The Mentalist
The Mentalist is an American police procedural
Police procedural
The police procedural is a subgenre of detective fiction which attempts to convincingly depict the activities of a police force as they investigate crimes. While traditional detective novels usually concentrate on a single crime, police procedurals frequently depict investigations into several...

 television series which debuted on September 23, 2008, on CBS
CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a major US commercial broadcasting television network, which started as a radio network. The name is derived from the initials of the network's former name, Columbia Broadcasting System. The network is sometimes referred to as the "Eye Network" in reference to the shape of...

. The show was created by Bruno Heller
Bruno Heller
Bruno Heller is an English screenwriter. His most notable works are the television series Rome and The Mentalist .-Life and career:...

, who is also the show's executive producer. It follows the fictional story of Patrick Jane who, as a paid consultant, uses unorthodox methods to aid a fictional unit of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in homicide
Homicide refers to the act of a human killing another human. Murder, for example, is a type of homicide. It can also describe a person who has committed such an act, though this use is rare in modern English...


On May 18, 2011, CBS announced that The Mentalist had been renewed for a fourth season. Season four premiered on September 22, 2011.


The Mentalist follows Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane is the protagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane is a consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation and helps by giving advice and insight from his many years as a fake psychic medium...

, an independent consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation
California Bureau of Investigation
California Bureau of Investigation is a fictional law enforcement organization of the U.S. state of California featured predominantly in the TV series The Mentalist....

 (CBI) based in Sacramento
Sacramento is the capital of the state of California, in the United States of America.Sacramento may also refer to:- United States :*Sacramento County, California*Sacramento, Kentucky*Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta...

, California
California is a state located on the West Coast of the United States. It is by far the most populous U.S. state, and the third-largest by land area...

. Although not an officer of the law of any sort, he uses skills from his former career as a successful psychic medium (which was a ruse, as he does not believe anyone actually has psychic abilities) to help a team of CBI agents solve various crimes, with the hope of one day bringing Red John
Red John
Red John is a fictional character and the leading antagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist. He is a serial killer who murders many people in California, Nevada, and Mexico...

, the murder
Murder is the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human being, and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide...

er of his wife, Angela, and daughter, Charlotte, to justice.

Patrick Jane formerly had a lucrative career as a con man, successfully posing as a psychic medium and enjoying near-celebrity
A celebrity, also referred to as a celeb in popular culture, is a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media...

 status. He appeared on television
Television is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images that can be monochrome or colored, with accompanying sound...

 to claim that his paranormal abilities helped the police profile
Offender profiling
Offender profiling, also known as criminal profiling, is a behavioral and investigative tool that is intended to help investigators to profile unknown criminal subjects or offenders. Offender profiling is also known as criminal profiling, criminal personality profiling, criminological profiling,...

 a serial killer
Serial killer
A serial killer, as typically defined, is an individual who has murdered three or more people over a period of more than a month, with down time between the murders, and whose motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification...

 named Red John. Red John, angered by the perceived slight, murdered Jane's wife and young daughter in revenge. Jane subsequently abandoned his job as a psychic and teamed up with the CBI, using his skills to help them solve various crimes. His main focus is on the cases involving Red John or Red John copycats. He admits to faking the supernatural aspects of his skills, often asserting that "there's no such thing as psychics", yet he has finely honed skills in cold reading
Cold reading
Cold reading is a series of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, illusionists, and con artists to determine or express details about another person, often in order to convince them that the reader knows much more about a subject than they actually do...

, hypnotism, and pickpocketing
Pickpocketing is a form of larceny that involves the stealing of money or other valuables from the person of a victim without their noticing the theft at the time. It requires considerable dexterity and a knack for misdirection...

, as well as powerful observational skill and a deep insight into the human psyche and behavior. These skills come in handy in every episode, but his unorthodox and bizarre techniques to solve crimes sometimes offend the team of agents he works with.


The show often sets episodes in fictional locales with names like Salinger Mill and Rancho Rosa. Like the majority of American television shows, The Mentalist is mostly filmed within the studio zone
Studio zone
In the American entertainment industry, the studio zone, also known as the thirty-mile zone or the TMZ, is the area within a 30-mile radius from the intersection of West Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California...

 in Los Angeles County
Los Angeles County, California
Los Angeles County is a county in the U.S. state of California. As of 2010 U.S. Census, the county had a population of 9,818,605, making it the most populous county in the United States. Los Angeles County alone is more populous than 42 individual U.S. states...

, but occasionally films a few scenes on location in Sacramento.

On October 15, 2008, CBS ordered a full season of The Mentalist. On May 20, 2009, CBS renewed The Mentalist for a second season, which premiered on September 24, 2009, in the US and on September 22 on CTV in Canada
Canada is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, and northward into the Arctic Ocean...

, as well as September 28, 2009, in Australia
Australia , officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area...

. On May 19, 2010, CBS announced that The Mentalist was renewed for a third season. On May 18, 2011 the show has been officially renewed for a fourth season.


Due to the main character's ability to notice seemingly insignificant details, to draw conclusions from them and profile people, the show has drawn comparison to other television series, most notably Millennium
Millennium (TV series)
Millennium is an American television series created by Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files. Millennium aired on the Fox Network from 1996 to 1999. The series was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, though most episodes were ostensibly set in or around Seattle, Washington...

, House
House (TV series)
House is an American television medical drama that debuted on the Fox network on November 16, 2004. The show's central character is Dr. Gregory House , an unconventional and misanthropic medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in...

, Murdoch Mysteries
Murdoch Mysteries
Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian drama television series that airs on Citytv, featuring Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch, a police detective working in Toronto, Ontario in the 1890s. The television series is based on the Detective Murdoch series of novels by Maureen Jennings. The fifth season was...

