Royal College of Art
The Royal College of Art (the RCA) is an art school
Art school
Art school is a general term for any educational institution with a primary focus on the visual arts, especially illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design. The term applies to institutions with elementary, secondary, post-secondary or undergraduate, or graduate or...

 located in London
London is the capital city of :England and the :United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures. Located on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its...

, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern IrelandIn the United Kingdom and Dependencies, other languages have been officially recognised as legitimate autochthonous languages under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages...

. It is the world’s only wholly postgraduate university of art
Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect....

 and design
Design as a noun informally refers to a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system while “to design” refers to making this plan...

, offering the degrees of Master of Arts (M.A.)
Master of Arts (postgraduate)
A Master of Arts from the Latin Magister Artium, is a type of Master's degree awarded by universities in many countries. The M.A. is usually contrasted with the M.S. or M.Sc. degrees...

, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)
Master of Philosophy
The Master of Philosophy is a postgraduate research degree.An M.Phil. is a lesser degree than a Doctor of Philosophy , but in many cases it is considered to be a more senior degree than a taught Master's degree, as it is often a thesis-only degree. In some instances, an M.Phil...

 and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as Ph.D., PhD, D.Phil., or DPhil , in English-speaking countries, is a postgraduate academic degree awarded by universities...

. It has had university status since 1967.

The RCA is based in the South Kensington
South Kensington
South Kensington is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. It is a built-up area located 2.4 miles west south-west of Charing Cross....

 and Battersea
Battersea is an area of the London Borough of Wandsworth, England. It is an inner-city district of South London, situated on the south side of the River Thames, 2.9 miles south-west of Charing Cross. Battersea spans from Fairfield in the west to Queenstown in the east...

 areas of Central London
Central London
Central London is the innermost part of London, England. There is no official or commonly accepted definition of its area, but its characteristics are understood to include a high density built environment, high land values, an elevated daytime population and a concentration of regionally,...



The RCA has an international reputation for its teaching in the fields of architecture
Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural and political symbols and as works of art...

, automotive design
Automotive design
Automotive design is the profession involved in the development of the appearance, and to some extent the ergonomics, of motor vehicles or more specifically road vehicles. This most commonly refers to automobiles but also refers to motorcycles, trucks, buses, coaches, and vans...

, photography
Photography is the art, science and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film...

, industrial design
Industrial design
Industrial design is the use of a combination of applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics, ergonomics, and usability of a product, but it may also be used to improve the product's marketability and production...

, communication design
Communication design
Communication design is a mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how media intermission such as printed, crafted, electronic media or presentations communicate with people...

, interaction design
Interaction design
In design, human–computer interaction, and software development, interaction design, often abbreviated IxD, is "the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services." Like many other design fields interaction design also has an interest in form but its main...

, textiles, fashion
Fashion, a general term for a currently popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. Fashion references to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person...

, ceramics and silversmithing. An M.A. in design history
Design history
Design history is the study of objects of design in their historical and stylistic contexts.With a broad definition, the contexts of design history include the social, the cultural, the economic, the political, the technical and the aesthetic...

 is offered in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum , set in the Brompton district of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England, is the world's largest museum of decorative arts and design, housing a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects...

, while an M.A. in Innovation Design Engineering is offered jointly with Imperial College London
Imperial College London
Imperial College London is a public research university located in London, United Kingdom, specialising in science, engineering, business and medicine...


According to the latest statistics (2002–07) on all graduate destinations from the RCA, an average of 93% gained work in directly related employment and at the right level. The current enrollment tally measures roughly 900 students, all taking fine art
Fine art
Fine art or the fine arts encompass art forms developed primarily for aesthetics and/or concept rather than practical application. Art is often a synonym for fine art, as employed in the term "art gallery"....

, applied art
Applied art
Applied art is the application of design and aesthetics to objects of function and everyday use. Whereas fine arts serve as intellectual stimulation to the viewer or academic sensibilities, the applied arts incorporate design and creative ideals to objects of utility, such as a cup, magazine or...

, design, communication design
Communication design
Communication design is a mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how media intermission such as printed, crafted, electronic media or presentations communicate with people...

 and humanities
The humanities are academic disciplines that study the human condition, using methods that are primarily analytical, critical, or speculative, as distinguished from the mainly empirical approaches of the natural sciences....


The most recent Research Assessment Exercise
Research Assessment Exercise
The Research Assessment Exercise is an exercise undertaken approximately every 5 years on behalf of the four UK higher education funding councils to evaluate the quality of research undertaken by British higher education institutions...

 (December 2008) confirmed the Royal College of Art as a leading specialist art and design institution in the United Kingdom, with 40% of its research output judged to be of quality that is World-Leading in terms of originality, significance, and rigor. A further 25% was considered Internationally Excellent.

In April 2011, Modern Painters (magazine)
Modern Painters (magazine)
Modern Painters is a monthly art magazine published in New York City by Louise Blouin Media. The magazine is published 10 times per year; it includes profiles on two international artists per issue; columns by international contributors; interviews with and articles by contemporary artists and...

 surveyed art world professionals to create a list of the top 10 UK art schools which ranked them: 1. Royal College of Art 2. Royal Academy Schools 3. City and Guilds of London Art School
City and Guilds of London Art School
The City and Guilds of London Art School is an art college in London, England, United Kingdom. It is one of the country's longest established art colleges, and offers courses ranging from Foundation, through B.A. degree, Postgraduate Diploma and M.A...

, 4. Slade School of Art 5. Goldsmiths College, University of London.

The Royal College of Art played a major role in the birth of the modern school of British sculpture in the 1920s and in the development of Pop Art
Pop art
Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid 1950s in Britain and in the late 1950s in the United States. Pop art challenged tradition by asserting that an artist's use of the mass-produced visual commodities of popular culture is contiguous with the perspective of fine art...

 in the 1960s.


