The raspberry or hindberry is the edible fruit
In broad terms, a fruit is a structure of a plant that contains its seeds.The term has different meanings dependent on context. In non-technical usage, such as food preparation, fruit normally means the fleshy seed-associated structures of certain plants that are sweet and edible in the raw state,...

 of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus
Rubus is a large genus of flowering plants in the rose family, Rosaceae, subfamily Rosoideae. Raspberries, blackberries, and dewberries are common, widely distributed members of the genus. Most of these plants have woody stems with prickles like roses; spines, bristles, and gland-tipped hairs are...

, most of which are in the subgenus
In biology, a subgenus is a taxonomic rank directly below genus.In zoology, a subgeneric name can be used independently or included in a species name, in parentheses, placed between the generic name and the specific epithet: e.g. the Tiger Cowry of the Indo-Pacific, Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, which...

 Idaeobatus; the name also applies to these plants themselves. Raspberries are perennial, with woody stems
Woody plant
A woody plant is a plant that uses wood as its structural tissue. These are typically perennial plants whose stems and larger roots are reinforced with wood produced adjacent to the vascular tissues. The main stem, larger branches, and roots of these plants are usually covered by a layer of...

Examples of raspberry species in Rubus subgenus Idaeobatus include:
  • Rubus crataegifolius
    Rubus crataegifolius
    Rubus crataegifolius is a species of raspberry which grows wild in northeastern China, Japan, Korea, and the Ussuri region of the Russian Far East....

    (Korean raspberry)
  • Rubus gunnianus (Tasmanian alpine raspberry)
  • Rubus idaeus
    Rubus idaeus
    Rubus idaeus is a red-fruited species of Rubus native to Europe and northern Asia and commonly cultivated in other temperate regions. A closely related plant in North America, sometimes regarded as the variety Rubus idaeus var...

    (European red raspberry)
  • Rubus leucodermis
    Rubus leucodermis
    Rubus leucodermis is a species of Rubus native to western North America, from British Columbia, Canada south to California, New Mexico and Mexico...

    (Whitebark or Western raspberry, Blue raspberry, Black raspberry)
  • Rubus occidentalis
    Rubus occidentalis
    Rubus occidentalis is a species of Rubus native to eastern North America. Its common name black raspberry is shared with the closely related western American species Rubus leucodermis...

    (Black raspberry)
  • Rubus parvifolius
    Rubus parvifolius
    Rubus parvifolius, native raspberry, or small-leaf bramble, is a scrambling shrub occurring in heathland and eucalyptus woodland native to eastern Australia....

    (Australian native raspberry)
  • Rubus phoenicolasius
    Rubus phoenicolasius
    Rubus phoenicolasius is a species of raspberry native to northern China, Japan, and Korea. The species was introduced to Europe and North America as an ornamental plant and for its potential in breeding hybrid raspberries...

    (Wine raspberry or Wineberry)
  • Rubus rosifolius
    Rubus rosifolius
    Rubus rosifolius, also known as roseleaf bramble, West Indian raspberry, thimbleberry and ola'a...

    (West Indian raspberry)
  • Rubus strigosus
    Rubus strigosus
    Rubus strigosus, the American Red Raspberry or American Raspberry, is a species of Rubus native to much of North America. It has often been treated as a variety or subspecies of the closely related Eurasian Rubus idaeus , but currently is more commonly treated as a distinct...

    (American red raspberry) (syn.