Order of the Rising Sun
The is a Japan
Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south...

ese order
Order (decoration)
An order or order of merit is a visible honour, awarded by a government, dynastic house or international organization to an individual, usually in recognition of distinguished service to a nation or to humanity. The distinction between orders and decorations is somewhat vague, except that most...

, established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji of Japan. The Order was the first national decoration awarded by the Japanese Government, created on April 10, 1875 by decree of the Council of State. The badge features rays of sunlight from the rising sun. The design of the Rising Sun symbolizes energy as powerful as the rising sun in parallel with the "rising sun" concept of Japan ("Land of the Rising Sun").
It is the second most prestigious Japanese decoration after the Order of the Chrysanthemum
Order of the Chrysanthemum
is Japan's highest order. The Grand Cordon of the Order was established in 1876 by Emperor Meiji of Japan; the collar of the Order was added on January 4, 1888. Although technically the order has only one class, it can either be awarded with collar , or with grand cordon...

; however the Chrysanthemum is generally only awarded to politicians, military leaders, or royalty. The modern version of this honor has been conferred on non-Japanese recipients beginning in 1981 (although several foreigners were given the honor before World War II); and women were awarded the Order starting in 2003 (previously, women were awarded the Order of the Precious Crown
Order of the Precious Crown
The Order of the Precious Crown is a Japanese order, established on January 4, 1888 by Emperor Meiji of Japan. Originally the order had five classes, but on April 13, 1896 the sixth, seventh and eighth classes were added....

). The awarding of the Order is administered by the Decoration Bureau of Office of the Prime Minister. It is awarded in the name of the Emperor and can be awarded posthumously.

It can be awarded to Japanese as well as non-Japanese nationals.


The Order can be awarded in any of these nine classes. Conventionally, a diploma is prepared to accompany the insignia of the order, and in some rare instances, the personal signature of the emperor will have been added. As an illustration of the wording of the text, a translation of a representative 1929 diploma says:
The badge for the Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Flowers, Grand Cordon is a gilt
The term gilding covers a number of decorative techniques for applying fine gold leaf or powder to solid surfaces such as wood, stone, or metal to give a thin coating of gold. A gilded object is described as "gilt"...

 cross with white enameled rays, bearing a central emblem of a red enameled sun disc surrounded by red rays, and with three paulownia
Paulownia is a genus of from 6 to 17 species of plants in the monogeneric family Paulowniaceae, related to and sometimes included in the Scrophulariaceae. They are native to much of China, south to northern Laos and Vietnam, and long cultivated elsewhere in eastern Asia, notably in Japan and Korea...

 blossoms between each arm of the cross. It is suspended from three enameled paulownia leaves on a sash in red with white border stripes, and is worn on the right shoulder.

The star for the Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Flowers, Grand Cordon is the same as the badge, but without the paulownia leaves suspension. It is worn on the left chest.

The badge for the First to Sixth Classes is an eight-pointed badge, in gilt (1st-4th Classes), gilt and silver (5th Class), or silver (6th Class), with white enamelled rays, bearing a central red enamelled sun disc. It is suspended from three enamelled paulownia leaves (not chrysanthemum as the Decoration Bureau page claims) on a ribbon in white with red border stripes, worn as a sash on the right shoulder for the 1st Class, as a necklet for the 2nd and 3rd Classes, on the left chest for the 4th to 6th Classes (with a rosette
Rosette (decoration)
A rosette is a small, circular device that is presented with a medal. The rosettes are primarily for situations where wearing the medal is deemed inappropriate. Rosettes are issued in nations such as France, Italy and Japan...

 for the 4th Class).

The star for the First and Second Classes is an eight-pointed silver badge, bearing a central emblem identical to the 4th Class badge without the paulownia leaves suspension. It is worn on the left chest for the 1st Class, on the right chest for the 2nd Class.

The badge for the Seventh and Eighth Classes consists of just a silver medal in the shape of three paulownia leaves, enamelled for the 7th Class and plain for the 8th Class. It is suspended on a ribbon, again in white with red border stripes, worn on the left chest.

1st Class, Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Flowers, Grand Cordon

In 2003, this highest grade of the Order was elevated, becoming the Order of the Paulownia Flowers
Order of the Paulownia Flowers
The ' is an order presented by the Japanese Government. Established in 1888 during the Meiji Restoration as the highest award in the Order of the Rising Sun; however, since 2003 it has been an Order in its own right...

. This high honor was conferred on the following people prior to 2003:

  • Konrad Adenauer
    Konrad Adenauer
    Konrad Hermann Joseph Adenauer was a German statesman. He was the chancellor of the West Germany from 1949 to 1963. He is widely recognised as a person who led his country from the ruins of World War II to a powerful and prosperous nation that had forged close relations with old enemies France,...