The RCA was founded in 1837, and was known as the Government School of Design. In 1853, it became the National Art Training School with the Female School of Art in separate buildings; and, in 1896, it received the name Royal College of Art. During the 19th century, it was often referred to as the South Kensington Schools. See Richard Burchett
Richard Burchett
Richard Burchett was a British artist and educator on the fringes of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, who was for over twenty years the Headmaster of what later became the Royal College of Art....

, an early Headmaster, for more details on this period. After 130 years in operation, the Royal College of Art was granted its Royal Charter
Royal Charter
A royal charter is a formal document issued by a monarch as letters patent, granting a right or power to an individual or a body corporate. They were, and are still, used to establish significant organizations such as cities or universities. Charters should be distinguished from warrants and...

 in 1967, which gave it the status of an independent university with the power to grant its own degrees.

Its Royal Charter
Royal Charter
A royal charter is a formal document issued by a monarch as letters patent, granting a right or power to an individual or a body corporate. They were, and are still, used to establish significant organizations such as cities or universities. Charters should be distinguished from warrants and...

 specifies that the objects of the College are "to advance learning, knowledge and professional competence particularly in the field of fine arts, in the principles and practice of art and design in their relation to industrial and commercial processes and social developments and other subjects relating thereto through teaching, research and collaboration with industry and commerce".

The RCA building in Kensington Gore
Kensington Gore
Kensington Gore is a street in central London, England, the same name having been formerly used for the piece of land on which it stands. It runs along the south side of Hyde Park, continuing as Kensington Road to both the east and west. A gore is a narrow, triangular piece of land.The road is part...

 is a Grade II listed building and dates from the 1960s. It was designed by staff from the RCA.

19th century

  • Helen Allingham
    Helen Allingham
    __NOEDITSECTION__Helen Allingham was an English watercolour painter and illustrator of the Victorian era.-Biography:...

    , painter
  • HRH The Princess Louise Caroline Alberta
    Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
    The Princess Louise was a member of the British Royal Family, the sixth child and fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert, Prince Consort.Louise's early life was spent moving between the various royal residences in the...

    , Duchess of Argyll
  • Maxwell Ayrton
    Maxwell Ayrton
    Ormrod Maxwell Ayrton FRIBA , known as Maxwell Ayrton, was a Scottish architect. He spent most of his adult life working in London and designed houses, public buildings, and bridges.- Career :...

    , architect
  • George Bonsor, archeologist
  • Sir George Clausen
    George Clausen
    Sir George Clausen RA , was an artist working in oil and watercolour, etching, mezzotint, dry point and occasionally lithographs. He was knighted in 1927.-Biography:...

    , painter
  • Austin Dobson
    Austin Dobson
    Austin Dobson was an auto driver from England.Brother of auto racer Arthur Charles, he participated at first edition, in 1936, of the Hungarian Grand Prix with Alfa Romeo....

    , poet
  • Christopher Dresser
    Christopher Dresser
    Christopher Dresser was an English designer and design theorist, now widely known as one of the first and most important, independent, designers and was a pivotal figure in the Aesthetic Movement, and a major contributor to the allied Anglo-Japanese branch of the Movement; both originated in...

    , designer
  • Conrad Dressler
    Conrad Dressler
    Conrad Dressler was an English sculptor and potter.Dressler was born in London and studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art. He was later influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement...

    , sculptor and potter
  • Sir Luke Fildes
    Luke Fildes
    Sir Samuel Luke Fildes RA was an English painter and illustrator born at Liverpool and trained in the South Kensington and Royal Academy schools....

    , painter
  • Kate Greenaway
    Kate Greenaway
    Catherine Greenaway , known as Kate Greenaway, was an English children's book illustrator and writer, who spent much of her childhood at Rolleston, Nottinghamshire. She studied at what is now the Royal College of Art in London, which at that time had a separate section for women, and was headed by...

    , illustrator
  • William Harbutt
    William Harbutt
    William Harbutt was a painter and the inventor of Plasticine.Born in North Shields, England, Harbutt studied at the National Art Training School in London, and eventually became an associate of the Royal College of Art...

    , sculptor and inventor of Plasticine
    Plasticine, a brand of modelling clay, is a putty-like modelling material made from calcium salts, petroleum jelly and aliphatic acids. The name is a registered trademark of Flair Leisure Products plc...

  • Gertrude Jekyll
    Gertrude Jekyll
    Gertrude Jekyll was an influential British garden designer, writer, and artist. She created over 400 gardens in the UK, Europe and the USA and contributed over 1,000 articles to Country Life, The Garden and other magazines.-Early life:...

    , garden designer
  • Alfred Garth Jones
    Alfred Garth Jones
    Alfred Garth Jones was an English artist and illustrator who worked mainly in woodcut, pen and ink line art drawing and watercolour.-Early life:...

    , illustrator
  • Edwin Lutyens
    Edwin Lutyens
    Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens, OM, KCIE, PRA, FRIBA was a British architect who is known for imaginatively adapting traditional architectural styles to the requirements of his era...

    , architect
  • Walter Sykes George
    Walter Sykes George
    Walter Sykes George was an English architect active in India during the first half of the 20th century, most known for being partt of the team of architects who designed New Delhi, the new capital of India, from 1911-1931....

    , architect
  • Henrietta Montalba
    Henrietta Montalba
    -Early life:Henrietta Montalba was born in 1856, the youngest of four daughters of Anthony Rubens Montalba and Emeline , all of whom would attain considerable success as artists. She was born in London. The 1871 British census shows Anthony Montalba living at 19 Arundel Gardens, Notting Hill,...

    , sculptor
  • Mortimer Menpes
    Mortimer Menpes
    Mortimer Luddington Menpes , was an Australian-born artist, author, printmaker and illustrator.-Life:...

    , artist
  • Edward Poynter
    Edward Poynter
    Sir Edward John Poynter, 1st Baronet, PRA was an English painter, designer, and draughtsman who served as President of the Royal Academy.-Life:...

    , artist
  • Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Thompson
    Elizabeth Southerden Thompson, Lady Butler was a British painter, one of the few female painters to achieve fame for history paintings, especially military battle scenes, at the end of that tradition...

