Eve is the first woman created by God in the Book of Genesis.Eve may also refer to:-People:*Eve , a common given name and surname*Eve , American recording artist and actress-Places:...

is the first woman created by God in the Book of Genesis.

Eve may also refer to:


  • Eve (name)
    Eve (name)
    Eve is an English given name for a female, derived from Eva, in turn originating with Hebrew חַוָּה . The traditional meaning of Eve is 'living'....

    , a common given name and surname
  • Eve (entertainer) (born 1978), American recording artist and actress


  • Ève, Oise
    Ève, Oise
    Ève is a small village in northern France. It is designated municipally as a commune within the département of Oise.-References:*...

    , a commune in the Oise département of France
  • Eve Cone
    Eve Cone
    Eve Cone is a well-preserved black cinder cone on the Big Raven Plateau, British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the 30 cinder cones on the flanks of the massive shield volcano of Mount Edziza that formed in the year 700, making it one of the most recent eruptions on the Big Raven Plateau and in...

    , a volcano in British Columbia, Canada


  • Eve (Angel), in the television series Angel
  • Eve (Applegeeks), an gynoid (a female android) in the Applegeeks webcomic
  • Eve (Black Cat), in the manga Black Cat
  • Eve (DC Comics), in the Sandman comic book series
  • EVE (WALL-E), a fictional robot character in WALL-E
  • Eve (Xena)
    Eve (Xena)
    Eve | Livia is a fictional character created by Robert Tapert for the popular TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. She is portrayed by Adrienne Wilkinson...

    , Xena's daughter in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Eve, pseudonym for a member of The Kransky Sisters
    The Kransky Sisters
    The Kransky Sisters are an Australian musical comedy trio created, written and performed by Annie Lee and Christine Johnston in collaboration with Michele Watt and Carolyn Johns ....

  • Eve, a female superhero in the Freedom Force computer game series
  • Eve Harrington, one of the main characters in the film All About Eve
    All About Eve
    All About Eve is a 1950 American drama film written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, based on the 1946 short story "The Wisdom of Eve", by Mary Orr.The film stars Bette Davis as Margo Channing, a highly regarded but aging Broadway star...

  • Eve Tokimatsuri
    Eve Tokimatsuri
    is a recurring character in the Megazone 23 animated series. She was designed by animator Haruhiko Mikimoto.-Backstory:The original Eve Tokimatsuri was born in the 24th Century on Earth. She was the personal assistant of the polymath Professor Ferdinand F. Heinkel. Prof. Heinkel and Eve were...

    , a recurring character in a four-part original video animation Megazone 23
  • Exceptionally Versatile Evolvanoid (EVE), a minor character from Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic books
  • Mitochondria Eve, the main villain in the Parasite Eve video game

Computers and programming

  • EVE (text editor), a text editor provided with the VMS operating system
  • Eve, a multimedia CD-ROM game created in association with and featuring the music of Peter Gabriel
    Peter Gabriel
    Peter Brian Gabriel is an English singer, musician, and songwriter who rose to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the progressive rock group Genesis. After leaving Genesis, Gabriel went on to a successful solo career...


The day before, or the evening before, a holiday, such as:
  • All Hallows Eve, another name for Halloween
  • Christmas Eve
    Christmas Eve
    Christmas Eve refers to the evening or entire day preceding Christmas Day, a widely celebrated festival commemorating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth that takes place on December 25...

  • New Year's Eve
    New Year's Eve
    New Year's Eve is observed annually on December 31, the final day of any given year in the Gregorian calendar. In modern societies, New Year's Eve is often celebrated at social gatherings, during which participants dance, eat, consume alcoholic beverages, and watch or light fireworks to mark the...

  • St John's Eve, also called Midsummer's Eve or Bonfire Night
  • St Mark's Eve
  • The Eve of St. Agnes
    The Eve of St. Agnes
    "The Eve of St. Agnes" is a long poem by John Keats, written in 1819 and published in 1820. It is widely considered to be amongst his finest poems and was influential in 19th century literature. The poem is in Spenserian stanzas....