, Agatha Christie's Poirot
Agatha Christie's Poirot
Agatha Christie's Poirot is a British television drama that has aired on ITV since 1989. It stars David Suchet as Agatha Christie's fictional detective Hercule Poirot. It was originally made by LWT and is now made by ITV Studios...

, Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Law & Order: Criminal Intent is an American police procedural television drama series set in New York City, where it was also primarily produced. Created and produced by Dick Wolf and René Balcer, the series premiered on September 30, 2001, as the second spin-off of Wolf's successful crime drama...

, Life, Monk
Monk (TV series)
Monk is an American comedy-drama detective mystery television series created by Andy Breckman and starring Tony Shalhoub as the titular character, Adrian Monk. It originally ran from 2002 to 2009 and is primarily a mystery series, although it has dark and comic touches.The series debuted on July...

, Profiler
Profiler (TV series)
Profiler was an American crime drama that aired on NBC from 1996 to 2000. The series follows the exploits of a criminal profiler working with the fictional FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force based in Atlanta, Georgia....

, and particularly Psych
Psych is an American detective comedy-drama television series created by Steve Franks and broadcast on USA Network. It stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" and impressive detective instincts...

, a show that premiered two years before The Mentalist and which has a similar concept of a hyper-observant consultant who pretends to be a psychic while helping the police. All of these shows ultimately trace their origins back to Arthur Conan Doyle
Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle DL was a Scottish physician and writer, most noted for his stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes, generally considered a milestone in the field of crime fiction, and for the adventures of Professor Challenger...

 in his Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective created by Scottish author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The fantastic London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his astute logical reasoning, his ability to take almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve...

 stories. While it has been acknowledged that the concept is not a new one, the show has been praised for its "thoughtful execution".

Main characters

  • Simon Baker
    Simon Baker
    Simon Baker is an Australian actor. Since 2008, he has starred in the CBS television series The Mentalist.-Early life:...

     as Patrick Jane
    Patrick Jane
    Patrick Jane is the protagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane is a consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation and helps by giving advice and insight from his many years as a fake psychic medium...

    —the show's protagonist
    A protagonist is the main character of a literary, theatrical, cinematic, or musical narrative, around whom the events of the narrative's plot revolve and with whom the audience is intended to most identify...

     and the titular mentalist. Jane was raised by an emotionally abusive con-man father to see all people as marks. He met his wife, also a carnie, and together they left that life. He then earned a living as a professional (and fraudulent) psychic
    Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. Performances may appear to include telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psychokinesis, mediumship, mind control, memory feats and rapid...

     until Red John
    Red John
    Red John is a fictional character and the leading antagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist. He is a serial killer who murders many people in California, Nevada, and Mexico...

     murdered his wife and daughter in retaliation for Jane's televised mocking. Jane now works as a criminal consultant
    A consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as management, accountancy, the environment, entertainment, technology, law , human resources, marketing, emergency management, food production, medicine, finance, life management, economics, public...

     for the California Bureau of Investigation. He is brilliant at deduction, but also devious, arrogant, tactless, and occasionally childish and cruel. He annoys the team to the point of their taking turns going on field trips with him. The murder of his family left Jane devoid of much empathy and feeling. Combined with his con artist upbringing, this has made him a cold and uncaring person with deep anger issues. He hides this by being charming and carefree. Despite this, Jane has started to develop close friendships with his colleagues, especially Lisbon. He often shows his darker side concerning Red John, the serial killer who murdered his family. When dealing with him, Jane becomes intense, focused, and willing to sacrifice anything, including his life or the lives of others, to catch and kill him. However, he does shoot a man with information about Red John to save Lisbon. In the Season 3 finale, Jane proves his dedication to kill Red John when he shoots and kills Timothy Carter; an accomplice who pretended to be Red John in order to bait Jane into a trap that would land him in prison. In the beginning of Season 4, Jane realizes that he has been deceived, and regretfully tricks the jury into freeing him of all charges, thus foiling Red John's apparent plan. He owns a classic French Car, a metal grey Citroën DS
    Citroën DS
    The Citroën DS is an executive car produced by the French manufacturer Citroën between 1955 and 1975. Styled by Italian sculptor and industrial designer Flaminio Bertoni and the French aeronautical engineer André Lefèbvre, the DS was known for its aerodynamic futuristic body design and innovative...

  • Robin Tunney
    Robin Tunney
    Robin Jessica Tunney is an American actress. She is best known for her lead roles in the movie The Craft and the television series Prison Break and The Mentalist.-Early life:...

     as Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon
    Teresa Lisbon
    Teresa Lisbon is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Robin Tunney. Lisbon is a senior agent and leader of the "Serious Crime Unit" for the California Bureau of Investigation .-Character background:...

    —a Senior Special Agent with the CBI and leader of the "Serious Crime Unit" team of which Patrick is part. Though Patrick often annoys her with his unusual behavior and going behind her back, she views him as a valuable member of the team and will almost always back him up. Her mother was killed in a drunk driving accident, leaving her to care for her brothers and her alcoholic father. She is the only member of the team Patrick trusts with details of his past and they work well together, though his attitude often causes trouble for her. Her team is responsible for the Red John case, although the responsibility for catching Red John was taken over briefly by Sam Bosco, her mentor when she was a junior agent, until he and his team were murdered by one of Red John's operatives. It is possible that Jane and Lisbon have a romantic attraction to each other. At the very least she is one of the few people that Jane truly cares about.
  • Tim Kang
    Tim Kang
    Tim Kang is an American television and film actor. He is best known for his AT&T commercials and his role as Kimball Cho in the TV series The Mentalist.-Life and career:...

     as Special Agent Kimball Cho
    Kimball Cho
    Kimball Cho is a character portrayed by Tim Kang on the American TV crime drama The Mentalist. Cho is an agent for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation ....