     (Lady Butler), painter
  • Sir Hubert von Herkomer painter, composer, film maker
  • Fred Whisstock
    Fred Whisstock
    Frederick William Whisstock was an English artist, cartoonist, and well known illustrator for the W. Britain Toy Company....

    , illustrator

  • 20th century

    • Kristian Aadnevik
      Kristian Aadnevik
      Kristian Aadnevik is a London-based Norwegian fashion designer, who graduated from Royal College of Art in 2002.- Early life and education:...

      , Fashion Designer
    • M. R. Acharekar, painter, art director
    • David Adjaye
      David Adjaye
      David Adjaye OBE is a British architect.-Early life:David Adjaye was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The son of a Ghanaian diplomat who has lived in Tanzania, Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon before moving to Britain at the age of nine, he led a privileged life and was privately educated...

      , architect
    • Victor Ambrus
      Victor Ambrus
      Victor Ambrus , is an illustrator best known for his regular appearances on the Channel 4 archaeology television series Time Team, where he visualises how the sites being excavated may have once looked...

      , illustrator
    • Adam Ant
      Adam Ant
      Adam Ant is an English musician who gained popularity as the lead singer of New Wave/post-punk group Adam and the Ants and later as a solo artist, scoring ten UK top ten hits between 1980 and 1983, including three No.1s...

      , singer
    • Frank Auerbach
      Frank Auerbach
      Frank Helmut Auerbach is a painter born in Germany although he has been a naturalised British citizen since 1947.-Biography:Auerbach was born in Berlin, the son of Max Auerbach, a patent lawyer, and Charlotte Nora Burchardt, who had trained as an artist...

      , painter
    • Mathias Augustyniak
      M/M Paris
      M/M is an art and design partnership consisting of Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag , established in Paris in 1992....

      , graphic designer and art director, founder of M/M (Paris)
      M/M Paris
      M/M is an art and design partnership consisting of Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag , established in Paris in 1992....

    • Christopher Bailey
      Christopher Bailey (fashion designer)
      Christopher Bailey is Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, and is responsible for the company’s overall image including all advertising, corporate art direction, store design and visuals as well as the design of all Burberry collections and product lines.Bailey, who was 38 in 2009, was born in...

      , Creative Director for Burberry
      Burberry Group plc is a British luxury fashion house, manufacturing clothing, fragrance, and fashion accessories. Its distinctive tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. Burberry is most famous for its iconic trench coat, which was invented by founder Thomas Burberry...

    • Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, furniture and industrial designers, founders of BarberOsgerby
      BarberOsgerby is a furniture and industrial design studio established in 1996 by British designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.- Biography :Edward Barber was born in Shrewsbury, England and studied interior design at Leeds Polytechnic...

    • Tom Barker, technologist, design engineer, and a professor at RCA.
    • Jonathan Barnbrook
      Jonathan Barnbrook
      Jonathan Barnbrook , is a British graphic designer and typographer. He trained at Central St Martin's and at the Royal College of Art .- Work :...

      , typographer and graphic designer, one of the 'Young British Artists
      Young British Artists
      Young British Artists or YBAs is the name given to a loose group of visual artists who first began to exhibit together in London, in 1988...

    • Sebastian Bergne
      Sebastian Bergne
      Sebastian Bergne is an independent industrial designer based in London. He generally designs consumer products, lighting and furniture, but is best known for creating objects for the preparation and consumption of food and drink....

      , industrial designer
    • John Bridgeman (sculptor)
      John Bridgeman (sculptor)
      Arthur John Bridgeman ARCA, FRBS, FRBSA was an English sculptor.-Early life:Born in Felixstowe, Suffolk and named Arthur John, he was usually called 'Bridge' by his friends and signed himself John Bridgeman...

      , winner of the Otto Beit Medal
    • Cressida Bell
      Cressida Bell
      Cressida Bell is an English artist and designer, specializing in textiles and interiors.She is the daughter of critic, author and artist Quentin Bell and Anne Olivier Bell. She is the granddaughter of Vanessa Bell and grandniece of Virginia Woolf....

      , textile designer
    • Henry Bird
      Henry Bird (artist)
      thumb|220px|right|[[Conversion of St Paul]], a mural by Henry Bird painted in 1973, in [[Denton, Northamptonshire|St Margaret's Church, Denton]]Henry Bird was a British artist from Northampton who painted murals and female nudes. He went to the Royal College of Art and then designed sets at the...

      , muralist
    • Peter Blake
      Peter Blake (artist)
      Sir Peter Thomas Blake, KBE, CBE, RDI, RA is an English pop artist, best known for his design of the sleeve for the Beatles' album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. He lives in Chiswick, London, UK.-Career:...

      , painter
    • Quentin Blake
      Quentin Blake
      Quentin Saxby Blake, CBE, FCSD, RDI, is an English cartoonist, illustrator and children's author, well-known for his collaborations with writer Roald Dahl.-Education:...

      , cartoonist, author and illustrator of Roald Dahl
      Roald Dahl
      Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer, fighter pilot and screenwriter.Born in Wales to Norwegian parents, he served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, in which he became a flying ace and intelligence agent, rising to the rank of Wing Commander...

      's books
    • Michael Lawrence Cadman
      Michael Lawrence Cadman
      -Biography:*1920 November 9 Born in Epsom, Surrey*1937-39 Wimbledon School of Art, Education Exams in Drawing*1941 Wimbledon School of Art, Education Exams in Painting*1941-44 Royal College of Art, Diploma in Painting...

      , artist
    • Derek Boshier
      Derek Boshier
      Derek Boshier is a British pop artist works in various media including painting, drawing, collage, photography, film and sculpture....

      , painter
    • Julian Brown, product designer
    • Victor Burgin
      Victor Burgin
      Victor Burgin is an artist and a writer. Burgin first came to attention as a conceptual artist in the late 1960s and at that time was most noted for being a political photographer of the left, who would fuse photographs and words in the same picture. He has worked with photography and film,...

