• Ram, an uncastrated male sheep
  • Ram cichlid
    Ram cichlid
    Mikrogeophagus ramirezi is a species of freshwater fish endemic to the Orinoco River basin, in the savannahs of Venezuela and Colombia in South America...

    , a species of freshwater fish endemic to Colombia and Venezuela


  • Battering ram
    Battering ram
    A battering ram is a siege engine originating in ancient times and designed to break open the masonry walls of fortifications or splinter their wooden gates...

  • Ramming
    In warfare, ramming is a technique that was used in air, sea and land combat. The term originated from battering ram, a siege weapon used to bring down fortifications by hitting it with the force of the ram's momentum...

    , a military tactic in which one vehicle runs into another
  • Naval ram
    Naval ram
    A naval ram was a weapon carried by varied types of ships, dating back to antiquity. The weapon consisted of an underwater prolongation of the bow of the ship to form an armoured beak, usually between six and twelve feet in length...

    , a weapon affixed to the bows of some warships until the late 19th century
  • Ram tank
    Ram tank
    The Tank Cruiser, Ram was a cruiser tank designed and built by Canada in the Second World War, based on the U.S. M3 Medium tank. Due to the entrance of the United States into the war and the superior design of the American Sherman, it was used exclusively for training purposes and was never used in...

    , a Canadian tank of World War II
  • Ram (rocket)
    Ram (rocket)
    The Ram, also known as the 6.5-Inch Anti-Tank Aircraft Rocket or ATAR, was an air-to-ground rocket used by the United States Navy during the Korean War...

    , an American anti-tank weapon of the Korean War
  • RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile
    RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile
    The RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile is a small, lightweight, infrared homing surface-to-air missile in use by the American, German, South Korean, Greek, Turkish, Saudi and Egyptian navies. It was intended originally and used primarily as a point-defense weapon against anti-ship cruise missiles...

    , a short-range surface-to-air missile


  • RAM (band)
    RAM (band)
    RAM is a mizik rasin band based in the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The band derives its name from the initials of its founder, songwriter, and lead male vocalist, Richard A. Morse. The band's music has been described by Morse as "Vodou rock 'n' roots", and has been one of the prominent bands...

    , a mizik rasin band based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Ram (album)
    Ram (album)
    Ram is an album by Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, released in 1971, the only album credited to the pair. It was the second of the two albums McCartney released between leaving The Beatles and forming Wings...

    , a 1971 UK #1 album by Paul and Linda McCartney
  • Ram Jam
    Ram Jam
    Ram Jam was an American 1970s rock band, best known for their 1977 hit single, "Black Betty".The band members were Bill Bartlett , Pete Charles , Myke Scavone , and Howie Arthur Blauvelt . Also, Jimmy Santoro, who toured with the band in support of their debut album, joined on guitar for the...

     (band), a rock band from the 1970s with the hit song "Black Betty"
  • Ram Records
    Ram Records (UK)
    Ram is a dance music record label, primarily releasing drum and bass music.Established in 1992 by Andy C with the help of close friend Ant Miles, the label and business today is run Andy C and business partner Scott Bourne Ram is a dance music record label, primarily releasing drum and bass...

    , an English drum and bass record label
  • Ram Trilogy
    Ram Trilogy
    Ram Trilogy is a drum and bass DJ and producer trio.Ram Records bosses Andy C and Ant Miles united with fellow Ram producer Shimon to form Ram Trilogy. The three debuted with a trio of singles during the last half of 1998, the tracks "No Reality" / "Scanners", followed by "Mind Overload" /...

    , a drum and bass producer and DJ trio, consisting of Andy C, Shimon and Ant Miles

Sports teams

  • RAM Racing
    RAM Racing
    RAM Racing was a Formula One racing team which competed during the racing seasons of 1976 to 1985. The team entered other manufacturers' chassis from 1976 to 1980, then ran March's team from 1981 to 1983, only entering a car entirely their own in 1984 and 1985.The team was formed in 1975 by Mike...

    , a Formula One racing team active between 1976 and 1985
  • Derby County F.C.
    Derby County F.C.
    Derby County Football Club is an English football based in Derby. the club play in the Football League Championship and is notable as being one of the twelve founder members of the Football League in 1888 and is, therefore, one of only ten clubs to have competed in every season of the English...

