Noctuinae is a subfamily of the family Noctuidae
The Noctuidae or owlet moths are a family of robustly-built moths that includes more than 35,000 known species out of possibly 100,000 total, in more than 4,200 genera. They constitute the largest family in the Lepidoptera....

. The larvae of many species feed on roots or stems of various grasses. Some are generalist feeders which makes them potential pests.

Noctuid systematics is in a state of flux; the lest of tribes is provisional and other groups now considered more distinct (e.g. Hadeninae
Hadeninae is a subfamily of moth family Noctuidae. The limits between this group and the Condicinae and Noctuinae are still not precisely known, with 3 major and partially conflicting revisions since 2006. Some include the noctuid subfamilies Eriopinae and Psaphidinae here as tribes Eriopini and...

) were formerly included here. Likewise, the validity of the tribe Xestiini is doubtful for example.


This subfamily provisionally contains the following genera:
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