Bishop of Rochester
The Bishop
A bishop is an ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy who is generally entrusted with a position of authority and oversight. Within the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox Churches, in the Assyrian Church of the East, in the Independent Catholic Churches, and in the...

 of Rochester
is the ordinary
In those hierarchically organised churches of Western Christianity which have an ecclesiastical law system, an ordinary is an officer of the church who by reason of office has ordinary power to execute the church's laws...

 of the Church of England
Church of England
The Church of England is the officially established Christian church in England and the Mother Church of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The church considers itself within the tradition of Western Christianity and dates its formal establishment principally to the mission to England by St...

 Diocese of Rochester
Diocese of Rochester
The Diocese of Rochester is a Church of England diocese in South-East England and forms part of the Province of Canterbury. It is an ancient diocese, having been established in 604; only the neighbouring Diocese of Canterbury is older in the Church of England....

 in the Province of Canterbury
Province of Canterbury
The Province of Canterbury, also called the Southern Province, is one of two ecclesiastical provinces making up the Church of England...


The diocese covers the west of the county of Kent
Kent is a county in southeast England, and is one of the home counties. It borders East Sussex, Surrey and Greater London and has a defined boundary with Essex in the middle of the Thames Estuary. The ceremonial county boundaries of Kent include the shire county of Kent and the unitary borough of...

 and is centred in the city of Rochester where the bishop's seat is located at the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
Rochester Cathedral
Rochester Cathedral, or the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a Norman church in Rochester, Kent. The bishopric is second oldest in England after Canterbury...

, which was founded as a cathedral in 604. During the late 17th and 18th centuries it was customary for the Bishop of Rochester to also be appointed Dean
Dean (religion)
A dean, in a church context, is a cleric holding certain positions of authority within a religious hierarchy. The title is used mainly in the Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church.-Anglican Communion:...

 of Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey
The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, popularly known as Westminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, in the City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom, located just to the west of the Palace of Westminster. It is the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English,...


The bishop's residence, "Bishopscourt", is in Rochester.

The office was created in 604 at the founding of the diocese in the Kingdom of Kent
Kingdom of Kent
The Kingdom of Kent was a Jutish colony and later independent kingdom in what is now south east England. It was founded at an unknown date in the 5th century by Jutes, members of a Germanic people from continental Europe, some of whom settled in Britain after the withdrawal of the Romans...

 under King Æthelbert
Ethelbert of Kent
Æthelberht was King of Kent from about 580 or 590 until his death. In his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, the eighth-century monk Bede lists Aethelberht as the third king to hold imperium over other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms...

. The current bishop is the Rt Revd James Langstaff.


The Diocese of Rochester was historically the oldest and smallest of all the suffragan sees of Canterbury. Founded by St Augustine
Augustine of Canterbury
Augustine of Canterbury was a Benedictine monk who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury in the year 597...

, who in 604 consecrated St Justus
Justus was the fourth Archbishop of Canterbury. He was sent from Italy to England by Pope Gregory the Great, on a mission to Christianize the Anglo-Saxons from their native Anglo-Saxon paganism, probably arriving with the second group of missionaries despatched in 601...

 as its first bishop. (After two more Roman bishops, all subsequent bishops until 1066, beginning with Ithamar
Ithamar (bishop)
Ithamar was the first bishop in England to be Saxon-born rather than consecrated from among Augustine's Roman missionaries...

, were drawn from the Christianised inhabitants of Kent.) The diocesan territory consisted roughly of the western part of Kent, separated from the rest of the county by the River Medway
River Medway
The River Medway, which is almost entirely in Kent, England, flows for from just inside the West Sussex border to the point where it enters the Thames Estuary....

, though the diocesan boundaries did not follow the river very closely. The restricted territory of the diocese meant that it needed only one archdeacon
An archdeacon is a senior clergy position in Anglicanism, Syrian Malabar Nasrani, Chaldean Catholic, and some other Christian denominations, above that of most clergy and below a bishop. In the High Middle Ages it was the most senior diocesan position below a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church...

 to supervise all 97 parishes.