  • Henry Willard Denison
    Henry Willard Denison
    Henry Willard Denison was an American diplomat and lawyer, active in Meiji period Japan.-Biography:Denison was born in Guildhall, Vermont, and spent his early years at Lancaster, New Hampshire...

    , 1902,
  • John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher (1841–1920)
  • Tom Foley
    Tom Foley
    Thomas Stephen Foley was the 57th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1989 to 1995. He represented Washington's 5th congressional district for 30 years as a Democratic member from 1965 to 1995....

    , 1995
  • Robert Walker Irwin
    Robert Walker Irwin
    Robert Walker Irwin was an American businessman and the Kingdom of Hawaii's Minister to Japan. Irwin's most significant accomplishment as Hawaii's top representative to Japan was the 1886 immigration treaty between the two nations that led to significant migration of Japanese nationals to...

  • MacArthur, Douglas
    Douglas MacArthur
    General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was an American general and field marshal of the Philippine Army. He was a Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s and played a prominent role in the Pacific theater during World War II. He received the Medal of Honor for his service in the...


  • Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
    Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
    Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim was the military leader of the Whites in the Finnish Civil War, Commander-in-Chief of Finland's Defence Forces during World War II, Marshal of Finland, and a Finnish statesman. He was Regent of Finland and the sixth President of Finland...

  • Mansfield, Mike
    Mike Mansfield
    Michael Joseph Mansfield was an American Democratic politician and the longest-serving Majority Leader of the United States Senate, serving from 1961 to 1977. He also served as United States Ambassador to Japan for over ten years...

  • George Mountbatten, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven
    George Mountbatten, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven
    Captain George Louis Victor Henry Serge Mountbatten, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven , styled Earl of Medina between 1917 and 1921, was born the son of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Marquess of Milford Haven and Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine at Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany...

  • Nogi Maresuke (1849–1912)
  • George Schultz

1st Class, Grand Cordon

  • Kemal Derviş
    Kemal Dervis
    Kemal Derviş is a Turkish economist and politician, and former head of the United Nations Development Programme. He was honored by the government of Japan for having "contributed to mainstreaming Japan's development assistance policy through the United Nations." In 2005, he was ranked 67th in the...

    , 2009
  • Edmund Allenby
    Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby
    Field Marshal Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby GCB, GCMG, GCVO was a British soldier and administrator most famous for his role during the First World War, in which he led the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in the conquest of Palestine and Syria in 1917 and 1918.Allenby, nicknamed...

    , 1921
  • Michael Armacost
    Michael Armacost
    Michael Hayden Armacost is a fellow at Stanford University's Freeman Spogli Institute. He previously was the president of the Brookings Institution from 1995-2002.-Diplomatic career:...

    , 2007
  • Erwin Bälz
    Erwin Bälz
    Erwin Bälz was a German internist, anthropologist, personal physician to the Japanese Imperial Family and cofounder of modern medicine in Japan.- Biography :...

     (1849–1913), 1905
  • Arthur Barrett
    Arthur Barrett (Indian Army officer)
    Field Marshal Sir Arthur Arnold Barrett GCB GCSI KCVO ADC was a British officer of the Indian Army.-Early life and service:Barrett was born in Carshalton, Surrey , the son of a clergyman...

    , 1921
  • Edmund Barton
    Edmund Barton
    Sir Edmund Barton, GCMG, KC , Australian politician and judge, was the first Prime Minister of Australia and a founding justice of the High Court of Australia....

    , 1905
  • Carol Bellamy
    Carol Bellamy
    Carol Bellamy has been Director of the Peace Corps, Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund , and President and CEO of World Learning. In April, 2009, Bellamy was appointed as Chair of the International Baccalaureate Board of Governors...

    , 2006
  • Felix von Bendemann
    Felix von Bendemann
    Felix von Bendemann was an Admiral of the German Imperial Navy .Bendemann was born in Dresden, Kingdom of Saxony. He was the son of the painter Eduard Julius Friedrich Bendemann and Lida Schadow, who was the daughter of the sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow...

    , 1906
  • Charles Reed Bishop
    Charles Reed Bishop
    Charles Reed Bishop was a businessman and philanthropist in Hawaii.Born in Glens Falls, New York, he sailed to Hawaii in 1846 at the age of 24, and made his home there. Bishop was one of the first trustees of and a major donor to the Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii...

  • Sepp Blatter
    Sepp Blatter
    Joseph S. Blatter , commonly known as Sepp Blatter, is a Swiss football administrator, who serves as the 8th and current President of FIFA . He was elected on 8 June 1998, succeeding João Havelange. He was re-elected as President in 2002, 2007, and 2011...

