Faraday Medal
The Faraday Medal is a medal awarded by the Institution of Electrical Engineers
Institution of Electrical Engineers
The Institution of Electrical Engineers was a British professional organisation of electronics, electrical, manufacturing, and Information Technology professionals, especially electrical engineers. The I.E.E...

 (now the Institution of Engineering and Technology
Institution of Engineering and Technology
The Institution of Engineering and Technology is a British professional body for those working in engineering and technology in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It was formed in 2006 from two separate institutions: the Institution of Electrical Engineers , dating back to 1871, and the...


The bronze medal is awarded (either for notable scientific or industrial achievement in engineering or for conspicuous service rendered to the advancement of science, engineering and technology) without restriction as regards nationality, country of residence or membership of the Institution. It is awarded not more frequently than once a year. The award was established in 1922 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society of Telegraph Engineers and is named for Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday
Michael Faraday, FRS was an English chemist and physicist who contributed to the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry....



  • 1922 Oliver Heaviside
    Oliver Heaviside
    Oliver Heaviside was a self-taught English electrical engineer, mathematician, and physicist who adapted complex numbers to the study of electrical circuits, invented mathematical techniques to the solution of differential equations , reformulated Maxwell's field equations in terms of electric and...

  • 1923 The Hon Sir Charles Algernon Parsons
    Charles Algernon Parsons
    Sir Charles Algernon Parsons OM KCB FRS was an Anglo-Irish engineer, best known for his invention of the steam turbine. He worked as an engineer on dynamo and turbine design, and power generation, with great influence on the naval and electrical engineering fields...

  • 1924 Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti
    Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti
    Sebastian Pietro Innocenzo Adhemar Ziani de Ferranti was an electrical engineer and inventor.-Personal life:...

      DSc FRS
  • 1925 Sir J. J. Thomson
    J. J. Thomson
    Sir Joseph John "J. J." Thomson, OM, FRS was a British physicist and Nobel laureate. He is credited for the discovery of the electron and of isotopes, and the invention of the mass spectrometer...

     OM MA FRS
  • 1926 Colonel R E B Crompton
    R. E. B. Crompton
    Rookes Evelyn Bell Crompton FRS was a British electrical engineer, industrialist and inventor. He was a pioneer of electric lighting and public electricity supply systems. The company he formed, Crompton & Co., was one of the world's first large-scale manufactures of electrical equipment...

     CB FRS
  • 1927 Elihu Thomson
    Elihu Thomson
    Elihu Thomson was an American engineer and inventor who was instrumental in the founding of major electrical companies in the United States, the United Kingdom and France.-Early life:...

  • 1928 Professor Sir Ambrose Fleming MA DSc FRS
  • 1929 Guido Semenza
  • 1930 The Rt Hon Lord Rutherford of Nelson
    Ernest Rutherford
    Ernest Rutherford, 1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson OM, FRS was a New Zealand-born British chemist and physicist who became known as the father of nuclear physics...

     OM FRS
  • 1931 Charles Hesterman Merz
    Charles Hesterman Merz
    Charles Hesterman Merz was a British electrical engineer who pioneered the use of high-voltage three-phase AC power distribution in the United Kingdom, building a system in the North East of England in the early 20th century that became the model for the country's National Grid.-Life:Merz was then...

  • 1932 Sir Oliver Lodge DSc FRS
  • 1933 no award
  • 1934 Sir Frank Edward Smith
    Frank Edward Smith
    Sir Frank Edward Smith, GCB, GBE, FRS was a British physicist.He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1918. His candidacy citation read: "Principal Assistant in the National Physical Laboratory . Author of a number of papers dealing with electrical units which have appeared in the...

  • 1935 Frank B. Jewett
    Frank B. Jewett
    Frank Baldwin Jewett was a physicist and the first president of Bell Labs....

