Peoples right to belief in their current local government representative
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Do people believe that when a topic is mentioned to a government member which is of national concern, that they should have the right to air their grievance through another source, if the member of parliament in question fails to heed what they are concerned about?

I approached my M.P. recently as regards a surgeon working at my local hospital whom I had been told by another specialist was causing a lot of severe disfigurement to other patients too, particularily women in need of breast reconstruction as a result of a tumour.

The answer from my M.P.was that he did not want to know, and as such I found this extremely distressing, as I feel that if his own wife was involved in such botched surgery as mine was at Royal Bolton Hospital then he would choose to be more involved I daresay.

I have found that although he has been helpful in other ways, such as writing letters to the NHS in relation to all the major surgery I now need, and supporting me in my quest for justice, he has been hypocritical when it comes to wanting to do something about the bad surgeons such as the one I expereinced, and who still works at Royal Bolton Hospital.

I find that despite his superflous help, I am still left in need of major specialist plastic surgery, after five and
a half years of fighting the Bolton Trust, and £180,000 of public money later. I cannot help but feel that I shall not vote Labour next time, that is if I bother to vote at all!