    , 2009
  • Gustave Emile Boissonade
    Gustave Emile Boissonade
    Gustave Emile Boissonade de Fontarabie was a French legal scholar, responsible for drafting much of Japan's civil code during the Meiji Era, and honored as one of the founders of modern Japan's legal system.-Biography:...

     (1825–1910), 1909.
  • Laurens Jan Brinkhorst
    Laurens Jan Brinkhorst
    Laurens Jan Brinkhorst is a Dutch D66 politician.Brinkhorst was an undersecretary of state of foreign affairs and a minister of agriculture. Furthermore he was the leader of the D66-group in the Second Chamber of the Dutch parliament...

    , 2009
  • Arleigh Burke
    Arleigh Burke
    Admiral Arleigh Albert '31-knot' Burke was an admiral of the United States Navy who distinguished himself during World War II and the Korean War, and who served as Chief of Naval Operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.-Early life and naval career:Burke was born in Boulder,...

  • George W. Casey, Jr. 2010
  • Malcolm Fraser
    Malcolm Fraser
    John Malcolm Fraser AC, CH, GCL, PC is a former Australian Liberal Party politician who was the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia. He came to power in the 1975 election following the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor government, in which he played a key role...

    , 2006
  • Kenzaburo Hara (1907–2004)
  • Dennis Hastert
    Dennis Hastert
    John Dennis "Denny" Hastert was the 59th Speaker of the House serving from 1999 to 2007. He represented as a Republican for twenty years, 1987 to 2007.He is the longest-serving Republican Speaker in history...

    , 2010
  • Masaru Ibuka
    Masaru Ibuka
    Masaru Ibuka was a Japanese electronics industrialist. He co-founded what is now Sony....

  • Daniel Inouye
    Daniel Inouye
    Daniel Ken "Dan" Inouye is the senior United States Senator from Hawaii, a member of the Democratic Party, and the President pro tempore of the United States Senate making him the highest-ranking Asian American politician in American history. Inouye is the chairman of the United States Senate...

    , 2000
  • Henry Jackson (1855–1929)
  • Anerood Jugnauth
    Anerood Jugnauth
    Sir Anerood Jugnauth , KCMG, QC, GCSK, PC, LLB, GOLH, GOP, ORS is the President of Mauritius and all its dependencies...

    , 1988

  • Komura Jutarō
    Komura Jutaro
    was a statesman and diplomat in Meiji period Japan.-Biography:Komura was born to a lower-ranking samurai family in service of the Obi clan at Nichinan, Hyuga province . He attended the Daigaku Nankō...

  • Lee Kuan Yew
    Lee Kuan Yew
    Lee Kuan Yew, GCMG, CH is a Singaporean statesman. He was the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, governing for three decades...

    , 1967
  • Venkataraman Krishnamurthy2009
  • Curtis LeMay
    Curtis LeMay
    Curtis Emerson LeMay was a general in the United States Air Force and the vice presidential running mate of American Independent Party candidate George Wallace in 1968....

  • Wangari Maathai
    Wangari Maathai
    Wangari Muta Mary Jo Maathai was a Kenyan environmental and political activist. She was educated in the United States at Mount St. Scholastica and the University of Pittsburgh, as well as the University of Nairobi in Kenya...

    , 2009
  • John McEwen
    John McEwen
    Sir John "Black Jack" McEwen, GCMG, CH , was an Australian politician and the 18th Prime Minister of Australia...

  • Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin
    Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin
    Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin is a professional foreign service officer for Denmark and has been Ambassador of Denmark to Japan and Afghanistan. He is currently serving in Copenhagen....

  • Robert Menzies
    Robert Menzies
    Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, , Australian politician, was the 12th and longest-serving Prime Minister of Australia....

  • Peter Pace
    Peter Pace
    Peter Pace is a retired United States Marine Corps general who served as the 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first Marine appointed to the United States' highest-ranking military office. Appointed by President George W. Bush, Pace succeeded U.S. Air Force General Richard Myers on...

    , 2007
  • Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas Muller
    Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas Muller
    Hendrik Pieter Nicolaas Muller, GON, RNL, FRGS was a Dutch businessman, diplomat, world traveller, publicist, and philanthropist...

  • William Perry
    William Perry
    William James Perry is an American businessman and engineer who was the United States Secretary of Defense from February 3, 1994, to January 23, 1997, under President Bill Clinton...

    , 2002
  • Herbert Plumer (1857–1932)
  • Pridi Banomyong (1900–1983)
  • Edward A. Rice, Jr.
    Edward A. Rice, Jr.
    General Edward A. Rice, Jr, USAF is the 30th Commander, Air Education and Training Command , Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. As commander, he is responsible for the recruiting, training and education of all US Airmen. His command includes the Air Force Recruiting Service, two numbered air forces...