From the foundation of the see the Archbishop of Canterbury had enjoyed the privilege of nominating the bishop, but Archbishop Theobald transferred the right to the Benedictine monks of the cathedral, who exercised it for the first time in 1148.


Pre-Conquest Bishops of London
From Until Incumbent Notes
604 624 Justus
Justus was the fourth Archbishop of Canterbury. He was sent from Italy to England by Pope Gregory the Great, on a mission to Christianize the Anglo-Saxons from their native Anglo-Saxon paganism, probably arriving with the second group of missionaries despatched in 601...

624 633 Romanus
633 644 Paulinus of York
Paulinus of York
Paulinus was a Roman missionary and the first Bishop of York. A member of the Gregorian mission sent in 601 by Pope Gregory I to Christianize the Anglo-Saxons from their native Anglo-Saxon paganism, Paulinus arrived in England by 604 with the second missionary group...

644 664 Ithamar
Ithamar (bishop)
Ithamar was the first bishop in England to be Saxon-born rather than consecrated from among Augustine's Roman missionaries...

664 669 Damianus
Damianus served as Bishop of Rochester from his consecration between 655 and 664 until his death about 664. He was consecrated by Deusdedit, the Archbishop of Canterbury.-External links:*...

669 676 Putta
Putta (bishop of Hereford)
Putta was a medieval Bishop of Rochester and probably the first Bishop of Hereford. Some modern historians say that the two Puttas were separate individuals....

676 678 Cwichelm
678 716 Gebmund
Gebmund was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated about 678. He died in 693.-External links:*...

716 727 Tobias
Tobias (bishop)
Tobias was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated between 699 and 716. He died in 726.-External links:*...

727 741 Ealdwulf
741 747 Dunn
Dunn (bishop)
Dunn was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated probably around 740. He died in 747.-External links:*...

747 772 Eardwulf
Eardwulf of Rochester
Eardwulf was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Eardwulf was consecrated in 747. He died between 765 and 772. Between 759 and 765, King Sigeread of Kent granted land to Eardwulf and his clergy.-External links:*...

772 785 Diora
Diora was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Diora was consecrated between 765 and 772. He died between 781 and 785. Around 779 or so King Ethelbert granted land inside the city of Rochester to Diora and his cathedral clergy.-External links:*...

785 805 Waermund (I)
805 844 Beornmod
Beornmod was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated in 804. He died between 842 and 844.-External links:*...

844 868 Tatnoth
Tatnoth was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was elected in 844. He died between 845 and 868.-External links:*...

868 868 Badenoth
Badenoth was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated between 845 and 868 and died between 845 and 868.-External links:*...

868 868 Waermund (II)
868 880 Cuthwulf
880 900 Swithwulf
900 c.926 Ceolmund
c.926 c.934 Cyneferth
Cyneferth was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated between 909 and 926. He died between January 933 and May 934.-External links:*...

c.934 949 Burgric
949 955 Beorhtsige
Beorhtsige was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.There is some uncertainty about Beorhtsige's existence, but he possibly was consecrated between 946 and 949. He died between 955 and 964.-External links:*...

955 964 Daniel
Daniel (bishop)
-References:* Powicke, F. Maurice and E. B. Fryde Handbook of British Chronology 2nd. ed. London:Royal Historical Society 1961...

Bishop of Rochester or Selsey.
964 995 Ælfstan
995 1046 Godwine
Godwine I (bishop of Rochester)
Godwine was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated between 994 and 995. He died sometime around 1013.-External links:*...

1046 1058 Godwine
Godwine II (bishop of Rochester)
Godwine was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated around 1013. He died between 1046 and 1058.-External links:*...

1058 1076 Siward

Conquest to Reformation

Bishops of London (Conquest to Reformation)
From Until Incumbent Notes
1076 1077 Arnost
Arnost was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.-Life:Arnost was a monk at Bec Abbey in Normandy France before being selected for the see of Rochester. He was consecrated early 1076. He died about 15 July 1076.-References:* accessed on 30 October 2007...

