Districts of Bangladesh

The divisions
Divisions of Bangladesh
||Bangladesh is divided into seven major administrative regions called divisions . Each division is named after the major city within its jurisdiction that serves as the administrative capital of that division:...

 of Bangladesh
Bangladesh , officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh is a sovereign state located in South Asia. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Burma to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south...

 are divided into 64 districts, or zila . The districts are further subdivided into 493 sub-districts, or upazila
Upazilas of Bangladesh
||The districts of Bangladesh are divided into subdistricts called Upazila Parishad , or Thana . Upazilas are similar to the county subdivisions found in some Western countries....

 (উপজেলা upojela).

The district are run by a Deputy Commissioner popular name is "DC" is appointed by the government from a Deputy secretary
Ministries of Bangladesh
The most influential part of the executive of the Bangladesh government are the ministries. A ministry is headed by minister or minister of state shall be responsible for conducting the business of his Ministry/Division in the Parliament unless otherwise directed by the Prime Minister...

 of B.C.S.
Bangladesh Civil Service
Bangladesh Civil Service, more popularly known by its acronym BCS, is the elite civil service of the Government of Bangladesh. It originated from the Central Superior Services of Pakistan. Since independence it has been known by Act as Bangladesh Civil Service. The Bangladesh Public Service...

 Administration Cadre.

The districts are listed below in alphabetical order by division. The official English name of each district is followed by the official Bengali name in parentheses, using both the Bengali script
Bengali script
The Bengali alphabet is the writing system for the Bengali language. The script with variations is used for Assamese and is basis for Meitei, Bishnupriya Manipuri, Kokborok, Garo and Mundari alphabets. All these languages are spoken in the eastern region of South Asia. Historically, the script has...

 and Romanization adopted for Wikipedia:

Barisal (বরিশাল)
Barisal Division
Barisal Division is located in south-central Bangladesh, with an area of 13,644.85 km2, and with a population of 8,147,000 at the 2011 Census . It is bounded by Dhaka division on the north, the Bay of Bengal on the south, Chittagong division on the east and Khulna division on the west...

There are 6 Districts under Barisal Division. The districts are:
  • Barguna
    Barguna District
    Barguna is a district in South-western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Barisal Division.-Geography:The Barguna District has a total area of 1831.31 km². It is bounded on the north by the districts of Jhalkathi, Barisal, Pirojpur and Patuakhali. In the east, it borders the Patuakhali District....

  • Barisal
    Barisal District
    Barisal is a district in southern Bangladesh. It is also the headquarters of Barisal Division.-Geography and climate:Latitude: 22.75, Longitude: 90.36, Altitude: 4....

  • Bhola
    Bhola District
    Bhola is a district in south-western Bangladesh. It is located in the Barisal Division. It is also the largest offshore island region in Bangladesh, with an area of 3403.48 km²...

  • Jhalokati (ঝালকাঠি)
  • Pirojpur
    Pirojpur District
    Pirojpur is a district in South-western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Barisal Division.-Name:Myth exist that, second son of Shah Shuja, Firoz Shah died in this area and in honour of him, the area started to being calld 'Firozpur'....

  • Patuakhali
    Patuakhali District
    Patuakhali is a district in South-western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Barisal Division.This is the main entrance for the beach of Kuakata. Famous for watching both the sun rise and sun set. It is called "The Daughter of Sea".-Geography:...


Chittagong (চট্টগ্রাম)

There are 11 districts under Chittagong Division. The districts are:
  • Bandarban
    Bandarban District
    Bandarban is a district in South-Eastern Bangladesh, and a part of the Chittagong Division and Chittagong Hill Tracts. Bandarban , or in Marma or Arakanese language as "Rwa-daw Mro" is also known as Arvumi or the Bohmong Circle Bandarban is a district in South-Eastern Bangladesh, and a part of...

  • Rangamati
    Rangamati District
    Rangamati is a district in South-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the town of Rangamati serves as the headquarters of the district. Area-wise, Rangamati is the largest district of the country....

  • Khagrachari
    Khagrachari District
    Khagrachari is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Division and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Its local name is "Chengmi"...

  • Cox's Bazar
    Cox's Bazar District
    Cox's Bazar District is a district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. It is named after Cox's Bazar, which is one of the world's longest natural sea beaches . It is located south of Chittagong. Cox's Bazar is also known by the name Panowa . Another old name was Palongkee...