  • A vigil
    A vigil is a period of purposeful sleeplessness, an occasion for devotional watching, or an observance...

     may begin on the eve of a holy day or day of special significance

Film and television

  • Eve (film)
    Eve (film)
    Eve is a short film directed by Natalie Portman, starring Olivia Thirlby, Lauren Bacall and Ben Gazzara. The film, Portman's directorial debut, premiered at the 65th Venice International Film Festival on September 1, 2008 in Venice, Italy; Portman attended the premiere...

    , a 2008 short film directed by Natalie Portman
  • Eve (Mauritian TV series), a Mauritian sitcom featuring the remake of Desperate Housewives
  • Eve (TV series)
    Eve (TV series)
    Eve is an American sitcom starring Eve, Jason Winston George, Ali Landry, Natalie Desselle-Reid, Brian Hooks and Sean Maguire. That aired on the UPN network from September 15, 2003 to May 11, 2006, with 66 episodes produced spanning 3 seasons...

    , a TV series starring rapper Eve as Shelly
  • "Eve" (The X-Files), a 1993 episode of The X-Files
  • "Eve", an episode from the TV series Journey to the Unknown
    Journey to the Unknown
    Journey To The Unknown was a British TV anthology series made in 1968, by Hammer Film Productions Ltd. It has a fantasy, science fiction and supernatural theme. It featured both British and American actors...


  • Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game
    EVE: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game
    Eve: The Second Genesis is a collectible card game set in the universe created for the online game Eve Online. Each player represents the CEO of a corporation, aligned with a particular race, and through exploration, mining, and military strength, their goal is to defeat their opponent CEOs.- Play...

  • Eve Online
    EVE Online
    Eve Online is a video game by CCP Games. It is a player-driven, persistent-world MMORPG set in a science fiction space setting. Characters pilot customizable ships through a galaxy of over 7,500 star systems. Most star systems are connected to one or more other star systems by means of stargates...

    , a 2003 MMO computer game, Space Simulation


  • Eve (The Alan Parsons Project album), 1979
  • Eve (band)
    EVE (band)
    Korean rock band "Eve", led by Kim Seheon , released their first album in 1998: they made their debut as a project group with Kim Seheon as their leader - four members including... Vocals:Kim Seheon + Guitar:Park Woong + Producer/Vocals: G. Gorilla + Bass: Kim Gun...

    , a Korean visual rock band
  • Eve (Over the Rhine album)
    Eve (Over the Rhine album)
    Eve is Over the Rhine's third studio album, released in 1994, and the band's final release on I.R.S. Records.-Track listing:#Happy With Myself?#Within Without#Should#Conjectures Of A Guilty Bystander#Melancholy Room#Sleep Baby Jane#Daddy Untwisted...

    , 1994
  • "Eve", a 1972 single by Jim Capaldi from the album Oh How We Danced
    Oh How We Danced
    Oh How We Danced is the debut studio album by the British musician Jim Capaldi.The album was recorded while Traffic was on hiatus due to Steve Winwood's struggles with peritonitis, and released by Island Records in 1972...

  • "Eve", a composition by Dream Theater from the 1994 album Awake
    Awake (Dream Theater album)
    Awake is the third studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater, released on October 4, 1994 by East West Records. It was the last Dream Theater album to feature keyboardist Kevin Moore, who announced his decision to leave the band during the recording of the album.Much of the...

  • "Eve", a 1999 single by Spacek
    Spacek (band)
    Spacek is a British electronic music band. Its members are Steve Spacek, Ed Spacek, and Morgan Spacek. The group released its debut album, Curvatia in 2001 , followed by 2003's Vintage Hi-Tech...

