to victims of medical blunders, in the form of some kind of redress ehen this occurs?