List of travel magazines

In circulation

  • AFAR
    Afar may refer to:*Afar people, ethnic group principally residing in Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia*Afar Insurgency, alternative name for the Djiboutian Civil War of November 1991-December 1994*Afar Triangle, a geological depression near the Horn of Africa...

    , (2009; published bi-monthly by AFAR Media)
  • Bell'Italia
    Bell'Italia is an Italian illustrated travel magazine devoted only to landscape, resorts and localities in Italy. It is published in Milan, Italy, by the Italian publishing company Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori ....

    , (1986; published by Cairo Editore)
  • Arthur Frommer
    Arthur Frommer
    Arthur Frommer is a travel writer, publisher and consumer advocate, and the founder of the Frommer's series of travel guides and Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine. He has published many books for budget-conscious travelers and has been one of America's foremost budget travel authorities...

    's Budget Travel
    , (1999; published by Intellitravel Media)
  • Caribbean Beat
    Caribbean Beat
    ' is a bimonthly magazine, published in Port of Spain, Trinidad, covering the arts, culture and society of the Caribbean, with a focus on the region's English-speaking territories...

    , (1992; published by Media and Editorial Projects Limited
    Media and Editorial Projects Limited
    Media and Editorial Projects Limited is a private publishing company based in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.The company was established in 1991 by Jeremy Taylor and Joanne Mendes...

    , inflight magazine of Caribbean Airlines
    Caribbean Airlines
    Caribbean Airlines Limited operating as Caribbean Airlines is the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago. The airline is also flag carrier to Jamaica through its subsidiary, Caribbean Airlines-Air Jamaica Transition Limited or Air Jamaica....

  • Caribbean Travel & Life
    Caribbean Travel & Life
    Caribbean Travel & Life is dedicated to the Caribbean region and has been named the official consumer publication of the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Caribbean Hotel Association....

    , (c. 1986; published by Bonnier Corporation
    Bonnier Corporation
    Bonnier Corporation is an American magazine publisher owned by the Swedish Bonnier Group. It was formed in March 2007 by the merger of World Publications, Time4 Media, and The Parenting Group, and publishes more than 40 special-interest magazines. It is based in Winter Park, Florida.With over 1,100...

  • Condé Nast Traveler
    Condé Nast Traveler
    Condé Nast Traveler is a US magazine published by Condé Nast. It has its origins in a mailing sent out by the Diners Club club beginning in 1953, listing locations that would take the card. It began taking advertising in 1955. In order to attract more advertisers, it became a full-fledged magazine,...

    , (1987; published by Condé Nast Publications
    Condé Nast Publications
    Condé Nast, a division of Advance Publications, is a magazine publisher. In the U.S., it produces 18 consumer magazines, including Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Vogue, as well as four business-to-business publications, 27 websites, and more than 50 apps...

  • Cruise International
    Cruise International
    Cruise International is a British magazine covering the cruise travel industry.- Overview :Launched in November 2008 by the Chelsea Magazine Company , and owned by Paul Dobson, the magazine is published six times a year, with distribution around the UK for magazine retailers, travel agents and...

    , (2008; published by Chelsea Magazine Company)
  • Departures Magazine
    Departures Magazine
    Departures is an American lifestyle magazine published by American Express Publishing.Magazine subscription is available only to holders of American Express' Platinum and Centurion charge cards, free of charge....

    , (published by American Express Publishing)
  • EnRoute
    EnRoute (credit card)
    enRoute was a credit card issued by Air Canada until 1992, when the airline sold its credit card division to Diners Club.Initially, the card was used only for Air Canada transactions, but over time, the card was expanded into a more general credit card for business travellers, being accepted by...

    , inflight magazine of Air Canada
    Air Canada
    Air Canada is the flag carrier and largest airline of Canada. The airline, founded in 1936, provides scheduled and charter air transport for passengers and cargo to 178 destinations worldwide. It is the world's tenth largest passenger airline by number of destinations, and the airline is a...

  • Escapism Travel Magazine
    Escapism Travel Magazine
    Escapism Travel Magazine is a travel magazine based in New York, USA. Published twice a year, it has 250,000 readers, according to its corporate media kit.The magazine emphasizes luxury travel, eco-tourism and cultural heritage...