    —a Special Agent with the CBI and a member of Lisbon's "Serious Crime" team. Cho has a dry, deadpan sense of humor and is good friends with Rigsby. He is often the one who sees through Patrick's parlor tricks (when Patrick tells Van Pelt that he was moving a straw across the table with telekinesis, Cho simply says, "He blew on it"). He was secretly called "Ernie
    Ernie is a fictional character, a Muppet on the Public Broadcasting Service's long-running children's television show, Sesame Street. He and his roommate Bert form a comic duo that is one of the program's centerpieces, with Ernie acting the role of the naïve troublemaker and Bert the world-weary foil...

    " by the Bosco team, who also refer to Rigsby as "Bert"; Cho claims not to mind, as "Ernie's the clever, handsome one". He was a member of a street gang, the Avon Park Playboys, garnering a juvenile record which is sealed. He also spent time in juvenile hall, until leaving to serve in the United States Army's Special Forces, before becoming a police officer and then joining the CBI. Because of his difficult childhood, Cho often befriends kids who have committed crimes, possibly because they remind him of himself at that age.
  • Owain Yeoman
    Owain Yeoman
    Owain Yeoman is a Welsh actor. His credits include The Nine, Kitchen Confidential and the HBO series, Generation Kill. He currently appears as Agent Wayne Rigsby in The Mentalist.-Biography:...

     as Special Agent Wayne Rigsby
    Wayne Rigsby
    Wayne Rigsby is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Owain Yeoman. Rigsby is an agent for the fictionalized California Bureau of Investigation.-Early Life:...

    —a Special Agent with the CBI and a member of Lisbon's "Serious Crime" team, serving as an arson specialist
    Fire investigation
    Fire investigation, sometimes referred to as origin and cause investigation, is the analysis of fire-related incidents. After firefighters extinguish a fire, an investigation is launched to determine the origin and cause of the fire or explosion...

    . He developed strong feelings for Van Pelt. He didn't initially act on them, as romance between agents is against regulations, but ultimately the two gave in to their feelings and began seeing each other secretly. Their relationship ultimately became public knowledge, and so an ultimatum was issued to them by Madeleine Hightower to end their relationship, which Van Pelt did to protect Rigsby's career. They remain friends and colleagues, despite the awkwardness of the working environment.
  • Amanda Righetti
    Amanda Righetti
    Amanda Righetti is an American actress and film producer. She is best known for her roles in The Mentalist, Friday the 13th and The O.C. In 2008, Righetti was the winner of the Best Actress award at the New York International Independent Film Video Festival for the Short Film category.-Early...

     as Special Agent Grace Van Pelt
    Grace Van Pelt
    Grace Van Pelt is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Amanda Righetti. Van Pelt is a Special agent in the fictionalized California Bureau of Investigation.-Character Background:...

    —a Special Agent with the CBI and a member of Lisbon's "Serious Crime" team; serving as its newest member, often doing research for other members. She has a deep belief in religion and psychics and will butt heads with Patrick when he dismisses it or does something morally inappropriate. Van Pelt became secretly involved with Rigsby, after months of reluctance due to the regulations prohibiting romantic relationships between agents. Although she was forced to leave him to protect his career, she may still love him. She is subdued and very organized, which leads Jane to deduce during the first season that this is because she is hiding some deep emotional trauma. She was engaged to FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin, whom she killed after he revealed himself as one of Red John's accomplices.
  • Red John
    Red John
    Red John is a fictional character and the leading antagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist. He is a serial killer who murders many people in California, Nevada, and Mexico...

    —a nickname of the show's leading antagonist. He is an infamous serial killer who may have killed at least twenty eight people (16 women and 9 men confirmed) in the State of California, the State of Nevada, and Tijuana, Mexico, including Patrick Jane's wife, Angela Ruskin Jane, and daughter, Charlotte Anne Jane, five years before the pilot episode. Red John started his killing spree sometimes in 1998, sidekicked by his fellow-criminal Orville Tanner. As part of his criminal signature, Red John draws a smiley face on the wall with the blood of the victim—always clockwise, using the three fingers of his rubber-gloved right hand. Patrick Jane, the show's protagonist, says in the pilot episode, "Red John thinks of himself as a showman; an artist. He has a strong sense of theater." Jane insists "... the first thing that anyone sees is the face on the wall. You see the face first and you know. You know what's happened and you feel dread. Then, and only then do you see the body of the victim. Always in that order." Red John is clean a efficient, in the Season 2 episode "The Scarlet Letter
    The Scarlet Letter
    The Scarlet Letter is an 1850 romantic work of fiction in a historical setting, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is considered to be his magnum opus. Set in 17th-century Puritan Boston during the years 1642 to 1649, it tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an...

    " Patrick says to Senior Special Agent Sam Bosco, "Red John doesn't make mistakes. He doesn't leave clues. If you have new evidence, it's because he wants you to have it". Red John is extremely angered by people acting like they know him, even more so by those who lie about him, which was clearly shown when he killed Jane's wife and daughter when Jane insulted him on a talk show, and when he killed a woman who insulted him when she called him a "beast" on a talk show, as well James Panzer, a another serial killer, who belittling him in a public forum. Red John has a number of associates, whom Patrick in Season 3 episode "Jolly Red Elf" collectively calls a "network". The members are invariably disposed of once they are no longer necessary for Red John's plans. In the Season 1 finale episode "Red John's Footsteps", Red John, who called himself "Roy Tagliaferro" as his fake name had a relationship with a blind redhead woman named Rosalind Harker, who described him as follows "Just under 6 feet tall; not muscular, but not soft either; short, straight hair; a gentle voice; rough, strong hands; he smelled of pine and nails and earth; and he liked to listen to me play the piano (especially Bach—he admired his rigour)." Red John finally appears in the Season 2 finale episode "Red Sky in the Morning
    Red Sky in the Morning
    Red Sky in the Morning is a young adult novel by Elizabeth Laird, first published in 1988. The American title is Loving Ben.-Plot:Anna is very excited when her parents announce to her that they are having a baby. She sees this as her big chance to show that she is grown-up and can take care of the...