1077 1108 Gundulf
Gundulf of Rochester
Gundulf was a Norman monk who came to England following the Conquest. He was appointed Bishop of Rochester and Prior of the Cathedral Priory there; built castles including Rochester, Colchester and the White Tower of the Tower of London and the Priory and Cathedral Church of...

Builder of Rochester Castle
Rochester Castle
Rochester Castle stands on the east bank of the River Medway in Rochester, Kent, England. The 12th-century keep or stone tower, which is the castle's most prominent feature, is one of the best preserved in England or France. Located along the River Medway and Watling Street, Rochester was a...

, the White Tower
White Tower (Tower of London)
The White Tower is a central tower, the old keep, at the Tower of London.-History:The castle which later became known as the Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror in 1066. It began as a timber fortification enclosed by a palisade. In the next decade work began on the White Tower, the...

 and Father of the Corps of Royal Engineers
Royal Engineers
The Corps of Royal Engineers, usually just called the Royal Engineers , and commonly known as the Sappers, is one of the corps of the British Army....

1108 1115 Ralph d'Escures
Ralph d'Escures
Ralph , also known as Ralph d'Escures from the family estate Escures, near Sées in Normandy, was a medieval Abbot of Séez, Bishop of Rochester and then Archbishop of Canterbury. He studied at the school at the Abbey of Bec. In 1079 he entered the abbey of St Martin at Séez, and became abbot there...

1115 1125 Ernulf
Ernulf was a French Benedictine architect, and Bishop of Rochester, Kent, England.-Life:Ernulf studied under Lanfranc at the monastery of Bec, entered the Benedictine Order, and lived long as a brother in the monastery of St-Lucien, Beauvais...

1125 1137 John
1137 1142 John II
1142 1148 Ascelin
1148 1182 Walter
1182 1185 Waleran
1185 1215 Gilbert Glanvill
Gilbert Glanvill
-Life:Glanvill was a clerk of Baldwin of Forde, the Archbishop of Canterbury and also archdeacon of the diocese of Lisieux.Glanvill was elected to the see of Rochester on 16 July 1185 and ordained a priest on 21 September 1185. He was consecrated on 29 September 1185. He died on 24 June...

1215 1227 Benedict of Sausetun
Benedict of Sausetun
-Life:Benedict was from Sawston in Cambridgeshire. He was a canon of the diocese of London from 1196 and held the prebend of Neseden. From 1204 he was precentor of London. He was elected to the see of Rochester on 13 December 1214 and was consecrated on either 25 January 1215 or 22 February 1215....

(Benedict of Sawston)
1227 1238 Henry Sandford
Henry Sandford
-Life:Sandford was a royal official before becoming a canon of the diocese of Salisbury and was Archdeacon of Canterbury from about 1213 until he was chosen for Rochester....

1238 1251 Richard Wendene
Richard Wendene
-Life:Wendene was possibly from Wenden Lofts in Essex. He was an official of the bishop of Rochester and rector of Bromley in Kent.Wendene was elected on 26 March 1235 and consecrated on 21 November 1238. He died on 12 October 1250.-References:...

1251 1274 Lawrence of St Martin
Lawrence of St Martin
Lawrence of St Martin was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.-Life:Lawrence was a royal clerk and held prebends in the dioceses of Chichester and Salisbury. He was also archdeacon of the diocese of Coventry....

1274 1278 Walter de Merton
Walter de Merton
Walter de Merton was Bishop of Rochester and founder of Merton College, Oxford.-Life:Walter was born probably at Merton in Surrey or educated there; hence the surname. He came of a land-owning family at Basingstoke; beyond that there is no definite information as to the date or place of birth...

1278 1283 John Bradfield
John Bradfield (bishop)
John Bradfield was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.-Life:Bradfield is believed to have come from Bradfield in Berkshire. He was a monk of Rochester Cathedral and precentor of Rochester before he was elected to the see of Rochester in 1278. He was consecrated on 29 May 1278. He died on 23 April...