      , 1986 Turner Prize nominee
    • Ian Callum
      Ian Callum
      Ian Callum is a British car designer who currently serves as Design Director for Jaguar and is older brother to fellow car designer Moray Callum. He is married, has two sons and currently resides in Oxfordshire, England.-Early years:...

      , Design Director (Jaguar cars)
    • Moray Callum
      Moray Callum
      Moray Callum is an automobile designer from Dumfries in Scotland, currently design director for Ford's North American brands' passenger cars...

      , automotive designer (Ford)
    • Gillian Carnegie
      Gillian Carnegie
      Gillian Carnegie is an English artist.Carnegie is a graduate of the Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art....

      , 2005 Turner Prize nominee
    • Benedict Carpenter
      Benedict Carpenter
      Benedict Carpenter is a British sculptor and artist based in the West Midlands.He works in traditional materials such as bronze, mild steel, as well as more modern substances such as polyurethane foam, bread, rubber and spray paint....

      , 2001 Jerwood Sculpture Prize winner
    • Patrick Caulfield
      Patrick Caulfield
      Patrick Joseph Caulfield, CBE, RA was an English painter and printmaker known for his bold canvases, which often incorporated elements of Photorealism within a pared down scene.-Life and work:...

      , 1987 Turner Prize nominee
    • Jake and Dinos Chapman
      Jake and Dinos Chapman
      Iakovos "Jake" Chapman and Konstantinos "Dinos" Chapman are English visual artists, often known as the Chapman Brothers, who work together as a collaborative sibling duo...

      , 2003 Turner Prize nominees
    • Betty Churcher
      Betty Churcher
      Betty Ann Churcher, AO is best known as director of the National Gallery of Australia from 1990 to 1997. She was also a painter in her own right earlier in her life. She won a travelling scholarship to Europe and attended the London Royal College of Art...

      , Director of the National Gallery of Australia
      National Gallery of Australia
      The National Gallery of Australia is the national art gallery of Australia, holding more than 120,000 works of art. It was established in 1967 by the Australian government as a national public art gallery.- Establishment :...

      , 1990–1997
    • John Clappison
      John Clappison
      William John Clappison is an English Ceramic and Glass designerWhen the family moved to Hornsea and John’s father started to support Hornsea Pottery, the founders of the Pottery, Colin and Desmond Rawson, saw great potential in John Clappison...

      , ceramic and glass designer
    • Ossie Clark
      Ossie Clark
      Raymond "Ossie" Clark was an English fashion designer who was a major figure in the Swinging Sixties scene in London and the fashion industry in that era...

      , fashion designer
    • Benjamin Clemens
      Benjamin Clemens
      Benjamin Clemens was a 20th-century sculptor based in London. He was educated at Lonsbury College before going on to study art at the North London school of Art and the Royal College of Art. After his studies at the Royal College of Art he was appointed Assistant Master under Professor Edouard...

      , sculptor
    • Clarice Cliff
      Clarice Cliff
      Clarice Cliff was an English ceramic industrial artist active from 1922 to 1963.Cliff was born in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, England.- Early life :...

      , ceramic designer, modeller and sculptor
    • Sue Coe
      Sue Coe
      Sue Coe is an English artist and illustrator working primarily in drawing and printmaking, often in the form of illustrated books and comics. She grew up close to a slaughterhouse and developed a passion to stop cruelty to animals. Coe studied at the Royal College of Art in London, lived in New...

      , political artist
    • Susie Cooper
      Susie Cooper
      Susie Cooper was a prolific English ceramic designer working in the Stoke-on-Trent pottery industries from the 1920s to the 1980s.-Life and work:Born in Stanfields, Stoke-on-Trent, she was the youngest of seven children...

      , ceramic designer
    • Ben Copperwheat, print designer/artist
    • Jack Coutu
      Jack Coutu
      Jack Coutu ARE ARCA is an English printmaker, sculptor, etcher, engraver, carver, watercolourist and teacher. He was influenced by Oriental art....

      , printmaker and sculptor
    • Tony Cragg
      Tony Cragg
      Tony Cragg is a British visual artist specialized in sculpture. He is currently the director of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.-Early life:Cragg was born in Liverpool in 1949...

      , 1988 Turner Prize winner
    • Adam Dant
      Adam Dant
      Adam Dant is a Jerwood Prize-winning artist . He was born in Cambridge in 1967 but now lives and works in London. He has won praise from The Guardian and Financial Times for his Hogarthian graphic style...

      , 2002 Jerwood Prize winner
    • Alki David
      Alki David
      Alkiviades "Alki" David is a digital media entrepreneurknown for his adoption of social media as a marketing vehicle, such as FilmOn, Battlecam and David has also appeared in feature films, including The Bank Job, and on UK TV.-Background and family:David was born in Lagos, Nigeria, to...

      , writer, actor, director, philanthropist, explorer and businessman
    • Robin Day
      Robin Day
      Sir Robin Day, OBE was a British political broadcaster and commentator. His obituary in the Guardian stated that "he was the most outstanding television journalist of his generation...

      , designer
    • Richard Deacon, sculptor, 1987 Turner Prize winner
    • Roger Dean, artist
    • Len Deighton
      Len Deighton
      Leonard Cyril Deighton is a British military historian, cookery writer, and novelist. He is perhaps most famous for his spy novel The IPCRESS File, which was made into a film starring Michael Caine....

      , historian and author
    • Ian Dury
      Ian Dury
      Ian Robins Dury was an English rock and roll singer, lyricist, bandleader and actor who initially rose to fame during the late 1970s, during the punk and New Wave era of rock music...

      , musician, singer
    • James Dyson
      James Dyson
      Sir James Dyson is a British industrial designer and founder of the Dyson company.He is best known as the inventor of the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, which works on the principle of cyclonic separation. His net worth in 2011 was said to be £1.45 billion.-Early life:Dyson was born in...