    ", face-to-face with Patrick Jane. For the first time since the pilot episode (except flashback in "His Red Right Hand" and probably appearance like Rebecca's poisoner), the viewer is able to see the Red John in the flesh, wearing a black cloak and pants, black rubber-gloved, a pair of charcoal boots, and a grotesque rubber mask that distorts his face. In this episode, Red John saves Jane from two student filmmakers who had copycatted Red John murders, and before leaving Jane, he begins to recite the first stanza of William Blake's poem "The Tyger". In the Season 3 final episode "Strawberries and Cream (The Mentalist)
    Strawberries and Cream (The Mentalist)
    "Strawberries and Cream" is the two-part season finale of the third season of the The Mentalist. Together they make up the 23rd and 24th episodes of the season and the 69th and 70th episodes of the series overall. Part one was written by executive producer Ashley Gable and part two was written by...

    ", Jane killed Timothy Carter, a men who was believed to be Red John. In Season 4 premiere is shown that Red John has never been more powerful, because it is revealed that when Patrick was arrested, one of the officers (another accomplice of Red John) took Timothy's gun and swapped his cell phone for another one. It is also revealed that men who Jane shot is not Red John after Jane tricks his wife Sally Carter into revealing that they kidnapped young girl Debbie Lupin. In Season 4 episode "Blinking Red Light" is proved that Red John still lives.

Secondary characters

  • Gregory Itzin
    Gregory Itzin
    Gregory Martin Itzin is an American film and television actor. He is best known for his role as disgraced U.S. President Charles Logan in the television series 24.-Early life:...

     as Supervising Agent Virgil Minelli—the former Special Agent in Charge of the CBI until the Season 2 episode "His Red Right Hand". Minelli was an effective team leader, yet appeared fatigued and exhausted from years of political battles with his subordinates and his superiors. Nevertheless, he behaved in a paternal and friendly way to Lisbon's team. Minelli is finally pushed to his breaking point following the murders of Sam Bosco and his team by Rebecca, their secretary and a member of Red John's network; as these were the first agents to die under his command. As a result, Minelli retired to a quiet life of a fisherman and was replaced by Madeleine Hightower. In the Season 3 episode "Jolly Red Elf", Minelli is approached by Patrick for support in Patrick's investigation into Red John's network, and Minelli ultimately agrees to help him.
  • Aunjanue Ellis
    Aunjanue Ellis
    Aunjanue L. Ellis is an American actress known for her roles in Ray, in Undercover Brother, and on The Mentalist....

     as Supervising Agent Madeleine Hightower—the former Special Agent in Charge of the CBI. In the Season 2 episode "The Red Box
    The Red Box
    The Red Box is the fourth Nero Wolfe detective novel by Rex Stout. Prior to its first publication in 1937 by Farrar & Rinehart, Inc., the novel was serialized in five issues of The American Magazine...

    ", Hightower arrives to take command, replacing Virgil Minelli. She is very much in command of the team, and is one of the few people to have a hold on Patrick Jane. Despite adopting a hard-nosed by-the-book approach to managing the CBI, and her own skill as an administrator, she maintains an efficient and friendly relationship with the team. She also respects and sees Jane as valuable to the CBI and its future, and seems to understand Patrick's focus on finding Red John. Hightower is in the middle of a divorce and has two children. In Season 3, Hightower is among Agent LaRoche's five suspects in the Todd Johnson murder, and was considered prime suspect due to her previous relationship with one of Johnson's victims; this, along with evidence planted at the scene of the murder of Johnson's accomplice, Manuel Montero, ultimately leaves Hightower a wanted fugitive. Jane realizes Hightower was framed by Red John's accomplice, the true killer, and helps her escape and he works throughout Season 3 to identify the true CBI mole. In the Season 3 finale, Hightower resurfaces, realizing Red John is closing in, and works with Jane and the team to expose the mole—FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin; who is shot and killed by Hightower and Van Pelt in a showdown at Hightower's hideout.
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince
    Pruitt Taylor Vince
    Pruitt Taylor Vince is an American award-winning character actor who has made many appearances in film and television.-Personal life:Vince was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana...

     as Special Agent/Supervising Agent J.J. LaRoche—the head of CBI's Internal Affairs. He arrives in the Season 3 episode "Jolly Red Elf", appointed the new head of the CBI's Professional Standards Unit. Following the demise of a member of Red John's network, Todd Johnson, while in custody at the CBI, LaRoche had been brought in to question the team after Johnson's death appeared to be an inside job. He is quirky, charmless, professional, socially awkward and Patrick's intellectual equal. But despite his 'Robo-Cop' act, he has been shown to be a relatively normal person when not directly engaged in his job, dropping the veneer around Jane. LaRoche initialy considered Jane his prime suspect, but ultimately named Agent Hightower as the killer due to evidence planted by Red John's mole; who was the true killer. With Hightower a fugitive, LaRoche was appointed to take over Hightower's duties as the team's supervisor and Jane's boss. LaRoche quickly asserted his command when he briefly removed Lisbon and replaced her with Cho; promoting him to team leader, but later reappoints Lisbon as team leader (after commending Cho's acting stand as leader in his file) and makes it very clear that he has removed Lisbon to show he wouldn't tolerate any disrespect. In the Season 3 finale, LaRoche is blackmailed into handing over the suspect list by Jane; after he threatens to reveal LaRoche's dark secret; Jane later admitted he has absolutely no idea what LaRoche's dark secret is "but it must be horrible". In Season 4, LaRoche reveals to Lisbon that he is leaving his temporary assignment with the CBI Major Crimes Unit and is returning to Professional Services. LaRoche states his time working with Lisbon and Jane has been "interesting" and then gave Lisbon, who wishes him luck, an awkward hug.
  • Michael Gaston
    Michael Gaston
    Michael Gaston is an American film and television actor. He played agent Quinn on the show Prison Break. He appeared as Gray Anderson on the CBS drama series Jericho. He also appeared in the first season of The Sopranos as a compulsive gambler in trouble with Tony...

     as Director of CBI Gale Bertram; the bureau director of the entire California Bureau of Investigation, first appointed in the Season 3 premiere "Red Sky at Night
    Red sky at night
    Red sky at night may refer to:*Red sky at night, an example of weather lore*"Red Sky at Night", a song from the album On an Island by David Gilmour*"Red Sky at Night", a song from the album Ship of Memories by Focus-See also :...

