Rustic can refer to:
  • rural
    Rural areas or the country or countryside are areas that are not urbanized, though when large areas are described, country towns and smaller cities will be included. They have a low population density, and typically much of the land is devoted to agriculture...

  • pastoral
    The adjective pastoral refers to the lifestyle of pastoralists, such as shepherds herding livestock around open areas of land according to seasons and the changing availability of water and pasturage. It also refers to a genre in literature, art or music that depicts such shepherd life in an...

In zoology:
  • Rustic moths, various noctuid moths of subfamilies Hadeninae
    Hadeninae is a subfamily of moth family Noctuidae. The limits between this group and the Condicinae and Noctuinae are still not precisely known, with 3 major and partially conflicting revisions since 2006. Some include the noctuid subfamilies Eriopinae and Psaphidinae here as tribes Eriopini and...

     and Noctuinae
    Noctuinae is a subfamily of the family Noctuidae. The larvae of many species feed on roots or stems of various grasses. Some are generalist feeders which makes them potential pests....

    , including
    • The Rustic, (Hoplodrina blanda
      Hoplodrina blanda
      The Rustic is a moth of the family Noctuoidea. It is found in Europe.The wingspan is 31–35 mm. The length of the forewings is 13–16 mm. The moth flies in one generation from late May to early September. ....

      , Hadeninae)
  • The Rustic (Cupha erymanthis
    Cupha erymanthis
    The Rustic is a species of brush-footed butterfly found in forested areas of tropical South Asia and Southeast Asia.-Description:Upperside ochraceous light brown...

    ), a brush-footed butterfly
  • Rustic Sphinx (Manduca rustica
    Manduca rustica
    The Rustic Sphinx is a moth of the Sphingidae family. It is found in the southern parts of the United States , southward through Mexico, Central America and South America to Uruguay....

    ), a hawkmoth

In geography:
  • Rustic, Toronto, a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In architecture:
  • Rustication (architecture)
    Rustication (architecture)
    thumb|upright|Two different styles of rustication in the [[Palazzo Medici-Riccardi]] in [[Florence]].In classical architecture rustication is an architectural feature that contrasts in texture with the smoothly finished, squared block masonry surfaces called ashlar...

  • National Park Service Rustic
    National Park Service Rustic
    National Park Service rustic, also colloquially known as Parkitecture, is a style of architecture that arose in the United States National Park System to create buildings that harmonized with their natural environment. Since its founding, the National Park Service consistently has sought to provide...

    , an architecture style in the United States

In palaeography and calligraphy:
  • Rustic capitals
    Rustic capitals
    Rustic capitals is an ancient Roman calligraphic script. As the term is negatively connotated supposing an opposition to the more 'civilized' form of the Roman square capitals Bernhard Bischoff prefers to call the script canonized capitals.Rustic capitals are similar to Roman square capitals, but...

    , a formal Roman script
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