      , designer
    • Benoit Pierre Emery
      Benoit Pierre Emery
      Benoit Pierre Emery is a French art director and a fashion designer based in Paris, France.-Biography:A graduate of the Royal College of Art and of the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs, Benoit Emery began his career as a freelancer, working as an art director for Canal + and Louis...

      , silk scarf fashion designer
    • Tracey Emin
      Tracey Emin
      Tracey Karima Emin RA is a British artist of English and Turkish Cypriot origin. She is part of the group known as Britartists or YBAs ....

      , artist, 1999 Turner Prize nominee
    • Cathie Felstead
      Cathie Felstead
      Cathie Felstead, born 1954 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, in the UK, is an English illustrator. Felstead attended Chelsea School of Art, where she gained a BA in graphic design. She then studied illustration at the Royal College of Art, graduating with an MA in 1980.Felstead commenced her...

      , illustrator
    • Alan Fletcher
      Alan Fletcher (graphic designer)
      Alan Gerard Fletcher was a British graphic designer. In his obituary, he was described by The Daily Telegraph as "the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation, and probably one of the most prolific"....

      , graphic designer, founder of Pentagram
      Pentagram (design studio)
      Pentagram is a design studio that was founded in 1972 by Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange and Mervyn Kurlansky in Needham Road, West London, UK...

    • Marion Foale
      Marion Foale
      Marion Foale artist and fashion designer.Foale attended Ilford County High School, where she entered several painting contests. After school she attended Walthamstow School of Art...

      , fashion designer
    • Elizabeth Fritsch
      Elizabeth Fritsch
      Elizabeth Fritsch MA CBE is a British studio potter. Her hand built painted pots are often influenced by music, painting, literature and architecture. Fritsch studied harp and then piano at the Royal Academy of Music from 1958 to 1964, but later took up ceramics under Hans Coper and Eduardo...

      , ceramic artist, potter
    • Anton Furst, production designer
    • Mary Gillick
      Mary Gillick
      Mary Gillick was a sculptor best known for her effigy of Elizabeth II used on coinage in the United Kingdom and elsewhere from 1953 to 1967....

      , sculptor
    • James Henry Govier
      James Henry Govier
      James Henry Govier was an English painter born at Oakley, Buckinghamshire.He was the only son of Henry Govier and Mary Ann Measey. In 1914 the family moved to the small town of Gorseinon in Gower near Swansea, where James was educated at the local school. At the age of fourteen he left school to...

      , painter, etcher, and engraver [R.C.A. etching demonstrator]
    • Raymond Hawkey
      Raymond Hawkey
      Raymond John "Ray" Hawkey was an English graphic designer and author, based in London.-Personal life:He was born in 1930 in Plymouth to John Charles Hawkey and Constance Olive Hawkey....

      , designer and author
    • Thomas Heatherwick
      Thomas Heatherwick
      Thomas Heatherwick is an English designer known for innovative use of engineering and materials in public monuments and sculptures...

      , designer and sculptor
    • John Hedgecoe
      John Hedgecoe
      John Hedgecoe was an award-winning British photographer and the best-selling author of over 30 books on photography. He established the photography department in 1965 at the Royal College of Art, where he was Professor from 1975 to 1994 and was Professor Emeritus until his death...

      , photographer, founder of the photography department at RCA
    • Barbara Hepworth
      Barbara Hepworth
      Dame Barbara Hepworth DBE was an English sculptor. Her work exemplifies Modernism, and with such contemporaries as Ivon Hitchens, Henry Moore, Ben Nicholson, Naum Gabo she helped to develop modern art in Britain.-Life and work:Jocelyn Barbara Hepworth was born on 10 January 1903 in Wakefield,...

      , sculptor
    • Hilda Hewlett
      Hilda Hewlett
      Hilda Beatrice Hewlett was the first British aviatrix to earn a pilot's licence. She was also a successful early aviation entrepreneur. She created and ran the first flying school in the United Kingdom. She also created and managed a successful aircraft manufacturing business which produced more...

      , pioneer aviator and aviation entrepreneur
    • Jonathan Hodgson, animator, Bafta winner 2000
    • David Hockney
      David Hockney
      David Hockney, CH, RA, is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer, who is based in Bridlington, Yorkshire and Kensington, London....

      , painter
    • Eileen Hogan
      Eileen Hogan
      -Biography:Eileen Hogan is an English painter and book artist. She is a Research Professor at Wimbledon College of Art , a Patron of Mindroom and a trustee of the Rootstein Hopkins Foundation.Hogan was born in London and studied at Camberwell School of Arts , the Royal Academy Schools...

      , painter
  • Peter Horbury
    Peter Horbury
    Peter D. Horbury is a British car designer who is currently Vice President, Design of Volvo. He is probably best known for his design work for Volvo, but has worked in a variety of roles in the automotive industry, including as Executive Design Director, Americas for Ford between 2004 and 2009...

    , automotive designer (Ford)
  • Laurence Housman
    Laurence Housman
    Laurence Housman was an English playwright, writer and illustrator.-Early life:Laurence Housman was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, one of seven children who included the poet A. E. Housman and writer Clemence Housman. In 1871 his mother died, and his father remarried, to a cousin...

    , playwright
  • Albert Houthuesen
    Albert Houthuesen
    Albert Houthuesen was a Dutch-born British artist. He was born in Amsterdam, but came to London in 1912, following the death of his father. During the 1920s, he studied at the Royal College of Art with Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Edward Burra, Ceri Richards and Cecil Collins...

    , artist
  • Michele Jannuzzi
    Jannuzzi Smith
    Jannuzzi Smith is a design studio founded in 1993 by Michele Jannuzzi and Richard Smith in London. They now have offices in London and Lugano, Switzerland....

    , graphic designer
  • Chantal Joffe
    Chantal Joffe
    Chantal Joffe is an English artist based in London. Her often large-scale paintings generally depict women and children. In 2006 she received the prestigious Charles Wollaston Award from the Royal Academy.-Life and education:...