    ". Bertram appears to be mostly concerned with politics and the media; but has been shown to be well aware of Lisbon's team and her effectiveness at closing cases and has a high regard for Jane's productiveness and worth as a useful CBI asset. In the Season 3 finale, it was revealed Bertram is among Agent LaRoche's five suspects in the Todd Johnson murder, and while it was initially believed Bertram was the killer, FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin was revealed as Red John's accomplice and the true killer. In Season 4, Bertram suspends Lisbon and her team in retaliation. Throughout his appearances, he has had minor indications that he is connected to Red John; most notably when, in the Season 3 episode "Red Queen
    Red Queen
    Red Queen may refer to:* Red Queen , a character in Lewis Carroll's book* The Red Queen , book by Isobelle Carmody...

    ", he refers to a poem of William Blake, which was a poet who Red John had also referenced personally to Patrick Jane, and again in the Season 4 premiere, Bertram secretly directs Ardiles to lead the prosecution against Jane at his murder trial, after suspending Lisbon and her team.
  • Rebecca Wisocky
    Rebecca Wisocky
    Rebecca Wisocky is an American film, television and stage actress. Her last name pronounce VI-saw-tskee.- Filmography :*True Blood .... Queen Mab*90210 .... Principal Nowack*Atlas Shrugged .... Lillian Rearden...

     as Brenda Shettrick, the head of the CBI's Media Relations unit—she is entirely concerned with liaising with the media and leading outreach programs and other efforts to the public; she appear to have good relations with the team and senior agents. In the Season 3 finale, it was revealed Shettrick is among Agent LaRoche's five suspects in the Todd Johnson murder, and while it was initially believed CBI Director Gale Bertram was the killer, FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin was revealed as Red John's accomplice and the true killer.
  • David Norona
    David Norona
    David Norona is a Cuban American actor.-Biography:David Norona was born in Hialeah, Florida on December 14, 1972 to Cuban parents Jorge Norona and Edith Iglesias. He began his acting career at Coral Gables High School with roles in The Sound of Music and The Fantasticks...

     as ADA Osvaldo Ardiles, a district attorney who quickly proves to be an enemy of the team when he tries to convict an innocent man of armed robbery in an effort to get information on a powerful mafia group; only for Cho, realizing Ardiles' plan would never work, and he, himself, was not going to listen, proved the man's innocence. Ardiles, furious, retaliated by cutting off all support from the D.A.'s office to the team. In the Season 3 finale, it was revealed Ardiles is among Agent LaRoche's five suspects in the Todd Johnson murder, and while it was initially believed CBI Director Gale Bertram was the killer, FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin was revealed as Red John's accomplice and the true killer. In the Season 4 premiere, Ardiles, at Bertram's direction, tries to charge Jane with killing Timothy Carter; but in the end Jane was cleared of all charges and Ardiles lost the case.
  • Leslie Hope
    Leslie Hope
    Leslie Ann Hope is a Canadian actress, best known for her role as Teri Bauer in the Fox show 24 where she played the wife of the main character Jack Bauer.-Life and career:...

     as Kristina Frye—an acclaimed psychic who has occasionally worked with the CBI. When they first met, she and Patrick were at odds. Patrick believes she is a fake due to his own belief that psychics do not exist. Later, he becomes emotional after Frye lets Patrick know she has spoken with his dead wife about their daughter's final moments. As time goes by, Kristina helps out with more murder cases, and romantic sparks start to fly between her and Patrick. In the Season 2 finale, Kristina is put under protection by the CBI when she attempts to reach out to Red John and, as Patrick feared, Kristina later goes missing from her heavily guarded home. In the Season 3 episode "Blood on His Hands", Kristina is found alive but unresponsive, after four months of being missing, through a tip-off from Visualize leader Brett Stiles. After Jane attempts to communicate with her in a séance, she tells him that she is dead, which Jane denies. She appears to be at peace, wryly teasing Jane. She is unaware of the circumstances of her disappearance and cannot or will not provide any information of value to Jane. She is, to date, catatonic and presumably institutionalized.
  • Terry Kinney
    Terry Kinney
    Terry Kinney is an American actor and theatre director, and is a founding member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, with Gary Sinise and Jeff Perry.-Early life:...

     as Senior Special Agent Sam Bosco—a Senior Special Agent with the CBI and another team leader. He was Lisbon's mentor when she was a junior agent, and despite being married, he shared strong romantic feelings for her until he died. When Bosco became an investigative team leader in the new Serial Crimes Unit, Virgil Minelli gave Bosco the responsibility for catching Red John. He was Patrick Jane's office nemesis—based on a lack of trust, they had an antagonistic relationship. Patrick didn't trust Bosco to properly investigate the Red John case, and Bosco viewed Jane as untrustworthy and unreliable. In the Season 2 episode "His Red Right Hand", Bosco's team was murdered by Rebecca, their secretary and a member of Red John's network. Rebecca confirms to Jane that Red John ordered the murders because he knows that Jane wants the case. Only Bosco lived long enough to arrive alive, but in critical condition, at the hospital. Shortly before he died Bosco made peace with Patrick, who confirmed to Bosco that he would kill Red John.
  • Eric Winter
    Eric Winter
    Eric Barrett Winter is an American actor and former fashion model. He is also ambassador for Operation Smile.-Career:Before his acting roles, Winter was a male model and had some high profile campaigns, such as one print campaign for Tommy Hilfiger...

     as FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin—a Special Agent in Charge with the FBI who first meets (through a car crash) the CBI team while jointly investigating Visualize. O'Laughlin catches the attention of Van Pelt, and the two of them have instant chemistry. Over time, their romance deepens; in the episode "Blood for Blood
    Blood for Blood
    Blood for Blood is a hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed by Shane Flannery in 1994, motivated by the hardcore scene in Boston and New York City at the time. In 1997 they were signed to Victory Records...