    , an English football club known as the Rams
  • St. Louis Rams
    St. Louis Rams
    The St. Louis Rams are a professional American football team based in St. Louis, Missouri. They are currently members of the West Division of the National Football Conference in the National Football League . The Rams have won three NFL Championships .The Rams began playing in 1936 in Cleveland,...

    , the National Football League team from St. Louis, Missouri, United States
  • Fordham Rams
    Fordham Rams
    The 22 Fordham University varsity sports teams are known as the Fordham Rams. Their colors are maroon and white. The Fordham Rams are members of NCAA Division I and compete in the Atlantic 10 Conference for all sports except football. In football, the Rams play in the Patriot League of NCAA...

    , the sports teams of Fordham University in New York City, New York, United States
  • Framingham State University, the sports teams of Framingham State University in Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Colorado State Rams
    Colorado State Rams
    Colorado State University competes in 16 sponsored intercollegiate sports, including 10 for women and six for men...

    , the sports teams of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
  • University of Rhode Island
    University of Rhode Island
    The University of Rhode Island is the principal public research university in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. Its main campus is located in Kingston. Additional campuses include the Feinstein Campus in Providence, the Narragansett Bay Campus in Narragansett, and the W. Alton Jones Campus in West...

     Rams, the sports teams of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island, United States
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Rams
    Virginia Commonwealth University Rams
    The VCU Rams are the athletic teams of Virginia Commonwealth University that represent the university in college athletics. Members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Division I, the Rams' eight varsity sports compete in the Colonial Athletic Association...

    , the sports teams of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • Shepherd University
    Shepherd University
    Shepherd University, formerly Shepherd College, is a state-funded university in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States. The University currently serves more than 4,200 students.- Accreditation :...

    , the sports teams of Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, United States


  • Ram, a common Hindu name for males, originating from Hindu Avatar (incarnation of God) Rama
    Rama or full name Ramachandra is considered to be the seventh avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism, and a king of Ayodhya in ancient Indian...

  • Ram Bahadur Bomjon
    Ram Bahadur Bomjon
    Ram Bahadur Bomjon , also known as Palden Dorje and now Dharma Sangha, is from Ratanapuri village, Bara district, Nepal...

    , Nepalese teenager televised meditating for days without moving
  • Ram (actor)
    Ram (actor)
    - Personal life :Ram was born in Hyderabad, India, on May 15, 1988. He grew up in Chennai and attended Chettinad Vidhyashram school, Mandaveli. He is the nephew of Telugu producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore.- Career :...

    , south Indian Telugu actor
  • Ram (Biblical figure)
  • Ram Karmi
    Ram Karmi
    Ram Karmi is a leading Israeli architect. He is head of the Tel Aviv-based Ram Karmi Architects company, and is known for his Brutalist style.-Biography:Ram Karmi was born in Jerusalem, and grew up in Tel Aviv...

     (born 1931), Israeli architect
  • Ram Narayan
    Ram Narayan
    Ram Narayan , often referred to by the title Pandit, is an Indian musician who popularized the bowed instrument sarangi as a solo concert instrument in Hindustani classical music and became the first internationally successful sarangi player....

    , Indian sarangi player
  • Ramnaresh Sarwan
    Ramnaresh Sarwan
    Ramnaresh Ronnie Sarwan is a West Indian cricketer of Indo-Guyanese origin and a member of the West Indies cricket team....

    , West Indian cricketer
  • Andy Ram
    Andy Ram
    Andy Ram is a professional tennis player from Israel, and the first Israeli tennis player to win a seniors Grand Slam event . He plays more doubles than singles as he prefers doubles more and wins more matches...

     (born 1980), Israeli tennis player
  • Ram (director)
    Ram (director)
    Ram is a Indian film director, who works in Tamil cinema. After assisting Hindi directors Rajkumar Santoshi and Govind Nihalani and working under Balu Mahendra, he made his directorial debut with Kattradhu Thamizh , which fetched him strong critical acclaim...