    , painter
  • Jasper Joffe
    Jasper Joffe
    Jasper Joffe is a British contemporary artist and novelist.-Life and work:Jasper Joffe was born in the United States in 1975 and moved to England when he was eight. He is the brother of artist Chantal Joffe. He studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford...

    , artist
  • Allen Jones
    Allen Jones
    Allen Jones is the name of:*Allen T Jones ceo*Allen Jones , Continental Congress delegate*Allen Jones , British pop artist...

    , artist
  • R. B. Kitaj
    R. B. Kitaj
    Ronald Brooks Kitaj was an American artist who spent much of his life in England.-Life:Born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, near Cleveland, United States, his Hungarian father, Sigmund Benway, left his mother, Jeanne Brooks, shortly after he was born and they were divorced in 1934. His mother was the...

    , artist
  • Simon Larbalestier
    Simon Larbalestier
    Simon Larbalestier is an English photographer.Larbalestier is noted for his collaborative work with Vaughan Oliver and the design studios 23 Envelope and v23 with whom he has provided photography used on album artwork for bands such as the Pixies, Red House Painters, Heidi Berry and other artists...

    , photographer
  • Noel Harry Leaver
    Noel Leaver
    Noel Harry Leaver was an English painter and teacher.-Early life:Leaver was born at the School House in Austwick, North Yorkshire where his father Peter was a teacher. Soon after the family returned to Worsthorne near Burnley in Lancashire. He was educated at St. James School and the Burnley...

    , painter
  • Dante Leonelli
    Dante Leonelli
    Dante Leonelli is a pioneer of kinetic light sculpture and a former tutor at Hornsey College of Art and the Royal College of Art.In 1968 Leonelli formed the Continuum group with artists Michael McKinnon and Robert Janz....

    , artist
  • David Mach
    David Mach
    David Mach is a Scottish sculptor and installation artist.Mach's artistic style is based on flowing assemblages of mass-produced found art objects. Typically these include magazines,vicious teddy bears,newspapers, car tyres, match sticks and coat hangers...

    , 1988 Turner Prize nominee
  • Jeremy Marre
    Jeremy Marre
    Jeremy Marre is a television director, writer and producer who founded Harcourt Films and has worked extensively around the world. Many of his films are on musical subjects....

    , film director
  • Kenneth Martin
    Kenneth Martin
    Kenneth Martin was an English painter and sculptor who along with his wife Mary Martin and Victor Pasmore was a leading figure in the revival of Constructivism in Britain and America in the 1940s....

    , sculptor
  • Mary Martin
    Mary Martin
    Mary Virginia Martin was an American actress and singer. She originated many roles over her career including Nellie Forbush in South Pacific and Maria in The Sound of Music. She was named a Kennedy Center Honoree in 1989...

    , sculptor
  • Simon Martin
    Simon Martin (Mayanist)
    Simon Martin is a British epigrapher, historian, writer and Mayanist scholar. He is best known for his contributions to the study and decipherment of the Maya script, the writing system used by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization of Mesoamerica...

    , epigrapher and Mayanist scholar
  • Donald Maxwell
    Donald Maxwell
    Donald Maxwell was a British writer and illustrator.-Life and family:Donald Maxwell was the son of Dr Frederick Charles Maxwell, a Methodist clergyman and schoolmaster, and his wife Lucilla, also an illustrator...

    , artist and illustrator
  • David Mellor
    David Mellor (cutler)
    David Mellor, CBE, FCSD, RDI, was one of the best-known designers in Britain. Born in Sheffield, he specialised in metalwork and especially cutlery, to such an extent that he was often referred to as "the cutlery king"...

    , cutler and industrial designer
  • Sam Messenger
    Sam Messenger
    Sam Messenger is an artist living and working in London.He received his MA from the Royal College of Art, London and his work is exhibited internationally at various museums, galleries & art fairs.-External links:*...

    , artist
  • John W. Mills
    John W. Mills
    John William Mills is an English sculptor.He was born in London on March 4, 1933.He studied at Hammersmith School of Art 1947-1954, and at the Royal College of Art 1956-1960.He was a resident at Digswell House 1962-1966....

    , sculptor
  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore
    Henry Spencer Moore OM CH FBA was an English sculptor and artist. He was best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art....

    , sculptor
  • Malcolm Morley
    Malcolm Morley
    Malcolm Morley is an English artist now living in the United States. He is best known as a photorealist.-Early life:Morley was born in north London. He had a troubled childhood, and did not discover art until serving a three-year stint in Wormwood Scrubs prison...

    , 1984 Turner Prize winner
  • Jasper Morrison
    Jasper Morrison
    Jasper Morrison is an English product and furniture designer.Morrison was born in London, England. He was educated at Bryanston School. He received a Bachelor of Design degree from Kingston Polytechnic Design School in 1982 and a Masters degree in Design from the Royal College of Art, London, in...

    , designer
  • Paul Neale
    Graphic Thought Facility
    Graphic Thought Facility is a London-based graphic design agency.The studio was founded in 1990 by Royal College of Art graduates Paul Neale, Nigel Robinson and Andy Stevens...

    , graphic designer
  • Chris Ofili
    Chris Ofili
    Chris Ofili is a Turner Prize winning British painter best known for artworks referencing aspects of his Nigerian heritage, particularly his incorporation of elephant dung. He was one of the Young British Artists, and is now based in Trinidad.-Early life:Ofilli was born in Manchester. He had a...

    , 1998 Turner Prize winner
  • Marilene Oliver
    Marilene Oliver
    Marilene Oliver is a British-based printmaker and sculptor.Marilene Oliver gained a BA in Fine Art Printmaking and Photomedia at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and an MA in Fine Art Printmaking at the Royal College of Art, both in London.Her research at the RCA involved scanning...

    , sculptor
  • M. C. Oliver
    M. C. Oliver
    Mervyn C. Oliver MBE was a twentieth century British calligrapher and silversmith taught by Edward Johnston and an early Craft Member of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators...