  • Takeshita Isamu
    Isamu Takeshita
    was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy. He was also a diplomat whose accomplishments included helping end the Russo-Japanese War favorably for Japan and obtaining former German possessions in the Pacific for Japan following World War I...

     (1869–1949), 1920
  • John Anthony Cecil Tilley (1869-1952)
  • Goh Chok Tong
    Goh Chok Tong
    Goh Chok Tong is the Senior Minister of Singapore and the chairman of the central bank of Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He also served as the second Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore from 28 November 1990 to 12 August 2004, succeeding Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime...

    , 2011
  • Shoichiro Toyoda
    Shoichiro Toyoda
    is a Japanese business leader, serving as chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation between 1992–1999 and also serving as chairman of the powerful , beginning in May 1994 through May 1998.- Family tree :...

    , 2002
  • Gough Whitlam
    Gough Whitlam
    Edward Gough Whitlam, AC, QC , known as Gough Whitlam , served as the 21st Prime Minister of Australia. Whitlam led the Australian Labor Party to power at the 1972 election and retained government at the 1974 election, before being dismissed by Governor-General Sir John Kerr at the climax of the...

    , 2006
  • Tokugawa Yoshinobu
    Tokugawa Yoshinobu
    was the 15th and last shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan. He was part of a movement which aimed to reform the aging shogunate, but was ultimately unsuccessful...


2nd Class, Gold and Silver Star

  • Momofuku Ando
    Momofuku Ando
    , ORS, was a Taiwanese-Japanese businessman who founded Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. He is famed as the inventor of instant noodles and cup noodles.- Early life :...

     (1910–2007), 2002
  • Jagdish Bhagwati
    Jagdish Bhagwati
    Jagdish Natwarlal Bhagwati is an Indian-American economist and professor of economics and law at Columbia University. He is well known for his research in international trade and for his advocacy of free trade....

    , 2006
  • Arden L. Bement, Jr., 2009
  • Louis Bols
    Louis Bols
    Lieutenant-General Sir Louis Jean Bols KCB, KCMG, DSO was born in Cape Town and educated at Lancing College in England. He was a distinguished British military officer...

    , 1921
  • Gustave Emile Boissonade
    Gustave Emile Boissonade
    Gustave Emile Boissonade de Fontarabie was a French legal scholar, responsible for drafting much of Japan's civil code during the Meiji Era, and honored as one of the founders of modern Japan's legal system.-Biography:...

     (1825–1910), 1876.
  • Georges Hilaire Bousquet
    Georges Hilaire Bousquet
    Georges Hilaire Bousquet was a French legal scholar who contributed to the development of the legal codes of the Empire of Japan.-Biography:Bousquet was born in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, France...

     (1846–1937), 1898.
  • Horace Capron
    Horace Capron
    Horace Capron was an American businessman and agriculturalist, a founder of Laurel, Maryland, a Union officer in the American Civil War, the United States Commissioner of Agriculture under U.S. Presidents Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S...

     (1804–1885), 1884
  • William Douglas Crowder
    William Douglas Crowder
    Vice Admiral William Douglas Crowder retired from the United States Navy in November 2009 after serving as the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Operations, Plans and Strategy...

    , 2008
  • Gerald Curtis
    Gerald Curtis
    Gerald L. Curtis is an American academic, a political scientist interested in comparative politics, Japanese politics and U.S.-Japan relations.-Columbia University:...

    , 2005
  • Hugh Elles
    Hugh Elles
    Lieutenant General Sir Hugh Jamieson Elles KCB KCMG KCVO DSO was a British General and the first commander of the newly formed Tank Corps in the First World War.-Early life:...

  • Thomas Blake Glover
    Thomas Blake Glover
    Thomas Blake Glover, Order of the Rising Sun was a Scottish merchant in Bakumatsu and Meiji period Japan.-Early life :...

  • William Reginald Hall
    William Reginald Hall
    Admiral Sir William Reginald Hall, KCMG, CB, RN was the British Director of Naval Intelligence from 1914 to 1919...

  • Lionel Halsey
    Lionel Halsey
    Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey GCMG GCVO KCIE CB ADC was a British Royal Navy officer and courtier.-Early life and career:...

  • Donald Keene
    Donald Keene
    Donald Lawrence Keene is a Japanologist, scholar, teacher, writer, translator and interpreter of Japanese literature and culture. Keene was University Professor Emeritus and Shincho Professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature at Columbia University, where he taught for over fifty years...

    , 1993
  • David C. Knapp
    David C. Knapp
    David C. Knapp was an American educational administrator.Knapp was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1927, and received his B.A. in political science from Syracuse University in 1947. He entered the University of Chicago; earning his M.A. in 1948. Knapp served in the U.S. Army's Second Armored...