    , director of films such as Kattradhu Thamizh and Thanga Meengal
  • Rama (disambiguation)
    Rama (disambiguation)
    -Within the scriptures of India:*Rāma, the legendary Indian king regarded as an incarnation of Vishnu.*Paraśurāma, 'Rama with the axe', a partial incarnation of Vishnu.*Balarāma, 'the strong Rama', brother of Krishna.* Ramā, another name of Lakshmi...

     for other people named Ram (spelled also as Rama)


  • Hydraulic ram
    Hydraulic ram
    A hydraulic ram, or hydram, is a cyclic water pump powered by hydropower. It functions as a hydraulic transformer that takes in water at one "hydraulic head" and flow-rate, and outputs water at a higher hydraulic-head and lower flow-rate...

    , a type of water-powered cyclic pump
    • ram, a hydraulic rescue tool used to extract victims of a car collision from the vehicle..


  • Ramjet
    A ramjet, sometimes referred to as a stovepipe jet, or an athodyd, is a form of airbreathing jet engine using the engine's forward motion to compress incoming air, without a rotary compressor. Ramjets cannot produce thrust at zero airspeed and thus cannot move an aircraft from a standstill...

    , a type of jet engine particularly suitable for supersonic speeds
  • Ram Trucks
    Ram Trucks
    Ram Trucks is a United States-based brand of light to mid-weight pickup trucks established in 2009 as a division of Chrysler Group LLC.-Background:...

    , a United States-based brand of light pick-up trucks since 2009
  • Dodge Ram
    Dodge Ram
    The Dodge Ram is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by the Chrysler Group LLC. As of late 2010, it has been sold under the Ram Trucks brand. Previously, Ram was part of the Dodge lineup of light trucks...

    , a full-size pickup truck of the earlier Dodge brand that is now part of Ram Trucks
  • Aries (astrology)
    Aries (astrology)
    Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac between the zero degree and the 29th degree of celestial longitude. The Sun enters Aries when it reaches the northern vernal equinox, which is usually on March 21 each year, and remains in this sign until around April 20...

    , symbolized as a ram
  • Aries (constellation)
    Aries (constellation)
    Aries is one of the constellations of the zodiac, located between Pisces to the west and Taurus to the east. Its name is Latin for ram, and its symbol is , representing a ram's horns...

    , symbolized as a ram
  • Ram (company)
    Ram (company)
    Ram is a Japanese visual novel studio under Visual Art's that specializes in the production of adult visual novels. To date, the company has released three games, two in two versions each...

    , a Japanese visual novel studio
  • Ram Mounts
    Ram Mounts
    RAM Mounts is a division of the USA company National Products, Inc. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company was founded by Jeffrey D Carnevali.-Products:...

    , a modular range of products to mount, hold and stabilize devices, and the trading name of the company which makes them
  • Ram (comics)
    Ram (comics)
    Ram is a fictional Japanese superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Millennium #2 , and was created by Steve Engelhart and Joe Staton.-Fictional character biography:...

    , a fictional Japanese superhero published by DC Comics
  • Ram, a fictional character from The Tribe television series
  • Richard Allen Mob, an underworld organization operating out of the Richard Allen Homes public housing site in Philadelphia


  • Royal Arch Masonry
    Royal Arch Masonry
    Royal Arch Masonry is the term used to denote the first part of the York Rite system of Masonic degrees. Royal Arch Masons meet as a Chapter, and the Chapter confers four degrees: Mark Master Mason, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason.-Chapter level:A Chapter is in many ways...

    , the first Masonic body a Master Mason can join as a part of the York Rite.
  • Rassemblement pour l'action municipale
    Rassemblement pour l'action municipale
    The Rassemblement pour l'action municipale, also known as RAM, was a municipal political party in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada. -History and Performance:It ran candidates to the City Council in 1990 and 1994 and had very little success...

    , a municipal political party in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
  • Reform the Armed Forces Movement
    Reform the Armed Forces Movement
    The Reform the Armed Forces Movement, also referred to by the acronym RAM, is a cabal of officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that attempted to seize power in the Philiipines during the 1980s and 1990s...

    , a rightist military faction of the Armed Forces of the Philippines from the 1980s to the 1990s.
  • Remote Area Medical
    Remote Area Medical
    Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based, non-profit, volunteer, airborne medical relief corps that provides free health care, dental care, eye care, veterinary services, and technical and educational assistance to people in remote areas of the United States, and around...

