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  • Electric current
    Electric current
    Electric current is a flow of electric charge through a medium.This charge is typically carried by moving electrons in a conductor such as wire...

  • Current (fluid)
    Current (fluid)
    A current in a fluid is the magnitude and direction of flow within that fluid. An air current presents the same properties for a gaseous medium.Kinds of fluid currents include.* Boundary current* Current , a current in a river or stream...

    , including
    • Ocean current
      Ocean current
      An ocean current is a continuous, directed movement of ocean water generated by the forces acting upon this mean flow, such as breaking waves, wind, Coriolis effect, cabbeling, temperature and salinity differences and tides caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun...

    • Air current
      Air current
      Air currents may be caused by differences in temperature, pressure, or impurity concentration. Temperature differences can cause air currents because warmer air is less dense than cooler air, causing the warmer air to appear "lighter." Thus, if the warm air is under the cool air, air currents will...

    • Current (stream)
      Current (stream)
      A current, in a river or stream, is the flow of water influenced by gravity as the water moves downhill to reduce its potential energy. The current varies spatially as well as temporally within the stream, dependent upon the flow volume of water, stream gradient, and channel geometrics...

       - currents in rivers and streams
  • Current density
    Current density
    Current density is a measure of the density of flow of a conserved charge. Usually the charge is the electric charge, in which case the associated current density is the electric current per unit area of cross section, but the term current density can also be applied to other conserved...

    , mathematical concept unifying electric current, fluid current, and others
    • The conserved current
      Conserved current
      In physics a conserved current is a current, j^\mu, that satisfies the continuity equation \partial_\mu j^\mu=0. The continuity equation represents a conservation law, hence the name....

       or "Noether current" in physics and mathematics
  • Current (mathematics)
    Current (mathematics)
    In mathematics, more particularly in functional analysis, differential topology, and geometric measure theory, a k-current in the sense of Georges de Rham is a functional on the space of compactly supported differential k-forms, on a smooth manifold M. Formally currents behave like Schwartz...

    , geometrical current in differential topology


  • Current TV
    Current TV
    Current TV, or Current, is a media company led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and businessman Joel Hyatt. Comcast owns a ten percent stake of Current's parent company, Current Media LLC....

    , a cable television network owned by Al Gore
  • Current Project for Student Journalism
    Current Project for Student Journalism
    The Current Project for Student Journalism was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting and empowering students in the United States. The organization does so by promoting student journalism, supporting student journalists, and elevating the student voice to the national...

  • Current (newspaper)
    Current (newspaper)
    Current is an American trade journal that covers public broadcasting in the United States. It is described by the Public Broadcasting Service as "The most widely read periodical in the field"...

    , American trade journal
  • Current Publishing
    Current Publishing
    Current Publishing is a publishing company in southern Maine that puts out six weekly newspapers. Lee Hews is the company's publisher. Jane P. Lord is the executive editor, and Ben Bragdon is the managing editor.-Publications:...

  • Currents (periodical)
    Currents (periodical)
    Currents is the official international trade law journal of South Texas College of Law.Debuting in the winter of 1991 featuring an article by Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Currents is published twice annually by the law student members and editors, who receive academic credit for writing projects and...

    , an international trade law journal
  • KCMP
    -WCAL:The station began with physics experiments in 1918 when five students and a professor built a small radio transmitter at St. Olaf College. Using a wire antenna strung between the campus chapel and the college's "Old Main" , signals from these experiments were picked up as far away as New...

    , a radio station known as "The Current"
  • "The Current" (song)
    The Current (song)
    "The Current" is a song by Blue Man Group, released as the first single from their 2003 concept album, The Complex. The song features the guest vocals of Gavin Rossdale of Bush, and was featured in the film, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines....

    , a song by the Blue Man Group
  • Current (album)
    Current (album)
    Current is the final album by the funk band Heatwave to feature new material. It peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Black LPs chart in August 1982.- Track listing :All tracks by Rod Temperton unless noted.# "Lettin' it Loose"# "State to State"...

    by Heatwave
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