1283 1283 John Kirkby
John Kirkby
John Kirkby was an English ecclesiastic and statesman.-Life:Kirkby first appears in the historical record in the chancery during the reign of King Henry III of England...

1283 1292 Thomas Ingoldsthorpe
Thomas Ingoldsthorpe
Thomas Ingoldsthorpe was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.-Life:Ingoldsthorpe was from Ingoldisthorpe in Norfolk. He held the offices of Archdeacon of Sudbury in the diocese of Norwich, then was Archdeacon of Middlesex in the diocese of London...

1292 1319 Thomas Wouldham
Thomas Wouldham
Thomas Wouldham was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.-Life:Wouldham was elected as prior of Rochester Cathedral on 24 December 1283. He was elected bishop by the chapter but renounced the election. He was again elected bishop on 6 June 1291 and consecrated on 6 January 1292...

1319 1353 Hamo Hethe
Hamo Hethe
Hamo Hethe was a medieval Bishop of Rochester. He was elected on 18 March 1317 and consecrated on 26 August 1319. He resigned the see in early 1352 before his death on 4 May 1352....

1353 1362 John Sheppey
John Sheppey
John Sheppey was an English administrator and bishop. He served as treasurer from 1356 to 1360. Little is known of his family and background. A Benedictine, he was ordained deacon in 1318, and later studied at Oxford. Later he became involved in royal government, and was made bishop of Rochester...

1362 1364 William Whittlesey
William Whittlesey
William Whittlesey was a Bishop of Rochester, then Bishop of Worcester, then finally Archbishop of Canterbury...

1364 1373 Thomas Trilleck
Thomas Trilleck
Thomas Trilleck was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Trilleck was nominated on 6 March 1364 and consecrated on 26 May 1364. He died between 12 December and 25 December 1372.-References:...

1373 1389 Thomas Brinton
Thomas Brinton
Thomas Brinton was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Brinton was nominated on 31 January 1373 and consecrated on 6 February 1373. He died on 4 May 1389.-References:...

1389 1400 William Bottlesham
William Bottlesham
William Bottlesham was a medieval Bishop of Llandaff and Bishop of Rochester.Bottlesham was translated from Bethlehem to Llandaff in 1386. He was then translated from Llandaff to Rochester on 27 August 1389.Bottlesham died about 26 February 1400....

(William Bottisham)
1400 1404 John Bottlesham
John Bottlesham
John Bottlesham was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Prior to Bottlesham's appointment as bishop, he was Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, beginning his term on 27 August 1397 and resigning in 1400. He was nominated as bishop on 9 April 1400 and consecrated on 4 July 1400. He died on 17 April...

1404 1419 Richard Young
Richard Young (Bishop of Rochester)
Richard Young was a medieval Bishop of Bangor and Bishop of Rochester.Young was elected to Bangor about 2 December 1398 and was absent from the see after 1401. He was translated to Rochester on 28 July 1404.Young died between 17 October and 28 October 1418....

1419 1422 John Kemp
John Kemp
John Kemp was a medieval English cardinal, archbishop of Canterbury, and Lord Chancellor of England.-Biography:Kemp was son of Thomas Kempe, a gentleman of Ollantigh, in the parish of Wye near Ashford, Kent...

1422 1435 John Langdon
John Langdon (bishop)
John Langdon was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Langdon was admitted a monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, in 1398. Afterwards he studied at Oxford, and is said to have belonged to Gloucester Hall. He was one of twelve Oxford scholars appointed at the suggestion of convocation in 1411 to inquire...

1435 1437 Thomas Brunce
Thomas Brunce
Thomas Brunce was a 15th century Bishop of Rochester and then Bishop of Norwich.-Life:...

1437 1444 William Wells
William Wells (bishop)
William Wells was a medieval Bishop of Rochester.Wells was nominated on 19 September 1436 and consecrated on 24 March 1437. He died between 8 February and 25 February 1444.-References:...