    ", O'Laughlin asks her to marry him and she agrees, much to Rigsby's displeasure. He is shown to have seniority, technical expertise, high intelligence and combat skill. His past before joining the FBI includes him being an NFL football player who knew (and fondly remembers) Van Pelt's father, and a learned traveler of the Far East. In the Season 3 finale, it was revealed O'Laughlin is among Agent LaRoche's five suspects in the Todd Johnson murder, and while it was initially believed CBI Director Gale Bertram was the killer, O'Laughlin was revealed as Red John's accomplice and the true killer. In a showdown at Hightower's hideout, O'Laughlin shot and wounded Lisbon and made it clear he never loved Van Pelt. He was then repeatedly shot and killed by Van Pelt and Hightower.
  • Bradley Whitford
    Bradley Whitford
    Bradley Whitford is an American film and television actor. He is best known for his roles as Deputy White House Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on the NBC television drama The West Wing, as Danny Tripp on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, as Dan Stark in the Fox police buddy-comedy The Good Guys, as...

     as Fake Red John/Timothy Carter—a child abductor and one of Red John's accomplices. He kidnapped a young girl named Debbie Lubin and kept her locked up in his basement with his wife as an accomplice. In the Season 3 final episode "Strawberries and Cream (The Mentalist)
    Strawberries and Cream (The Mentalist)
    "Strawberries and Cream" is the two-part season finale of the third season of the The Mentalist. Together they make up the 23rd and 24th episodes of the season and the 69th and 70th episodes of the series overall. Part one was written by executive producer Ashley Gable and part two was written by...

    ", after Craig O'Laughlin is killed while trying to kill Hightower in her mountain cabin hideout, Jane (who is in a food court in a Sacramento mall) has Lisbon use the redial on O'Laughlin's phone and tell whomever answers that O'Laughlin is dead. Timothy is sitting in the food court near Jane and answers his phone. Jane, seeing this, has Lisbon tell him what the person she called said to her. It is the same thing that Timothy in the food court said, so Jane confronts him. Timothy first denies it, but moments later drops hints that he is Red John, keeping Jane at a safe distance by subtly pointing a revolver hidden inside a folded newspaper at him. Jane, however, is still skeptical, and confronts the man again as he tries to leave, only for him to reveal to Jane details of the murders of his wife and daughter, specifically, what they smelled like. This sends Jane over the edge, and he calls after the man, then guns him down with a weapon hidden in his coat pocket. Jane then sits down and calmly sips tea while waiting to be arrested, apparently satisfied that this man was indeed Red John. In Season 4 premiere is after all revealed that Timothy Carter is not really Red John after Jane tricks his wife into revealing that they kidnapped Debbie. In the Season 4 episode "Little Red Book", Patrick takes Rosalind Harker, Red John's blind ex-girlfriend, to the morgue where Carter's body is stored and has her feel its face to check if she recognizes him. After doing so, Rosalind confirms Patrick's suspicions—Carter was not the man who identified himself as "Roy Tagliaferro" (one of Red John's aliases).

Minor Characters

  • David Warshofsky
    David Warshofsky
    David Warshofsky is an American film and television actor.-Life and career:Warshofsky was born in Saratoga, California. There is some dispute about this. Other sources, some self-contradictory, have listed his place and date of birth as San Francisco in 1961 or 1959, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and...

     as Donald "Donny" Culpepper—a professional thief that the CBI first comes across in the Season 2 episode "A Price Above Rubies
    A Price Above Rubies
    A Price Above Rubies is a 1998 film directed by Boaz Yakin, starring Renée Zellweger as a young woman who finds it difficult to conform to the restrictions imposed on her by her community. Reviews of the movie were mixed, though generally positive to Zellweger's performance. The title is a biblical...

    "; where he is a suspect in a case involving a thief who critically wounds the husband of a wealthy jewellery store owner. He is proven innocent but did not appreciate Jane's insults and threatened physical harm or worse if they meet again. They apparently reconciled by the Season 3 episode "Redacted"; as Jane hires him to steal Agent LaRoche's Todd Johnson murder suspect list from LaRoche's home. Culpepper fails to find it and gets caught and tells Jane that if he does not get the charges dropped, he will tell CBI what he was doing. Lisbon gets the charges dropped by punching Culpepper in the face. In the Season 3 finale, Jane admits to having hired Culpepper directly to LaRoche, but avoids punishment by threatening to reveal LaRoche's dark secret, which Jane claims Culpepper to have discovered while searching through LaRoche's safe, and informed Jane about it while in custody. Jane later admitted Culpepper learned nothing about LaRoche's secret.
  • Alicia Witt
    Alicia Witt
    Alicia Roanne Witt is an American film, stage, television actress and singer.-Early life:Witt was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her mother, Diane , is a junior high school reading teacher, and her father, Robert Witt, is a science teacher and photographer. She has a brother, Ian...

     as Rosalind Harker—a blind woman, Rosalind had a relationship with Red John, who called himself by the alias "Roy Tagliaferro". According to her, his car broke down near her home and he wound up spending the next few months in a relationship with him. He left her without saying goodbye, though he did draw one of his smiley face on a wall in her house. In the Season 1 finale episode "Red John's Footsteps", Patrick and Lisbon found her and got a description of Red John. In the end of Season 4 episode "Little Red Book", Patrick contacted Rosalind and called her a morgue where the body of Timothy Carter, one of Red John's accomplices who had manipulated Patrick into killing him by pretending to be Red John himself, was kept. He had her feel Carter's face in case she could identify him. She told him that she had never meet the man before, confirming Patrick's suspicions that Red John is still alive.
  • Currie Graham
    Currie Graham
    Currie Graham is a Canadian stage, film and television actor. He studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City....

     as Walter Mashburn—a highly successful billionaire businessman. He first appears in the Season 2 episode "Redline
    Redline refers to the maximum engine speed at which an internal combustion engine or traction motor and its components are designed to operate without causing damage to the components themselves or other parts of the engine...