  • Chittagong
    Chittagong District
    Chittagong District is a district located in the south-eastern region of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Division. The port city of Chittagong, second largest city in Bangladesh, is located in this district.-History:...

  • Feni
    Feni District
    Feni is a small southern district of Bangladesh, bordering Tripura in India, Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla district...

  • Noakhali
    Noakhali District
    Noakhali is a district in South-eastern Bangladesh. It is located in the Chittagong Division.-Geography:Noakhali District located in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh...

  • Lakshmipur
    Lakshmipur District
    The district of Lakshmipur consists 3784 mosques, 489 temples, six churches and three Buddhist temples.-Places of interest:Upozila sader Mosque Bagbari, Archaeological heritage Tita Khan Jami Mosque, Mita Khan Mosque, Majupur Matka Mosque, Madhu Banu Mosque, Dayem Shah Mosque,Lawrance Bazar Baitul...

  • Comilla
    Comilla District
    The district of Comilla consists 4543 mosques, 379 temples, 98 churches, 34 Buddhist temples and six tombs.-Places of interest:Important landmarks include Kotbari, a cantonment, or military installation and Kandirpar, considered the heart of the Comilla district...

  • Brahmanbaria
    Brahmanbaria District
    Brahmanbaria is a district in east-central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Chittagong Division. It was part of greater Comilla District until 1984. Before 1830 the Sarail Pargana was a part of Mymensingh district...

  • Chandpur
    Chandpur District
    Chandpur is a district in east-central Bangladesh. It is located at the mouth of the Meghna River. It is a part of the Chittagong Division. The town of Chandpur is terminus of a metre gauge branch of Bangladesh Railways. It also has a water terminal situated here.-Geography:Chandpur district has a...


Dhaka (ঢাকা)

There are 17 districts under Dhaka Division. The districts are:
  • Dhaka
    Dhaka District
    Dhaka District is a district located in central Bangladesh, and is the densest district in the nation. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, rests on the eastern banks of the Buriganga River which flows from the Turag to the south of the district...

  • Manikgonj (মানিকগঞ্জ)
  • Narayanganj
    Narayanganj District
    The district of Narayanganj consists 3078 mosques, 269 temples, ten churches and four Buddhist temples.-Places of interest:The ancient city of Sonargaon was the capital of Isa Khan, a medieval ruler of Bengal. Sonargaon is also famous for producing muslin, a delicate and fine cloth made from cotton...

  • Munshiganj
    Munshiganj District
    Munshiganj also historically known as Bikrampur is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division and borders Dhaka District.-Geography:...

  • Narsingdi
    Narsingdi District
    Narsingdi is a district in central Bangladesh.It is located 50 km north-east of Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division, and is the only district in Bangladesh that does not depend solely on agriculture. The district is famous for its textile craft industry...

  • Gazipur
    Gazipur District
    Gazipur District is a district of Dhaka Division, it has an area of 1741.53 km2 and is bounded by Mymensingh and Kishoreganj districts on the north, Dhaka, Narayanganj and Narsingdi districts on the south, Narsingdi on the east, Dhaka and Tangail districts on the west. Annual average...

  • Mymensingh
    Mymensingh District
    Mymensingh is one of the districts of Dhaka division, Bangladesh, and is bordered on the north by Meghalaya state of India and Garo Hills, on the south by Gazipur district, on the east by districts of Netrokona and Kishoreganj, and on the west by districts of Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail...

  • Tangail
    Tangail District
    Tangail is a district in central region of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka division. The population of Tangail zilla is about 3.2 million and its surface area is 3,414.39 km². The main town of Tangail District is the district town Tangail...

  • Jamalpur
    Jamalpur District
    Jamalpur is a district in Dhaka Division, Bangladesh. The main Jamalpur town consists of 12 wards and 80 mahallas. The municipality was established in 1869. The area of the town is 53.28 km². The town has a population of 116754; male 51.06%, female 48.94%. Density of population is 2191 per...

  • Sherpur
    Sherpur District
    Sherpur is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. Sherpur city is located about 198 km north of Dhaka which is the capital of the country.-Subdivisions:There are 5 upazilas under this district, namely:...

  • Kishoreganj
    Kishoreganj District
    -Place of Interest:Kishorganj is a place of the creed of respectively Sanatana and Loukik Islam. Both Meghna and Brahmaputra river have contributed to its existence. Many traditional rituals are observed every year in Kishoreganj. Among them Kurikhai Mela is one of the most celebrated fair. It is a...