  • 1936 Sir William Henry Bragg
    William Henry Bragg
    Sir William Henry Bragg OM, KBE, PRS was a British physicist, chemist, mathematician and active sportsman who uniquely shared a Nobel Prize with his son William Lawrence Bragg - the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics...

  • 1937 Professor André Blondel
    André Blondel
    André-Eugène Blondel was a French engineer and physicist. He is the inventor of the electromechanical oscillograph and a system of photometric units of measurement.-Life:...

  • 1938 Sir John F C Snell GBE
  • 1939 William David Coolidge
    William David Coolidge
    William David Coolidge was an American physicist, who made major contributions to X-ray machines. He was the director of the General Electric Research Laboratory and a vice-president of the corporation...

     BS PhD
  • 1940 Alexander Russell MA DSc LLD FRS
  • 1941 Sir Arthur Percy Morris Fleming CBE DEng LLD
  • 1942 Dr Pyotr Kapitsa
    Pyotr Kapitsa
    Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa was a prominent Soviet/Russian physicist and Nobel laureate.-Biography:Kapitsa was born in the city of Kronstadt and graduated from the Petrograd Polytechnical Institute in 1918. He worked for over ten years with Ernest Rutherford in the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge...

  • 1943 Sir Archibald Page
  • 1944 Irving Langmuir
    Irving Langmuir
    Irving Langmuir was an American chemist and physicist. His most noted publication was the famous 1919 article "The Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms and Molecules" in which, building on Gilbert N. Lewis's cubical atom theory and Walther Kossel's chemical bonding theory, he outlined his...

     LLD DSc PhD
  • 1945 Sir Clifford Copland Paterson OBE DSc FRS
  • 1946 Sir Edward Victor Appleton
    Edward Victor Appleton
    Sir Edward Victor Appleton, GBE, KCB, FRS was an English physicist.-Biography:Appleton was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire and educated at Hanson Grammar School. At the age of 18 he won a scholarship to St John's College, Cambridge...

  • 1947 Sir Leonard Pearce CBE DSc
  • 1948 Professor Mark Oliphant
    Mark Oliphant
    Sir Marcus 'Mark' Laurence Elwin Oliphant, AC, KBE, FRS was an Australian physicist and humanitarian who played a fundamental role in the first experimental demonstration of nuclear fusion and also the development of the atomic bomb.During his retirement, Oliphant was appointed as the Governor of...

  • 1949 C S Franklin CBE
  • 1950 Sir James Chadwick
    James Chadwick
    Sir James Chadwick CH FRS was an English Nobel laureate in physics awarded for his discovery of the neutron....

     MSc PhD FRS
  • 1951 Thomas Eckersley
    Thomas Eckersley
    Thomas Lydwell Eckersley FRS was an English theoretical physicist and engineer.Eckersley was born in London. He was educated at Bedales School, University College, London, where he gained a degree in engineering, and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he gained a second degree in mathematics...

     BA BSc PhD FRS
  • 1952 Professor Ernest Lawrence
    Ernest Lawrence
    Ernest Orlando Lawrence was an American physicist and Nobel Laureate, known for his invention, utilization, and improvement of the cyclotron atom-smasher beginning in 1929, based on his studies of the works of Rolf Widerøe, and his later work in uranium-isotope separation for the Manhattan Project...

     AM PhD
  • 1953 Sir A Stanley Angwin KBE DSO MC TD BSc(Eng)
  • 1954 Sir I Shoenberg
  • 1955 Sir John Cockcroft
    John Cockcroft
    Sir John Douglas Cockcroft OM KCB CBE FRS was a British physicist. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for splitting the atomic nucleus with Ernest Walton, and was instrumental in the development of nuclear power....

  • 1956 Professor G W O Howe DSc LLD
  • 1957 Dr Waldemar Borgquist
  • 1958 Sir Gordon Radley KCB CBE PhD(Eng)
  • 1959 Luigi Emmannueli
  • 1960 Sir George Paget Thomson
    George Paget Thomson
    Sir George Paget Thomson, FRS was an English physicist and Nobel laureate in physics recognised for his discovery with Clinton Davisson of the wave properties of the electron by electron diffraction.-Biography:...