    , (1927–2010)

  • George Trumbull Ladd
    George Trumbull Ladd
    George Trumbull Ladd was an American philosopher, educator and psychologist.-Early life and ancestors:...

  • Cecil Lambert
    Cecil Lambert
    Admiral Sir Cecil Foley Lambert KCB was a Royal Navy admiral during World War I.-Naval career:Born the son of Sir Henry Lambert, 6th Baronet and Eliza Catherine Hervey, Cecil Lambert joined the Royal Navy...

  • Tsung-Dao Lee
    Tsung-Dao Lee
    Tsung-Dao Lee is a Chinese born-American physicist, well known for his work on parity violation, the Lee Model, particle physics, relativistic heavy ion physics, nontopological solitons and soliton stars....

  • Charles LeGendre (1830–1899)
  • Hideyo Noguchi
    Hideyo Noguchi
    , also known as , was a prominent Japanese bacteriologist who discovered the agent of syphilis as the cause of progressive paralytic disease in 1911.-Early life:...

  • Johannis de Rijke
    Johannis de Rijke
    Johannis de Rijke was a Dutch civil engineer and a foreign advisor to the Japanese government in Meiji period Japan.-Early life:...

  • Vsevolod Rudnev
    Vsevolod Rudnev
    Vsevolod Fyodorovich Rudnev was a career naval officer in the Imperial Russian Navy, noted for his heroic role in the Battle of Chemulpo Bay during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.-Biography:...

    ,(1855-1913), 1907
  • Jacob Schiff
    Jacob Schiff
    Jacob Henry Schiff, born Jakob Heinrich Schiff was a German-born Jewish American banker and philanthropist, who helped finance, among many other things, the Japanese military efforts against Tsarist Russia in the Russo-Japanese War.From his base on Wall Street, he was the foremost Jewish leader...

  • Wendell M. Stanley (1904–1971), 1966
  • Michael Ira Sovern
  • Henry W. Taft
    Henry W. Taft
    Henry Waters Taft was the son of Alphonso and brother of President William Howard Taft.-Biography:He graduated from Yale in 1880 with a BA, where he was a member of Skull and Bones and commencement orator of the class of 1880. Taft also studied at Cincinnati and Columbia Law Schools...

  • Frederick Charles Tudor Tudor
    Frederick Charles Tudor Tudor
    Rear Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Tudor Tudor KCB KCMG was a Royal Navy officer who went on to be Third Sea Lord.-Naval career:Tudor joined the Royal Navy in 1876. He was Commanding Officer of HMS Prometheus, HMS Challenger and HMS Superb. In 1910 he was given command of the Gunnery School at...

  • Charles Vaughan-Lee
    Charles Vaughan-Lee
    Sir Charles Lionel Vaughan-Lee, KBE, CB was a senior Royal Navy officer in the early 20th century. He served during the First World War, rising to the rank of rear-admiral....

  • John Waldron
    John Waldron (police officer)
    Sir John Lovegrove Waldron, KCVO was a British police officer who served as Chief Constable of Berkshire Constabulary from 1954 to 1958 and Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police from 1968 to 1972....

     (1909–1975) 1971
  • Bryon Wilfert
    Bryon Wilfert
    Bryon J. Wilfert, PC was a Canadian politician. He was a member of the Canadian House of Commons, representing the riding of Richmond Hill for the Liberal Party from 1997 to 2011...

    , 2011
  • Philip Yeo
    Philip Yeo
    Philip Yeo Liat Kok is the Chairman of both SPRING Singapore and Singbridge International Investments. He was formerly the Special Adviser for Economic Development in the Prime Minister's Office from April 2007 to August 2011. Until 2007, he was the chairman of A*STAR, a government agency in...

    , 2007

3rd Class, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon

  • Ben Nighthorse Campbell
    Ben Nighthorse Campbell
    Benjamin Nighthorse Campbell is an American politician. He was a U.S. Senator from Colorado from 1993 until 2005 and was during his tenure the only American Indian serving in the U.S. Congress. Campbell was a three term U.S. Representative from 1987 to 1993, when he was sworn into office as a...

    , 2011
  • Albert Diamond Cohen, 2011
  • Edwin Cranston
    Edwin Cranston
    Edwin Augustus Cranston is a Professor of Japanese literature in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Harvard University. His primary research interest is the classical literature of Japan, especially traditional poetic forms.-History:...

    , 2009
  • Peter Drysdale
    Peter Drysdale
    Peter David Drysdale AM is Emeritus Professor of Economics and Visiting Fellow in the Crawford School of Economics and Government in the College of Asia and the Pacific at The Australian National University. Until 2002, he was Executive Director of the Australia-Japan Research Centre .Drysdale is...

    , 2001
  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood
    Clinton "Clint" Eastwood, Jr. is an American film actor, director, producer, composer and politician. Eastwood first came to prominence as a supporting cast member in the TV series Rawhide...

