Busscar Ônibus S.A. is a Brazil
Brazil , officially the Federative Republic of Brazil , is the largest country in South America. It is the world's fifth largest country, both by geographical area and by population with over 192 million people...

ian bus
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 manufacturer that builds coach
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es, trolleybus
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es, charter and tour buses. The company is based in Joinville
Joinville is a city in Santa Catarina State, in the Southern Region of Brazil. Joinville is Santa Catarina's largest city. In 2010, its population has reached approximately 520,000, many of whom are of German descent....

 in the south of Brazil, where it has industrial premises that cover 1,000,000 m2, including a building of 84,000 m2.


The business has its origins in a firm created on September 17, 1946, when two brothers of Swedish descent, Augusto Bruno Nielson and Eugênio Nielson, opened a carpentry shop in Joinville, where they made wooden furniture, window frames and desks. One year later, Nielson & Brother remodeled the first bus body. In 1949 they built a bus body entirely in wood, attached to a large Chevrolet
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This was the starting point of a business that in a few decades would turn into an important bus manufacturing company in the worldwide market.

When Harold Nielson (Augusto's elder son) joined the company in 1956 it was en route to becoming the segment leader in Brazil, with innovative and revolutionary products, as the Diplomata model in 1961, the Urbanuss in 1987, the Panorâmico DD in 1998, and many others.

In 1990, the business, by then called Carrocerias Nielson, launched a new family of vehicles and changed its name to Busscar Ônibus, creating the mark that is known today in international and Brazilian markets.


Transit buses:
  • Busscar Urbanuss
  • Busscar Urbanuss Ecoss II
  • Busscar Urbanuss Pluss
  • Pluss Híbrido
  • Pluss Low Floor
  • Pluss Troley
  • Pluss Tour
  • Articulado Low Floor
    Low-floor bus
    A low-floor bus is a bus that has no steps between one or more entrances and part or all of the passenger cabin. Being low floor improves the accessibility of the bus for the public, particularly the elderly or infirm, or those with push chairs, and increasingly, those in wheelchairs.In the modern...

  • Panorâmico DD
  • Jum Buss 400
  • Jum Buss 380
  • Jum Buss 360
  • Vissta Buss Elegance 360
  • Vissta Buss Elegance 380
  • Vissta Buss HI
  • Vissta Buss LO
  • El Buss 340
  • El Buss 320
  • Interbuss

Former models

Transit buses:
  • Nielson Urbanus
  • Busscar Urbanus I
  • Busscar Urbanus II
  • Busscar Urbanus II SS

  • Nielson Diplomata 2.40
  • Nielson Diplomata 2.50
  • Nielson Diplomata 2.60
  • Nielson Diplomata 310
  • Nielson Diplomata 330
  • Nielson Diplomata 350
  • Nielson Diplomata 380
  • El Buss 320 I
  • El Buss 340 I
  • El Buss 360 I
  • Jum Buss 340 I
  • Jum Buss 360 I
  • Jum Buss 380 I
  • Jum Buss 340T I
  • Jum Buss 360T I
  • Jum Buss 380T I
  • El Buss 320 II
  • El Buss 340 II
  • Jum Buss 360 II
  • Jum Buss 380 II
  • Jum Buss 400 Panorâmico
  • Interbus
  • Vissta Buss

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