(1)   Awkwardly simple and provincial
"Bumpkinly country boys"
"Rustic farmers"
"A hick town"
"The nightlife of Montmartre awed the unsophisticated tourists"
(2)   Characteristic of the fields or country
"Agrestic simplicity"
"Rustic stone walls"
(3)   Used of idealized country life
"A country life of arcadian contentment"
"A pleasant bucolic scene"
"Charming in its pastoral setting"
"Rustic tranquility"
(4)   Characteristic of rural life
"Countrified clothes"
"Rustic awkwardness"


(5)   An unsophisticated country person


  1. country-styled or pastoral; rural
  2. unfinished or roughly finished work
  3. crude, rough
    rustic country where the sheep and cattle roamed freely


  • late 1700s — Robert Burns, Behold, My Love, How Green the Groves
    The Princely revel may survey
    Our rustic dance wi' scorn.
  • 1818 — Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus Ch. I
    With his permission my mother prevailed on her rustic guardians to yield their charge to her. They were fond of the sweet orphan. Her presence had seemed a blessing to them, but it would be unfair to her to keep her in poverty and want when Providence afforded her such powerful protection.
  • 1820 — Washington Irving, Rural Life in England in The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon
    To this mingling of cultivated and rustic society may also be attributed the rural feeling that runs through British literature.


  • 1906 — Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Nigel, Ch IX
    The King looked at the motionless figure, at the little crowd of hushed expectant rustics beyond the bridge, and finally at the face of Chandos, which shone with amusement.
  • 1927-29 — Mahatma Gandhi, An Autobiography or The Story of my Experiments with Truth, Part V, The Stain of Indigo, translated 1940 by Mahadev Desai
    Thus this ignorant, unsophisticated but resolute agriculturist captured me. So early in 1917, we left Calcutta for Champaran, looking just like fellow rustics.