The suspiciousness which exists as regards our healthcare with the NHS.
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I would like to know if there are are other people out there who like me feel very let down by the NHS system we have in place? I hate being left to believe that there is only little me who feels rebelloius against the whole control freak system we are forced to endure.

When I was child I used to think thank god I do not live in a communist country, but now I feel strongly that a lot of our rights have been regimentated. We are just numbers really now to the majority of healthcare people we see, and it is such damned shame that it has come to this.

People do not look out so much for anyone any more, except the NHS who of course become more and more a power answerable only to themselves, and are on the whole very much like a huge family, who choose to lick each others bums.

There needs to be a eruption of anger on the part of the public, as we are led like lambs to the slaughter. The future generations need to be educated to fight their corner when it comes to being on the receiving end of any future medical care they need under the abusive system of the NHS.

We desperately need an open and honest approach by the NHS when it comes to our care, but I fear we are seen more and more as people who are possibly a litigation threat, as opposed to an individual who should be seen as being entitled to work alongside them. Do non-medical people agree that even though we do not have the medical knowledge to do most of the NHS's work, we are still entitled to our human rights? We do not in reality possess these any more medically because of the dishonest stance the NHS has in place already. Would anyone care to respond to this?