    , 2009
  • Jack Fujimoto
    Jack Fujimoto
    __FORCETOC__Masakazu Jack Fujimoto was the first Asian American to become president of a major higher education institution in the mainland of the United States when he became president of Sacramento City College in 1977...

    , 2011
  • Robert Garfias
    Robert Garfias
    Robert Garfias is a figure in ethnomusicology and musicology. He is a professor of Anthropology and a member of The Social Dynamics and Complexity Group at the University of California, Irvine as well as a professor at the Japanese National Museum of Ethnology in Senri, Osaka...

    , 2005
  • Carol Gluck
    Carol Gluck
    Carol Gluck is an American academic and Japanologist. She is the George Sansom Professor of History at Columbia University.-Career:Gluck received her B.A. from Wellesley in 1962. She was awarded her Ph.D...

    , 2006
  • William Elliot Griffis
    William Elliot Griffis
    William Elliot Griffis was an American orientalist, Congregational minister, lecturer, and prolific author....

  • Jochem P. Hanse
    Jochem P. Hanse
    Jochem P. Hanse is a former Commissioner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. In June 2007, he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, by the Japanese government, in recognition of his contributions to promote tighter economic relations between Japan and the...

    , 2007
  • James Curtis Hepburn
    James Curtis Hepburn
    James Curtis Hepburn, M.D., LL.D. was a physician who became a Christian missionary. He is known for the Hepburn romanization system for transliteration of the Japanese language into the Latin alphabet, which he popularized in his Japanese–English dictionary.- Biography :Hepburn was born in...

  • John Charles Hoad
    John Charles Hoad
    Major General Sir John Charles Hoad KCMG was an Australian military leader, best known as the Australian Army's second Chief of the General Staff.-Family:...

  • Kano Jigoro
    Kano Jigoro
    was the founder of judo. Judo was the first Japanese martial art to gain widespread international recognition, and the first to become an official Olympic sport. Pedagogical innovations attributed to Kanō include the use of black and white belts, and the introduction of dan ranking to show the...

  • Kusuma Karunaratne
    Kusuma Karunaratne
    Kusuma Karunaratne nee Ediriweera Jayasooriya is a Sri Lankan academic, university administrator, Professor and scholar of Sinhalese language and literature.-Personal life:...

  • George Trumbull Ladd
    George Trumbull Ladd
    George Trumbull Ladd was an American philosopher, educator and psychologist.-Early life and ancestors:...

  • Miles Wedderburn Lampson (1880–1964)

  • Norman Macrae
    Norman Macrae
    Norman Macrae CBE was a British economist, journalist and author, considered by some to have been one of the world's best forecasters when it came to economics and society...

     (1923-2010), 1988
  • Edwin McClellan
    Edwin McClellan
    Edwin McClellan was a British Japanologist. He was an academic—a scholar, teacher, writer, translator and interpreter of Japanese literature and culture.-Biography:...

  • John Milne
    John Milne
    For other uses, see John Milne .John Milne was the British geologist and mining engineer who worked on a horizontal seismograph.-Biography:...

  • Earl Miner
    Earl Miner
    Earl Roy Miner was a professor at Princeton University, and a noted scholar of Japanese literature and especially Japanese poetry; he was also active in early English literature...

  • Ian Nish
    Ian Nish
    Ian Hill Nish CBE is a British academic, a specialist in Japanese studies, and Emeritus Professor of International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science ....

    , 1991
  • Taiichi Ohno
    Taiichi Ohno
    was a prominent Japanese businessman. He is considered to be the father of the Toyota Production System, which became Lean Manufacturing in the U.S. He devised the seven wastes as part of this system. He wrote several books about the system, including Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-Scale...

    , 1982
  • Susan Pharr
    Susan Pharr
    Susan J. Pharr is an academic in the field of political science, a Japanologist, and Edwin O. Reischauer Professor of Japanese Politics, Director of Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies and the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations at Harvard University...

    , 2008
  • David Rowe-Beddoe, Baron Rowe-Beddoe
    David Rowe-Beddoe, Baron Rowe-Beddoe
    David Sydney Rowe-Beddoe, Baron Rowe-Beddoe is a British politician, a life peer and a crossbench member of the House of Lords.-Early life:David Rowe-Beddoe is the son of Sydney Rowe-Beddoe and Dolan Evans....

    , 2008
  • Rustum Roy
    Rustum Roy
    Rustum Roy was a materials scientist who held visiting professorships in materials science at Arizona State University and in medicine at the University of Arizona, as well as an emeritus position at Pennsylvania State University in three departments...

