Should there be a defined human rights law in place as regards to NHS bullying?
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I would like others to share any of their experiences of being bullied by the NHS with me please. if there is anyone out there who is brave enough to do so.

I know I myself could write a book I believe purely on their abuse of human rights which they are permitted to bestow on us all.

I feel there should be a body of people in place who deal with such bullying NHS medical people which are commonly amongst their throng, whilst they present themselves as a power up on high, who should be living amongst the angels.

Do others feel that there should be more comments boxes in every department as you are dealt with at an hospital or clinic or whatever, so that we could be encouraged to seek out the bullies, and send them to an establishment which teaches them better etiquette when it comes to dealing with us, their clintele? What do people feel is the answer in trying to remedy certain medical people inflicting their arrogant and bully like attitude on us in their "I am a god in my own right manner"?