  • "Eve", a song by The Carpenters
    The Carpenters
    Carpenters were an American vocal and instrumental duo, consisting of sister Karen and brother Richard Carpenter. The Carpenters were the #1 selling American music act of the 1970s. Though often referred to by the public as "The Carpenters", the duo's official name on authorized recordings and...

  • Eve 6
    Eve 6
    Eve 6 is an American rock band from Southern California, who are most well known for their hit singles "Inside Out", "Leech", and the slow anthem "Here's to the Night". They disbanded in 2004, returned in 2007 with a new lineup, and finally reunited with all three original members in March 2011...

    , a Californian rock band
  • Ève
    Ève is an oratorio in four parts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Louis Gallet. It was first performed at the Cirque d'été in Paris onMarch 18, 1875....

    , an oratorio by Jules Massenet

Other uses

  • Eve (cigarette)
    Eve (cigarette)
    Eve Cigarettes, are manufactured in the USA as a product of the Liggett Group, the smallest of the major U.S. tobacco companies, as well as in Germany, as a product of Philip Morris International. Within the USA, they were introduced in 1971 as competition for rival Philip Morris corporation's...

    , manufactured in the USA as a product of the Liggett Group
  • Eve (cryptography), a placeholder name for an archetypal eavesdropper in fields such as cryptography and physics
  • Eve (magazine)
    Eve (magazine)
    Eve was a UK monthly women's magazine. Launched in 2001 by the BBC, it was sold to Haymarket Publishing in January 2005, who closed it in September 2008 after a relaunch in April that year.-References:...

    , a monthly women's magazine
  • Eve (robot), a robot scientist working at Aberystwyth University
  • Eve (Davidson)
    Eve (Davidson)
    Eve is an outdoor sculpture created by Robert William Davidson in 1931. It is currently located in the HITS Building at 410 West 10th Street on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis...

    , a 1931 bronze sculpture by Robert Davidson
  • EVE/ZeBu
    EVE/ZeBu is a leading provider of hardware-assisted verification tools for functional verification of Application-specific integrated circuits and system on chip designs and for validation of embedded software ahead of implementation in silicon...

    , a leading provider of hardware-assisted verification tools
  • Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes
    Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes
    Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes is located in the Evenes municipality, in Nordland county in northern Norway. Some of the runway lighting at the north end of the runway crosses the county border into the Skånland municipality in Troms...

    's IATA code
  • Mitochondrial Eve
    Mitochondrial Eve
    In the field of human genetics, Mitochondrial Eve refers to the matrilineal "MRCA" . In other words, she was the woman from whom all living humans today descend, on their mother's side, and through the mothers of those mothers and so on, back until all lines converge on one person...

    , the matrilineal most recent common ancestor of modern humans
  • VMS Eve
    VMS Eve
    VMS Eve is a carrier mothership for Virgin Galactic and launch platform for Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo-based Virgin SpaceShips....

    , a carrier mothership for Virgin Galactic
  • Extreme Ultraviolet Variability Experiment, an instrument on the Solar Dynamics Observatory
    Solar Dynamics Observatory
    The Solar Dynamics Observatory is a NASA mission which will observe the Sun for over five years. Launched on February 11, 2010, the observatory is part of the Living With a Star program...

  • Eve, a fictional serum in BioShock
    BioShock is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Boston and designed by Ken Levine. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 on August 21, 2007 in North America, and three days later in Europe and Australia. It became available on Steam on August 21, 2007...

  • European Venus Explorer
    Venus Entry Probe
    The Venus Entry Probe is a proposed European Space Agency space probe to Venus. The spacecraft is planned to be launched on a Soyuz-2/Fregat launch vehicle around 2013.-External links:*...

    , a proposed space probe
  • A typeface created by Rudolf Koch
    Rudolf Koch
    thumb|250px|[[Fraktur]] fonts by Rudolf KochRudolf Koch was a leading German calligrapher, typographic artist and teacher, born in Nuremberg. He was primarily a calligrapher with the Gebr. Klingspor foundry. He created several typefaces, in both fraktur and roman styles...

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