    , calligrapher
  • Vaughan Oliver
    Vaughan Oliver
    Vaughan Oliver is a British graphic designer based in Epsom, South of London. Oliver is most noted for his work with graphic design studios 23 Envelope and v23...

    , designer and graphic designer
  • Christopher Orr
    Christopher Orr
    Christopher Orr may refer to:* Chris Orr , English artist* Christopher Orr , Scottish painter* Christopher Orr , American actor...

    , artist
  • Jay Osgerby, designer
  • Brothers Quay
    Brothers Quay
    Stephen and Timothy Quay are American identical twin brothers better known as the Brothers Quay or Quay Brothers. They are influential stop-motion animators...

    , stop-motion animators
  • Zandra Rhodes
    Zandra Rhodes
    Zandra Rhodes, CBE, RDI, is an English fashion designer.Zandra Rhodes was introduced to the world of fashion by her mother, who was a fitter in a Paris fashion house and a teacher at Medway College of Art, now the University for the Creative Arts. Rhodes studied first at Medway and then at the...

    , fashion designer
  • Ceri Richards
    Ceri Richards
    -Biography:Richards was born in the village of Dunvant, near Swansea, the son of Thomas Coslett Richards and Sarah Richards . He and his younger brother and sister, Owen and Esther, were brought up in a highly cultured, working-class environment...

    , painter
  • Bridget Riley
    Bridget Riley
    Bridget Louise Riley CH CBE is an English painter who is one of the foremost proponents of Op art.-Early life:...

    , artist
  • Sir Ridley Scott
    Ridley Scott
    Sir Ridley Scott is an English film director and producer. His most famous films include The Duellists , Alien , Blade Runner , Legend , Thelma & Louise , G. I...

    , film director (brother of Tony)
  • Asif Kapadia
    Asif Kapadia
    Asif Kapadia is a British filmmaker of Indian descent. He directed several award-winning films, including The Sheep Thief , winner of the 2nd Prize Cinéfondation for Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival, The Warrior , which won the BAFTA Award for Best British Film and Senna , winner of the...

    , film director
  • Johnny Rozsa
    Johnny Rozsa
    Johnny Rozsa is a New York-based photographer, specializing in fashion, portrait, and celebrity photography.-Early life:Rozsa was born and raised in Nairobi, the son of Jewish Hungarian-Czech parents...

    , photographer
  • Paul Rundle, architect
  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott
    Anthony D. L. "Tony" Scott is an English film director. His films include Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop II, The Last Boy Scout, True Romance, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Man on Fire, Déjà Vu, The Taking of Pelham 123, and Unstoppable...

    , film director (brother of Ridley)
  • Uday Shankar
    Uday Shankar
    Uday Shankar , the pioneer of modern dance in India, and a world renowned Indian dancer and choreographer, was most known for adapting Western theatrical techniques to traditional Indian classical dance, imbued with elements of Indian classical, folk, and tribal dance, thus laying the roots of...

    , choreographer
  • George Shaw
    George Shaw (artist)
    George Shaw is an Ilfracombe-based contemporary artist who is noted for his highly detailed naturalistic approach and English suburban subject matter...

    , artist, Turner Prize nominee 2011
  • Peter Sís
    Peter Sis
    Peter Sís is an award-winning children's book writer and illustrator. Sís attended the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague and the Royal College of Art in London...

    , artist and illustrator
  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith (photographer)
    __NoTOC__Graham Smith is a photographer from Middlesbrough, England, who was particularly active in photographing Middlesbrough and the northeast of England in the 1970s and 1980s....

    , photographer
  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith (designer)
    Martin Smith is an automobile designer, currently Executive Design Director for Ford of Europe.-Background:Born in 1949 in Broomhill, Sheffield, England, Smith attended King Edward VII School. A car fanatic since he was a boy, he wrote letters to Mini designer Alec Issigonis asking how to become a...

    , automotive designer (Ford)
  • Richard Smith
    Jannuzzi Smith
    Jannuzzi Smith is a design studio founded in 1993 by Michele Jannuzzi and Richard Smith in London. They now have offices in London and Lugano, Switzerland....

    , graphic designer
  • Peter Stevens, automotive designer
  • Stuart Stockdale
    Stuart Stockdale
    Stuart Stockdale is an English fashion designer, born in Carlisle, Cumbria. He lives and works in London.-Biography:Stuart studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and went on to do a Master's degree at the Royal College of Art...

    , fashion designer
  • Linda Sutton
    Linda Sutton
    Linda Sutton is a British painter. She was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.She studied at Winchester School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 1974...

     (painter), RCA 100 mural prize 1972
  • Storm Thorgerson
    Storm Thorgerson
    Storm Thorgerson is an English graphic designer, known for his work for rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, 10cc, Dream Theater, The Mars Volta, Muse, The Cranberries, and Biffy Clyro.-Biography:...

    , photographer and designer
  • David Tremlett
    David Tremlett
    David Tremlett is a Cornish sculptor, installation artist and photographer. He currently lives and works in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, Great Britain.- Biography :...

    , artist, Turner Prize nominee 1992
  • John Tunnard
    John Tunnard
    John Samuel Tunnard was an English Modernist designer and painter. He was the cousin of landscape architect Christopher Tunnard.-Life:...

    , artist
  • Charles Tunnicliffe
    Charles Tunnicliffe
    Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe was an internationally renowned naturalistic painter of British birds and other wildlife. He spent most of his working life on the Isle of Anglesey.-Life:...

    , painter
  • Gavin Turk
    Gavin Turk
    Gavin Turk is a British artist and one of the Young British Artists . He often uses his own image in life-size sculptures of famous people.-Life and work:...

    , artist
  • Sidney Tushingham
    Sidney Tushingham
    Sidney Tushingham was a painter and etcher who specialised in rustic scenes of villages and small town life.He was born in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England, where he started his artistic career as a china painter. He attended Burslem School of Art and progressed to the Royal College of Art...

    , painter and etcher
  • Dirk van Braeckel
    Dirk van Braeckel
    Dirk van Braeckel , is a Belgian car designer, currently head of design at Bentley Motors.Born in Deinze, after leaving school, van Braeckel studied electrical engineering, before joining Ford as an apprentice car designer in Cologne, West Germany...

