The answer to alzheimers and brain diseases.
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I would like to know what other people think in relation to euthanasia? There is such a high rising number of people with dementia, mainly due to the fact that we are all living much longer than previous generations. What do people believe is the solution to this?

Do they feel as I do that there should be a compulsory form to complete whilst we are still considered reasonably sound of mind? I would be interested to know what others feel would go part way towards solving this ever increasing problem.

I believe we should come to a kind of compromise with the NHS and the Government, as after all it is they who will be rubbing their hands with glee, as we condemn ourselves to death, and therefore not left in need of future NHS and government resources in care homes at £400-£800 per week to keep us alive with very little brain function.

The compromise would be that if we agree to kick the bucket so to speak if we were to develop any serious disease of which we felt would spoil the quality of our life, then we would be entitled to a signed legal contract in place as regards our present and ongoing healthcare, in respect of the possibility of us as individuals being sold short so to speak when it came to any surgery we may need.

If we exchanged our wishes for early death if necessary, with an agreement for the right to automatic compensation and surgery too if possible to improve or correct the medical blunder which has taken place, then surely this would make the NHS surgeons who are irresponsible ones think twice about who they choose to do their experimentaton on.

Do people find this too morbid to discuss, or like me do others accept that they are not immortal, and as such we need to be practical?