1444 1468 John Low
John Low
John Low or John Lowe was a medieval Bishop of St Asaph and Bishop of Rochester, in England.Low was consecrated Bishop of St Asaph on 1 November 1433 and translated to Rochester on 22 April 1444.Low died about 21 November 1467.-References:...

1468 1472 Thomas Rotherham
Thomas Rotherham
Thomas Rotherham , also known as Thomas de Rotherham, was an English cleric and statesman. He served as bishop of several dioceses, most notably as Archbishop of York and, on two occasions as Lord Chancellor...

(Thomas Scott)
1472 1476 John Alcock
John Alcock (bishop)
-Biography:Alcock was born at Beverley in Yorkshire, son of Sir William Alcock, Burgess of Kingston upon Hull and educated at Cambridge. In 1461 he was made dean of Westminster, and his subsequent promotion was rapid in both church and state. In the following year he was made Master of the Rolls,...

1476 1480 John Russell
John Russell (bishop)
John Russell was an English Bishop of Rochester and bishop of Lincoln and Lord Chancellor.-Life:Russell was admitted to Winchester College in 1443, and in 1449 went to Oxford as Fellow of New College...

1480 1493 Edmund Audley
Edmund Audley
Edmund Audley was Bishop of Rochester, Bishop of Hereford and Bishop of Salisbury.-Life:Audley graduated BA in 1463 at University College, Oxford...

1493 1497 Thomas Savage
Thomas Savage
Thomas Savage was an English clergyman.On 3 December 1492, Savage was nominated Bishop of Rochester. He was consecrated on 28 April 1493. He held the post he until 1497 when he was translated to be Bishop of London....

1497 1504 Richard FitzJames
Richard FitzJames
Richard FitzJames was a medieval Bishop of Rochester, Bishop of Chichester and Bishop of London.FitzJames was Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University in 1481 and 1491....

1504 1535 John Fisher
John Fisher
Saint John Fisher was an English Roman Catholic scholastic, bishop, cardinal and martyr. He shares his feast day with Saint Thomas More on 22 June in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints and 6 July on the Church of England calendar of saints...

Cardinal, martyr and saint.


Post-Reformation Bishops of London
From Until Incumbent Notes
1535 1540 John Hilsey
John Hilsey
John Hilsey was an English Dominican, prior provincial of his order, then an agent of Henry VIII and his church reformation, and Bishop of Rochester.-Life:...

(John Hildesleigh)
1540 1544 Nicholas Heath
Nicholas Heath
Nicholas Heath was archbishop of York and Lord Chancellor.-Life:Heath was born in London and graduated BA at Oxford in 1519. He then migrated to Christ's College, Cambridge, where he graduated BA in 1520, MA in 1522, and was elected fellow in 1524. After holding minor preferments he was appointed...

1544 1547 Henry Holbeach
Henry Holbeach
Henry Holbeach was an English clergyman who served as the last Prior and first Dean of Worcester, a suffragan bishop, and diocesan bishop of two Church of England dioceses.-Life:...

1547 1550 Nicholas Ridley
Nicholas Ridley (martyr)
Nicholas Ridley was an English Bishop of London. Ridley was burned at the stake, as one of the Oxford Martyrs, during the Marian Persecutions, for his teachings and his support of Lady Jane Grey...

1550 1551 John Ponet
John Ponet
John Ponet was the Bishop of Winchester, the Bishop of Rochester, and a controversial Protestant religious leader.In his day, Ponet was an influential Protestant theologian...

(John Poynet)
1551 1552 John Scory
John Scory
John Scory was a Cambridge Dominican order friar who later became a Bishop in the Church of EnglandHe was Bishop of Rochester from 1551 to 1552, Bishop of Chichester from 1552 to 1553...

1554 1558 Maurice Griffith
Maurice Griffith
Maurice Griffith was a Welshman who became Bishop of Rochester.Little is known of his birth but it is thought to have been in the Caernarfon area around 1507. He was a friar at Blackfriars, Oxford and in 1535 was appointed by John Hilsey, then Bishop of Rochester, to be his Vicar-General...