  • Netrokona
    Netrokona District
    Netrakona is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division.-Geography: is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh. Near the Himalayan border. Historically Netrakona is the main center point of Mymensingh Githika as the view of Mahua Malua who lived there and created...

  • Shariatpur
    Shariatpur District
    -Upazilas:7 upazilas under this district are:#Shariatpur Sadar Upazila#Naria Upazila#Zanjira Upazila#Damudya Upazila#Bhedarganj Upazila#Gosairhat Upazila#Shakhipur Upazila-Geography & Demography:...

  • Rajbari
    Rajbari District
    The district of Rajbari consists 3629 mosques, 18 temples and nine churches.-See also:*Districts of Bangladesh*Dhaka Division...

  • Faridpur
    Faridpur District
    Faridpur is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. Faridpur District has a population of over 1.7 million people and is situated on the banks of the Padma river . It is bordered by Madaripur, Narail, Rajbari, Magura, Shariatpur, Gopalgonj, Dhaka and Manikganj...

  • Gopalganj
    Gopalganj District (Bangladesh)
    The district of Gopalganj consists 356 mosques, 359 temples, six churches and four tombs.-Places of interest:* Ulpur has a former Zamindar palace which is currently used a Tafsil Office and many other Zamindar mansions. It was the home of the Basu Roy Chowdhury family. Arpara has a zamindar palace...

  • Madaripur
    Madaripur District
    Madaripur is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division.-History of Madaripur:Madaripur subdivision was established in 1854 under the district of Bakerganj. In 1873 it was separated from Bakerganj and annexed to Faridpur district. Madaripur subdivision was turned into a...


Khulna (খুলনা)

There are 10 Districts under Khulna Division. The districts are:
  • Khulna
    Khulna District
    The district of Khulna consists 10859 mosques, 680 temples, 81 churches, 15 Buddhist temples and 9 tombs.-Places of interest:*The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. The royal Bengal tiger inhabits the area; it is said that seeing the tiger enables a person to understand what a...

  • Shatkhira (সাতক্ষিরা)
  • Bagerhat
    Bagerhat District
    The district of Bagerhat consists 7815 mosques, 238 temples, 17 churches and seven tombs. The Sixty Pillar Mosque or Shat Gambuj Masjid is famous mosque. Khan Jahan Ali's tomb is the famous tombs.-Places of interest:- External links :...

  • Jessore
    Jessore District
    Jessore is a district located in the Khulna Division of southwestern Bangladesh. It is bordered by India to the west.The district produces a variety of crops year-round. Date-sugar called patali is made from the sap of locally grown date trees that is cooked, thickened and crystallised using a...

  • Narail
    Narail District
    Narail is a district in South-western in Bangladesh. It is a part of the Khulna Division.-Geography:Narail District with an area of 990.23 km², is bounded by Magura District on the north, Khulna District on the south, Faridpur District and Gopalganj District on the east, and by Jessore...

  • Magura
    Magura District
    Magura is a district in South-Western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Khulna Division.-Geography:Magura District with an area of 1048 km2, is bounded by Rajbari district on the north, Jessore and Narail districts on the south, Faridpur district on the east and Jhenaidaha district on the west...

  • Jhenidah (ঝিনাইদহ)
  • Chuadanga
    Chuadanga District
    Chuadanga , Chuadanga district or Chuadanga Zilla is the name of a Western district of Bangladesh...

  • Kushtia
    Kushtia District
    Kushtia, Kushtia district or Kushtia Zila is a district in the Khulna administrative division of western Bangladesh. Kushtia has existed as a separate district since the partition of India. Prior to that, Kushtia was a part of Nadia District under Bengal Province of British India. Kushtia was home...

  • Meherpur
    Meherpur District
    Meherpur is a district in South-western Bangladesh which is also the smallest district of Bangladesh. It is a part of the Khulna Division. Before 1984, it was a part of Kushtia district. Meherpur is a historical district in Bangladesh because of the fact that the Proclamation of Independence was...


Rajshahi (রাজশাহী)

There are 8 Districts under Rajshahi Division. The districts are:
  • Bogra
    Bogra District
    Bogra is a northern district of Bangladesh, in the Rajshahi Division. It is called the gateway to the north Bengal. It is an industrial city where many small and mid sized industries are housed. Bogra district was a part of the ancient Pundravardhana territory and Bogra was the capital of...