    , 2002
  • Edward Seidensticker
    Edward Seidensticker
    Edward George Seidensticker was a noted scholar and translator of Japanese literature. He was particularly known for his English version of The Tale of Genji , which is counted among the preferred modern translations...

    , 1975
  • Ichimatsu Tanaka
    Ichimatsu Tanaka
    was a prominent Japanese academic, an art historian, curator, editor, and sometime public servant who specialized in the history of Japanese art. He was born in .-Education:...

     (1895–1983), 1967
  • Patrick Lennox Tierney
    Patrick Lennox Tierney
    Patrick Lennox Tierney is a Japanologist academic in the field of art history, an emeritus professor of the University of Utah, a former Curator of Japanese Art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, a former Director of the Pacific Asia Museum, and a former Commissioner of Art and Monuments during the...

    , 2007
  • Royall Tyler
    Royall Tyler (academic)
    Royall Tyler is a Japanologist. He is a descendant of the American playwright Royall Tyler . He was born in London, England, and grew up in Massachusetts, England, Washington D.C., and Paris, France. Between 1990 and 2000 he taught at the Australian National University. He was Reader at that...

    , 2008
  • Willy Vande Walle
    Willy Vande Walle
    Willy F. Vande Walle is a Belgian academic, author, sinologist and Japanologist.Vande Walle was born in Roeselare, Belgium. His secondary education focused on classical humanities at Klein Seminarie Roeselare...

    , 2006

4th Class, Gold Rays with Rosette

  • Toshiko Akiyoshi
    Toshiko Akiyoshi
    is a Japanese American jazz pianist, composer/arranger and bandleader. Among a very few successful female instrumentalists of her generation in jazz, she is also recognized as a major figure in jazz composition. She has received 14 Grammy nominations, and she was the first woman to win the Best...

    , 2004
  • Boris Akunin
    Boris Akunin
    Boris Akunin is the pen name of Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili , a Russian writer. He is an essayist, literary translator and writer of detective fiction.-Life and career:...

    , 2009
  • Martha Argerich
    Martha Argerich
    Martha Argerich is an Argentine pianist.-Early life:Argerich was born in Buenos Aires and started playing the piano at age three...

    , 2005
  • Henry Pike Bowie
    Henry Pike Bowie
    Henry Pike Bowie was an American lawyer, artist, author, Japanologist and diplomat.-Biography:In the late 1880s, Bowie commissioned Makoto Hagiwara, the designer of the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, to plan a garden and tea house for his home on the border of...

    , 1848–1921
  • William Penn Brooks
    William Penn Brooks
    William Penn Brooks was an American agricultural scientist, who worked as a foreign advisor in Meiji period Japan in the colonization project for Hokkaidō, and the eighth president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College....

    , 1888
  • William Elliot Griffis
    William Elliot Griffis
    William Elliot Griffis was an American orientalist, Congregational minister, lecturer, and prolific author....

    , 1843–1928
  • Steven Heine
    Steven Heine
    Steven Heine, Ph.D., is a Professor of Religion and History as well as Director of the Institute for Asian Studies at Florida International University . He specializes in East Asian and comparative religions, Japanese Buddhism and medieval intellectual history, Buddhist studies, and religion and...

    , 2007
  • Asao Hirano
    Asao Hirano
    is a Japanese physician, academic, medical researcher and neuropathologist. He is credited with having first observed Hirano bodies which are intracellular aggregates of actin and actin-associated proteins in the neurons .-Selected works:...

    , 2001
  • Rena Kanokogi
    Rena Kanokogi
    Rena "Rusty" Kanokogi , née Glickman, was a renowned Jewish-American judo expert from Brooklyn, New York. In 1959, disguised as a man, she won a medal at a YMCA judo tournament, but had to return it after acknowledging that she was a woman...

    , 2008
  • Kihachirō Kawamoto
    Kihachiro Kawamoto
    was a Japanese puppet designer and maker, independent film director, screenwriter and animator and president of the Japan Animation Association from 1989, succeeding founder Osamu Tezuka, until his own death...

    , 1995
  • Keisuke Kinoshita
    Keisuke Kinoshita
    was a Japanese film director.Although lesser known internationally than his fellow filmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa , Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujirō Ozu , Keisuke Kinoshita was nonetheless a household figure at home beloved by audience and critics alike, especially in the forties through the sixties...

    , 1912–1998
  • Tommy Lasorda
    Tommy Lasorda
    Thomas Charles Lasorda is a former Major League baseball player and manager. marked his sixth decade in one capacity or another with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers organization, the longest non-continuous tenure anyone has had with the team, edging Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully...

    , 2008

  • Leiji Matsumoto
    Leiji Matsumoto
    is a well-known creator of several anime and manga series. His wife is also known as a manga artist.-Space opera:Matsumoto is famous for his space operas such as Space Battleship Yamato...