1559 1559 Edmund Allen
Edmund Allen
Edmund Allen was an English clergyman and scholar.A native of Norfolk, England, Allen was elected fellow of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 1536. He became steward of Corpus in 1539, and not long after obtained leave of the society to go and study abroad...

Died before filling his position.
1560 1572 Edmund Gheast
Edmund Gheast
Edmund Gheast was a 16th-century cleric of the Church of England.Guest was born at Northallerton, Yorkshire, the son of Thomas Geste...

(Edmund Guest)
1572 1576 Edmund Freke
Edmund Freke
-Life:He was born in Essex, and educated at Cambridge, gaining his M.A. there c. 1550.He was Dean of Salisbury from 1571 to 1572 when he became Bishop of Rochester and was simultaneously Archdeacon of Canterbury in commendam. In 1575, he became Bishop of Norwich...

1576 1578 John Piers
John Piers
John Piers was Archbishop of York between 1589–1594. Previous to that he had been Bishop of Rochester and Bishop of Salisbury.-Life:...

1578 1605 John Young
John Young (bishop)
John Young was an English academic and bishop.-Life:He was educated at Mercers' School in London, and graduated BA at the University of Cambridge in 1552. He became a Fellow of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge in 1553, and Master there in 1567...

1605 1608 William Barlow
William Barlow (Bishop of Lincoln)
William Barlow was an Anglican priest and courtier during the reign of James I of England. He served as Bishop of Rochester in 1605 and Bishop of Lincoln in the Anglican Church from 1608 until his death. He had also served the church as Rector of St Dunstan's, Stepney in Middlesex and of...

1608 1611 Richard Neile
Richard Neile
Richard Neile was an English churchman, bishop of several English dioceses and Archbishop of York from 1631 until his death.-Early life:...

1611 1628 John Buckeridge
John Buckeridge
John Buckeridge was an English churchman.He was a son of William Buckeridge of Basildon, Berkshire, but was born in Wiltshire. He was educated at the Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood and at St John's College, Oxford, his maternal grandfather being cousin to the founder, Sir Thomas White...

1628 1630 Walter Curle
Walter Curle
Walter Curle was an English bishop, a close supporter of William Laud. Born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, he was educated at St Albans School and at Christ's College, Cambridge , transferring to Peterhouse , of which college he later was elected Fellow.He was bishop of Winchester from 1632 to 1647...

1630 1638 John Bowle
John Bowle (bishop)
John Bowle was an Engish churchman and bishop of Rochester.A native of Lancashire, he was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he obtained a fellowship. He proceeded M.A. , D.D. , and was incorporated M.A. of Oxford on 9 July 1605, and D.D. on 11 July 1615...

1638 1666 John Warner
John Warner (bishop)
John Warner was an English churchman, bishop of Rochester and royalist.-Life and career:Son of Harman Warner of London, merchant tailor, he was baptised at St. Clement Danes in the Strand on 17 September 1581. He became demy of Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1599, and was elected fellow there in...

1666 1683 John Dolben
John Dolben
John Dolben was an English priest and Church of England bishop and archbishop.-Life:He was the son of William Dolben , prebendary of Lincoln and bishop-designate of Gloucester. He was educated at Westminster School under Richard Busby and at Christ Church, Oxford. He fought on the Royalist side at...

1683 1684 Francis Turner
Francis Turner (bishop)
Francis Turner D.D. was Bishop of Ely, one of the seven bishops who petitioned against the Declaration of Indulgence and one of the nine bishops who refused to take the oath of allegiance to William III.-Family and education:...

1684 1713 Thomas Sprat
Thomas Sprat
Thomas Sprat , English divine, was born at Beaminster, Dorset, and educated at Wadham College, Oxford, where he held a fellowship from 1657 to 1670.Having taken orders he became a prebendary of Lincoln Cathedral in 1660...

1713 1723 Francis Atterbury
Francis Atterbury
Francis Atterbury was an English man of letters, politician and bishop.-Early life:He was born at Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, where his father was rector. He was educated at Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford, where he became a tutor...

