Kao may refer to:
  • Kao, a Japanese term for face
    The face is a central sense organ complex, for those animals that have one, normally on the ventral surface of the head, and can, depending on the definition in the human case, include the hair, forehead, eyebrow, eyelashes, eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, mouth, lips, philtrum, temple, teeth, skin, and...

    ., a stylized signature
    A signature is a handwritten depiction of someone's name, nickname, or even a simple "X" that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. The writer of a signature is a signatory. Similar to a handwritten signature, a signature work describes the work as readily identifying...

     or a mark used in place of a signature in China and Japan
  • Kao (crater)
    Kao (crater)
    Kao is a small lunar crater that is located near the eastern limb of the Moon. It lies near the southern edge of the Mare Smythii, a lunar mare that continues onto the far side of the surface. This crater lies to the east-southeast of the crater Widmannstätten...

    , a crater on the Moon
    The Moon is Earth's only known natural satellite,There are a number of near-Earth asteroids including 3753 Cruithne that are co-orbital with Earth: their orbits bring them close to Earth for periods of time but then alter in the long term . These are quasi-satellites and not true moons. For more...

  • Kaō (era)
    Kao (era)
    was a after Nin'an and before Jōan. This period spanned the years from April 1169 through April 1171. The reigning emperor was .-Change of era:* January 30, 1169 : The new era name was created to mark an event or series of events...

    , a Japanese era name
  • Kao (film), a film by Michiyo Okusu
    Michiyo Okusu
    is a Chinese-born Japanese actress. She has been nominated for 4 Japanese Academy Awards, and won the 1981 Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role prize for her performance in Zigeunerweisen...

  • Kao (island)
    Kao (island)
    Kao is an island and stratovolcano in Tonga. It reaches above sea level, the highest point in Tonga. The date of its last eruption is unknown, and fresh lava flows are not seen, but the absence of deep erosional gullies or high sea cliffs suggests a very recent origin. It lies about north of...

     an island from an extinct volcano in Tonga
    Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga , is a state and an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, comprising 176 islands scattered over of ocean in the South Pacific...

  • Kao (surname), an alternative romanization of the Chinese family name Gao.
  • Kao Airport south of Tobelo
    Tobelo is a town and also a district on the eastern Indonesian island of Halmahera. It is the capital of the regency of North Halmahera, part of the province of North Maluku. The city was formalised as the capital of North Halmahera in the district elections held in 2004...

     on Halmahera Island
    Halmahera is the largest island in the Maluku Islands. It is part of the North Maluku province of Indonesia.Halmahera has a land area of 17,780 km² and a population in 1995 of 162,728...

    , North Maluku
    North Maluku
    North Maluku is a province of northeastern Indonesia. It covers the northern part of the Maluku Islands, which are split between it and the province of Maluku. Maluku province used to cover the entire group...

    , Indonesia
    Indonesia , officially the Republic of Indonesia , is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 13,000 islands. It has 33 provinces with over 238 million people, and is the world's fourth most populous country. Indonesia is a republic, with an...

  • Kao Corporation, Japanese chemical and cosmetics company
  • A knee strike used in muay thai
    Muay Thai
    Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It is similar to other Indochinese kickboxing systems, namely pradal serey from Cambodia, tomoi from Malaysia, lethwei from Myanmar and muay Lao from Laos...

  • Places:
    • Kao, Indonesia
      Kao, Indonesia
      Kao is a small coastal town on the eastern Indonesian island of Halmahera. It is located in the North Halmahera Regency, part of the province of North Maluku. It is connected by a coastal road to Tobelo, about an hour's drive to the north. Kao cemetery is located to the northwest of the town....

    • Kao, Lesotho
      Kao, Lesotho
      Kao, Lesotho is a community council located in the Butha-Buthe District of Lesotho. Its population in 2006 was 5,304.-Villages:The community of Kao includes the villages of Ha Khokong, Ha Leketlane, Ha Lephatsoana, Ha Lesaoana, Ha Mahlekefane, Ha Maphale, Ha Matsoete , Ha Rakotoane, Ha Ralinko, Ha...

    • Kao, Niger
      Kao, Niger

    • Kao, Togo
      Kao, Togo
      Kao, Togo is a village in the Assoli Prefecture in the Kara Region of north-eastern Togo..-External links:**...

  • People:
    • Kao (musician), Kaoru's alternative name
    • Kao (painter)
      Kao (painter)
      Kao was a Japanese priest-painter whose work is considered typical of early Muromachi painting.He is especially known for his depiction of the legendary monk Kensu at the moment he achieved enlightenment....

      , 15th Century Japanese painter.
    • Nicholas Kao Se Tseien
      Nicholas Kao Se Tseien
      Nicholas Kao Se Tseien, was a Chinese Catholic priest living in Hong Kong who was both the oldest Catholic priest in modern times and the oldest ever person to have had a cataract operation....

       (1897–2007), Catholic priest, supercentenarian
      A supercentenarian is someone who has reached the age of 110 years. This age is achieved by about one in a thousand centenarians....

    • Ping-Tse Kao
      Ping-Tse Kao
      Ping-Tse Kao was a Chinese astronomer. He was entirely self-taught in this field. The crater Kao on the Moon is named in his honor....

       (1888–1970), Taiwanese astronomer, after whom the crater is named
    • R. N. Kao
      R. N. Kao
      Rameshwar Nath Kao was a spymaster and the first chief of India's external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing from its founding in 1969 to 1977....

       (1918–2002), Founder Director of Research and Analysis Wing
      Research and Analysis Wing
      The Research and Analysis Wing is India's external intelligence agency. It was formed in September 1968 after the poor performance of the Intelligence Bureau in the Sino-Indian war of 1962 and the India-Pakistani war of 1965 convinced the then government of India that a specialized, independent...


KAO may refer to:
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
    Kappa Alpha Theta
    Kappa Alpha Theta , also known as Theta, is an international fraternity for women founded on January 27, 1870 at DePauw University, formerly Indiana Asbury...

    , used when the character theta is not available
  • Kuiper Airborne Observatory
    Kuiper Airborne Observatory
    The Gerard P. Kuiper Airborne Observatory was a national facility operated by NASA to support research in infrared astronomy. The observation platform was a highly modified C-141A jet transport aircraft with a range of 6,000 nautical miles , capable of conducting research operations up to 48,000...

  • Keith-Albee-Orpheum
    The Keith-Albee-Orpheum Corporation was the owner of a chain of vaudeville and motion picture theatres. It was formed by the merger of the holdings of Benjamin Franklin Keith and Edward Franklin Albee II and Martin Beck's Orpheum Circuit, Inc..-History:...

    , abbreviated KAO or K-A-O, owners of a chain of vaudeville and motion picture theatres
  • Kuusamo Airport
    Kuusamo Airport
    -Statistics:- External links :* *...

    , Finland (IATA airport code)
  • Communist Workers Organisation (Netherlands)
    Communist Workers Organisation (Netherlands)
    The Communist Workers Organisation was a communist group in the Netherlands...

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