     Volunteer Corps, a non-profit, volunteer United States healthcare organization.
  • Residents Action Movement
    Residents Action Movement
    The Residents Action Movement was a political party in New Zealand. RAM described itself as a broad left coalition, stretching from social liberals, community activists and former National Party members to social democrats, democratic socialists and left-wing radicals...

    , a left-wing coalition in the Auckland Region of New Zealand
  • Riverside Art Museum
    Riverside Art Museum
    Riverside Art Museum is an art museum in the historic Mission Inn District of Riverside, California. A non-profit organization, its mission is to "to serve the varied communities of the Inland Empire by providing visual art of the finest quality and related educational and interpretive...

     in Riverside, California
  • Royal Academy of Music
    Royal Academy of Music
    The Royal Academy of Music in London, England, is a conservatoire, Britain's oldest degree-granting music school and a constituent college of the University of London since 1999. The Academy was founded by Lord Burghersh in 1822 with the help and ideas of the French harpist and composer Nicolas...

    , in London, England
  • Royal Air Maroc
    Royal Air Maroc
    Royal Air Maroc is the flag carrier airline of Morocco, headquartered on the grounds of Casablanca-Anfa Airport in Casablanca...

    , the national airline of Morocco
  • Royal Alberta Museum
    Royal Alberta Museum
    The Royal Alberta Museum is located in Edmonton, Alberta and was named the Provincial Museum of Alberta until 24 May 2005 when Queen Elizabeth II visited, bestowing royal patronage. It has a natural history exhibit, a wildlife exhibit, an entomology exhibit, a Native Culture exhibit, as well as...

    , in Alberta, Canada
  • Research and Analysis of Media
    Research and Analysis of Media
    Research and Analysis of Media AB, RAM AB, is an international research company that, with the help of internet-based research and analysis systems, provides media companies with increased knowledge of how advertisers' communications and other published content is delivered and perceived.RAMs...

Science and technology

  • Radar-absorbent material, a material designed to prevent detection of a vehicle or structure by radar
  • Radioactive Material
  • Random-access memory
    Random-access memory
    Random access memory is a form of computer data storage. Today, it takes the form of integrated circuits that allow stored data to be accessed in any order with a worst case performance of constant time. Strictly speaking, modern types of DRAM are therefore not random access, as data is read in...

    , computer memory that can be read from and written to in arbitrary sequence in a very high speed for computer and laptop
  • Random access machine
    Random access machine
    In computer science, random access machine is an abstract machine in the general class of register machines. The RAM is very similar to the counter machine but with the added capability of 'indirect addressing' of its registers...

    , a theoretical computer model
  • .ram, a file extension for the RealAudio
    RealAudio is a proprietary audio format developed by RealNetworks and first released in April 1995. It uses a variety of audio codecs, ranging from low-bitrate formats that can be used over dialup modems, to high-fidelity formats for music. It can also be used as a streaming audio format, that is...

     file format
  • Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese
    Rechargeable alkaline battery
    Rechargeable alkaline battery is a type of alkaline battery that is rechargeable. The first generation rechargeable alkaline technology was developed by Battery Technologies Inc in Canada and licensed to Pure Energy, EnviroCell, Rayovac, and Grandcell...

    , a type of dry cell battery
  • Rectangular approximation method, a method of approximating the integral of a function
  • Relative atomic mass, the mass of an atom at rest
  • Ripple Attenuation Module, used in Switched-mode power supply
    Switched-mode power supply
    A switched-mode power supply is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator in order to be highly efficient in the conversion of electrical power...



  • Regiunea Autonomă Maghiară, the Hungarian Autonomous Province
    Hungarian Autonomous Province
    The Magyar Autonomous Region and Mureş-Magyar Autonomous Region were autonomous regions in the People's Republic of Romania .-History:In 1950, Romania adopted a Soviet-style administrative and territorial division of the country into...

     of Romania (1952–68)
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability, a subset of system quality attributes
  • Responsibility assignment matrix
    Responsibility assignment matrix
    A responsibility assignment matrix , also known as RACI matrix or Linear Responsibility Chart , describes the participation by various roles in completing tasks or deliverables for a project or business process...

  • Reverse Annuity Mortgage
    Reverse mortgage
    A remortgage is a form of equity release available in the United States. It is a loan available to seniors aged 62 or older, under a Federal program administered by HUD. It enables eligible homeowners to access a portion of their equity...

  • Root apical meristem
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