     DSc FRS
  • 1961 Julius Adams Stratton
    Julius Adams Stratton
    Julius Adams Stratton was a U.S. electrical engineer and university administrator. He attended the University of Washington for one year, where he was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity, then transferred to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , from which he graduated with a bachelor's...

     ScD LLD
  • 1962 Sir Basil Schonland
    Basil Schonland
    Sir Basil Ferdinand Jamieson Schonland CBE FRS was the first president of the South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.-Birth and Parentage:...

  • 1963 P M J Ailleret
  • 1964 Joseph Ronald Mortlock BSc(Eng) PhD
  • 1965 Vladimir Zworykin
    Vladimir Zworykin
    Vladimir Kozmich Zworykin was a Russian-American inventor, engineer, and pioneer of television technology. Zworykin invented a television transmitting and receiving system employing cathode ray tubes...

     EE PhD DSc
  • 1966 J A Ratcliffe CB CBE MA FRS
  • 1967 Professor H E M Barlow PhD BSc(Eng) FRS
  • 1968 Leslie Herbert Bedford CBE MA BSc(Eng)
  • 1969 Dr Phillip Sporn EE
  • 1970 Professor C W Oatley OBE MA MSc FRS
  • 1971 Professor Sir Martin Ryle
    Martin Ryle
    Sir Martin Ryle was an English radio astronomer who developed revolutionary radio telescope systems and used them for accurate location and imaging of weak radio sources...

     MA FRS
  • 1972 Professor F C Williams CBE DSc DPhil FRS
  • 1973 Professor Sir Nevill Mott MA FRS
  • 1974 G Millington MA BSc
  • 1975 Professor John Millar Meek CBE DEng FInstP
  • 1976 T O Paine AB MS PhD
  • 1977 Dr John Bertram Adams CMG MA FRS
  • 1978 Dr E Friedlander
  • 1979 Dr Robert Noyce
    Robert Noyce
    Robert Norton Noyce , nicknamed "the Mayor of Silicon Valley", co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and Intel in 1968...

  • 1980 Professor Eric Ash
    Eric Ash
    Sir Eric Albert Ash, CBE is a distinguished German-born British electrical engineer and past Rector of Imperial College.Born in Berlin, Ash emigrated with his family to Britain in 1938 to escape Nazism...

     PhD DSc
  • 1981 Sir Maurice Wilkes FRS FREng
  • 1982 Professor Brian David Josephson
    Brian David Josephson
    Brian David Josephson, FRS is a Welsh physicist. He became a Nobel Prize laureate in 1973 for the prediction of the eponymous Josephson effect....

  • 1983 Professor W A Gambling DSc PhD FEng
  • 1984 Professor Alexander Lamb Cullen
    Alexander Lamb Cullen
    Alexander Lamb Cullen, FRS was a British electrical engineer.He was awarded an OBE in 1960.He was the Head of Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London, held the Pender Chair, from 1967 to 1980....

     OBE DSc(Eng) FRS FEng
  • 1985 Professor C A R Hoare MA HonDSc
  • 1986 Professor E D R Shearman BSc(Eng) FEng
  • 1987 Professor Sir David (DEN) Davies
    David (DEN) Davies
    David Evan Naunton Davies, known as Den Davies or David 'DEN' Davies, is a British electrical engineer and educator.1985-1988: Head of the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London , and holder of the Pender Chair, having already been lecturing there, in...

     CBE DSc PhD FEng
  • 1988 Professor Cyril Hilsum
    Cyril Hilsum
    Cyril Hilsum CBE FRS FREng HonFInstP is a British physicist and academic.-Life:He entered Raine's Foundation School in 1936 as the middle of three brothers, leaving in 1943 after being accepted into University College London, where he did his Bsc. In 1945 he joined the Royal Naval Scientific...