    " as a murder suspect, but is cleared by Patrick, for whom he has quickly grown respect. This respect deepens in the Season 3 episode "Red Hot", where Mashburn is saved from assassination attempts, and along the way develops a (brief) romance with Lisbon.
  • Jack Plotnick
    Jack Plotnick
    Jack Stuart Plotnick is an American film and television actor.Born in Worthington, Ohio, Plotnick is based in Hollywood...

     as Brett Partridge—a CBI forensic specialist who has appeared in two episodes. He is very minor and is not named on screen. Jane states Brett "loves his job a bit too much", and calls him a "ghoul".
  • David Paymer
    David Paymer
    David Paymer is an American actor and television director, seen in such films as Quiz Show, Searching for Bobby Fischer, City Slickers, Crazy People, State and Main, Payback, Get Shorty, Carpool, The American President, Ocean's Thirteen, and Drag Me to Hell...

     as James Panzer—a serial killer known as "the San Joaquin Killer" who appeared in the Season 4 episode "Blinking Red Light". James Panzer pretended to be a blogger devoting his life to find a serial killer known as the San Joaquin Killer (abbreviated SJK). SJK killed at least five young women, ranging in age from 16 to 20, two of whose murders were seen in the episode. In actuality, however, Panzer was the San Joaquin Killer himself. Patrick Jane suspected Panzer of being SJK. Jane's suspicions were borne out when he and Panzer both appeared on Karen Cross's television show discussing the SJK case. During the show, Jane goaded Panzer into comparing Red John unfavorably to SJK. Panzer rose to the bait, saying that the SJK killings were the work of a genius and Red John by comparison was a "common sociopath, lazy, sloppy, delusional", and becoming so absorbed in building up SJK's image that he was unaware that he was making the same mistake that Patrick Jane and Kristina Frye had made: namely, belittling Red John in a public forum. Shortly after the television appearance, Panzer was found murdered in an alleyway, with Red John's smiley face painted in blood on the wall near his body. Panzer's murder proved Jane's theory that Red John is still alive.
  • Shauna Bloom
    Shauna Bloom
    Shauna Bloom is an American actress, known for appearing on "The Mentalist" as Red John's accomplice Rebecca....

     as Rebecca—a Sam Bosco's team assistant at CBI and one of Red John's accomplices. Rebecca's past has not been fully revealed, but some details are known. According to Patrick Jane, she had an unhappy childhood and was molested by a close relative. The molestation led to her developing a strong sense of self-loathing, which manifested itself as self-abuse and self-medication. In the Season 2 episode "His Red Right Hand", Rebecca killed Bosco and two other agents, under orders from Red John so that Lisbon's team, and Patrick, would be given the case back. Also under Red John's orders and using the alias "Agent Rojo" (Spanish for "red"), she stole a body and evidence which could have brought Lisbon's team closer to identifying Red John. Rebecca was killed (by poison) very likely by Red John himself (disguised as a guard) in CBI.
  • Malcolm McDowell
    Malcolm McDowell
    Malcolm McDowell is an English actor with a career spanning over forty years.McDowell is principally known for his roles in the controversial films If...., O Lucky Man!, A Clockwork Orange and Caligula...

     as Brett Stiles—the leader of the "Visualize Self-Realization Center" church. Stiles is an ambiguous church leader who is charismatic, smooth and skilled. He has succeeded in deflecting investigations from the authorities on numerous occasions, and has hinted to Patrick that he has inside knowledge about Red John. On their last meeting, Brett provided information that led to Jane and the CBI recovering Kristina Frye alive (but catatonic); and afterward left to open a Visualize center in Jakarta
    Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Officially known as the Special Capital Territory of Jakarta, it is located on the northwest coast of Java, has an area of , and a population of 9,580,000. Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political centre...

    , with his representatives claiming not to know when he might return.
  • Zeljko Ivanek
    Željko Ivanek
    Željko Ivanek is an Emmy award-winning Slovenian American actor best known for his role as Ray Fiske on Damages. He is also known for playing Blake Sterling on short-lived NBC series The Event and Emile Danko on Heroes....

     as Dr. Linus Wagner—a partner of the victim in "Pilot
    - Science and technology :* Pilot experiment, a precursor to a full experiment* Pilot light, a flame kept continually burning and used to light burners on household appliances* Pilot signal, or pilot tone, in telecommunications- Biology :...

    " episode, where double homicide which looks like it may have been committed by the serial killer Red John. In the end of episode is revealed that Dr. Linus himself is copycat of Red John and true killer.


The pilot episode had an audience of 15.6 million viewers in its first airing, and 7.8 million in a re-airing three days later. The December 2, 2008, episode ("Flame Red") was the highest-rated television show of the week, marking the first time a program in its first season had achieved that distinction since Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama series created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. Executive producer Cherry serves as Showrunner. Other executive producers since the fourth season include Marc Cherry, Bob Daily, George W...

four years earlier.