  • Jaipurhat
    Jaipurhat District
    The district of Jaipurhat consists 2573 mosques, 424 temples, 21 churches and 18 Buddhist temples.-Places of interest:jamalganj is situated 10 KMsouth west of Jaipurhat....

  • Naogaon
    Naogaon District
    Naogaon is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi Division.-Upazilas:The district is divided into the following upazilas:*Naogaon Sadar Upazila*Manda Upazila*Niamatpur Upazila*Atrai Upazila*Raninagar Upazila...

  • Natore
    Natore District
    Natore is a district of Rajshahi Division located in northern Bangladesh. It borders the metropolitan city of Rajshahi, and used to be part of Rajshahi district.-History:Natore was the District Head Quarter of Rajshahi since 1769-1825...

  • Nawabganj
    Nawabganj District
    Chapai Nawabganj is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi Division. Originally it was a subdivision under Malda district. In 1947, this was severed from Malda and was given to East Pakistan as a sub-division of Rajshahi district...

  • Pabna
    Pabna District
    Pabna District is a district in north-western Bangladesh. It is the southern most district of Rajshahi Division. Its administrative capital is eponymous Pabna town.-Geography:Pabna forms the south-east boundary of Rajshahi Division...

  • Rajshahi
    Rajshahi District
    Rajshahi District is a district in north-western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi Division. The metropolitan city of Rajshahi is in Rajshahi District.-Geography:...

  • Sirajganj
    Sirajganj District
    Sirajganj is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rajshahi Division .It's a beautiful district town which have a long tradition and very strong cultural trend...


Rangpur (রংপুর)

There are 8 Districts under Rangpur Division. The districts are:
  • Dinajpur (দিনাজপুর)
  • Gaibandha
    Gaibandha District
    Gaibandha is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur Division.Gaibandha was established in 1875 when the subdivision was transferred from Bhabaniganj to Gaibandha. Gaibandha municipality was established in 1923. The literacy rate among the town people is...

  • Kurigram
    Kurigram District
    Kurigram is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is located in the Rangpur Division.-Geography:Kurigram District is located in the northern region of Bangladesh along the border of India. The area of this district is 2,296.10 km² and population is 1,782,277...

  • Lalmonirhat
    Lalmonirhat District
    The district of Lalmonirhat consists 3038 mosques, 512 temples, 43 Buddhist temples and 12 churches.-Tourism:There are a number of tourist attractions and archaeological sites in Lalmonirhat...

  • Nilphamari
    Nilphamari District
    Nilphamari is a district in Northern Bangladesh. It is a part of the Rangpur Division.-Geography: with an area of 1640.91 km², is bounded by Kuchbihar district of West Bengal on the north, Rangpur district on the south, Lalmonirhat district on the east and Panchagarh and Dinajpur districts on...

  • Panchagarh
    Panchagarh District
    Panchagarh is a district of Rangpur division in the extreme northern part of Bangladesh with an area of 1404.63 square km, is bounded on three sides by 288 km long Indian border, having Darjeeling district on the north, Jalpaiguri and Kuchbihar districts on the northeast, west Dinajpur and...

  • Rangpur
    Rangpur District
    The district of Rangpur have 4924 mosques, 480 temples, 43 churches and six tombs.In an anthropologic view most people of Rangpur are having Rajbagshi blood in their veins...

  • Thakurgaon
    Thakurgaon District
    The district of Thakurgaon consists 1458 mosques, 1026 temples, 12 churches and 3 tombs.-Places of interest:There are various places of interest in the district, these include:# The river of Tangon# Senua Bridge# Sugar Mill...


Sylhet (সিলেট)
Sylhet Division
Sylhet Division , also known as Greater Sylhet or Sylhet region, is the northeastern division of Bangladesh, named after its main city, Sylhet...

There are 4 Districts under Sylhet Division. The districts are:
  • Sylhet
    Sylhet , is a major city in north-eastern Bangladesh. It is the main city of Sylhet Division and Sylhet District, and was granted metropolitan city status in March 2009. Sylhet is located on the banks of the Surma Valley and is surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasi and Tripura hills...

  • Maulvi Bazar (মৌলভীবাজার)
  • Habiganj (হবিগঞ্জ)
  • Sunamganj (সুনামগঞ্জ)

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