    , 2010
  • Kent Nagano
    Kent Nagano
    __FORCETOC__Kent George Nagano is an American conductor and opera administrator. He is currently the music director of the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and the Bavarian State Opera.-Biography:...

    , 2008
  • Hideyo Noguchi
    Hideyo Noguchi
    , also known as , was a prominent Japanese bacteriologist who discovered the agent of syphilis as the cause of progressive paralytic disease in 1911.-Early life:...

    , 1876–1928
  • Shimaoka Tatsuzo
    Tatsuzo Shimaoka
    was a Japanese mingei potter who studied under Hamada Shoji and later became the second Living National Treasure of Mashiko, Japan. He was best known for his unique Jōmon zogan style of pottery, and was a master of many slip decorating and firing techniques for pottery...

    , 1919–2007
  • Frederik L. Schodt
    Frederik L. Schodt
    Frederik L. Schodt is an American translator, interpreter and writer.Schodt's father was in the US foreign service, and he grew up in Norway, Australia, and Japan. The family first went to Japan in 1965 when Schodt was fifteen. They left in 1967 but Schodt remained to graduate from Tokyo's American...

    , 2009
  • George Shima
    George Shima
    George Shima was a Japanese American businessman in California who became the first Japanese American millionaire. At one point, he produced about 85% of the state's potato crop, which earned him the nickname "The Potato King"....

    , 1864–1926
  • George Takei
    George Takei
    George Hosato Takei Altman is an American actor, author, social activist and former civil politician. He is best known for his role in the television series Star Trek and its film spinoffs, in which he played Hikaru Sulu, helmsman of the...

    , 2004
  • Masanobu Tsuji, 1902–1961
  • Morihei Ueshiba
    Morihei Ueshiba
    was a famous martial artist and founder of the Japanese martial art of aikido. He is often referred to as "the founder" or , "Great Teacher".-Early years:Morihei Ueshiba was born in Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan on December 14, 1883....

    , 1883–1969
  • H. Paul Varley
    H. Paul Varley
    Herbert Paul Varley is an American academic, historian, author, and Japanologist. He is an emeritus professor at Columbia University and Sen Sōshitsu XV Professor of Japanese Cultural History at the University of Hawaii....

    , 1966
  • Teruaki Yamagishi
    Teruaki Yamagishi
    Teruaki Yamagishi is a Management Consultant who works in Manaus. He is the CEO of Yamagishi Consulting.Japanese Government has recognized his invaluable contribution in assisting Japanese Companies to build their plants in Manaus....

    , 2008
  • Sadao Watanabe
    Sadao Watanabe (musician)
    is an influential Japanese jazz musician who plays the alto saxophone, sopranino saxophone and flute. He is known for his Bossa Nova recordings, although his work encompasses a large range of styles with collaborations from musicians all over the world. Sadao first began learning music at the age...

    , 2005
  • George Kerr (judoka), 2010

5th Class, Gold and Silver Rays

  • Kenzo Mori
    Kenzo Mori
    Kenzo Mori was an Nisei Japanese-Canadian journalist, writer, editor and publisher of the New Canadian, an English-language newspaper aimed at second- and third-generation Japanese Canadians.-Early life:...

  • Kiyoshi Nishiyama
    Kiyoshi Nishiyama
    was a versatile Japanese amateur photographer who specialized in landscapes.Born in Tokyo in 1893 as Kiyonosuke Nishiyama , Nishiyama became interested in photography at 15...

     (1893–1983), awarded 1977
  • Shōshin Nagamine
    Shoshin Nagamine
    was a Japanese author, soldier, police officer and karate master.-Early Life and Karate-do:Nagamine was born in Tomari, in Naha City, Okinawa. He was a small and sickly child, and he contracted a gastroenteric disorder in 1926, his second year of high school. He began a self-imposed diet and took...


  • Vincenzo Ragusa
    Vincenzo Ragusa
    Vincenzo Ragusa was an Italian sculptor who lived in Meiji period Japan from 1876-1882. He introduced European techniques in bronze casting, and new methods of modeling in wood, clay, plaster and wire armatures which exerted a significant role in the development of the modern Japanese sculptural...

    , 1884
  • Ronald Stewart Watt, awarded 2010

6th Class, Silver Rays

  • Henry Hajimu Fujii
    Henry Hajimu Fujii
    Henry Fujii was a pioneer and Japanese American community leader in the state of Idaho. His primary vocation was in agriculture. In the 1930s, Fujii was recognized as a pioneer in large-scale onion farming, advancing the acreage scale of which a farmer could raise crops...


7th Class, Green Paulownia Leaves Medal

In 2003, this grade of the Order was abolished.

8th Class, White Paulownia Leaves Medal

In 2003, this grade of the Order was abolished.

Class unknown

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