Awards and nominations

  • On January 7, 2009, the show won the award for "Favorite New TV Drama" at the 35th People's Choice Awards
    35th People's Choice Awards
    The 35th People's Choice Awards, honoring the best in popular culture for 2008, was held on January 7, 2009 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. They were hosted by Queen Latifah in her third straight year as host, and was broadcast on CBS...

  • Simon Baker received a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series at the 2009 Emmy Awards
    61st Primetime Emmy Awards
    The 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards took place on September 20, 2009. CBS broadcast the Primetime event and E! the Creative Arts event; both take place at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The nominations for the Awards were announced on July 16....

  • The series has been nominated for The International TV Dagger at the 2009 Crime Thriller Awards, an awards ceremony presented by the British Crime Writers' Association
    Crime Writers' Association
    The Crime Writers Association is a writers' association in the United Kingdom. Founded by John Creasey in 1953, it is currently chaired by Peter James and claims 450+ members....

  • Simon Baker received a nomination for Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Television Series Drama at the 67th Golden Globe Awards
    67th Golden Globe Awards
    The 67th Golden Globe Awards was telecasted live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, January 17, 2010 by NBC, from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM and 8:00PM – 11:00 PM . The ceremonies were hosted by Ricky Gervais, and were broadcast live for the first time.Nominations were...

  • Simon Baker received a nomination for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series at the 16th Screen Actors Guild Awards
    16th Screen Actors Guild Awards
    ----Best Cast - Motion Picture: Inglourious Basterds----Best Cast - Drama Series: Mad Men Best Cast - Comedy Series: Glee ...

  • On August 21, 2010, The Mentalist was honored with an award for its scientific and critical thinking
    Critical thinking
    Critical thinking is the process or method of thinking that questions assumptions. It is a way of deciding whether a claim is true, false, or sometimes true and sometimes false, or partly true and partly false. The origins of critical thinking can be traced in Western thought to the Socratic...

     content, from The IIG during its 10th Anniversary Gala. The award was accepted by Editor Jimm Gadd.

US ratings

The Mentalist (season 1)
The first season of The Mentalist premiered on September 23, 2008 and concluded on May 19, 2009. It consisted of 23 episodes.- Main cast :* Simon Baker as Patrick Jane* Robin Tunney as Teresa Lisbon* Tim Kang as Kimball Cho...

|Tuesday 9:00 PM
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|style="padding: 0px 8px"|
|17.52> |2
The Mentalist (season 2)
The second season of The Mentalist premiered on September 24, 2009 and concluded in May 2010. It consists of 23 episodes. CBS moved the show from Tuesdays at 9/8c to Thursdays at 10/9c, after CSI: Crime Scene Investigation...

|Thursday 10:00 PM
2009–2010 United States network television schedule
The following is the 2009–2010 network television schedule for the five major English-language commercial broadcast networks in the United States. The schedule covers primetime hours from September 2009 through May 2010. The schedule is followed by a list per network of returning series, new...

|15.37> |3
The Mentalist (season 3)
The third season of The Mentalist premiered on September 23, 2010.- Main cast :* Simon Baker as Patrick Jane* Robin Tunney as Teresa Lisbon* Tim Kang as Kimball Cho* Owain Yeoman as Wayne Rigsby* Amanda Righetti as Grace Van Pelt- Recurring cast :...

|Thursday 10:00 PM
2010–2011 United States network television schedule
The following is the 2010–2011 network television schedule for the five major English language commercial broadcast networks in the United States. The schedule covers primetime hours from September 2010 through May 2011. The schedule is followed by a list per network of returning series, new...

|15.24> |4
The Mentalist (season 4)
The fourth season of the CBS police procedural series The Mentalist premiered on September 22, 2011. The season picks up two days after the events of the third season finale with Patrick Jane being arrested for the public murder of the man he believes is the notorious serial killer who murdered...

|Thursday 10:00 PM
Season Episodes Timeslot (EST
Eastern Time Zone
The Eastern Time Zone of the United States and Canada is a time zone that falls mostly along the east coast of North America. Its UTC time offset is −5 hrs during standard time and −4 hrs during daylight saving time...

Original Airing Rank Viewers
(in millions)
Season premiere Season finale TV season


On November 6, 2009, TNT announced that it had obtained exclusive syndication rights for The Mentalist and would begin airing old episodes of the series starting in the fall of 2011. In Greece
Greece , officially the Hellenic Republic , and historically Hellas or the Republic of Greece in English, is a country in southeastern Europe....

, the series premiered in 2009 on pay-TV service NovaCinema 1, the first season premiered in 7 February 2011 on Star Channel
Star Channel
Star Channel is a Greek television network that broadcasts a mix of foreign and Greek programming. It launched in December 1993 and is owned by Nea Tileorasi A.E.. The main news bulletin is called Star Eidiseis, which is currently hosted by Aimilios Liatsos...

, and so far season 2 has been broadcast. In India
India , officially the Republic of India , is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world...

, The Mentalist premiered on November 2010 on Zee Cafe
Zee Cafe
Zee Café is an Indian cable and satellite television channel owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. It was launched on 15 March 2000 as Zee English and known for general entertainment channel...


DVD releases

Warner Home Video
Warner Home Video
Warner Home Video is the home video unit of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., itself part of Time Warner. It was founded in 1978 as WCI Home Video . The company launched in the United States with twenty films on VHS and Betamax videocassettes in late 1979...

has released the first two seasons on DVD in Regions 1, 2 and 4. Season 3 will be released on September 20, 2011 in Region 1, October 10, 2011 in Region 2 and on October 26, 2011 in Region 4.
DVD Name Ep # Release Dates
Region 1 Region 2 (UK) Region 4 (AUS)
The Complete First Season 23 September 22, 2009 March 8, 2010 September 23, 2009
The Complete Second Season 23 September 21, 2010 November 8, 2010 November 10, 2010
The Complete Third Season 24 September 20, 2011 October 10, 2011 October 26, 2011


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