Breeding is the reproduction, that is, producing of offspring, usually animals or plants:
  • Breeding in the wild
    Breeding in the wild
    Breeding in the wild is the natural process of animal reproduction occurring in the natural habitat of a given species. This terminology is distinct from animal husbandry or breeding of species in captivity...

    , the natural process of reproduction in the animal kingdom
  • Animal husbandry
    Animal husbandry
    Animal husbandry is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock.- History :Animal husbandry has been practiced for thousands of years, since the first domestication of animals....

    , through selected specimens such as dogs, horses, and rabbits
  • Plant breeding
    Plant breeding
    Plant breeding is the art and science of changing the genetics of plants in order to produce desired characteristics. Plant breeding can be accomplished through many different techniques ranging from simply selecting plants with desirable characteristics for propagation, to more complex molecular...

    , through selected specimens such as trees

Breeding may also refer to:


  • Breeding back
    Breeding back
    Breeding back can be described as either a natural or a human attempt to assemble or re-assemble the genes of an extinct species, subspecies or domesticated breed, which may still be present in the larger gene pool of the overall species or those of multiple interbreedable species.Breeding back is...

    , a breeding effort to re-assemble extinct breed genes
  • Breeding pair
    Breeding pair
    Breeding pair is a pair of animals which cooperate over time to produce offspring with some form of a bond between the individuals. For example, many birds mate for a breeding season or sometimes for life. They may share some or all of the tasks involved: building a nest, incubating the eggs and...

    , bonded animals who cooperate to produce offspring
  • Breeding program
    Breeding program
    Breeding programs help animals to breed and can be good for animals as well as the agricultural economy.A breeding program is the planned breeding of a group of animals or plants, usually involving at least several individuals and extending over several generations...

    , a planned breeding of animals or plants
  • Breeding season
    Breeding season
    The breeding season is the most suitable season, usually with favourable conditions and abundant food and water, for breeding among some wild animals and birds . Species with a breeding season have naturally evolved to have sexual intercourse during a certain time of year in order to achieve the...

    , the period during each year when a species reproduces
  • Captive breeding
    Captive breeding
    Captive breedingis the process of breeding animals in human controlled environments with restricted settings, such as wildlife reserves, zoos and other conservation facilities; sometimes the process is construed to include release of individual organisms to the wild, when there is sufficient...

    , raising plants or animals in zoos or other controlled conditions
  • Cooperative breeding
    Cooperative breeding
    Cooperative breeding is a social system in which individuals contribute care to offspring that are not their own at the expense of their own reproduction . When reproduction is monopolized by one or few of the adult group members and most adults do not reproduce, but help rear the breeder’s...

    , the raising of the young using non-parental care givers
  • Crop breeding in Nepal
    Crop breeding in Nepal
    -Crop improvement in Nepal:Crop breeding or Plant Breeding or crop improvement is the art and science of improving the heredity of plants for benefit of mankind...

  • Crossbreed
    A crossbreed or crossbred usually refers to an animal with purebred parents of two different breeds, varieties, or populations. Crossbreeding refers to the process of breeding such an animal, often with the intention to create offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages, or producing...

    ing, the process of breeding an animal with purebred parents of two different breeds, varieties, or populations
  • Preservation breeding
    Preservation breeding
    Preservation breeding is an attempt by many animal breeders to preserve bloodlines of animals, either of a rare breed, or of rare pedigrees within a breed. One purpose of preservation breeding is to protect genetic diversity within a species, another is to preserve valuable genetic traits that may...

    , a selection practice to preserve bloodlines
  • Selective breeding
    Selective breeding
    Selective breeding is the process of breeding plants and animals for particular genetic traits. Typically, strains that are selectively bred are domesticated, and the breeding is sometimes done by a professional breeder. Bred animals are known as breeds, while bred plants are known as varieties,...

    , an animal selection practice to encourage chosen qualities
  • Smart breeding
    Smart breeding
    SMART breeding or Precision breeding refers to a genetic engineering technique of reproducing a species members together to retain desirable traits and so produce a stronger hybrid...