    , (2009; published by Revolution Publishing Ltd. international travel magazine)
  • Executive Travel magazine
    Executive Travel magazine
    Executive Travel magazine is an American bimonthly magazine published in New York City by American Express Publishing. The magazine, launched in May 2002, is published 6 times a year. Geared toward upscale executives, the magazine covers relevant topics on business, travel and affluent lifestyle....

    , (2002; published by American Express
    American Express
    American Express Company or AmEx, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Three World Financial Center, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. Founded in 1850, it is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is best...

  • FIDO Friendly
    FIDO Friendly
    FIDO Friendly is an American dog travel and lifestyle magazine published bimonthly including hotel and destination reviews along with health and wellness topics, dog training advice, celebrity interviews, and the latest fashion trends....

  • Getaway
    Getaway (magazine)
    Getaway is a monthly magazine with an emphasis on travel and outdoor living, distributed throughout South Africa and neighbouring African countries....

    , (1989; published by Ramsay, Son & Parker, South Africa
    South Africa
    The Republic of South Africa is a country in southern Africa. Located at the southern tip of Africa, it is divided into nine provinces, with of coastline on the Atlantic and Indian oceans...

  • Get Lost Magazine
    Get Lost Magazine
    Get Lost Magazine is an independent adventure travel magazine based in the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.The magazine, which comes out quarterly, is published by Grin Creative and was founded in 2004 by Managing Editor Justin Jamieson,...

    , (published by Grin Creative)
  • Global Traveler
    Global Traveler
    Global Traveler is a monthly travel magazine published by FXExpress Publications. The magazine was founded in February 2004 and is aimed towards American executives who travel internationally and domestically in first- and business-class...

    , (2004; published by FXExpress Publications, Inc.)
  • Gulfscapes Magazine
    Gulfscapes magazine
    Gulfscapes Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for those who live or vacation along the Gulf coast. The magazine emphasizes home design and travel. Articles offer information on home interiors; coastal recreation; food; travel destinations; and style...

    , (2001; published by Craig and Victoria Rogers )
  • Golf Vacations, (2009; published by Global Publishing Pty. Ltd., Australia
    Australia , officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area...

    , under licence from Singapore
    Singapore , officially the Republic of Singapore, is a Southeast Asian city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, north of the equator. An island country made up of 63 islands, it is separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor to its north and from Indonesia's Riau Islands by the...

  • Hana Hou!
    Hana Hou!
    Hana Hou! is an American bi-monthly English language inflight magazine. It is published for Hawaiian Airlines by Honolulu-based Pacific Travelogue Inc., which also publishes Pacifica, a Japanese language inflight magazine for Continental Airlines....

    , (published by Pacific Travelogue Inc., as the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines
    Hawaiian Airlines
    Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. is a major airline of the United States. It is the largest airline based in the State of Hawai'i, and is the 11th largest commercial airline in the country. Based in Honolulu CDP, City and County of Honolulu, the airline operates its main hub at Honolulu International...

  • Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world. The company is owned by BBC Worldwide, which bought a 75% share from the founders Maureen and Tony Wheeler in 2007 and the final 25% in February 2011...

    , (published by the BBC in the UK, monthly. Also Argentine, Singaporean and Indian editions)
  • Maui No Ka 'Oi Magazine
    Maui No Ka 'Oi Magazine
    Maui Nō Ka Oi Magazine is a bi-monthly regional magazine published by the Haynes Publishing Group in Wailuku, Hawaii.The phrase Maui nō ka ʻoi means "Maui is unparallel" in the Hawaiian language. Maui Nō Ka Oi Magazine features stories relating to the culture, art, dining, environmental issues,...

    , (published by the Haynes Publishing Group, bi-monthly regional travel focus)
  • Merian
    Merian (magazine)
    Merian is a German travel magazine. It was founded in 1948 and is published by Jahreszeiten Verlag in Hamburg. Each issue of this monthly print publication is devoted to a specific city or region. It is named after Matthäus Merian.-External links:* *...

