Mathieu function
In mathematics
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, the Mathieu functions are certain special functions
Special functions
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 useful for treating a variety of problems in applied mathematics, including
  • vibrating elliptical drumheads,
  • quadrupole
    A quadrupole or quadrapole is one of a sequence of configurations of—for example—electric charge or current, or gravitational mass that can exist in ideal form, but it is usually just part of a multipole expansion of a more complex structure reflecting various orders of complexity.-Mathematical...

    s mass filters and quadrupole ion traps for mass spectrometry
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  • wave motion in periodic media, such as ultracold atoms in an optical lattice
    Optical lattice
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  • the phenomenon of parametric resonance in forced oscillators,
  • exact plane wave solutions in general relativity
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  • the Stark effect
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     for a rotating electric dipole,
  • in general, the solution of differential equations that are separable
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     in elliptic cylindrical coordinates
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They were introduced by in the context of the first problem.

Mathieu equation

The canonical form for Mathieu's differential equation is

Closely related is Mathieu's modified differential equation

which follows on substitution .

The substitution transforms Mathieu's equation to the algebraic form

This has two regular singularities at and one irregular singularity at infinity, which implies that in general (unlike many other special functions), the solutions of Mathieu's equation cannot be expressed in terms of hypergeometric functions.

Mathieu's differential equations arise as models in many contexts, including the stability of railroad rails as trains drive over them, seasonally forced population dynamics, the four-dimensional wave equation
Wave equation
The wave equation is an important second-order linear partial differential equation for the description of waves – as they occur in physics – such as sound waves, light waves and water waves. It arises in fields like acoustics, electromagnetics, and fluid dynamics...

, and the Floquet theory of the stability of limit cycles.

Floquet solution

According to Floquet's theorem (or Bloch's theorem
Bloch's theorem
* For the theorem named after Felix Bloch on wave functions of a particle in a periodic potential, see Bloch wave.* For the theorem in complex variables named after André Bloch, see Bloch's theorem ....

), for fixed values of a,q, Mathieu's equation admits a complex valued solution of form
where is a complex number, the Mathieu exponent, and P is a complex valued function which is periodic in with period . However, P is in general not sinusoidal. In the example plotted below, (real part, red; imaginary part; green):

Mathieu sine and cosine

For fixed a,q, the Mathieu cosine is a function of defined as the unique solution of the Mathieu equation which
  1. takes the value ,
  2. is an even function, hence .

Similarly, the Mathieu sine is the unique solution which
  1. takes the value ,
  2. is an odd function, hence .

These are real-valued functions which are closely related to the Floquet solution:
The general solution to the Mathieu equation (for fixed a,q) is a linear combination of the Mathieu cosine and Mathieu sine functions.

A noteworthy special case is
In general, the Mathieu sine and cosine are aperiodic. Nonetheless, for small values of q, we have approximately
For example:

Periodic solutions

Given , for countably many special values of , called characteristic values, the Mathieu equation admits solutions which are periodic with period . The characteristic values of the Mathieu cosine, sine functions respectively are written , where n is a natural number
Natural number
In mathematics, the natural numbers are the ordinary whole numbers used for counting and ordering . These purposes are related to the linguistic notions of cardinal and ordinal numbers, respectively...

. The periodic special cases of the Mathieu cosine and sine functions are often written respectively, although they are traditionally given a different normalization (namely, that their L2 norm equal ). Therefore, for positive q, we have
Here are the first few periodic Mathieu cosine functions for q = 1:

Note that, for example, (green) resembles a cosine function, but with flatter hills and shallower valleys.

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    General relativity or the general theory of relativity is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1916. It is the current description of gravitation in modern physics...

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