    , a plant selection practice to encourage chosen qualities

  • In physics and technology, breeding refers to the way in which certain materials can be treated in a breeder reactor
    Breeder reactor
    A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor capable of generating more fissile material than it consumes because its neutron economy is high enough to breed fissile from fertile material like uranium-238 or thorium-232. Breeders were at first considered superior because of their superior fuel economy...

     to become fissile material.


  • James Floyd Breeding
    James Floyd Breeding
    James Floyd Breeding was a U.S. Representative from Kansas.Born near Robinson, Kansas, Breeding was educated in grade schools, Moonlight, Kansas, and Berryton High School in Shawnee County, Kansas....

    , U.S. Congressman from Kansas
  • Marv Breeding
    Marv Breeding
    Marvin Eugene Breeding was an infielder who played in Major League Baseball from through . Breeding batted and threw right-handed. He was born in Decatur, Alabama....

    , 1960s U.S. Major League Baseball player


  • Breeding (EP)
    Breeding (EP)
    Breeding is the first EP by American indie band Dirty Little Rabbits. It was released on August 15, 2007, for sale exclusively through the New York-based record shop Looney Tunes.-Personnel:* Stella Katsoudas - vocals* Ty Fyhrie - guitars...

    , 2007 album by Dirty Little Rabbits
  • Breeding Death
    Breeding Death
    Produced and engineered by Dan Swanö. Lyrics written by Mikael Åkerfeldt and Jonas Renkse. Recorded and mixed at The Sanctuary in Sweden.-Credits:*Mikael Åkerfeldt – vocals*Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström – guitar*Jonas Renkse – bass*Dan Swanö – drums...

    , 2000 album by Bloodbath
  • Breeding the Spawn
    Breeding the Spawn
    Breeding the Spawn is the second full-length album by Suffocation. Though it still employs the characteristics and elements associated with Suffocation's song writing, the production on the album is much thinner than on other albums, due to financial problems regarding their label Roadrunner...

    , 1993 album by Suffocation
  • Dust Breeding
    Dust Breeding
    Dust Breeding is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.The story marks the return of Caroline John to Doctor Who and the introduction of the Master to the Big Finish continuity.-Plot:The Seventh Doctor's diary has a...

    , 2001 Doctor Who television series audio play


  • In gay pornography
    Gay pornography
    Gay pornography is the representation of sexual intercourse between men with the primary goal of sexual arousal in its audience. There is also a tradition, and continuing considerable output, of lesbian pornography....

    , breeding is a slang term for creampie (sexual act)
    Creampie (sexual act)
    Creampie, also known as internal ejaculation, internal cum shot and, in gay contexts, as breeding, is a term used in pornography to describe when a male ejaculates inside his partner's anus or vagina. The term also refers to the visible seeping or dripping of semen from the vagina...


See also

  • Good breeding (disambiguation)
  • Inbreeding
    Inbreeding is the reproduction from the mating of two genetically related parents. Inbreeding results in increased homozygosity, which can increase the chances of offspring being affected by recessive or deleterious traits. This generally leads to a decreased fitness of a population, which is...

    , is breeding between close relatives
  • Manners
    In sociology, manners are the unenforced standards of conduct which demonstrate that a person is proper, polite, and refined. They are like laws in that they codify or set a standard for human behavior, but they are unlike laws in that there is no formal system for punishing transgressions, the...

    , the unenforced standards of human conduct
  • Outbreeding depression
    Outbreeding depression
    A concept in selective breeding and zoology, outbreeding depression refers to cases when offspring from crosses between individuals from different populations have lower fitness than progeny from crosses between individuals from the same population....

    , reduced fitness from breeding of unrelated individuals
  • Purebred
    Purebreds, also called purebreeds, are cultivated varieties or cultivars of an animal species, achieved through the process of selective breeding...

    , cultivars of a species
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