    , (1948; , published by Jahreszeiten Verlag, Hamburg
    -History:The first historic name for the city was, according to Claudius Ptolemy's reports, Treva.But the city takes its modern name, Hamburg, from the first permanent building on the site, a castle whose construction was ordered by the Emperor Charlemagne in AD 808...

  • Metropolis
  • National Geographic Traveler
    National Geographic Traveler
    National Geographic Traveler is a magazine published by the National Geographic Society in the United States. It was launched in 1984. Local-language editions of National Geographic Traveler are published in Armenia, Belgium/the Netherlands, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Latin America,...

  • Ohrid Travel Magazine
    Ohrid Travel Magazine
    Ohrid Travel Magazine is a magazine dedicated to Ohrid as a travel destination in Macedonia. The magazine is published four times a year with the first edition published in June 2007.....

    , (2007; , published by the Belgrade Business Network, focuses on travel to Macedonia)
  • Road & Travel Magazine
    Road & Travel Magazine
    Road & Travel Magazine is an on-line publication focusing on automotive, travel and personal safety needs for upscale consumers with a slant towards women.- History :...

    , (1989; published by Caldwell Communications, Michigan
    Michigan is a U.S. state located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America. The name Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwa word mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake"....

  • RoadRUNNER, (2001; published by RoadRUNNER Publishing, focuses on motorcycle touring and travel)
  • Sidetrip Travel Magazine
    Sidetrip Travel Magazine
    is the free quarterly travel magazine that features destinations in the Philippines. It is noticeably smaller than mainstream and travel magazines, measuring 4.75 in. x 8.5 in. only. Sidetrip is distributed at the Department of Tourism Information Center is the free quarterly travel magazine that...

    , (Manila
    Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It is one of the sixteen cities forming Metro Manila.Manila is located on the eastern shores of Manila Bay and is bordered by Navotas and Caloocan to the north, Quezon City to the northeast, San Juan and Mandaluyong to the east, Makati on the southeast,...

    , focuses on travel in the Philippines)
  • Sports+Travel Hong Kong
    Sports+Travel Hong Kong
    Sports + Travel Hong Kong is a free travel magazine based in Hong Kong and targeted at English readers. It is published bi-monthly.Sports+Travel is a franchise of Lennox & Ooi Media Pte Ltd.- External links :*...

    , (Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong is one of two Special Administrative Regions of the People's Republic of China , the other being Macau. A city-state situated on China's south coast and enclosed by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea, it is renowned for its expansive skyline and deep natural harbour...

    , a free magazine that focuses on sports related travel from Hong Kong)
  • Taste & Travel, (2011; published quarterly by Taste & Travel Publishing International)
  • Texas Highways
    Texas Highways
    Texas Highways is a monthly magazine put out by the Texas Department of Transportation that, according to the agency, "promotes travel and tourism to Texas through articles and photography."...

  • TNT, (1983; published by TNT Publishing, London
    London is the capital city of :England and the :United Kingdom, the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom, and the largest urban zone in the European Union by most measures. Located on the River Thames, London has been a major settlement for two millennia, its history going back to its...

    , free magazine for Australian, New Zealand and South African expatriates)
  • Today's Traveller
    Today's Traveller
    Today’s Traveller is an Indian monthly travel magazine published by , since 1997. Based in New Delhi, won four times for editorial excellence and is the only Indian magazine to do so. These include the PATA Gold Awards 2006 in the Consumer Publications category in addition to PATA Gold Awards in...

    , (1997; published by Gill India Communications Pvt. Ltd. (GICPL), India
    India , officially the Republic of India , is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world...

    n international travel magazine)
  • Travel + Leisure
    Travel + Leisure
    Travel + Leisure is a travel magazine based in New York City, New York. Published 12 times a year, it has 4.8 million readers, according to its corporate media kit. It is put out by American Express Publishing Corporation, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express Company led by...

    , (1971; published by American Express
    American Express
    American Express Company or AmEx, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Three World Financial Center, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States. Founded in 1850, it is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is best...

  • Travel Agent
    Travel Agent (magazine)
    Travel Agent is a biweekly trade magazine, published by Questex Media Group and targeted at travel agency professionals, featuring travel industry news. The magazine is also supplemented with an online edition...