1723 1731 Samuel Bradford
Samuel Bradford
Samuel Bradford was an English churchman and whig, bishop successively of Carlisle and Rochester.-Life:He was the son of William Bradford of London and was born in St. Anne's, Blackfriars. He was educated at St Paul's School; and when the school was closed, owing to the Great Plague and the Great...

1731 1756 Joseph Wilcocks
Joseph Wilcocks
Joseph Wilcocks was an English churchman, bishop of Gloucester, and bishop of Rochester and dean of Westminster....

1756 1774 Zachary Pearce
Zachary Pearce
Zachary Pearce, sometimes known as Zachariah , was an English Bishop of Bangor and Bishop of Rochester. He was a controversialist and a notable early critical writer defending John Milton, attacking Richard Bentley's 1732 edition of Paradise Lost the following year.-Life:Pearce was born the son of...

1774 1793 John Thomas
1793 1802 Samuel Horsley
Samuel Horsley
Samuel Horsley was a British churchman, bishop of Rochester from 1792.Entering Trinity Hall, Cambridge in 1751, he became LL.B. in 1758 without graduating in arts. In the following year he succeeded his father in the living of Newington Butts in Surrey...

1802 1809 Thomas Dampier
Thomas Dampier
-Life:He was eldest son of Dr Thomas Dampier, who was lower master at Eton College and from 1774 Dean of Durham. He was educated at Eton, and in 1766 elected to King's College, Cambridge. He graduated B.A. 1771, M.A. 1774, D.D. 1780...

1809 1827 Walker King
Walker King
Walker King was an English churchman and man of letters, bishop of Rochester from 1809 and with French Laurence editor of the works of Edmund Burke.-Life:...

1827 1827 Hugh Percy
Hugh Percy (bishop)
Hugh Percy was a British churchman, bishop of Rochester and bishop of Carlisle.-Life:He was the third son of Algernon Percy, 1st Earl of Beverley, by Isabella Susannah, second daughter of Peter Burrell and sister of Peter Burrell, 1st Baron Gwydyr, and was born in London...

Translated to Carlisle
Bishop of Carlisle
The Bishop of Carlisle is the Ordinary of the Church of England Diocese of Carlisle in the Province of York.The diocese covers the County of Cumbria except for Alston Moor and the former Sedbergh Rural District...

1827 1860 George Murray
George Murray (bishop of Rochester)
George Murray was a British churchman, Archdeacon of Man, Dean of Worcester, Bishop of Sodor and Man and Bishop of Rochester.-Background and education:...

1860 1867 Joseph Wigram
1867 1877 Thomas Claughton
1877 1891 Anthony Thorold
1891 1895 Randall Davidson Later Archbishop of Canterbury
Archbishop of Canterbury
The Archbishop of Canterbury is the senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of England, the symbolic head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and the diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Canterbury. In his role as head of the Anglican Communion, the archbishop leads the third largest group...

 then Lord Davidson of Lambeth.
1895 1905 Edward Talbot
1905 1930 John Harmer
1930 1940 Linton Smith
1940 1961 Christopher Chavasse
1961 1988 David Say
David Say
Richard David Say KCVO DD was a former bishop of Rochester . He was often noted for his height .-Early life and education:He was the son of Commander Richard Say, RNVR...

1988 1994 Michael Turnbull
Michael Turnbull
Anthony Michael Arnold Turnbull was the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England from 1994 until 2003.Turnbull was born in Wombwell, South Yorkshire. He was a student at Keble College, Oxford, graduating in 1958. He prepared for ordained ministry at Cranmer Hall and St John's College, University...

1994 2009 Michael Nazir-Ali
Michael Nazir-Ali
Michael James Nazir-Ali was the 106th Bishop of Rochester in the Church of England: he retired in September 2009, taking up a position as director of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue...

2010 present James Langstaff MA Translated from Lynn
Bishop of Lynn
The Bishop of Lynn is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Norwich, in the Province of Canterbury, England. The title takes its name after the town of King's Lynn in Norfolk...



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