    , Director of design (Bentley Motors)
  • Lee Wagstaff
    Lee Wagstaff
    Lee Wagstaff is an English artist who spent four and half years acquiring all-over tattoos with designs based on cross-cultural geometrical symbols drawing on religious influences from his Roman Catholic upbringing and Indian family members.He studied at the Central Saint Martins College of Art...

    , photographer performance artist
  • Ray Walker
    Ray Walker (artist)
    Ray Walker was an English artist, considered among the most prominent of a movement of political and community orientated artists who created murals in London during the 1970s and 1980s.Walker was born in Toxteth, Liverpool, UK...

    , mural artist, 1945–1984
  • Suling Wang
    Suling Wang
    Suling Wang born in 1968, is an internationally recognized painter and contemporary artist, known predominantly for her large scale abstract works. She currently lives and works in London, UK.- Biography :...

    , artist
  • Richard Wentworth, sculptor
  • Alison Wilding
    Alison Wilding
    Alison Wilding RA is an English sculptor.-Biography:Born in Blackburn in Lancashire, Wilding studied at the Nottingham College of Art, the Ravensbourne College of Art and Design in Chislehurst and, from 1970 to 1973, the Royal College of Art in London...

    , 1992 Turner Prize nominee
  • Christopher Williams (Welsh artist)
    Christopher Williams (Welsh artist)
    Christopher David Williams was a Welsh artist.He was born in Maesteg, Wales. His father Evan Williams intended him to be a doctor, but he disliked the idea. A visit to the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, in 1892, where he spent some hours in front of Frederick Leighton's "Perseus and Andromeda,"...

    , 1873–1934
  • Joash Woodrow
    Joash Woodrow
    Joash Woodrow was a reclusive English artist.Woodrow was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, of Polish-Jewish parents, and was one of eight siblings...

    , painter
  • Jon Wozencroft
    Jon Wozencroft
    Jon Wozencroft is a graphic designer, author and instructor.Wozencroft founded Touch, an independent multimedia publishing company...

    , graphic designer and cofounder of Touch Music
    Touch Music
    Touch is a British audio-visual organisation, operating the Touch label. It is the main arm of the London-based multimedia publishing company Touch, established in 1982...

  • Andrea Wulf
    Andrea Wulf
    Andrea Wulf is an acclaimed biographer. She is the author of The Brother Gardeners, published in April 2008...

    , History of Design 1999
  • Carey Young
    Carey Young
    Carey Young is a visual artist who incorporates a variety of media such as video, photography, performative events and installation into her works, which investigate the increasing incorporation of the personal and public domains into the realm of the commercial...

    , artist
  • Bettina von Zwehl, photographer

  • 21st century

    • Christopher Bailey
      Christopher Bailey (fashion designer)
      Christopher Bailey is Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, and is responsible for the company’s overall image including all advertising, corporate art direction, store design and visuals as well as the design of all Burberry collections and product lines.Bailey, who was 38 in 2009, was born in...

      , creative director at Burberry
    • Christine Berrie
      Christine Berrie
      Christine Berrie is a Scottish illustrator and artist based in Glasgow. She is known for her industrial-themed illustrations, including such objects as wall plates, gas meters, dials, buttons and switches, control boxes, electrical objects, machinery, and appliances.Berrie, who has been active...

      , illustrator
    • Gillian Carnegie
      Gillian Carnegie
      Gillian Carnegie is an English artist.Carnegie is a graduate of the Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art....

    • Guy Hendrix Dyas
      Guy Hendrix Dyas
      Guy Hendrix Dyas, Production Designer, most recently collaborated with Christopher Nolan on his ambitious science fiction thriller “Inception” which earned him an Academy Award Nomination®™ as well as a BAFTA award for best Production Design...

      , designer and feature film production designer, BAFTA winner 2010
    • Max Hattler
      Max Hattler
      Max Hattler is a German video artist and experimental filmmaker best known for his kaleidoscopic political short films “Collision” and "Spin" , abstract stop motion work "AANAATT" , and psychedelic animation loops "1923 aka Heaven" and "1925 aka Hell" .- Biography :Max Hattler was born in Ulm,...

      , visual artist, animator
    • Idris Khan
      Idris Khan
      Idris Khan is an artist based in London.His work comprises digital photographs that superimpose iconic text or image sets into a single frame , or every Bernd and Hilla Becher spherical gasholder.-Khan received a First in his BA from the...

    • Liz Neal
      Liz Neal
      Liz Neal is an artist based in London.Neal grew up in North Wales. She makes paintings and installations which reference sexual, consumer and fantasy imagery. From 2001-2003, Neal turned the front room of her North London flat into an installation by covering every surface of the space with...

    • Xavier Pick
      Xavier Pick
      Xavier Pick was born in York, England in 1972. He was brought up in Yorkshire and attended Pocklington School. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art.He has won critical acclaim for his visual story telling...

      , artist
    • Sophy Rickett
      Sophy Rickett
      Sophy Rickett is a visual artist, working with photography and video/sound installation.-Career:Between 1990 and 1993, Rickett studied for a BA in Photography at London College of Communication, London...

      , visual artist, awarded the Arts Council of England Helen Chadwick Fellowship, and the British School at Rome
      British School at Rome
      The British School at Rome was established in 1901 and granted a Royal Charter in 1912 as an educational institute in the fields of archaeology, literature, music, and history of Rome and Italy of every period, and for the study of the fine arts and architecture...

      , Italy
    • Suzie Templeton
      Suzie Templeton
      Suzie Templeton is a director, animator and writer of stop motion animation films. She is best known for her 2006 animated adaptation of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf....

      , director of animated films, winner of Academy Award
      Academy Award for Animated Short Film
      The Academy Award for Animated Short Film is an award which has been given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of the Academy Awards every year since the 5th Academy Awards, covering the year 1931-32, to the present....


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