    , (before 1933; trade, published by Questex Media Group)
  • Travel In Taiwan
    Travel In Taiwan
    Travel In Taiwan, an English-language bimonthly magazine, is produced in Taipei, Taiwan by Vision International Publishing Co Ltd on behalf of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau , an agency of the country's Ministry of Transportation and Communications....

    , (Vision International Publishing Co. Ltd., on behalf of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau)
  • Travel Trade Gazette
    Travel Trade Gazette
    Travel Trade Gazette is a weekly newspaper for the travel industry.TTG, as it is widely known, was launched in 1953 and claims to be the world's oldest travel trade newspaper. It features news, destination reports and careers advice for the travel and tourism industries...

    (TTG), (1953; trade, published by United Business Media
    United Business Media
    UBM plc is a magazine publisher, news distributor and events organiser providing business information services principally to the technology, healthcare, media, automotive and financial services industries...

    , London)
  • Travel Trade Gazette Middle East & North Africa
    Travel Trade Gazette Middle East & North Africa
    Travel Trade Gazette Middle East & North Africa is a travel trade publication focussed on the entire Middle East and North African region....

  • Travel Weekly
    Travel Weekly
    Travel Weekly , is a United States national newspaper for the travel industry geared toward travel agents. The company prints 51 regular issues per year in print and digital formats, and one Preview issue, which features opinion and predictions for the year ahead...

  • travelgirl magazine
    Travelgirl magazine
    travelgirl magazine, an American magazine published by travelgirl, Inc., started in June 2003, specializing in travel, principally recreational for tourism...

    , (2003; Atlanta)
  • Vacations & Travel, (1983; published by Global Publishing Pty. Ltd., Australia
    Australia , officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world's sixth-largest country by total area...

  • Vagabond
    Vagabond (magazine)
    Vagabond is a magazine published in Sweden. It was the nineteenth best selling magazine in the country in 2004....

  • Voyage. Studies on Travel & Tourism
    Voyage. Studies on Travel & Tourism
    Voyage. Studies on Travel and Tourism is the leading interdisciplinary periodical for tourism research in Germany. The focus is on cultural studies, sociology and history of travel and tourism. Voyage was founded in 1997, the editor in chief is Hasso Spode and the publisher is Profil-Verlag...

    , (1997; , published by Profil-Verlag, Munich)
  • Wanderlust Magazine
    Wanderlust (magazine)
    Wanderlust is a British travel magazine, covering adventurous, cultural and special interest travel. It is published eight times a year....

    , (Independent; eight issues per annum; editor and publisher is Lyn Hughes)
  • Weg!, (2004; , published by Media24
    Media24 is the print media arm of the South African media company Naspers. It controls Naspers' newspaper and magazine Southern African publishing as well as printing activities but also includes the internet activities of the collection of web portals...

  • Where
    Where (magazine)
    Where is a series of magazines for tourists, distributed at hotels, convention centres, regional malls and other tourist areas.-Publishers:...

  • Yankee
    Yankee (magazine)
    Yankee Magazine was founded in 1935 and is based in Dublin, New Hampshire. It is the only magazine devoted to New England through its coverage of travel, home, food, and features...

Out of print

  • Blue (tourism magazine)
    Blue (tourism magazine)
    Blue was an adventure travel magazine, founded in 1997 by Amy Schrier, with David Carson as the original design consultant. Its focus was on global Adventure travel...

  • Travel + Leisure Golf
    Travel + Leisure Golf
    Travel + Leisure Golf was a bimonthly American magazine published by American Express. Unlike other golf magazines, Travel + Leisure Golf focused less on the sport than on the affluent golf lifestyle, with regular features on cars, resorts, wines, and spirits....

  • Travel Holiday
    Travel Holiday
    Travel Holiday, formerly Travel, was an American travel magazine, published from 1901 to 2003. It was first published as the Four-Track News by the New York Central Railroad. The magazine was sold in 1906, and went bankrupt in 1946...

  • Walkabout magazine
    Walkabout magazine
    Walkabout was an Australian illustrated magazine published from 1934 to 1974 combining cultural, geographic, and scientific content with travel literature. Initially a travel magazine, in its forty-year run it featured a popular mix of articles by travellers, officials, residents, journalists, and...

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