List of paintings by Ford Madox Brown
This is a list of paintings by the British Pre-Raphaelite artist Ford Madox Brown
Ford Madox Brown
Ford Madox Brown was an English painter of moral and historical subjects, notable for his distinctively graphic and often Hogarthian version of the Pre-Raphaelite style. Arguably, his most notable painting was Work...









  • May Memories (unknown), private collection. Listed at Bridgeman Art Library.
  • Ascension, (unknown), Forbes
    Forbes is an American publishing and media company. Its flagship publication, the Forbes magazine, is published biweekly. Its primary competitors in the national business magazine category are Fortune, which is also published biweekly, and Business Week...

     Magazine collection, New York. Listed at Bridgeman Art Library.
  • William Tell's Son


  • The Manchester Murals
    The Manchester Murals
    The Manchester Murals are a series of twelve paintings by Ford Madox Brown on the history of Manchester, England in Manchester Town Hall. Following the success of Brown's painting Work he was commissioned to paint six murals for the Great Hall of the new building. Another six murals were to be...

     a sequence of twelve paintings on the history of Manchester in Manchester Town Hall
    Manchester Town Hall
    Manchester Town Hall is a Victorian-era, Neo-gothic municipal building in Manchester, England. The building functions as the ceremonial headquarters of Manchester City Council and houses a number of local government departments....

    • The Romans Building a Fort at Mancenion
    • The Baptism of Edwin
    • The Expulsion of the Danes from Manchester
    • The Establishment of the Flemish Weavers
    • The Trial of Wycliffe
    • The Proclamation Regarding Weights and Measures
    • Crabtree Observing the Transit of Venus
    • Chetham's Life Dream
    • Bradshaw's Defence of Manchester
    • John Kay, Inventor of the Fly Shuttle
    • The Opening of the Bridgewater Canal
    • Dalton collecting Marsh-Fire Gas
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