     BSc PhD FRS FEng
  • 1989 Professor Charles K. Kao
    Charles K. Kao
    The Honorable Sir Charles Kuen Kao, GBM, KBE, FRS, FREng is a pioneer in the development and use of fiber optics in telecommunications...

     BSc BSc(Eng) PhD
  • 1990 Professor Peter Lawrenson
    Peter Lawrenson
    Peter Lawrenson FRS, FREng is a British electrical engineer who contributed to the development of switched reluctance drive technology. He was president of The Institution of Electrical Engineers from 1992 to 1993.- Biography :...

     MSc DSc FRS FEng
  • 1991 Dr Alan Rudge OBE FEng
  • 1992 Dr L Solymar MA
  • 1993 Professor Alexander G J MacFarlane CBE FRS FEng
  • 1994 Dr John Parnaby CBE BSc DTech FEng
  • 1995 Professor David Rhodes
    David Rhodes
    David Rhodes is an English guitarist, songwriter, and composer. He is probably best-known for his extensive work with Peter Gabriel.-Biography:...

     OBE PhD DSc DEng FRS FEng
  • 1996 Mr S C Miller CBE BSc FEng
  • 1997 Professor John Midwinter OBE BSc FRS FEng
  • 1998 Professor Roger Needham
    Roger Needham
    Roger Michael Needham, CBE, FRS, FREng was a British computer scientist.-Early life:He attended Doncaster Grammar School for Boys in Doncaster ....

     FRS FEng
  • 1999 Professor P A McKeown OBE FREng DSc
  • 2000 Professor Michael Brady FREng MSc PhD FRS
  • 2001 Professor Chris Harris
    Chris Harris
    Chris Harris may refer to:* Chris Harris , English business author* Chris Harris , American football player* Chris Harris , Texas State Representative and State Senator...

     BSc MA PhD FREng CEng FIEE
  • 2002 Sir Robin Saxby
    Robin Saxby
    Sir Robin Saxby FREng was Chief Executive and then Chairman of ARM Holdings which he built to become the dominant supplier of embedded microprocessor architectures....

  • 2003 Professor Richard Friend
    Richard Friend
    Sir Richard Henry Friend FRS is Cavendish Professor at the University of Cambridge and Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor at the National University of Singapore. He is a fellow of St John's College...

  • 2004 Professor Peter Grant
    Peter Grant
    Peter "G" Grant was an English music manager. Grant managed the popular English bands The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company, among others, and was also a record executive for Swan Song Records. Grant has been described as "one of the shrewdest and most ruthless managers in rock history"...

     FREng FRSE BSc PhD
  • 2005 Mr Azim Premji
    Azim Premji
    Azim Hashim Premji is an Indian business tycoon and philanthropist who is the chairman of Wipro Limited, guiding the company through four decades of diversification and growth to emerge as one of the Indian leader in the software industry...

  • 2006 Professor John McCanny CBE FREng FRS FIAE
  • 2007 Professor Steve Furber
    Steve Furber
    Professor Stephen Byram Furber CBE, FRS, FREng is the ICL Professor of Computer Engineering at the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester but is probably best known for his work at Acorn where he was one of the designers of the BBC Micro and the ARM 32-bit RISC...

  • 2008 Professor Josef Kittler FREng
  • 2009 Professor Sir Martin Sweeting OBE FR
  • 2010 Professor Donal Bradley
    Donal Bradley
    Donal Donat Conor Bradley, CBE, FRS, FRSA, is Lee-Lucas Professor of Experimental Physics at Imperial College London. He is director of the Centre for Plastic Electronics and from October 2011 will also be a pro rector at the college....

  • 2011 Donald Knuth
    Donald Knuth
    Donald Ervin Knuth is a computer scientist and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University.He is the author of the seminal multi-volume work The Art of Computer Programming. Knuth has been called the "father" of the analysis of algorithms...

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