Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba
Manitoba is a Canadian prairie province with an area of . The province has over 110,000 lakes and has a largely continental climate because of its flat topography. Agriculture, mostly concentrated in the fertile southern and western parts of the province, is vital to the province's economy; other...

, Canada
Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, and northward into the Arctic Ocean...

, and is the primary municipality of the Winnipeg Capital Region, with more than half of Manitoba's population. It is located near the longitudinal
Longitude is a geographic coordinate that specifies the east-west position of a point on the Earth's surface. It is an angular measurement, usually expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds, and denoted by the Greek letter lambda ....

 centre of North America
North America
North America is a continent wholly within the Northern Hemisphere and almost wholly within the Western Hemisphere. It is also considered a northern subcontinent of the Americas...

, at the confluence
Confluence, in geography, describes the meeting of two or more bodies of water.Confluence may also refer to:* Confluence , a property of term rewriting systems...

 of the Red
Red River of the North
The Red River is a North American river. Originating at the confluence of the Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail rivers in the United States, it flows northward through the Red River Valley and forms the border between the U.S. states of Minnesota and North Dakota before continuing into Manitoba, Canada...

 and Assiniboine
Assiniboine River
The Assiniboine River is a river that runs through the prairies of Western Canada in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is a tributary of the Red River. The Assiniboine is a typical meandering river with a single main channel embanked within a flat, shallow valley in some places and a steep valley in...

 Rivers (a point commonly known as The Forks).

The name "Winnipeg" comes from the Cree
The Cree are one of the largest groups of First Nations / Native Americans in North America, with 200,000 members living in Canada. In Canada, the major proportion of Cree live north and west of Lake Superior, in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, although...

 for "muddy waters". The Winnipeg area was a trading centre for Aboriginal peoples
Aboriginal peoples in Canada
Aboriginal peoples in Canada comprise the First Nations, Inuit and Métis. The descriptors "Indian" and "Eskimo" have fallen into disuse in Canada and are commonly considered pejorative....

 prior to the arrival of Europeans.

"Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg!"

Hermes, from the TV series Futurama

"If you kids can't keep your hands to yourself, I'm gonna turn this car around, and there'll be no Cape Canaveral for anybody. (Nelson smacks the back of his head). THATS IT! BACK TO WINNIPEG!" ~ A father warning his kids who are fooling around in the back of the car.

The Simpsons 3F17 - "Bart On The Road"

"Every salvage mission that's been to this system has disappeared. Even those old pirates out at Winnipeg Drift say it's cursed."

The character Harper making a remark in EPISODE 112: The Mathematics of Tears in the TV series Andromeda (TV series)|Andromeda

"I could, remember when we were in Winnipeg? Six hours, I couldn’t go." Paul talking to Jamie about their dog who has to hold it in for hours while trapped in their apartment.

"An Angel For Murray" (406) Mad About You

"With the thermometer at 30 below zero and the wind behind him, a man walking on Main Street in Winnipeg knows which side of him is which."

Stephen Leacock Source: My Discovery of the West, 1937

“I wouldn't say it's cold, but every year Winnipeg's athlete of the year is an ice fisherman.”

Dale Tallon,

“You could live in Winnipeg a thousand years and not meet Ringo, Paul McCartney, or Bob Dylan.”

Burton Cummings,

“Winnipeg is like Fargo, North Dakota, without the action”

Billy Jay,